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Mind Control Stories

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In Training Ch. 09

 — More training for Liandra. by Leetah05/07/074.45

In Training Ch. 13

 — Steven prepares a new place. by Leetah06/02/084.55HOT

In Training Ch. 14

 — Liandra is prepared for a party. by Leetah10/05/084.43

In Training Ch. 15

 — A party with Liandra is coming! by Leetah02/10/104.37


 — A shocking hypnosis show comes to the mountains. by MungoParkIII10/14/073.25Editor's Pick

In Your Dreams

 — Once he got her thinking about it... by Otzchiim07/23/043.57

In Your Dreams

 — Ken can't get enough of the girl invading his dreams. by atenai08/26/134.22

In Your Eyes

 — Jada is helpless against the power in a stranger's eyes. by JukeboxEMCSA02/27/114.34

In Your Memory

 — Jessica learns all the ways she's misremembered events. by JukeboxEMCSA05/22/194.43

In Your Wet Dreams

 — Anything can happen in a dream. by KarennaC02/21/084.19

In-Flight Entertainment

 — A mind-controlling scientist finds a treat on the way home. by SaddleRider04/26/164.33

Incubus Ch. 01

 — He would conquer the world one person at a time. by JeremiahKeeper09/16/154.51HOT

Incubus Pupa Ch. 07

 — Adam makes life decisions and grows his harem. by Nexte10007/31/194.86HOT

Incubus Pupa Ch. 08

 — A heart to heart with Sandy about life and the harem. by Nexte10008/07/194.83HOT


 — A pair of burglars make some unexpected discoveries. by zorkmeister04/25/184.06

Indian Nights

 — In a dark place at the back of my mind; I wanted it. by AnotherNight507/10/073.69


 — A geek feasts his eyes upon a rare beauty. by Tabris2702/07/062.35

InGen Corporation Ch. 01

 — After two weeks at InGen Linda feels ten years younger. by MaryAnderson07/24/144.64HOT

InGen Corporation Ch. 02

 — With Julie’s help, Linda begins exploring her new nature. by MaryAnderson07/29/144.64HOT

InGen Corporation Ch. 03

 — The transformation's complete, it’s beneficiaries unexpected by MaryAnderson08/04/144.61HOT


 — A boy, becoming a man. by spiralsplash09/20/144.35

Inheritance Ch. 01

 — Trent gets a Magic Ring. by Nox66109/16/094.37

Inheritance Ch. 02

 — Trent learns more about his ring. by Nox66109/27/094.50HOT

Inked Ch. 01: The Parlour

 — A story of how special tattoos can change women's lives. by baelish8511/17/164.29

Inside the Mind

 — Wanna peek inside the mind of a psion as they work their mojo? by hdm303lj05/03/012.27


 — A submissive young woman is sent to a hypnotic sex therapist. by Parthenokinesis01/16/133.81


 — Sequel to Hypnotic: the self built in womb. by oggbashan02/13/034.28


 — Research assistant is reprogrammed. by bikinisnake01/12/133.33

Interns Ch. 01

 — New intern, Liz, always gets her way. by Nobuo07/30/114.29

Interns Ch. 02

 — Will tests Liz's gift on a busty intern. by Nobuo11/04/114.58HOT

Interns Ch. 03

 — Will's weekend has its share of ups and downs. by Nobuo03/18/124.67HOT


 — On a long, monotonous drive, he is strangely diverted. by Decayed Angel12/09/063.26


 — Veronica has an encounter with a mind control master. by mstrhole08/11/114.26


 — Hard-boiled journalist finds she has urgent needs. by ProfessorR04/22/044.15

Interview With The Bimbo

 — Lulu tells the amazing story of her life as a bimbo. by king_wesley06/12/124.20

Interview With The Bimbo Ch. 02

 — Lulu tells the amazing story of her life as a bimbo. by king_wesley06/14/124.38

Interview With The Bimbo Ch. 03

 — Lulu tells the amazing story of her life as a bimbo. by king_wesley06/19/124.48

Interview With The Bimbo Ch. 04

 — Lulu tells her amazing story to a reporter. by king_wesley06/22/124.45

Interview With The Bimbo Ch. 05

 — Lulu tells the amazing story of her life as a bimbo. by king_wesley06/25/124.49

Interview With The Bimbo Ch. 06

 — Lulu tells the amazing story of her life as a bimbo. by king_wesley06/28/124.41

Interview With The Bimbo Ch. 07

 — Finale: Lulu tells the amazing story of her life as a bimbo. by king_wesley06/30/124.65HOT

Interview with the Esper

 — "My name is Jake...and I control minds." by Krosis09/27/183.99

Interview With...

 — A journalist is granted a very conditional interview. by mechan1110/18/174.27

Into the Closet

 — Coworker dominated into a compromising position. by jakkinmd04/18/034.11

Into the Lion's Den

 — Victorian era doctor hypnotizes his rival's cousin. by PS_Alexandria06/07/154.21

Into the Woods

 — A young girl strays from the path... or does she? by Ravenna93305/09/194.32

Introducing the Latex Leopard

 — ...and her diabolical plans to make the good guys have fun. by Falcinator12/31/084.12

Intruder Ch. 1

 — Psion is capable of making people do what he wants...with a twist. by hdm303lj03/11/014.01

Invasion of the Pussy-Snatchers Act 01

 — The women in Cassandra's life begin acting very strangely. by GayTripper11/30/144.59HOT

Invasion of the Pussy-Snatchers Act 02

 — Sherri takes Cassandra and Anna to meet the Queen. by GayTripper02/03/154.67HOT

Invasion of the Pussy-Snatchers Act 03: Anna's Story

 — Anna helps her professor seduce her classmates. by GayTripper01/19/164.76HOT

Invasion of the Pussy-Snatchers Act 03: Cassandra's Day

 — Cassandra goes back to work...just another day at the office. by GayTripper02/18/164.55HOT

Invasion of the Pussy-Snatchers Act 03: Cassandra's Night

 — Cassandra's plans for a politician's seduction go awry. by GayTripper03/15/164.81HOT

Invasion of the Pussy-Snatchers Act 03: Intro

 — A flashback to one character's assimilation. by GayTripper01/05/164.80HOT

Invasion of the Pussy-Snatchers Act 03: Outro

 — The Queen reveals her secrets and her nefarious plots. by GayTripper03/31/164.53HOT

Invasion of the Pussy-Snatchers Act 03: Sherri's Story

 — Sherri embarks on a dangerous mission to rescue a Hivesister. by GayTripper01/30/164.75HOT

Invisible Touch

 — Jack and Diane visit the opera. by JukeboxEMCSA11/03/104.57HOT

Irkutsk Ch. 23

 — Escape! Rescue! and my magnificent Ladies throughout. by Wanda_512/14/144.78HOT


 — Enjoying a discovery that rocks orgasmic world of women. by erossmantic02/06/084.38

Is This It Ch. 05

 — Can Chris and Debbie get it together again? by fawguy8809/17/113.45

Is This Wrong

 — He's been using hypnosis. by StrongSilentType01/25/034.16

Island in the Barley Ch. 01

 — Sasha feels a compulsion to walk naked in a cool shady wood. by Drmaxc03/27/134.38

Island in the Barley Ch. 02

 — The harvesting of Sasha - an unusual first time. by Drmaxc04/03/134.40

Island in the Barley Ch. 03

 — Days of indolence and licentiousness in a medieval garden. by Drmaxc04/10/134.33

Island in the Barley Ch. 04

 — The Green Masque - an erotic performance. by Drmaxc04/14/134.49

It All Started . . .

 — An ancient version of Paint Shop Pro changes things. by tryst09/02/114.27

It Began So Innocently

 — Virgin offers herself as a test subject to be bred. by sey2me05/18/123.55

It Began with Apples

 — Her new neighbour made Carol Wilder nervous. by beltman7004/25/094.28

It is Good to be the King

 — Slacker and a dull office is more than meets the eye. by PariahSolo01/13/084.46

IT Management Log

 — Jillian's log tracks her troubles with a new employee. by Svalbarding04/28/174.26

It's a Super World

 — Superwomen are everywhere, & Heather has plans for them. by tasteofapril11/02/094.65HOT

It's All In the Cards Ch. 01

 — Two couples find themselves controlled by mysterious cards. by AbstractReality12/03/154.53HOT

It's All In the Cards Ch. 02

 — Eric and Brenda lose their will to the cards. by AbstractReality01/21/164.59HOT

It's All In the Cards Ch. 03

 — Eric gains understanding of the cards, and a confidant. by AbstractReality02/11/164.52HOT

It's All In The Mind

 — You think the local kids are demons do you? by kayce 6901/06/044.33

It's Best Not to Think

 — Michael has an appointment to fix a problem. by jeb2204/17/124.24

It's Best Not to Think Ch. 02

 — Michael has some trouble at the office. by jeb2205/05/124.25

It's in the Book Ch. 01

 — You have no choice. by Collectable09/14/094.47

It's The Thought That Counts

 — Diane has some explaining to do. by juanwildone01/21/104.20

Jack's New Skills Ch. 01

 — He teaches ex an unforgettable lesson. by angelgothgirl08/13/044.24

Jack's New Skills Ch. 02

 — He has more fun when her sister shows up. by angelgothgirl11/13/044.27

Jacob's Ladder

 — Jacob has been hired to tack down Lilith's offspring. by TheHandsThatLead09/27/184.48

Jacob's Mind

 — Jacob accident gives him new abilities. by BlackSnake03/05/064.06

Jacob's Word

 — Cheryl tries to describe the effects of Jacob's word. by JukeboxEMCSA11/01/184.61HOT

Jacquelyn's Ordeal

 — Jacquelyn contends with the vampire of Il'ldais Manor. by FinderTS07/29/174.71HOT

Jamie Performs For Her Boss

 — Jamie is forced to masturbate for at work. by theladycroft08/31/054.16

Jamie's Transformation

 — Jamie discovers what she can really do. by SexSlave22209/18/064.29

Janet & Maria Get Caught

 — Janet & her daughter-in-law get discovered. by Janet5106/08/013.95


 — You never know what technology you'll see at a trade show. by femmed03/08/184.18

Janine Pt. 02

 — Months later, Janine comes back into his life. by femmed03/21/184.14

Janine Pt. 03

 — That command to submit to redheads continues to haunt him. by femmed04/17/184.47

Janine Pt. 04

 — Conclusion. Sarah ramps up her control. by femmed09/08/184.42

Japan Guide Ch. 01

 — Her life changes when she moves to Japan. by king_wesley02/13/063.72

Japan Guide Ch. 02

 — Mary signs her life away to MDKN. by king_wesley02/13/064.04

Japan Guide Ch. 03

 — Mary acquaints herself with her new surroundings. by king_wesley02/14/064.06

Jasmine Fantasies: Classroom Orgy

 — Mind control drug launches 8 person after school orgy. by silkstockingslover02/06/174.68HOT

Jasmine Gets Pimped

 — Jasmine serves Mr. Blanks needs and wants as well as her own. by reddog7008/09/19

Jasmine Gets Pimped Ch. 02

 — Jasmine continues to obey Mr. Blank. by reddog7008/31/194.24

Jasmine Meets Mr. Blank

 — Jasmine gets hypnotized into sexual slavery. by reddog7007/12/19


 — A long-term partnership is a way. by C07/01/013.50

Jasper’s View

 — The instructions were clear; Jasper was not to write anymore. by MungoParkIII12/22/072.78

Jaycee and Kittie

 — A younger man seduces an older woman. by bucksilver06/30/094.39

Jaycee and the Nerd H.S. Teacher

 — Jaycee seduces and takes another woman by bucksilver07/08/094.39

Jaycee Begins to Bring It All Toget

 — He take it all from Cindy and begins to solidify his family. by bucksilver08/07/094.59HOT

Jaycee Gets His Mom

 — Jaycee's mom wants what his other women have. by bucksilver07/16/094.50HOT


 — Emma hypnosises her girlfriend to make her jealous. by KallieHF10/17/174.46

Jedi - The Power Awakens

 — A friend offers to teach the ways of jedi mind control. by TheOtherTeacher07/05/184.52HOT

Jeffrey's Wedding Day

 — His mother-in-law has plans of her own. by Wannabeboytoy08/17/054.47

Jekyll and Hyde

 — She wants the best of all worlds and she gets it. by SirDuction03/23/134.22

Jennifer's Talisman Ch. 01

 — It was a thrift shop purchase with a difference. by angelfeathers01/29/064.53HOT

Jenny Ch. 01

 — A nagging daughter-in-law is tamed. by StoryTeller0701/19/124.46


 — JennyLee turns into a slut. by normundie08/24/073.56

Jeremy's Journey Ch. 01

 — Young nobody seems pretty appealing all of a sudden. by WhatATragedy0905/16/094.18

Jesse's Brand

 — They left him for dead, that's not all they left him with. by Night-Wolf05/07/064.44

Jesse's Brand Ch. 02

 — They left him for dead, that's not all they left him with. by Night-Wolf05/08/064.28

Jesse's Girl

 — Jesse's got himself a girl and I wanna make her mine. by archibael10/06/043.31

Jessica's Calling

 — A strong-willed girl is brainwashed into happy slavery. by KS031111/14/144.33

Jessica's in Charge Ch. 01

 — Jessica takes control of her friends.. by cheerful_deviant05/18/044.74HOTContest Winner

Jessica's in Charge Ch. 02

 — Jessica's plan makes an unexpected change. by cheerful_deviant12/17/054.68HOT

Jessica's New Job

 — Strange things happen to Jessica during her first day. by LustfullDeus09/12/174.27

Jessica's Second Tattoo

 — Jessica's second tattoo changes her forever. by InkArtist07/24/023.40

Jessie's Girl

 — Jessie's got himself a girl, and Lars wants to make her his. by JukeboxEMCSA08/31/154.24

Jillian's Orchid

 — Jillian's potential awakens, and inner truth is unlocked. by PrimalRoots02/02/184.33

Jim's Tale

 — Jim gets a Zap. by DScott7607/19/104.25

Joan Ch. 01

 — Part One begins as Joan is brainwashed by a mysterious book. by LordRavencraft05/14/184.48

Joan Ch. 02

 — Mr. Rowe schemes to turn Joan into his personal fuck-doll. by LordRavencraft05/16/184.32

Joan Ch. 03

 — Joan sinks to a humiliating low at the bookshop. by LordRavencraft05/18/184.56HOT

Joan Ch. 04

 — Joan falls deeper and learns there is no escape. by LordRavencraft05/24/184.61HOT

Joan Ch. 05

 — Jesper Faust makes a demonstration of Joan. by LordRavencraft05/26/184.62HOT

Joan Ch. 06

 — Joan's brainwashing is tampered with by a female hypnotist. by LordRavencraft05/29/184.54HOT

Joan Ch. 07

 — Thomas Waite discovers his family's perverse secret. by LordRavencraft06/02/184.55HOT

Joan Ch. 08

 — Mr. Puddle makes a drastic mistake after fucking Joan. by LordRavencraft06/06/184.55HOT

Joan Ch. 09

 — Joan is roughly fucked in the ass by the sadistic Claude. by LordRavencraft06/08/184.39

Joan Ch. 10

 — Joan meets with Dr. Charles. by LordRavencraft07/09/184.49

Joan Ch. 11

 — Thea arrives and Joan learns about Lady Crawford. by LordRavencraft07/12/184.75HOT

Joan Ch. 12

 — Joan decides to serve her masters and turns Thea. by LordRavencraft07/13/184.59HOT

Joan Ch. 13

 — Joan plots Laura's downfall. by LordRavencraft09/11/184.68HOT

Joan Ch. 14

 — Laura receives her fate. by LordRavencraft09/12/184.71HOT

Joan Ch. 15

 — Part One of Joan's tale comes to a conclusion. by LordRavencraft09/13/184.55HOT

Joan Pt. 02 Ch. 01

 — Joan is auctioned to a house of Stormwraith. by LordRavencraft05/02/194.55HOT

Joan Pt. 02 Ch. 02

 — Joan is plunged into a web of treachery. by LordRavencraft06/29/194.56HOT

Joan Pt. 02 Ch. 03

 — A strange occurrence reveals an internal plot. by LordRavencraft06/30/194.93HOT

Jodi's Therapy

 — Jodi seeks therapy to fix a boring love life. by fred888810/06/124.45

Jodie's New Life

 — A new slut is hypnotised to work at a Gloryhole. by InfiniteCuddles08/06/193.53

Joe's Coworker

 — Mackenzie is a sex tease who needs to be taught a lesson. by BellaMac09/10/083.40


 — He lusts for roommate & his girlfriend. by crybaby4rgb05/10/033.60

John Smith Inc.

 — Things must change at John Smith & Associates. by Absolutelywickedthoughts07/07/184.50HOT

John Smith Inc. Ch. 02

 — John and April return from their honeymoon! by Absolutelywickedthoughts02/17/194.73HOT

John Smith Inc. Ch. 03

 — Penny’s students get into trouble, April confronts Dinah and... by Absolutelywickedthoughts04/08/194.50HOT

John Smith Inc. Ch. 04

 — Meet "Airtight Amy" & Bubbles; Penny & Curtis catch up Wendy. by Absolutelywickedthoughts05/31/194.69HOT

John Smith Inc. Ch. 05

 — Penny & Curtis rescue Amy, Dinah realizes her mistake. by Absolutelywickedthoughts06/20/194.68HOT

Johnny's Hypno Training

 — Johnny signed up for a medical experiment and gets trained. by Tarash06/12/194.49

Jonathan Creed

 — FBI Agent Jonathan Creed gains a suprise on the job. by Noble_Truth06/17/134.81HOT

Josie and the Pussytits

 — Josie's tits are about to take control. by angelfeathers07/17/064.51HOT


 — Odetta's body gets taken for a ride. by JukeboxEMCSA12/24/164.39

Judas Kiss

 — Amanda is betrayed and enslaved with a kiss. by JukeboxEMCSA04/23/163.95

Judges, Juries, and Jinn

 — Dismissal from jury duty leads to a wild new life. by SevMax207/24/193.75

Juicy Jungle

 — Emily grooms her pubic mound for her Mistress. by JukeboxEMCSA12/28/174.36

Jukebox (Don't Put Another Dime)

 — Julie changes her mind about Dave. by Seurat06/28/114.27

Jukebox Hero

 — Kay tries out a new rhythm game for her boss. by JukeboxEMCSA07/25/154.34

Jules' Journey

 — Jules uses sexual adventure and fantasy to give her strength. by nbondage03/04/163.67


 — Julia has strange encounter with man in bar. by Tweak04/25/03

Julie Submits to Dark Temptation Ch. 03

 — Hubby discovers infidelity, sets trap for lovers. by ktsema08/19/054.38

June Gets a New Doctor Pt. 01

 — June schedules an appointment with a new doctor. by dumbfullmouth06/27/194.37

Jungle Fever

 — Jungle expedition leads to unexpected aphrodisiac discovery. by erossmantic09/04/154.44

Junk Mail

 — CINDI the Sexbot gets some new powers. by Moosetales10/01/174.57HOT

Just a Few More Hours...

 — Cum-addicted wife gets another chance to please her husband. by dumbfullmouth06/25/194.04

Just a Little Accident

 — A concussion and short death change his mind. by papafrogger02/01/094.34

Just a Little Nap

 — It's best not to get sleeping advice from a porn addict. by pinkliver06/27/183.82

Just a Routine Checkup

 — Grace visits Yin and Yu dentistry for the first time. by FruChocs05/25/194.04

Just A Taste Ch. 05

 — He made me do it. by donnatah06/09/094.45

Just A Thought

 — Skinny Jasmine gets revenge on a bully. by Xatiqua12/09/014.51HOT

Just Another Day

 — A housewife hires a babysitter and goes grocery shopping. by Mysteria2707/06/193.65

Just Another Story

 — Kyra's story is hypnotically fascinating to Jessica. by JukeboxEMCSA05/24/184.55HOT

Just Can't Get Enough

 — A woman at a hypnosis demo refuses to wake up. by JukeboxEMCSA04/01/124.33

Just Dumb

 — Eden experiments with bimbification play at a kink con. by JukeboxEMCSA07/14/174.63HOT

Just for Fun Ch. 03

 — A pair of lesbians devote themselves to Master. by PanWhoWrites07/26/194.46

Just for Practice

 — Shy Abby wishes for a kiss. by VirtualScott03/11/123.38

Just Good Business Pt. 01

 — Derek gets back at the boss everyone hates. by dontloseyourmind05/30/184.42

Just Joan

 — His mistress hypnotizes his wife. by archibael12/02/064.49

Just Joan Ch. 02

 — Sinne lusts for the entranced look. by archibael12/03/064.49

Just Like Christmas

 — Duchess and Tiana meet a young woman interested in hypnosis. by JukeboxEMCSA04/24/194.57HOT

Just Relax

 — Patrick helps out when Melinda is having touble sleeping. by Ravenswing08/06/124.48

Just Relax: Melinda's Mall Mission

 — Patrick gives Melinda some hypnotic instructions at the mall. by Ravenswing08/18/124.45

Just Say No

 — Bob is baffled by his beautiful neighbor's behavior. by DystopianArtificer04/12/174.82HOT

Just Watch

 — She's everything he ever imagined & more. by Chicklet07/18/024.38

Kad's Anal Demons Pt. 01

 — Kad's got a possessed ass. by PhantomCaller06/24/153.89


 — Man invents & tests a powerful new sex drug. by usm1carbine08/15/014.31

Karen and Andi's Discovery

 — A husband and wife find a new life. by MISTYLOVER07/08/164.21


 — A man discovers he has power over the minds of women. by Void_Sprite06/26/114.52HOT

Karmina Ch. 02

 — Dean uses his gift to seduce a woman, and her daughters. by Void_Sprite07/27/114.54HOT

Karmina Ch. 02 Pt. 2

 — Dean controls two young women and their mother. by Void_Sprite08/15/114.56HOT

Karmina Ch. 04

 — Dean stumbles upon an old friend, and finds a new one. by Void_Sprite08/02/124.40

Kasey's Trials and Tribulations

 — Her new job has some tasty fringe benefits. by Master_Vassago11/30/024.57HOT

Kat's Boytoy: First Boytoy

 — Kat uses her psychic powers to seduce the hapless Ben. by Salamando_Flames06/20/124.72HOT

Kat's Boytoy: Summer Visit

 — Kat has Ben visit for the summer. by Salamando_Flames01/12/124.59HOT

Kat's Boytoy: Wild Lust

 — Kat gives Ben an unusual fetish. by Salamando_Flames01/26/134.47

Katrina's Letter

 — Katrina uses hypnosis and handcuffs to enslave David. by Jay Dee09/27/064.22

Kayley Goes Shopping Ch. 01

 — Kayley Samuels visits a college party. by SaddleRider04/11/194.26

Kayley Goes Shopping Ch. 02

 — Kaley Samuels visits a college party. by SaddleRider04/12/194.65HOT

Kayley Goes Shopping Ch. 03

 — Kayley Samuels visits a college party. by SaddleRider04/13/194.55HOT

Keep an Eye on Summer

 — Summer may have fallen victim to alien mind control. by JukeboxEMCSA10/25/184.31

Keep Looking...

 — Leah practices erotic hypnosis with Sam. by JukeboxEMCSA03/14/194.58HOT

Keeper of the Flame

 — Tomas learns about his destiny with Isra. by JukeboxEMCSA08/20/164.37

Keeping It in the Family Ch. 03

 — Seduction of sister-in-Law... and more. by Leg_Lover201407/23/144.37

Keeping The Blondes Down Ch. 01

 — A new invention help me keep the sister-in-laws down. by smokinggun03/21/124.00

Keeping The Blondes Down Ch. 02

 — The videos in my inbox. by smokinggun03/22/124.22

Kelly Plays a Game

 — John forces Kelly to play a twisted game for her freedom. by dontloseyourmind05/29/184.11

Kelly's Transformation Ch. 01

 — The compulsion grew. by master_passion190007/05/093.93

Kelly's Transformation Ch. 02

 — Her body learns it's Master. by master_passion190010/15/144.25

Kerillian's Mission

 — Kerillian is captured by monsters. They find a use for her. by sinfulwritings09/12/194.15

Keys To The Mind Ch. 01

 — Jessica's testing begins. by JessiGirlHypno01/05/144.15

Kiara's Curse Ch. 01

 — Robert accidentally a trans woman and ends up cursed. by trixieadara04/02/184.20

Kiara's Curse Ch. 02

 — Robert discovers the consequences of Kiara's Curse. by trixieadara10/03/184.58HOT


 — A Holiday Weekend goes Bad. by Pmuskvich09/09/134.15

Kill 4 U

 — Service Unit 4U must evade equally perfect assassins. by JukeboxEMCSA05/17/184.36

Killing Me Softly

 — A cop investigates a case of brainwashing. by JukeboxEMCSA06/18/114.21


 — A couple's holiday traps them in a hypnotic, deceptive web. by FruChocs07/06/183.67

Kindling Ch. 01

 — Lily and friends go camping for the weekend, but have trouble. by cafetray08/07/064.55HOT

Kindling Ch. 02

 — The girls return from their camping trip. by cafetray08/08/064.60HOT

Kindling Ch. 02

 — Jasmine loses control during an Asian massage. by FruChocs07/15/183.94

Kindling Ch. 03

 — Lily and the Hot Blonde. by cafetray08/09/064.65HOT

Kindling Ch. 03

 — Jasmine hypnotises a young woman as revenge for being used. by FruChocs08/08/184.33

Kindling Ch. 04

 — The inventor of the chips contacts Hazel. by cafetray08/10/064.63HOT

Kindling Ch. 04

 — Jasmine is caught, controlled by Suki's incestuous sister. by FruChocs08/26/184.10

Kindling Ch. 05

 — The conclusion. by cafetray08/11/064.59HOT

King Pleasure Time

 — Caitlin is shocked by an ad campaign for sex toys. by JukeboxEMCSA07/06/174.44

Kinga's Quest Ch. 01

 — The gifts. by calcerian10/21/163.97

Kinga's Quest Ch. 02

 — The meeting: Kinga arrives at her destination. by calcerian10/24/164.40


 — An old enemy of Wildrose enthralls an army of heroes. by JukeboxEMCSA07/17/114.54HOT

Kiss and Control

 — An old enemy uses Sharpe to get to WildRose. by JukeboxEMCSA08/28/194.56HOT

Kissing Disease

 — A new strain of mono threatens to become a pandemic. by JukeboxEMCSA02/06/164.18

Kitten's Tale

 — Submissive Kitten with her Dom, who is really in control. by spicedpecan02/20/153.67

Klaatu Barata Nikto Ch. 06

 — Dad was a Martian. Final by sourdough99912/17/094.43

Knights of the Teorsas

 — It does not do to speak mockingly of erections. by Drmaxc03/06/133.95

Knowing Their Fantasies

 — She has the 'gift' of seeing men's fantasies about her. by storysman02/04/024.51HOT

Korinne's Session

 — Korinne has trouble with her lovelife and goes to therapist. by Edotir_of_sexrealm07/01/074.19

Krissy Ch. 02: In Therapy

 — Krissy gets a surprising treatment to get rid of nightmares. by Valtikka07/12/194.04

Kyle Whisper Control Ch. 01

 — Redheads can be converted to slaves. by ramjett06/23/053.79

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