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Mind Control Stories

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The Sleepwalker

 — Steven's stress leads to an interesting adventure. by Many Feathers07/28/084.43

The Smell of Sex Ch. 01

 — Laura's mind is programmed by roommate with a vendetta. by Couture04/02/054.39

The Snake and the Doe

 — Who knew falling could hurt so badly. by YukiDorcha08/03/174.06

The Solution Pt. 02

 — Wife Loses her Mind to a Durable submissive. by GF1303/17/163.87

The Soothing of Penelope Pt. 01

 — Penny's itch in the office leads her to do strange things. by Drmaxc02/06/184.49

The Soothing of Penelope Pt. 02

 — The treatment of Penny's itch becomes rather more extreme. by Drmaxc02/08/184.64HOT

The Soothing of Penelope Pt. 03

 — Perhaps a weekend of nudity will help Penny's problem. by Drmaxc02/14/184.63HOT

The Soothing of Penelope Pt. 04

 — Denouement - more lotion, more soothing semen. by Drmaxc02/22/184.69HOT

The Sorceress' Apprentice Ch. 01

 — Wizard-in-training spellbinds mother and sister. by philadelphus02/06/044.33

The Sorceress' Apprentice Ch. 02

 — Anton loves them and leaves them. by philadelphus02/26/044.30

The Sperm Bank

 — Josh takes a trip to the sperm bank... by jeb2207/14/174.50HOT

The Sperm Bank Ch. 02

 — Josh gets called back thanks to Liz... by jeb2207/26/174.49

The Sperm Bank Ch. 03

 — Liz gets some help with how to handle Josh. by jeb2202/23/184.51HOT

The Spider

 — Nothing is empty for long. by ImmanuelMal08/12/164.36

The Spider Pt. 02

 — The Phone Call. by ImmanuelMal08/14/164.40

The Spider Pt. 03

 — Just John. by ImmanuelMal08/15/164.50HOT

The Spider Pt. 04

 — The suburbs. by ImmanuelMal09/17/164.48

The Spider Pt. 05

 — Just John and the Spider learn about each other. by ImmanuelMal10/02/164.67HOT

The Spider Pt. 06

 — The cull. by ImmanuelMal10/05/164.74HOT

The Spider Pt. 07

 — Heal all the ways. by ImmanuelMal10/07/164.72HOT

The Spider Pt. 08

 — Behind the glass. by ImmanuelMal10/19/164.81HOT

The Spider Pt. 09

 — Love is where you find it, I think we'd all agree. by ImmanuelMal10/19/164.46

The Spider Pt. 10

 — You don't know what I can do. by ImmanuelMal11/03/164.76HOT

The Spider Pt. 11

 — You're gonna learn to love me. by ImmanuelMal11/06/164.75HOT

The Spider Pt. 12

 — Come inside me and see. by ImmanuelMal11/07/164.74HOT

The Spider Pt. 13

 — The secrets that we keep. by ImmanuelMal11/07/164.49

The Spider Pt. 14

 — Nutmeg and fire. by ImmanuelMal05/30/174.71HOT

The Spider Pt. 15

 — The web. by ImmanuelMal05/31/174.86HOT

The Spider Pt. 16

 — Carry the secrets. by ImmanuelMal06/01/174.74HOT

The Spider Pt. 17

 — Terminus. by ImmanuelMal06/02/174.78HOT

The Spider Pt. 18

 — Black world. by ImmanuelMal06/03/174.72HOT

The Spider Pt. 19

 — Broken glass against the system. by ImmanuelMal06/04/174.71HOT

The Spider Pt. 20

 — Become what you are. by ImmanuelMal06/05/174.74HOT

The Spider Pt. 21

 — Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Fist! by ImmanuelMal06/09/174.64HOT

The Spider Pt. 22

 — Snow and semen. by ImmanuelMal06/10/174.36

The Spider Pt. 23

 — Remember how I always loved you. by ImmanuelMal06/11/174.65HOT

The Spider Pt. 24

 — Happy hour margaritas. by ImmanuelMal06/13/174.52HOT

The Spider Pt. 25

 — Sometimes, there is an angel. by ImmanuelMal06/30/174.52HOT

The Spider Pt. 26

 — The pieces, in place. by ImmanuelMal10/29/174.73HOT

The Spider Pt. 27

 — Pretty. by ImmanuelMal10/30/174.73HOT

The Spider Pt. 28

 — Good morning, starshine, the earth is our home! by ImmanuelMal11/01/174.68HOT

The Spider Pt. 29

 — Sleep gentle angel. by ImmanuelMal11/03/174.90HOT

The Spider Pt. 30

 — The windows. by ImmanuelMal11/25/174.86HOT

The Spider Pt. 31

 — The plan. by ImmanuelMal12/21/174.68HOT

The Spider Pt. 32

 — Broken glass is broken hopes. by ImmanuelMal04/26/184.87HOT

The Spider Pt. 33

 — Evil through the window, loss and loss. by ImmanuelMal04/29/184.92HOT

The Spider Pt. 34

 — I wanted all the future with you. by ImmanuelMal08/10/184.74HOT

The Spider Pt. 35

 — The apple tree. by ImmanuelMal05/05/194.38

The Spider's Web

 — Jilted Mickie falls to The Spider's hypnotic sexual embrace. by leanne2k11/23/094.00

The Spiral

 — Remember YOU ARE MY GOOD GIRL. by KCRU09/25/152.92

The Spirals Nightclub Pt. 01

 — Veo gives Xander a blast from his past... by Sleepyhypno12/18/184.18

The Spirals Nightclub Pt. 02

 — Subliminal messages flood the Spirals nightclub... by Sleepyhypno12/24/184.04

The Spirals Nightclub Pt. 03

 — Xander finds something he didn't know he was looking for... by Sleepyhypno12/31/184.00

The Spirit Circle of Repetige

 — A pixie controls a professor and his student. by polyphemus06/05/093.62

The Spreading Darkness

 — Lady Izzabelle recruits more followers. by Hypnoslave08/05/084.23

The Spreading Darkness Ch. 02

 — Lady Izzabelle recruits more followers. by Hypnoslave01/31/094.21

The Start of a New Life Ch. 01

 — Richard Hanson had an underwhelming life, for now. by DickHalls03/29/184.45

The State of Bimbo

 — An anthropology student finds more than what she was looking. by TheHandsThatLead10/16/184.27

The Stone that Grew a Man Ch. 01

 — A girl finds a phallic shaped stone on a beach. by Drmaxc12/30/174.58HOT

The Stone that Grew a Man Ch. 02

 — An ancient and very phallic statue entices young virgins. by Drmaxc01/06/184.62HOT

The Stone that Grew a Man Ch. 03

 — A phallic statue in a museum attracts a young female curator. by Drmaxc01/13/184.69HOT

The Stranger

 — A wife finds out her husband has been making amateur porn. by JukeboxEMCSA05/08/114.06

The Stranger in the Mirror

 — I wake up with no memory. by Trulyniceguy06/21/184.63HOT

The Studio

 — A photographer abuses his hypnotic skills to get revenge. by quieterotic03/08/044.11

The Sublet

 — Nancy's libido is out of control and she needs a new home. by charlesplingham02/24/174.73HOT

The Supers Vs. Their Own Men!

 — Heroines in WWII face mind controlled American troops. by PhiloHunter11/17/164.07

The Surprise

 — A girl uses her boyfriend's device to bring home a surprise. by angelandaddict04/01/144.28

The Symbiote

 — Nathan Cryogen has one way left to survive. by EndlessSilk02/09/164.29

The Symbiote Ch. 02

 — Nathan's abilities grow, but can he control them? by EndlessSilk02/27/164.46

The Symbiote Ch. 03

 — Nathan learns better control. Li lets her guard down. by EndlessSilk03/06/164.43

The Symbiote Ch. 04

 — Nathan is given the power to change the world. Or else. by EndlessSilk03/15/164.51HOT

The Symbiote Ch. 05

 — Nathan breaks the rules to help a girl. by EndlessSilk03/19/164.47

The Taking of a Town

 — The new mayor. by vietnamvet11/16/182.46

The Talisman Ch. 1

 — He's struck by urge on way to porn shop. by Ebonvoice12/09/003.72

The Talisman Ch. 2

 — Rick meets strange girl at porn shop. by Ebonvoice12/09/004.26

The Talisman Ch. 4

 — Rick dreams of Africa. by Ebonvoice04/05/014.14Editor's Pick

The Tamed Husband

 — Shakespeare wrote about taming the shrew, I did not. by Jasmine2704/13/183.89

The Tamest

 — A man bets that he can make his wife the most obedient. by PS_Alexandria01/28/154.34

The Taming of Amy Pt. 01

 — A bitch wife becomes submissive. by Wtiteone6912/16/154.42

The Taming of Amy Pt. 02: Submission

 — How Submissive is Amy? by Wtiteone6912/17/154.44

The Taming of Amy Pt. 03: My Mother in Law

 — The Mother Bitch Comes Around. by Wtiteone6912/23/154.50HOT

The Taming of Amy Pt. 04: Sandra

 — Sandra apologizes to her gardener. by Wtiteone6912/27/154.56HOT

The Taming of Amy Pt. 05: Dining Out

 — Sub tested while in public. by Wtiteone6901/02/164.64HOT

The Tea Master Ch. 01

 — Monique's life changed when she stumbled into the teashop. by erossmantic01/06/174.57HOT

The Tea Master Ch. 02

 — Monique enters more deeply into the spell of the tea master. by erossmantic01/08/174.63HOT

The Tea Master Ch. 03

 — Monique's submission offers justice and life of her dreams. by erossmantic01/10/174.64HOT

The Tease Comes To Visit

 — Stephanie pays a vist to her master. by epvitale09/24/074.38

The Tease Comes To Visit Ch. 02

 — The evening continues. by epvitale10/07/074.27

The Tenant

 — John's tenant Jadah makes him a believer in hypnosis. by jeb2201/30/164.50HOT

The Tenant Ch. 02

 — Jadah continues to condition John. by jeb2202/04/164.65HOT

The Test Girls Pt. 01

 — Three busty girls are chemically enticed to masturbate. by Prettyinsanerobot09/13/184.15

The Therapist

 — He learns about the girl that lives inside him. by pornoperson02/23/094.29

The Therapist Ch. 02

 — Continuing to bring out the inner-girl. by pornoperson02/27/094.26

The Therapist Ch. 03

 — The Inner Girl bests the Outer Boy. by pornoperson04/03/094.27

The Therapy Session

 — Tony visits a therapist after having a wild dream. by LrningDom05/09/083.72

The Therapy Sessions

 — Julie reluctantly agreed to help her friend. by mollycactus04/14/184.51HOT

The Therapy Sessions Ch. 02

 — Time to diversify? by mollycactus05/13/184.70HOT

The Thoughts Ch. 01

 — You lose yourself only to find your direction. by naastyanny11/18/034.42

The Tide Is High

 — It’s the morning after, and Cindi has to explain to Janet. by JukeboxEMCSA05/07/124.55HOT

The Time Machine Ch. 1

 — Walter finds an interesting use for new device. by Wyden Long12/04/004.11Contest Winner

The Time Machine Ch. 2

 — Walter's neighbor has the strangest dreams. by Wyden Long12/05/004.45

The Time Machine Ch. 3

 — Walter's neighbor makes a connection. by Wyden Long12/06/004.52HOT

The Trailer Park Incident

 — Whitetrash girl has her breasts enlarged by sexual vampire. by PhiloHunter05/11/164.52HOT

The Transformation of Sofia Ch. 01

 — Something is Different. by Dreadlocks01/15/164.08

The Transformation of Sofia Ch. 02

 — Losing Herself. by Dreadlocks01/20/164.09

The Transformation of Sofia Ch. 03

 — Disappearing. by Dreadlocks01/21/164.38

The Transformation of Sofia Ch. 04

 — The story takes an alarming turn. by Dreadlocks01/24/164.58HOT

The Transformation of Sofia Ch. 05

 — The programming gets deeper. by Dreadlocks01/30/164.32

The Transformation of Sofia Ch. 06

 — The Escape. by Dreadlocks02/08/164.27

The Transformation of Sofia Ch. 07

 — Sofia and Lynette find themselves in Peril. by Dreadlocks03/13/164.19

The Transformed Man

 — Medical experiment transforms a man into a stud. by desirelit05/13/104.51HOT

The Transformed Man Ch. 02

 — Tom is home and bumps into a woman he lusted after in HS. by desirelit05/23/104.65HOT

The Transformed Man Ch. 03

 — Tom's enhanced cock and pheromones control women's minds. by desirelit12/02/104.60HOT

The Transformed Man Ch. 04

 — Meet Debbie, the exhibitionist nympho model. by desirelit01/14/114.62HOT

The Transformed Man Ch. 05

 — Tom pleasures his harem senseless. by desirelit01/15/114.57HOT

The Transformed Man Ch. 06

 — The Transformed Man and his harem take 3 women. by desirelit01/27/114.65HOT

The Transformed Man Ch. 07

 — A mind controlled harem, beast sized cock, undrainable balls. by desirelit03/08/184.69HOT

The Treatment

 — Single mother is sentenced to reprogramming. by BlackDarwin03/15/014.10Editor's Pick

The Treatment

 — Anna becomes a helpless slave. by Satyrotic09/08/073.92

The Triumphs of the Past Ch. 05

 — Just sitting in his classic car arouses the women and... by Drmaxc03/22/194.54HOT

The True Master Ch. 00

 — A mind controlled doll falls into the common mans lap. by Weerdo02/24/154.34

The True Master Ch. 01

 — A mind controlled doll falls into the common man's lap. by Weerdo03/14/154.60HOT

The True Master Ch. 02

 — A mind controlled doll falls into the common man's lap. by Weerdo03/22/154.57HOT

The True Master Ch. 03

 — A common man finds a Doll on his doorstep. by Weerdo04/15/154.67HOT

The True Master Ch. 04

 — A mind controlled doll falls into the common man's lap. by Weerdo04/18/154.68HOT

The True Master Ch. 05

 — A mind controlled doll falls into the common man's lap. by Weerdo04/24/154.74HOT

The True Master Ch. 06

 — A mind controlled doll falls into the common man's lap. by Weerdo05/04/154.72HOT

The True Master Ch. 07

 — A mind controlled doll falls into the common man's lap. by Weerdo05/31/154.67HOT

The True Master Ch. 08

 — A mind controlled doll falls into the common man's lap. by Weerdo06/19/154.76HOT

The True Master Ch. 09

 — A mind controlled doll falls into the common man's lap. by Weerdo07/10/154.76HOT

The True Master Ch. 10

 — A mind controlled doll falls into the common man's lap. by Weerdo08/19/154.75HOT

The True Master Ch. 11

 — Things begin to change for the True Master. by Weerdo10/10/154.84HOT

The True Master Ch. 12

 — The True Master Takes Over. by Weerdo11/14/154.87HOT

The True Professional Pt. 01

 — A skeptical graduate student learns a valuable lesson. by Dutchboy5112/30/154.47

The True Professional Pt. 02

 — The Amazing Randy and Cindy spend the night together. by Dutchboy5101/01/164.62HOT

The True Professional Pt. 03

 — Level two turns out to be much more than Cindy expected. by Dutchboy5102/23/164.58HOT

The True Professional Pt. 04

 — The Amazing Randy lives up to his name. by Dutchboy5103/04/164.66HOT

The Truest Control Ch. 01

 — A man meets an assertive woman in a park. by TheTruestControl03/11/164.01

The Truest Control Ch. 02

 — They meet again, and things begin to escalate. by TheTruestControl03/19/164.24

The Truest Control Ch. 03

 — They go out to dinner, while her hold on him strengthens. by TheTruestControl03/25/164.07

The Truest Control Ch. 04

 — She visits him at home for the first time. by TheTruestControl04/02/164.28

The Truest Control Ch. 05

 — Liz finally explains the meaning of the truest control. by TheTruestControl04/09/164.44

The Truest Control Ch. 06

 — Roger has doubts, and things go wrong. by TheTruestControl04/15/163.89

The Truest Control Ch. 07

 — Liz takes Roger past the point of no return. by TheTruestControl04/22/163.80

The Truest Control Ch. 08

 — A final epilogue sees the couple on their way. by TheTruestControl04/29/163.57

The Truth Ch. 01

 — A nosy reporter investigates a seductive cult. by The_Fractal_King08/20/144.33

The Truth Ch. 02

 — A nosy reporter investigates a seductive cult. by The_Fractal_King08/26/144.52HOT

The Truth Ch. 03

 — A nosy reporter investigates a seductive cult. by The_Fractal_King09/02/144.65HOT

The Truth Ch. 04

 — A nosy reporter investigates a seductive cult. by The_Fractal_King09/09/144.61HOT

The Truth Ch. 05

 — A nosy reporter investigates a seductive cult. by The_Fractal_King09/17/144.58HOT

The Truth Ch. 06

 — A nosy reporter investigates a seductive cult. by The_Fractal_King09/24/144.41

The Truth of the Matter

 — She must make a choice. by MarciaR07/09/033.71

The Two Sisters Ch. 01

 — Marissa uses her powers to seduce a shy man. by PrincessErin09/09/084.15

The Two Sisters Ch. 02

 — Tina uses her powers to seduce a young man. by PrincessErin09/10/084.16

The Ultimate Playboy Pt. 02

 — Testing the "Effect". by bluedragonauthor10/29/064.78HOT

The Ultimate Playboy Pt. 03

 — Love potion. by bluedragonauthor10/30/064.77HOT

The Ultimate Playboy Pt. 04

 — Side effects and resolution. by bluedragonauthor10/31/064.74HOT

The Ultimate Power

 — Keith uses his power for the first time. by bigbadblair07/30/054.06

The Unfolding Ch. 03

 — A flash drive and curiosity propel Camille forward. by mtwain4u10/30/154.59HOT

The Unusual Sexuality of M. Spandoz

 — A client with an unusual sexual problem. Can hypnosis help? by Drmaxc08/14/114.60HOT

The Valedictorian

 — 18 year old Miko learns who her true friends are. by DesireeFox08/27/133.89

The Valentine's Day Mesmerizing

 — Beautiful girlfriend being stolen by boss. Will love triumph. by wouldnitbnice02/06/144.31

The Vance Venture Ch. 05

 — Jack visits Alexandra at the Playground. by Nudenrude04/27/174.33

The Vegas Adventure Ch. 01-03

 — De Ann gets hypnotized in Vegas. by StryWrter708/14/054.69HOT

The Vegas Adventure Ch. 04-06

 — Hypnotized De Ann is a party plaything. by StryWrter708/15/054.74HOT

The Vegas Adventure Ch. 07-10

 — Neighbors Candice & Raven use De Ann to clean up. by StryWrter709/08/054.69HOT

The Vegas Adventure Ch. 11-13

 — De Ann's visiting nieces witness her under hypnosis & BDSM. by StryWrter710/29/054.70HOT

The Vegas Adventure Ch. 14-17

 — De Ann & Trent find their Nieces captivating. by StryWrter712/29/054.69HOT

The Vicar's Wife

 — Man uses strange powers to gain revenge. by AStropirate10/06/124.18

The Virgo Chronicles

 — Mind control & a young teens decent into sex & submission. by SweetKayJay03/29/164.47

The Voice

 — The owner of the voice will make sure that Leah is safe. by greyscribbler02/03/194.24

The Wager

 — Mindy tells her husband about a wager she made. by king_wesley04/22/113.24

The Waiting

 — Kevin is obsessed with a woman he's slowly brainwashing. by JukeboxEMCSA06/05/113.87

The Way We Whirr

 — The continuing story of Admiral Anticrime. by Mudak09/29/124.00

The Web Ch. 01

 — Brad helps a friend loosen up in the bedroom. by Antonio_y_Cleopatra03/08/114.73HOT

The Web Ch. 02

 — Drawn deeper together, the spark of romance flares. by Antonio_y_Cleopatra03/09/114.76HOT

The Web Ch. 03

 — Cathy’s desires deepen, as does their relationship. by Antonio_y_Cleopatra03/10/114.81HOT

The Web Ch. 04

 — Cathy draws him in tight. by Antonio_y_Cleopatra03/11/114.70HOT

The Web Ch. 05

 — They both confess their secrets. by Antonio_y_Cleopatra03/12/114.80HOT

The Web Ch. 06

 — They explore Cathy’s submissive side. by Antonio_y_Cleopatra03/13/114.73HOT

The Web Ch. 07

 — This time, Kelly calls the shots. by Antonio_y_Cleopatra03/14/114.78HOT

The Web Ch. 08

 — Cathy takes her final exam, embarks on lifelong learning. by Antonio_y_Cleopatra03/15/114.84HOT

The Wedding

 — DJ controls guests for a nasty wedding. by medley06/17/044.57HOT

The Wedding Crashers

 — Debbie's wedding is interrupted by a group of interlopers. by king_wesley08/10/104.17

The Winsome Widow

 — Magic and mystery abound at a sexy storytelling club. by blin1809/22/144.85HOTContest Winner

The Witch and the Watch

 — An unlucky man finds some luck with a witch. by petmyhead06/24/184.59HOT

The Witch Doctor

 — White wife just hates black cock, or does she? by Tony King03/31/014.49

The Witch Next Door

 — A neighbor with powers changes a wife's life. by daughterof191708/29/124.15

The Witch's Assistant Ch. 01

 — Andrea Smith the infamous witch chooses a new Assistant. by Miles6311/07/124.46

The Witch's Assistant Ch. 02

 — Debbie goes back to School, and plays with the Cheerleaders. by Miles6311/15/124.44

The Wolf Inside Her

 — Donna and Randy throw a costume party that gets very real. by charlesplingham02/05/174.61HOT

The Wood Nymph Ch. 02

 — The wood nymph catches a pair of lovers. by keraloch02/08/144.53HOT

The Word Ch. 01

 — The power of a word changes a woman's life. by QuietMom30s10/31/043.48

The World's Best Hypnotist

 — David finds he can't hypnotize everyone, but that's not a bad thing. by ShannonElise09/27/014.15

The Wynford Wives

 — A young wife begins to suspect that something is frightening. by MissingGreen10/24/174.28

The Yogi Ch. 03

 — Steve wakes up in Ariel's bed and finds himself in a bind. by Storyteller212107/26/184.58HOT

Then the Morning Comes

 — There's a perfectly innocent explanation for everything. by JukeboxEMCSA10/20/124.35

Therapist Ch. 01

 — A bit of hypnotism & mumbo, jumbo and he is in business. by MungoParkIII12/13/073.66

Therapist Ch. 02

 — The therapist prepares for a new patient, remembering Sarah. by MungoParkIII12/17/073.86

Therapist Ch. 03

 — The therapist continues his in depth examination. by MungoParkIII12/18/073.57


 — Man loses pain but gives up free will. by Bakeboss02/17/104.12

Therapy Ch. 01

 — John decides to try therapy with Dr. Rivers. by jeb2208/18/184.32

Therapy Ch. 02

 — He gives in for his second session with Dr. Rivers. by jeb2208/25/184.48

Therapy Ch. 03

 — John's weakness requires home treatment. by jeb2209/14/184.40

Therapy Ch. 04

 — Shelle wants all John's resistance. by jeb2211/29/184.47

Therapy Ch. 05

 — John feels what it is like to wear a collar. by jeb2212/03/184.62HOT

Therapy Ch. 06

 — The endgame. by jeb2201/26/194.46

Therapy Secrets Ch. 03

 — A Hypnotic threesome for Dominic and his secretary. by storyfella01/27/194.43

Therapy Week 01

 — Veronica learns that being submissive can be good. by Bardoc9301/21/114.31

Therapy Week 02

 — Veronica learns that being submissive can be good. by Bardoc9302/07/114.64HOT

Therapy Week 02.5

 — Veronica thinks about her therapy and has a dream. by Bardoc9304/01/114.40

There's An App For That

 — James is given a special app he plans to test for Halloween. by jman_bigdaddy10/06/174.16

There's an App for That Ch. 01

 — A programmer develops a Mind Control App. by MindNumber02/08/194.59HOT

There's an App for That Ch. 02

 — Gareth has to solve a new problem with his app. by MindNumber02/17/194.67HOT

There's an App for That Ch. 03

 — Gareth takes control of his work place issues. by MindNumber03/08/194.77HOT

There's an App for That Ch. 04

 — Gareth revisits his first major experiment. by MindNumber04/05/194.69HOT

There's Something You Have To Do...

 — He gets the girl, and more. by mrjones50200309/16/074.08

They Have a Problem

 — She got the wrong and all the right ideas. So will you. by SBstories04/17/193.00

Thief in the Mind Pt. 01

 — A hypnotic thief visits a charity ball. by Sleepyhypno09/26/184.12

Thief in the Mind Pt. 02

 — A police officer tracks a hypnotic thief. by Sleepyhypno09/28/184.35

Thief in the Mind Pt. 03

 — A female cop closes in on a hypnotic thief. by Sleepyhypno09/30/184.54HOT

Thief in the Mind Pt. 04

 — A female officer confronts a hypnotic thief. by Sleepyhypno10/03/184.31

Thief in the Mind Pt. 05 - A Prequel

 — A hypnotic thief targets a female officer. by Sleepyhypno10/09/184.46

Think with Your Pussy

 — A note is being passed around the class. by Bungaku10/06/174.29

Third Date

 — A woman dates a man she meets in a park. by taxandtithe08/29/154.15


 — His tale of brainwashing may not be as he remembers it. by SBstories04/10/183.57

This Is Just 4 U

 — Service Unit 4 U's Master goes missing. by JukeboxEMCSA05/08/194.50HOT

This is You Throwing in the Towel

 — Janet is given visions of obedience and freedom. by JukeboxEMCSA08/30/184.40

This Job Bites Pt. 01

 — Kelli has a job interview with the mysterious Alan Card. by Sleepyhypno02/27/194.01

This Job Bites Pt. 02

 — Kelli shows up with a new look and attitude... by Sleepyhypno03/16/194.20

This Job Bites Pt. 03

 — New Vampire Kelli is just a pawn in a larger game... by Sleepyhypno03/20/194.33

Thought Pusher

 — A man with the power to control thoughts puts it to the test. by Sean Renaud10/05/133.98

Thoughts are Like Books

 — There are advantages to knowing the thoughts of Others. by PhilosopherX11/10/164.69HOT

Thoughts are Like Books Ch. 02

 — A young man learns more about his new powers. by PhilosopherX12/24/164.63HOT

Three Crates

 — Being a super villain is never easy, things always go wrong. by TheHandsThatLead12/24/184.53HOT

Three Drops

 — Side effects of medicine can be good. by Taffe09/27/174.22

Three Virgins

 — Matt, Kerry, and Yanni are going to enjoy college. by PrimalRoots08/26/124.36

Three Virgins Ch. 02

 — Kerry loses her sexual innocence. by PrimalRoots09/08/124.38

Three Virgins Ch. 03

 — Some powers begin to fade. by PrimalRoots11/25/124.38

Three Virgins Ch. 04

 — The conflict of the mind. by PrimalRoots02/03/134.25

Three Virgins Ch. 05

 — And the winner is... by PrimalRoots06/07/134.26

Three Virgins Ch. 06

 — The prostitution ring begins. by PrimalRoots07/12/134.35

Three's Company

 — Kerri is invited to serve dinner at her neighbours' soiree. by BoxesAndBlades11/11/143.96

Thrill Ride

 — Introducing Admiral Anticrime, the hero of Metroburgh. by Mudak09/05/124.29

Through The Rosy Garden Ch. 01

 — A magical girl sent to assassinate a mysterious man. by TurkeySandwich10/18/183.50

Tickled Pink

 — If you had control, what would you do? by HardSalami07/08/144.19

Tiffany's Homework

 — DC's heroine takes over her high school. by Moosetales09/26/174.57HOT

Time for Payback

 — Humiliate Bitch with Timestop by timemaster05/08/133.84

Time for Payback Ch. 02

 — The Timestop fun continues. by timemaster05/09/134.00

Time for Payback Ch. 03

 — Timestop humiliation fun. by timemaster05/10/133.74

Time for Payback Ch. 04

 — Timestop fun continues. by timemaster05/11/133.94

Time is On Her Side Pt. 01

 — How far will she have to go to change the world? by SBstories06/28/184.23

Time is On Her Side Pt. 02

 — How far will she have to go to change the world? by SBstories07/25/184.25

Time is On Her Side Pt. 03

 — How far will she have to go to change the world? by SBstories08/09/184.38

Time is On Her Side Pt. 04

 — How far will she have to go to change the world? by SBstories08/28/184.35

Time is On Her Side Pt. 05

 — How far will she have to go to change the world? by SBstories10/11/184.70HOT

Time is On Her Side Pt. 06

 — How far will she have to go to change the world? by SBstories11/01/184.64HOT

Time is On Her Side Pt. 07

 — How far will she have to go to change the world? by SBstories11/27/184.79HOT

Time is On Her Side Pt. 08

 — How far will she have to go to change the world? by SBstories12/30/184.45

Time Released

 — Jordan gradually becomes 'friends' with her company's newest. by cafetray04/18/064.49

Time Stop Abuse

 — A teenager finds a device that stops time. by sleepingsis01/18/123.90

Time To Spare

 — Jim gains control of time and minds. by HypnoHarpy09/02/014.37

Tina the Waitress

 — Tina gets a different tip than she expected. by WholyChao08/17/034.35


 — Alison takes a ride she'll never forget. by SuziC04/23/114.25

Tiny Bubbles

 — Can Adam stop Lilah's control of his wife? Does he want to? by sylvia_mickey11/09/064.56HOT

To Be a Statue Ch. 01

 — Young couple controlled by unseen force at the mall. by MindQueen10/05/144.02

To Get a Man

 — Martha uses the help of a drug she created. by Goldeniangel08/24/054.38

To Sleep Perchance to Cream

 — Beverly tries out a sleep clinic to help cure her insomnia. by Mudak04/17/124.29

To the Palace Ch. 01

 — The taking of Tia. by Roguematerial09/17/123.90

To the Palace Ch. 02

 — Tia's Palace and the taking of Cindy. by Roguematerial09/25/124.15

Todd Thomas' Ghostly Misadventures

 — Office worker sees dead people, and they are HORNY. by Green_Gabe02/08/134.03

Todd Thomas' Ghostly Misadventures Ch. 02

 — Office worker gets a midnight visitor. Also, horny ghosts. by Green_Gabe02/20/134.18

Todd Thomas' Ghostly Misadventures Ch. 03

 — Office worker deals with his bosses boss, ghost style. by Green_Gabe07/03/134.22

Token Vengeance 01

 — Mystical token enables game of vengeance on cheating wife. by Tug_Coxwell09/05/174.58HOT

Token Vengeance 02

 — Eric preps his wife Tina for her new lifestyle. by Tug_Coxwell09/13/174.50HOT

Token Vengeance 03

 — Sam and Ella pay a visit. by Tug_Coxwell10/19/174.50HOT

Token Vengeance 04

 — Tina taken by her husband's libertine friends. by Tug_Coxwell06/26/184.45

Token Vengeance 05

 — Tina takes a stroll; school starts and she starts to adjust. by Tug_Coxwell07/13/18

Too Exciting Ch. 01

 — Lily takes control, of everything by NSCarter02/23/173.70

Too Exciting Ch. 02

 — How Lily comes into Nick's life. by NSCarter02/27/174.10

Too Exciting Ch. 03

 — Lily continues to plot Nick's downfall. by NSCarter02/28/174.10

Too Exciting Ch. 04

 — Nick describes how he cuckolded Andrew. by NSCarter03/02/174.50HOT

Too Exciting Ch. 05

 — Lily tempts Nick with an apple. by NSCarter03/15/173.94

Too Good to be True Ch. 01

 — Greta is introduced to a new lifestyle. by Silver Dust08/17/054.03

Too Good to be True Ch. 02

 — Greta's roommate suspects. by Silver Dust08/18/054.37

Too Good to be True Ch. 03

 — Kim & Greta continue. by Silver Dust08/19/054.39

Too Good to be True Ch. 04

 — Kim meets some playmates. by Silver Dust09/17/054.34

Too Good to be True Ch. 05

 — They get caught. by Silver Dust09/24/054.56HOT

Too Good to be True Ch. 06

 — Punishment is so much fun...? by Silver Dust09/26/054.56HOT

Too Good to be True Ch. 07

 — A chance encounter. by Silver Dust12/18/054.20

Too Good to be True Ch. 08

 — All empires must fall. by Silver Dust12/19/054.26

Too Good to be True Ch. 09

 — Epilog. by Silver Dust12/20/054.40

Too Late for Love

 — Simon's too tired for sex...but hypnosis can fix that. by JukeboxEMCSA07/24/114.23

Torturous Teasing

 — Fiveplay, foreplay, just that much better. by er0tic_writer01/29/034.21

Total Control

 — Her love gives him complete control. by angelgothgirl02/05/033.94

Total Control

 — They control me or do they? by Coral08/27/033.14

Total Domination Ch. 01

 — It all started after Eddie received the amulet. by sniffpanties10/18/064.38

Total Domination Ch. 02

 — Campus sex & banging girlfriend's mother. by sniffpanties10/28/064.43

Totally in My Power

 — Don't read unless you want to kneel before me. by KCRU09/23/152.55

Tower in Her Pocket

 — The Professor investigates the power of suggestion. by ProfessorR06/21/054.12


 — Emily meets an unusual couple at work. by Mason_Hess02/13/194.69HOT

Train of Thought

 — A passenger shows Sylvia why train travel is so relaxing. by Mesmeri10/15/084.18

Train Station Surprise

 — Long separated lovers meet after work. by CO5502/24/132.27


 — Lauren undergoes bimbo training (unfinished, see end notes). by brooksmia45003/01/174.38

Trained, Restrained, Empty-Brained

 — Computerized dildos and nipple clamps turn Glen into giselle. by jessicablank08/25/064.15

TRANCE, Inc. 01: The Actress

 — What if all porn stars had a secret hypnotic trigger phrase? by JCBeleren03/13/184.64HOT

TRANCE, Inc. 02: The Twins

 — Chance expands his harem of sexy-as-hell pornstar babes. by JCBeleren03/16/184.68HOT

TRANCE, Inc. 03: The Boss

 — Chance takes the opportunity to handle his nosy bitch boss. by JCBeleren04/19/184.63HOT

TRANCE, Inc. 04: The Girlfriend

 — Chance finds out who hypnotized his pornstar lovers. by JCBeleren04/28/184.77HOT

TRANCE, Inc. 05: The Coed

 — Chance deals with a problem and sees his sexy coed neighbor. by JCBeleren05/18/184.82HOT

TRANCE, Inc. 06

 — Chance takes his four pornstar babes out for the night. by JCBeleren11/21/184.65HOT

TRANCE, Inc. 07

 — Chance makes a decision and meets a sexy martial arts master. by JCBeleren12/08/184.80HOT

TRANCE, Inc. 08

 — Chance's twins reveal a sexy surprise, then share a secret. by JCBeleren12/12/184.78HOT

Transformations - Rose Ch. 01

 — Ray's latest mate has woken up in her tube. by wayneandanntriskelion03/31/194.58HOT

Transformations - Rose Ch. 02

 — More goings on at the dentist's office. The coven decides. by wayneandanntriskelion04/03/194.60HOT

Transformations - Rose Ch. 03

 — Constance makes a choice. Ray's Coven. by wayneandanntriskelion04/06/194.76HOT

Transformations - Rose Ch. 04

 — The coven invades a truckstop. Fuckery ensues. by wayneandanntriskelion04/08/194.77HOT

Transformations - Rose Ch. 05

 — Lisa becomes a White Witch. Lisa and Jason. More Fuckery. by wayneandanntriskelion04/13/194.76HOT

Transformations - Rose Ch. 06

 — Lisa meets Jason's parents. The Dentist's Office. by wayneandanntriskelion04/21/194.73HOT

Transformations - Rose Ch. 07

 — Lisa and Jason. Allison surrenders all. Mary watches. by wayneandanntriskelion04/28/194.80HOT

Transformations - Rose Ch. 08

 — Mary and Jason. Stan Emasculated. Stephanie works. by wayneandanntriskelion05/09/194.64HOT

Transformations - Rose Ch. 09

 — Lisa and Mary pervert. Jason hunts. Stan wakes up. by wayneandanntriskelion05/16/194.67HOTNEW

Transformations - Soccer Mom Ch. 01

 — Chapter one of a new Transformations novel. by wayneandanntriskelion09/21/184.47

Transformations - Soccer Mom Ch. 02

 — Stacie gets laid. A new arrival gets brain washed. by wayneandanntriskelion09/26/184.65HOT

Transformations - Soccer Mom Ch. 03

 — Stacie is indoctrinated. Things get weird(er). by wayneandanntriskelion09/28/184.68HOT

Transformations - Soccer Mom Ch. 04

 — Jimmy and pals get mods. The other captured women wake up. by wayneandanntriskelion10/17/184.66HOT

Transformations - Soccer Mom Ch. 05

 — Alicia says goodbye to Naomi. Demona & Sugar play doctor. by wayneandanntriskelion10/20/184.71HOT

Transformations - Soccer Mom Ch. 06

 — Transformations begin. Hank becomes Hanna. by wayneandanntriskelion02/08/194.68HOT

Transformations - Soccer Mom Ch. 07

 — Level 9. Courtney and Demona. Ray needs help. by wayneandanntriskelion03/01/194.74HOT

Transformations - Soccer Mom Ch. 08

 — Sugar show off her new toy. Robot fuck! Courtney is a freak. by wayneandanntriskelion03/02/194.75HOT

Transformations - Soccer Mom Ch. 09

 — Ray kicks ass. Emily is tested. by wayneandanntriskelion03/03/194.72HOT

Transformations - Soccer Mom Ch. 10

 — Transforming the unwilling. Futa fuck! Sam becomes Sammi. by wayneandanntriskelion03/04/194.71HOT

Transformations - Soccer Mom Ch. 11

 — Stacie in the tube. Forcing the captives. Bimbos! by wayneandanntriskelion03/05/194.60HOT

Transformations - Soccer Mom Ch. 12

 — Stacie emerges from the tube. Donny and Madison. by wayneandanntriskelion03/09/194.75HOT

Transformations - Soccer Mom Ch. 13

 — Family Reunion. by wayneandanntriskelion03/10/194.70HOT

Transformations - Soccer Mom Ch. 14

 — Maddy's confession. Amber works the gloryhole. by wayneandanntriskelion03/12/194.70HOT

Transformations - Soccer Mom Ch. 15

 — Sugar tries out the futas. Asmodea schemes. Rita and Ray. by wayneandanntriskelion03/22/194.86HOT

Transformations - Soccer Mom Ch. 16

 — Jimmy and Hanna go home. Sugar and Stacie. by wayneandanntriskelion03/23/194.77HOT

Transformations - Soccer Mom Ch. 17

 — Jimmy takes charge. Emily and Sammi. Departures. by wayneandanntriskelion03/24/194.82HOT

Transformations - Witnesses Ch. 01

 — Three people are changed forever... by wayneandanntriskelion09/13/174.50HOT

Transformations - Witnesses Ch. 02

 — Alex takes his captives to the basement. by wayneandanntriskelion09/16/174.48

Transformations - Witnesses Ch. 03

 — Jessica is transformed. Gwen drinks Ambrosia. by wayneandanntriskelion09/17/174.60HOT

Transformations - Witnesses Ch. 04

 — Gwen gets big tits, Jessica eases her into the whore mindset. by wayneandanntriskelion09/23/174.61HOT

Transformations - Witnesses Ch. 05

 — David wakes up, Gwen joins the team, and a character arrives. by wayneandanntriskelion05/23/184.64HOT

Transformations - Witnesses Ch. 06

 — Angela gets gangbanged, Jessica gets art. by wayneandanntriskelion05/24/184.65HOT

Transformations - Witnesses Ch. 07

 — Angela tries to be good, but fails... by wayneandanntriskelion05/25/184.67HOT

Transformations - Witnesses Ch. 08

 — Angela, now Sugar Tits, begins training Donny. by wayneandanntriskelion05/26/184.61HOT

Transformations - Witnesses Ch. 09

 — Gwen learns more. Jessica entices. Sugar Tits races. by wayneandanntriskelion06/02/184.66HOT

Transformations - Witnesses Ch. 10

 — Gwen loses something... by wayneandanntriskelion06/07/184.71HOT

Transformations - Witnesses Ch. 11

 — Sugar Tits is back! Jessica loses some IQ points. by wayneandanntriskelion06/14/184.75HOT

Transformations - Witnesses Ch. 12

 — Kimiko makes her move. Melanie has a religious experience. by wayneandanntriskelion06/29/184.72HOT

Transformations - Witnesses Ch. 13

 — The conclusion... by wayneandanntriskelion06/30/184.64HOT

Trent Ch. 01: The Ring

 — First Chapter of the Shadow Rising. by Nox66104/21/154.22

Trent Ch. 02: The Shadow Rises

 — Second Chapter of The Shadow's Path. by Nox66104/22/154.39

Trials and Trances

 — A hypnotic game of T&T. by CrystalWitch07/12/184.22

Trials and Trances Ch. 02

 — The Succubus's Rods. by CrystalWitch09/06/184.67HOT

Tribade Stocking Mesmerism

 — Paula tries to acquire a stocking fetish, and Irina watches. by archibael12/18/184.83HOT

Trick or Treat!

 — Son tires of Halloween games with mother & her two sisters. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER10/17/072.85

Tricked by Boss Pt. 01

 — Tricked by female boss. by Holyglory08/15/172.96

Triggers Ch. 01

 — A wife is given her first triggers. by AnonStoryWriter04/24/154.22

Trip to the Theater

 — A young anthro couple visits the new theater in town. by akaece08/09/173.81

Trip to Vegas

 — A new cocktail makes my wife slutty. by keepmeprivate7406/03/114.26

Triple D Deb Takes an Airplane Trip

 — He gave her instructions to calm her fears. They worked. by ColeTrain04/17/113.25

Tristan's Tale Pt. 01

 — Learning the hard way how to control others. by IncomingPornDuck04/23/154.60HOT

Tristan's Tale Pt. 02

 — Exploring his new powers all over town. by IncomingPornDuck04/29/154.73HOT

Tristan's Tale Pt. 03

 — Tristan explores new lands. by IncomingPornDuck05/12/154.82HOT

Tristan's Tale Pt. 04

 — The thrills and dangers of Tristan's new life. by IncomingPornDuck08/19/154.91HOTContest Winner

Tristan's Tale Pt. 05

 — Tristan takes on Caer'Aton. by IncomingPornDuck04/29/164.92HOTContest Winner

Tristan's Tale Pt. 06

 — The Tournament. by IncomingPornDuck09/28/164.92HOTContest Winner

Tristan's Tale Pt. 07

 — Tristan unleashes the Art. by IncomingPornDuck06/23/174.88HOT

Tristan's Tale Pt. 08

 — Managing power in a dangerous new world. by IncomingPornDuck10/13/174.84HOT

Tristan's Tale Pt. 09

 — Tristan unleashes the Art...on himself? by IncomingPornDuck02/07/184.87HOT

Tristan's Tale Pt. 10

 — Note to self: get better at Great Escapes. by IncomingPornDuck04/23/184.87HOT

Tristan's Tale Pt. 11

 — Look - it wasn't my fault. I know that. by IncomingPornDuck06/16/184.87HOT

Tristan's Tale Pt. 12

 — Fighting for his sanity. by IncomingPornDuck08/06/184.87HOT

Trixie Glitter versus the Board

 — Trixie Glitter corrupts the Board of Platinum Corporation. by Moosetales09/27/174.45

Trojan Doll

 — Mary is a corporate spy on a mission. by TheHandsThatLead10/19/184.21

Troubling Dreams

 — Arrogant girl finds herself wanting to please. by Tigereye03/06/014.10

Trucker's Curse

 — A powerful man meets a dangerous woman. by North20003/01/174.84HOT


 — Julie is hypnotized to believe everything Dave says. by JukeboxEMCSA03/05/114.38

True Colors

 — A psychiatrist is drawn into a war among rival slave rings. by JukeboxEMCSA08/28/114.62HOT

Trust and Obey

 — Louise is visited by a magical girl and her special friends. by JukeboxEMCSA01/22/164.51HOT

Trust Fund

 — Mary has a trust fund but can't get to it yet. by TheHandsThatLead10/23/184.03

Trust In Me

 — Diana uses an old catchphrase to hypnotize Malik. by JukeboxEMCSA07/23/164.42

Trust Me, I'm a Doctor

 — Ellicia has no choice but to follow the Doctor's orders. by JulianWinslow01/15/103.68

Truth is Stranger than Fiction

 — She controls his arousal with just her words alone. by AfroerotiK08/21/073.51

Truth Will Set You Free

 — He wanted the truth and ended up getting so much more. by Goldeniangel06/06/124.65HOT

Tuesday's Session

 — Catie struggles with her hypnosis fantasies. by The_Mr_J12/30/174.59HOT

Tunnel Vision

 — Jessica learns to shut out distractions while gaming. by JukeboxEMCSA12/07/174.45

Turn the Page

 — A snoopy houseguest finds out what's on Olivia's bookshelf. by JukeboxEMCSA12/29/134.58HOT

Turned into a Sissy Slut Ch. 01

 — A customer pisses a wiccan off and the revenge is sweet. by mytrapcard08/08/164.08

Turning Japanese

 — Paul tries to get Josie into anime. by JukeboxEMCSA12/04/114.01

Turning Mother-In-Law Into My Slut

 — Married man uses magic ring to control wife’s mother. by ringbearer11/07/17

TV Mind Control

 — Mind control on a national scale as a surprised mum watches. by Scarlettsletters06/05/123.61

Twenty Questions

 — Jess asks Mark how he got into hypnosis...and then some. by Carol_J10/19/174.05

Twisted Wishes Ch. 01

 — A college student is given unlimited wishes. by AuraofSex01/03/183.27

Two Birds in Hand

 — A criminal encounters an unusual heroine. by RallyWeasel06/07/14

Two Free Tickets

 — Two guys win front-row seats at a hypnotist's show. by akaece02/02/184.42

Two Free Tickets Pt. 02

 — Sexy memories slip through the amnesia. by akaece02/15/184.57HOT

Two Good Neighbors

 — Kyle falls under his neighbor's hypnotic control by accident. by CreamStuffedTwink09/23/164.35

Two Good Neighbors Ch. 02

 — Roberts continues his conquest. by CreamStuffedTwink09/26/164.42

Two Good Neighbors Ch. 03

 — Kyle is trained to suck. by CreamStuffedTwink09/26/164.51HOT

Two Good Neighbors Ch. 04

 — Kyle finally sucks his neighbor's cock. by CreamStuffedTwink10/30/164.53HOT

Two Good Neighbors Ch. 05

 — Kyle assumes new duties. by CreamStuffedTwink11/05/164.65HOT

Two Good Neighbors Ch. 06

 — The neighbors experience both joy and heartbreak. by CreamStuffedTwink12/30/164.26

Two Good Neighbors Ch. 07

 — Kyle and Mark Roberts discuss their feelings and find a way. by CreamStuffedTwink05/06/173.85

Two Sides Of The Coin

 — An unusual meeting leads to sexual discoveries. by imaginethis04/10/074.14


 — A man checks himself into an insane asylum. by onegecko08/17/013.25

Uh Huh

 — Buddy uses hypnosis to guide Keith through his first time. by JukeboxEMCSA01/09/194.28

Ultimate Mind Control Experiment

 — Drugs, Hypnosis & Non Consensual Conditioning: A Report by Mesmaster05/10/153.79

Ultimate Power

 — Black man with unusual powers meets his future in-laws. by eksynapse05/20/104.34

Ultimate Trust Ch. 01

 — Man and Wife take their relationship one step further. by notnaive05/29/054.51HOT

Ultimate Trust Ch. 02

 — Now it's her turn. by notnaive05/31/054.51HOT

Ultimate Trust Ch. 03

 — Working late doesn't have to be a chore. by notnaive06/04/054.24

Ultimate Trust Ch. 04

 — A friend comes to town on her birthday. by notnaive06/11/054.71HOT


 — An induction about a thought-stopping word. by JukeboxEMCSA02/15/184.14


 — Ryan gets caught up in an argument over an umbrella. by JukeboxEMCSA08/02/184.23

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