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Mind Control Stories

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Revenge thru Hypnosis

 — How he avenged his wife's rape. by julybear710/21/104.55HOT

Rewriting History

 — Married couple meets old high school friend / now hypnotist. by Wind7sailor08/01/074.18

Riga's Havoc Ch. 01

 — The incubus Riga controls his two girls. by geronimo_appleby07/15/054.46

Rinse. Lather. Repeat

 — Dominance, submission, showering and showtunes. by mc_ellen03/16/034.04

Rise of Seductra

 — Part 5 of the Justice Seven saga. by obedienceispleasure04/29/144.31

Rite of Passage Ch. 01

 — A Gang Picks the wrong victim. by Dazzle112/30/133.77

Rite of Passage Ch. 02

 — Parent's turn. by Dazzle103/28/144.12

Rite of Passage Ch. 03

 — The Orgy. by Dazzle104/02/144.08

River Street

 — Death is sweeter than this. by EndlessSilk12/14/154.15

Riverside Police Department

 — Some big changes happen in the town of Riverside. by HandcuffGirl02/24/074.11

Robert and Laurie

 — Mind Control is best served with subtlety by Timewell09/02/134.44

Rode Rage

 — A traffic accident gets out of control. by MungoParkIII12/18/073.00

Rogue State Ch. 01

 — Attractive congressional aide is captured by narcoterrorists. by franksummers08/15/073.65

Rogue State Ch. 02

 — Attractive congressional aide is captured by narcoterrorists. by franksummers08/16/074.34

Rogue State Ch. 03

 — Attractive congressional aide is captured by narcoterrorists. by franksummers08/17/074.15

Rogue State Ch. 04

 — Attractive congressional aide is captured by narcoterrorists. by franksummers11/01/074.29

Rogue State Ch. 05

 — A hot young congressional aide is captured by a dope cartel. by franksummers01/08/084.17

Roomers Ch. 01

 — A slacker's gift is wasted - or is it? by satyricon.2109/09/064.32

Roomers Ch. 02

 — Slacker Doug works on his exhausting ability. by satyricon.2109/11/064.43

Roomers Ch. 03

 — Doug's control gets better, but the ability still confuses. by satyricon.2109/13/064.64HOT

Roomers Ch. 04

 — Doug's gift reveals an unhappy truth. by satyricon.2109/17/064.49

Roomers Ch. 05

 — Doug makes a difficult decision, but gets a payback. by satyricon.2109/19/064.61HOT

Roomers Ch. 06

 — Doug's talent is dangerous to his friends. by satyricon.2109/25/064.74HOT

Roomers Ch. 07

 — Doug's power delivers tragically. by satyricon.2110/03/064.64HOT

Roomers Ch. 08

 — Doug reaches slackers' paradise, still selfish & callous. by satyricon.2110/07/064.72HOT

Rose's Bloom

 — Primitive reflexes bring on primitive revenge. by carlinecarl10/08/033.45


 — Courtney is visited and hypnotized by her girlfriend. by JukeboxEMCSA05/06/164.32

Royalty Brought Low Pt. 01

 — The noble Prince is captured by a dominating Enchantress. by succubi3301/04/153.90

Royalty Brought Low Pt. 02

 — The Prince has his first taste of sexual magic. by succubi3301/05/154.16

Royalty Brought Low Pt. 04

 — The Prince wakes up from his nightmare, or does he? by succubi3301/16/154.35

Royalty Brought Low Pt. 05

 — The Prince's training intensifies. by succubi3301/25/154.11

Rubber Maid

 — Dan becomes Daniela, the Rubber Slave. by jessicablank09/12/044.34

Rude Dog On Patrol

 — College geek has first "all nighter" with a hot coed. by 5425TVR06/25/124.13

Rule, Britannia

 — Looking at her huge breast he feels his jeans tighten. by 9ironWood08/01/132.06

Rutherford Consulting Ch. 01

 — A successful consulting business: opening. by positivecontrol12/12/124.34

Rutherford Consulting Ch. 02

 — A successful consulting business: Day 1. by positivecontrol12/16/124.46

Rutherford Consulting Ch. 03

 — A successful consulting business: Day 2 by positivecontrol12/17/124.53HOT


 — A woman develops a drug to control men. by Bakeboss01/24/103.92

S.L.U.T Ch. 01

 — IT nerd uses brains to manipulate a beauty. by Makdaddy05/14/124.33


 — A dark night. A mysterious woman. by vargas11107/14/044.58HOT

Sabah and Rod

 — Rod awakens in captivity. by vargas11107/15/044.45

Sabah at the Ball

 — Sabah takes Rod to a Ball. by vargas11107/16/044.53HOT

Sabah's Mother

 — She controls men by feeding on their sexual energy. by vargas11101/31/084.67HOT


 — Craig proves the powers of his manipulation with Alicia. by NightmarePrincess01/15/043.54

Safely Encased in Rubber

 — Hooker covered in black rubber obeys hypnotic triggers. by jessicablank01/13/054.44

Sailing Away From Reality Ch. 01

 — Man takes his wife on a hypnosis-themed cruise. by Wind7sailor10/21/054.58HOT

Sailing Away From Reality Ch. 02

 — Couple's hypnotic-themed cruise continues. by Wind7sailor10/23/054.60HOT

Sailing Away From Reality Ch. 03

 — Jan's point of view on the cruise. by Wind7sailor12/07/054.54HOT

Sailing Away From Reality Ch. 04

 — Joe's first night/day with his hypnotic new wife. by Wind7sailor05/06/064.57HOT

Sailing Away From Reality Ch. 05

 — Joe educates the coeds, but gets schooled himself. by Wind7sailor12/26/064.65HOT

Sailing Away From Reality Ch. 06

 — 'Island Girl': Joe's gets carried away with Jennifer. by Wind7sailor09/17/084.50HOT

Sailing Away From Reality Ch. 07a

 — Joe finally gets his chance to have Jill. by Wind7sailor06/08/104.72HOT

Sailing Away From Reality Ch. 07b

 — The day after: Joe's fun-filled romp. by Wind7sailor06/09/104.59HOT

Sailing Away From Reality Ch. 07c

 — Joe's idea brings everyone together. by Wind7sailor06/10/104.61HOT

Sailing Away From Reality Ch. 08

 — What happened after the Cruise. by Wind7sailor06/11/104.59HOT

Sam Has Some Fun

 — She had some fun now she's being blackmailed. by lta7x03/06/113.99

Sample J41-18

 — Dr. Murphy's experiment leads to complications. by NGrove197508/20/084.02

Sandalwood Incense

 — Cure for smoking goes wrong. by mfm898906/21/123.82

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

 — Man hypnotizes twelve women to be his sexy, Christmas elves. by andtheend11/27/103.19

Santa's Harem

 — A man discovers the sexy truth behind Santa Claus. by jman_bigdaddy11/13/093.79

Sapphic Nylon Enthrallment

 — There's something about ClassyLady Special Blend stockings. by archibael03/06/084.67HOT

Saree Wrap

 — She engulfs an unwilling victim. by oggbashan04/20/044.04

Saving a Marriage Ch. 03

 — Dr. Ryan's guidance help her learn to make him happy. by OttoWeininger06/07/133.97

Saving a Marriage Ch. 06

 — Dr. Ryan helps her understand her purpose and desires. by OttoWeininger06/10/133.85

Saving a Marriage Ch. 08

 — She shows Henry that she is learning & meets with Dr. Ryan by OttoWeininger10/22/133.71

Saving Abby

 — What will it take to free her sister? by softi10/22/154.47

Say It

 — Two couples get to know each other better on a cruise. by JukeboxEMCSA08/21/114.00

Scripting Tools

 — Addie fools her coworker into thinking he's hypnotising her. by DunsanysGhost05/07/114.17


 — Alison lets herself be persuaded to pose for Mallory. by Vanderbilt12/26/124.37

Sea Lions

 — A woman in a bad relationship. by kelticray01/28/032.87

Season of The Witch

 — Obnoxious college students meet an older woman. by MichelleLovesTo11/03/053.82

Seasons of the Mind Ch. 01

 — Woman magically transported to a lonely cottage - not alone! by Drmaxc05/10/154.48

Seasons of the Mind Ch. 02

 — The stranger takes the woman to a deserted, sunny beach. by Drmaxc05/13/154.47

Seasons of the Mind Ch. 03

 — Once more the girl finds herself transported. by Drmaxc05/19/154.54HOT

Seasons of the Mind Ch. 04

 — Outdoor, dreamlike, naked sex - the story concludes. by Drmaxc05/28/154.58HOT

Secret CD

 — Subliminal messages make her make his day. by stufish11/09/022.74

Secret Desire

 — A woman allows her imagination to run wild. by I-Belong-2-Him08/24/094.69HOT

Secret Journey

 — Diane decides to try hypnosis at a Halloween party. by JukeboxEMCSA11/04/104.45

Secret Separation

 — Chris obeys Sally, but will he obey her this time? by chrislovessally09/30/044.08

Secret to a Long & Happy Marriage

 — Claire's grandmother gives her an unusual wedding gift. by Mudak09/02/094.53HOTContest Winner

Secret Weapon

 — Never trust the boys on the track team. by Fru10/29/064.02

Secrets of the Amazon Ch. 01

 — Buddy shows up to share secrets. by spyman01/04/044.49

Secrets of the Amazon Ch. 02

 — Norm makes it all clear. by spyman01/11/044.60HOT

Secrets of the Amazon Ch. 03

 — Donnie tries his powers. by spyman01/19/044.62HOT

Secrets of the Amazon Ch. 04

 — It's Mary's turn to play. by spyman02/06/044.65HOT

Secrets of the Amazon Ch. 05

 — Mary remembers & likes it. by spyman02/13/044.63HOT

Secrets of the Amazon Ch. 06

 — Murphy's Law strikes Donnie. by spyman02/24/044.37

Seducing Mother & Daughter

 — Using covert hypnosis, Mike gets a mom & daughter. by masterhypnotist05/17/024.50HOT

Seduction by Hypnosis

 — Snob is hypnotized and controlled. by masterhypnotist07/31/014.49Contest Winner

Seduction By Hypnosis Ch. 2

 — Tim seduces a beautiful actress with hypnosis. by masterhypnotist10/09/014.65HOT

Seductive Frequencies

 — America's brightest scientists stalked one by one. by doc8712301/25/104.49

Seductive Scents: Sample A

 — Testing perfumes that force one's body to betray hidden need. by enamoredwriter09/10/134.16

Seeing Her First Time

 — A husband sees his wife's first time as someone else. by ncinsa03/25/154.15

Seeing Purple

 — Dirk finds a ring on the curb. by Poetoxicology03/26/114.29

Seeing Purple Ch. 02

 — Dirk wants to know more. by Poetoxicology05/16/124.43

Selena's Symbiosis Ch. 01

 — Selena discovers a new side of herself. One she likes. by Symbiotcsex04/27/143.80


 — Lover systematically stripped of all five senses. by StiffClit10/24/073.48


 — Women discover their sensual side and much more. by Electrosexman02/22/094.47

Sensuality Ch. 02

 — Women discover their sensuality and much more. by Electrosexman03/02/094.47

Sensuality Ch. 03

 — Women discovered their sensual side. by Electrosexman03/06/094.44

Sensuality Ch. 04

 — Mind control, women discover their sensual side. by Electrosexman03/16/094.35

Sensuality Ch. 05

 — Women discover their 'straight' sensual side. by Electrosexman03/20/094.75HOT

Sensuality Ch. 06

 — Three women who have been controlled turn the tables. by Electrosexman03/26/094.44

Sensuality Ch. 07

 — Conclusion: three broads turn the tables and are set up for life. by Electrosexman03/31/094.57HOT


 — Chemist finds a love potion. by Ashson01/03/133.63

Seruya Town Ch. 01

 — A mind controller has fun with a homeless woman. by Sanpeux09/19/154.44

Seruya Town Ch. 02

 — A mind controller has fun with his redhead teacher. by Sanpeux10/03/154.41

Seruya Town Ch. 03

 — A mind controller has fun with a mother. by Sanpeux12/03/154.55HOT

Service Call

 — He gets entranced on a house call. by StrongSilentType10/22/074.20

Serving Girl and Sunday Sermon

 — Seeing the light while serving and sucking. by LadyParts11/10/104.12

Settling In Ch. 01

 — Settling in to a new job and town brings some surprises. by mad_jack11/07/134.35

Settling In Ch. 02

 — Settling in to a new job and town brings some surprises. by mad_jack11/08/134.51HOT

Settling In Ch. 03

 — Settling in to a new job and town brings some surprises. by mad_jack11/09/134.43

Seventh Sister

 — Professor selects a special student for advanced training. by ProfessorR08/09/074.33

Sex Addiction

 — A hot young coed has a strange sex addiction! by HandcuffGirl10/08/114.03

Sex Addiction Ch. 02

 — Kaylee's sex addiction grows even stronger! by HandcuffGirl02/07/124.42

Sex as a Weapon

 — An unusual military program gets audited. by JukeboxEMCSA04/17/124.23

Sex Education

 — Class 13B get a sex ed lesson they'll never forget. by king_wesley12/13/093.98

Sex Genie Enslaved Pt. 02

 — Kabir upgrades Scarlett's power, takes her out in public. by david_cross05/27/163.89NEW

Sex Gods of Suburbia

 — Late at night things get weird between friends. by Oxen04/09/144.21

Sex on the Brain Ch. 01

 — Her sexual powers let her sense needs. by ProfessorR12/09/044.33

Sex on the Brain Ch. 02

 — Jeanne's power brings young couple together. by ProfessorR12/10/044.49

Sex on the Brain Ch. 03

 — Jeanne uses her power for her own pleasure. by ProfessorR12/11/044.55HOT

Sex, Drugs,Truth and Tell

 — Mind control drug changes lives. by papafrogger08/01/084.57HOT

Sexualis Lamia

 — Big breasts woman is assaulted by sexual vampire in her home. by PhiloHunter03/27/164.40

Sexualis Lamia Ch. 03

 — Jane brings big breasted friend for sexual vampire to feed on. by PhiloHunter05/18/164.83HOT

Shadow School Ch. 03

 — The Seven Houses. by RedHotLadybug10/15/104.72HOT

Sharp Dressed Man

 — A mind-control invention has a small problem... by JukeboxEMCSA06/10/124.20

Shave and a Haircut

 — Not all shaves & haircuts are on faces. by techsan05/26/064.25

Shawna's Dare

 — He dares wife to fake being hypnotized. by justified1501/31/044.66HOT

She Blinded Me With Science

 — A pretty coed accidentally brainwashes a professor. by JukeboxEMCSA01/24/123.99

She Catches The Eye

 — A beautiful woman uses hypnosis to catch her prey. by SeedeeBeetoo09/07/113.67

She Drives Me Crazy

 — A secretary stumbles onto a mind control conspiracy. by JukeboxEMCSA02/12/133.91

She Forgot Morning Ch. 06

 — Sarah goes to a therapist to try and work out her problem. by MungoParkIII12/17/073.78

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