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La Chinga Muerte

 — Perhaps it was the flickering of the Christmas lights. by Decayed Angel12/23/064.09

La Chinga Muerte Ch. 02

 — He goes to the police with his story. by Decayed Angel12/24/064.14

La Chinga Muerte Ch. 03

 — The police begin to get an idea of who fucked him. by Decayed Angel12/25/064.16

La Chinga Muerte Ch. 04

 — He's hypnotized once again, learning what really happened. by Decayed Angel12/26/063.83

Ladies' Man

 — He gets lots of pussy - just not every way he wants. by Cyanlot09/19/134.15

Lady at the Mall

 — A sophisticated woman looses control at the mall. by Andy5v04/09/034.16

Lady de la Dia Ch. 04

 — Amy is exposed for the first time to the power of Sarastra. by Gabriel Orr03/12/064.49

Laila and the Glass Armonica: Boys

 — Laila hunts her prey in the club. by LaSalia08/04/124.25

Landlord Wants Sex Slaves

 — Using hypnosis, landlord makes slaves of his roomers. by masterhypnotist06/03/024.46

Laser Control

 — A doctor in a secluded house takes over a young girls mind. by Asianlove09/14/024.46

Laser Control Ch. 2

 — The Doctor meets Rebecca's sister. by Asianlove10/03/024.58HOT

Laser Control Ch. 3

 — The Doctor's corporate sponsor pays a visit to the lab. by Asianlove10/13/024.48

Laser Control Ch. 4

 — Rebecca plans a party and Antoine searches for a girl. by Asianlove11/08/024.53HOT


 — Ancient book gives Mandy the power. by Colleen Thomas09/03/044.66HOT

Latin Ch. 02

 — Christy pays the piper. by Colleen Thomas08/04/054.76HOTContest Winner

Lay-Offs Ch. 05

 — More people have to decide what to do. by Linda Jean04/08/074.42

Learn to Fly

 — Gary's will is as irresistible as gravity to Samantha. by JukeboxEMCSA03/25/164.12

Learning About Control & Myself

 — She learns to control her pleasure. by shybadgirl10/03/033.91

Learning Hypnosis Ch. 01

 — An older man hypnotizes co-eds by RedJohnny07/29/034.53HOT

Learning Hypnosis Ch. 02

 — The roommate. by RedJohnny08/04/034.75HOT

Leave Me at the Altar Will You

 — Jilted, mentally abused lover gets the ultimate revenge. by enriquespappa10/30/074.11

Left in the Dark

 — Professor Psyche is kidnapped by a sinister robot. by JukeboxEMCSA10/09/114.34

Leo's Device

 — Leo's device. by mariahslittlelamb11/28/144.24

Leonora Ch. 01

 — A business woman becomes a party pet. by StoryTeller0707/06/104.38

Leonora Ch. 02

 — A business woman fights for freedom by StoryTeller0707/07/104.36

Leonora Ch. 03

 — Life as a slave begins. by StoryTeller0711/04/104.22

Lesbian Garter Hypnosis

 — Something's odd about Kathleen's legs. And compelling... by archibael12/02/064.62HOT

Let the Programming Begin

 — Cathy indulges her husband's hypnotic fantasies. by hypnodave10/26/044.74HOT

Let the Programming Begin Ch. 05

 — The hypnotic exploration of Cathy. by hypnodave11/03/044.72HOT

Levi's Microscopic World

 — Controlling her mind and body with microbot technology. by radk09/30/124.61HOTEditor's Pick

Librarian Dreams

 — One hypnotic day between four people. by Master_Vassago05/29/034.45

Lie Berries

 — Jeff uses hypno to punish Alyssa for cheating. by MichelleLovesTo11/09/054.05

Life in the Fast Lane

 — Shanna tries a new drug called "Yes". by JukeboxEMCSA07/09/114.39

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

 — You never know what you're gonna get. by king_wesley03/09/074.11

Lift Compulsion: Amelia's 1st Ride

 — A young woman makes a surprising discovery. In a lift. by Storm6202/27/144.42

Light and Shade

 — Beauty and the Photographer's Eye. by gittarkid708/21/113.57

Lil' Wizard Ch. 1

 — He loses his virginity and gains control over a girlfriend & mom. by wilsoncairns09/07/024.27

Lil' Wizard Ch. 2

 — He discovers changeling sexual powers on the neighbor. by wilsoncairns09/08/024.41

Lila & Mr. Wiley

 — She kept touching her mouth. by So drained07/25/044.39

Lily Ch. 01

 — Lily controls Luke with her sexual powers. by PrincessErin08/24/084.03

Lily Ch. 02

 — Lily controls Luke with her sexual powers. by PrincessErin08/25/084.12

Lily Ch. 03

 — Lily controls Luke with her sexual powers. by PrincessErin08/26/083.63

Linda Needs To Relax

 — A special request from another Lit member. by GhostWriter62509/09/034.14


 — Vanessa tries to get out of bed before Jana returns. by JukeboxEMCSA10/23/154.63HOT

Lip Service

 — The wonders of red lipstick. by king_wesley07/17/074.08

Lips of an Angel

 — A reformed supervillain may be backsliding. by JukeboxEMCSA11/26/164.54HOT

Lisa is Auctioned Off

 — Lisa parades nude to be auctioned off to friends. by ErectForAngela02/10/163.63

Listen to the Music

 — Bea finds an MP3 player with a playlist made just for her. by JukeboxEMCSA08/15/153.92

Living Incubus Ch. 01

 — A teacher and her husband fall victim to the power. by CarsonR05/17/084.30

Lloyd's Angel Ch. 01

 — Night and Day. by VirtualScott06/24/114.39

Lloyd's Angel Ch. 02

 — Unexplained Phenomena. by VirtualScott06/30/114.25

Lloyd's Angel Ch. 03

 — Defusing a Problem. by VirtualScott07/01/114.48

Lloyd's Angel Ch. 04

 — Baby Steps by VirtualScott07/03/114.49

Lloyd's Angel Ch. 05

 — Girl Troubles by VirtualScott07/04/114.52HOT

Lloyd's Angel Ch. 06

 — Doing Susan by VirtualScott07/05/114.69HOT

Lloyd's Angel Ch. 07

 — Angela's Other Life by VirtualScott07/06/114.61HOT

Lloyd's Angel Ch. 08

 — The Party by VirtualScott07/07/114.66HOT

Lloyd's Angel Ch. 09

 — Saving Glory by VirtualScott07/10/114.29

Lloyd's Angel Ch. 10

 — Spring Fever by VirtualScott07/11/114.78HOT

Lloyd's Angel Ch. 11

 — Heartbreak by VirtualScott07/12/114.68HOT

Lloyd's Angel Ch. 12

 — Reconciliation. by VirtualScott07/13/114.75HOT

Lloyd's Angel Ch. 13

 — Masterwork by VirtualScott07/14/114.70HOT

Lloyd's Angel Ch. 14

 — Goodbye, Angela by VirtualScott07/15/114.69HOT

Lloyd's Angel Ch. 15

 — Unintended Consequences by VirtualScott07/16/114.69HOT

Lloyd's Angel Ch. 16

 — Birthday Presents by VirtualScott07/17/114.73HOT

Lloyd's Angel Ch. 17

 — Sun and Sand by VirtualScott07/18/114.68HOT

Lloyd's Angel Ch. 18

 — Prodigy by VirtualScott07/19/114.82HOT

Long Day's Journey into Susan Pt. 01

 — Susan from "How My Day Was" tells her story. by TMaskedWriter07/05/164.21

Long Day's Journey into Susan Pt. 02

 — Susan has a choice to make. by TMaskedWriter07/10/164.26

Long Day's Journey into Susan Pt. 03

 — Susan from "How My Day Was" comes home to confront Chad. by TMaskedWriter07/13/164.23

Long Day's Journey into Susan Pt. 04

 — The conclusion of Susan's long day. by TMaskedWriter07/16/164.50HOT

Long Distance

 — Of the night, and of the power of a voice from far away. by F14Rainman12/16/02

Look What the Cat Dragged In

 — An erotic, hypnotic retelling of 'Puss in Boots'. by JukeboxEMCSA05/30/124.49

Looking Through Your Monitor Ch. 06

 — Jessica's father has sex with her 22-year-old best friend. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER10/13/074.21

Lord and Lady Talon Ch. 01

 — A Victorian era Dominant couple in Ireland. by tamedwolf00703/01/074.47

Lord and Lady Talon Ch. 02

 — A Victorian era Dominant couple in Ireland. by tamedwolf00703/16/074.58HOT

Losing Han Ch. 01

 — Husband's experiments with sex drug costs him his wife. by GudTimes25607/13/164.27

Losing Han Ch. 02

 — Jack searches for his lost wife. by GudTimes25601/03/174.23

Losing Han Ch. 03

 — Jack's search continues. by GudTimes25601/19/174.03

Losing Han Ch. 04

 — Han's situation gets worse. by GudTimes25602/13/173.91

Losing Han Ch. 05

 — Han and Jack reunite. by GudTimes25603/30/174.24

Lost Underwear

 — A young woman in fear seeks help. by StoryTeller0706/13/084.14

Lost Underwear Ch. 02

 — Alicia is still blissfully unaware. by StoryTeller0707/04/083.97

Louisa and Lucia

 — A tale of two tails. by magnesiumkuk201/09/123.73

Love and Adventures in the Far East

 — A trainload of Soviet girls perform their 'Patriotic Duty'. by RussianRocket08/23/084.30

Love in a Firefight

 — In the jungle a mysterious seductress uses sex as a weapon. by Shopassistant02/10/164.33

Love in an Elevator

 — Dan and Naomi get stuck in an elevator together. by JukeboxEMCSA07/09/114.47

Love is the Strongest Bond

 — A husband, wife, their love, and their slaves. by king_wesley01/30/074.02

Love Like Winter

 — The final battle between Carly and Dalila for Abby's soul. by JukeboxEMCSA04/10/114.47

Love Potion

 — It was the only way she'd get with him. So he made one. by PerilEyes05/15/113.83

Love Potion #9

 — Science fiction becomes high tech reality. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER05/05/074.12

Love Potion Number Nine

 — Being lesbians didn't save them. by margo_x_x09/22/024.55HOT

Love Potion Number Six

 — Care for a drink? by TamLin0101/19/174.46

Lovebright Academy

 — Boys make big difference at the old school. by vargas11108/06/044.52HOT

Loving Stepdaughter Ch. 02

 — How Sue became Charlottae's and Charles' fuck toy. by leatherteacher01/03/104.36

Lunch in the Park

 — A woman is given something to eat in a local park. by taxandtithe09/03/153.95

Lust to Love

 — The peril of lust turned to love, and vice versa. by archibael11/09/064.31

Lustful Energy Ep. 01

 — Derin discovers some strange new abilities within him. by Happytimeshappy06/29/164.44

Lustful Energy Ep. 02

 — Derin gets some answers from a sexual mysterious woman. by Happytimeshappy07/01/164.55HOT

Lustful Energy Ep. 03

 — Derin finds himself between an assassin and her prey! by Happytimeshappy07/03/164.62HOT

Lustful Energy Ep. 04

 — Derin's car breaks down in front of a fortune tellers shop. by Happytimeshappy07/05/164.63HOT

Lustful Energy Ep. 05

 — Derin makes it to the mechanic but his wallet lost his money. by Happytimeshappy07/06/164.63HOT

Lustful Energy Ep. 06

 — Derin catches a ride with Joyce. And she wants a rematch! by Happytimeshappy07/07/164.60HOT

Lustful Energy Ep. 07

 — Derin returns to Aurora with more information and a plan! by Happytimeshappy07/08/164.62HOT

Lustful Energy Ep. 08

 — Derin loses control over his abilities. by Happytimeshappy07/09/164.59HOT

Lustful Energy Ep. 09

 — The conclusion to this small story arc. by Happytimeshappy07/21/164.53HOT

Madison Under Control

 — Madison is controlled by a school nerd. by madison01812/10/084.26

Madison's Fall Ch. 01

 — Domme quickly regrets trying hypnotherapy. by Switchfeet12/07/153.95

Maggie Discovers

 — Margaret became Maggie. Now she is becoming something else.. by Queensknight12/06/134.29

Magic Hands Ch. 01

 — An accident begets hypnotic powers. by VANovice07/24/064.37

Magic Lessons Part 1

 — Michael's new neighbour is a dream come true. by Ravenswing11/03/014.68HOTContest Winner

Magic Lessons Part 2

 — Michael must make things up to Lucy, and does. by Ravenswing11/19/014.70HOT

Magic Lessons Part 3

 — Extreme telephone sex, and a little possession. by Ravenswing11/26/014.71HOT

Magic Lessons Part 4

 — The cheerleaders hold a party; frolics ensue. by Ravenswing12/01/014.74HOT

Magic Works

 — A maker of fan videos bumps into one of her fans. by JukeboxEMCSA03/04/174.61HOT

Magic, Mind Control, & Tentacles

 — When a summoning spell goes completely wrong... by FeliciaValentine03/08/134.20

Magician's Assistant Ch. 01

 — Alice helps out a young magician. by StoryTeller0707/12/084.28

Magician's Assistant Ch. 02

 — Alice is hooked into more humiliation. by StoryTeller0707/13/084.22

Magician's Assistant Ch. 03

 — Alice falls deeper into trouble. by StoryTeller0708/27/084.29

Magician's Assistant Ch. 04

 — Alice is lost in a poker game. by StoryTeller0706/03/094.37

Magician's Assistant Ch. 05

 — Alice becomes a whore. by StoryTeller0706/04/094.40

Maid Wife

 — Melody meets Jim while dressed as a sexy maid. by StoryTeller0708/08/084.31

Maid Wife Ch. 02

 — Jim takes advantage of Melody. by StoryTeller0708/20/084.10

Maid Wife Ch. 03

 — Melody is looked after by a young man. by StoryTeller0701/15/094.37

Maid Wife Ch. 04

 — Melody is taken by a neigbour. by StoryTeller0705/01/094.25

Maid Wife Ch. 05

 — Melody is taken to a restaurant. by StoryTeller0705/07/094.48

Maid Wife Ch. 06

 — Melody is humiliated in a Casino. by StoryTeller0701/07/104.37

Main Attraction

 — Drug makes Mike an irresistable stud for a dozen hot ladies by TheOxRocks04/19/164.39

Make a Wish

 — A man discovers that he has the power to change women... by PaladinInBlack04/28/144.51HOT

Making My Own Personal Slave

 — A virgin discovers her dark side. by shaggus10/21/124.07

Making Scents Ch. 01

 — Donald uses pheromones to make himself irresistible. by Boratus09/13/054.38

Making Scents Ch. 08

 — Natalie's dance instructor gives her special instructions. by Boratus10/17/054.54HOT

Making Scents Ch. 10

 — The secret of the pheromones revealed. by Boratus01/20/064.50HOT

Making The Perfect Husband

 — Before his wedding, submissive desires overcome Mark. by oneguy4fun01/22/094.62HOT

Male Escort

 — Handsome young male escort earns his money. by alanc06/14/024.51HOT

Mall Conquest

 — He hypnotically controls two sisters after mall meeting. by masterhypnotist08/04/024.55HOT

Manufactured Bliss Ch. 01

 — A mysterious woman abducts a man to be programmed. by Mesmerex09/08/154.17

Many Sucking, One Fucking

 — Psych experiment involves the girls of a sorority. by Giveandgetoral03/22/124.41

Mapleton Photo Shoot

 — A creative photographer meets up with two suggestable coeds. by chrystoss12/14/133.88


 — Her whole family submits to a remarkable man. by murphy62112/18/103.64

Margaret's Resignation Ch. 01

 — Margaret is tired of the sexual harassment. Isn't she? by Queensknight12/01/134.35

Mariah Carey Berry

 — Mariah is controlled by a fellow student. by Tigereye07/19/013.55


 — Newly wed receives a strange visitor. by waspish110/09/113.71

Mary's Diversion

 — Mary's introduced into the kinky side of mind control. by JmZig04/19/074.00

Masochistica Concerto Ch. 01

 — A masochistic psychologist snares a patient's mind and body. by warleaf11/01/134.08

Masochistica Concerto Ch. 02

 — A budding slavegirl takes her medicine. by warleaf11/24/134.42


 — Jane and Paul get surprisingly deeply into their roles. by wellgnawed06/27/123.78

Massage from Heaven

 — Tom has a magic touch when it comes to the ladies. by HypnoHarpy06/16/014.42

Massage From Heaven Ch. 3

 — 'Chel's parents are away from the week. by HypnoHarpy08/23/014.57HOT

Massage Manipulation

 — Loving husband gets a surprise at a spa visit. by angrenbarad04/20/074.56HOT


 — He dominates her. by echorene11/24/104.18

Master PC - Cally's Journey - 01

 — Cally turns the tables on a user of the Master PC by Aleiand04/02/154.18

Master PC - Cally's Journey - 02

 — Cally changes Timmy and plans her next move. by Aleiand04/12/154.07

Master PC - Trust Ch. 01

 — A husband shares the Master PC program with his wife. by mad_jack05/30/134.42

Master PC - Trust Ch. 02

 — Simon & Andrea explore some possibilities. by mad_jack11/22/144.64HOT

Master PC - Trust Ch. 03

 — Simon involves the neighbours in the fun. by mad_jack10/26/154.47

Master PC: Bounce Pt. 01

 — He accesses the famous program and tries the typical changes by jszerrai03/16/164.47

Master PC: Compile Error

 — From the Master PC Universe: 'victim' finds the file. by pakled03/09/074.35

Master PC: Jim's Adventures

 — Jim Olsen discovers the MasterPC and has adventures. by mstrhole12/19/104.68HOT

Master PC: Oops

 — Man enjoys his copy of the Master PC program, until... by PaladinInBlack07/24/164.41

Master PC: The Possibilities Ch. 01

 — Mark gets Master PC and is forced to choose between actions. by OnTheNose03/04/164.40

Master PC: The Possibilities Ch. 02

 — Mark uses his mistake to take advantage. by OnTheNose03/05/164.33

Master's Doll

 — A couple enjoy a reunion by having some fun with hypnosis. by Vickylouise6609/09/143.43

Mastering Mistress Suzie

 — The tables are turned on Mistress Suzie through hypnosis. by Mesmaster05/05/154.22

MasterPC Ch. 01

 — David Donaldson discovers some life-changing software. by mstrhole12/11/104.50HOT

MasterPC Ch. 04

 — Juliette meets her match; David gets a contract. by mstrhole12/16/104.58HOT

MasterPC Ch. 05

 — David helps the police with their enquiries. by mstrhole12/17/104.55HOT

MasterPC Ch. 06

 — David meets another Master PC user. by mstrhole12/18/104.64HOT

MasterPC Ch. 13

 — David Donaldson thinks Master PC has hit the porn world. by mstrhole02/21/134.49

MasterPC: The Path of Otto

 — A damaged man walks a thin path with MasterPC. by Meijinsan10/30/144.47

Masturbation for Master

 — Hypno-Erotic language for Master's private jerking. by tickledPINKy02/09/174.38

Math Teacher

 — Jason has a new power, and a new fetish. by Story_Guy0001/31/014.33

Matszuka's Special Massage

 — Unusual masseuse takes control of beautiful young heiress. by StarrKist10/27/134.29

Matszuka's Special Massage Ch. 02

 — Chapter 2 - Briana Reveals a Naughty Secret. by StarrKist11/06/134.41

Matszuka's Special Massage Ch. 03

 — Briana enjoys a last night with her boyfriend. by StarrKist12/08/134.30

Matszuka's Special Massage Ch. 04

 — Briana's role is reversed and her control deepened. by StarrKist01/02/144.49

Matszuka's Special Massage Ch. 05

 — Ch. 05 - Dressing for Suc-Sex. by StarrKist01/18/144.21

Matszuka's Special Massage Ch. 06

 — The sexy power meeting. by StarrKist01/31/144.26

Matszuka's Special Massage Ch. 07

 — Briana takes her secretary. by StarrKist02/27/144.71HOT

Matszuka's Special Massage Ch. 08

 — Briana's desire to be leashed is unleashed. by StarrKist03/12/144.58HOT

Matszuka's Special Massage Ch. 09

 — A Special Connection with the Masseuse by StarrKist03/18/144.34

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