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Mind Control Stories

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 — Four friends hypnotize their moms for naked fun and pleasure. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER04/10/074.06


 — A teacher gets caught falsifying her job application. by JukeboxEMCSA04/17/123.82

Unbroken Induction

 — Femdom, Couple Hypnosis. by MissClearmont10/22/124.32

Unconventional Awakening Ch. 11

 — Calling home. by carols_box4811/23/044.21

Under Control

 — Delfina tries to help out a friend's daughter. by JukeboxEMCSA03/12/174.58HOT

Under Her Control

 — A bossy husband has the tables turned on him. by Angelscuck12/10/094.08

Under His Spell

 — Man uses powers to explore women. by Bill Stevenson10/07/003.88

Under His Spell

 — A doctor makes her do things she knows she shouldn't. by Bakeboss06/08/093.98

Under His Spell

 — Infatuated, she cannot forget him. by NymphMyosotis02/27/124.28

Under My Thumb Ch. 01

 — Molly finds her owner's manual. by JukeboxEMCSA11/05/114.41

Under the Hill Ch. 02

 — Cyel takes Mike to a party with a mysterious friend. by ironquill07/23/173.17

Under the Hill Ch. 03: Coffee Girl

 — She's naked and available; mostly they just want coffee. by ironquill09/15/174.33

Under the Influence

 — Fiona attends a home wine tasting, and gets tipsy. by JukeboxEMCSA11/21/154.26

Under Your Control Scene 01

 — A fantasy written for her lover. by BabyBlue200501/29/064.05


 — A Man on a secret mission wearing the body of a sexy teacher. by MrSuits02/19/184.23

Undercover Pt. 02

 — John begins uses his new disguise to begin his investigation. by MrSuits03/26/183.65

Undermining His Authority

 — Principal is taught a lesson. by RogueFemme04/02/024.05

Undue Influence

 — Part 2 of Unethical Conduct. by Allison Cranley07/31/034.22

Unexpected Pleasure

 — All she wanted was a hookup and had the night of her life. by Lexi_White01/29/184.50HOT

Unexpected Power

 — An erotic journey through the minds of others. by Luvtofuck12307/17/114.26

Unexpected Power Ch. 02

 — Kay's friend Elle joins us for a seductive lunch. by Luvtofuck12312/03/114.42

Unexpected Power Ch. 03

 — The Cocktail Party. by Luvtofuck12312/27/114.32

Unexpected Therapy

 — Anything for a research grant. by Whisky7up01/10/054.29

Unfairer Sex Ch. 01

 — College guy is gifted a sexual ability, and explores it. by FemmasXXY07/06/154.65HOT

Unfairer Sex Ch. 02

 — Exploring his new abilities turns out quite dreamily. by FemmasXXY08/01/154.70HOT

Unfairer Sex Ch. 03

 — Sister gives Blake a lot of ideas. by FemmasXXY08/16/154.77HOT

Unfairer Sex Ch. 04

 — Further exploring Blake's new gifts and abilities. by FemmasXXY09/03/154.74HOT


 — A professional convention that winds up not so much... by darvon8612/19/174.40


 — Marceline is in a hurry to put on her work uniform. by JukeboxEMCSA07/30/163.64

Unintended Attraction Ch. 01

 — A man's journey to control a power he's always feared. by Sidia09/17/184.55HOT

Unintended Attraction Ch. 02

 — A man's journey to control a power he's always feared. by Sidia09/18/184.63HOT

Unintended Attraction Ch. 03

 — A man's journey to control a power he's always feared. by Sidia09/26/184.41

Unintended Attraction Ch. 04

 — A man's journey to control a power he's always feared. by Sidia09/29/184.52HOT

Unintended Attraction Ch. 05

 — A man's journey to control a power he's always feared. by Sidia10/03/184.65HOT

Unintended Attraction Ch. 06

 — A man's journey to control a power he's always feared. by Sidia10/09/184.67HOT

Unintended Attraction Ch. 07

 — A man's journey to control a power he's always feared. by Sidia10/14/184.73HOT

Unintended Attraction Ch. 08

 — A man's journey to controlling a power he's always feared. by Sidia10/25/184.71HOT

Universal Acceptance

 — A man is provided with the opportunity of a lifetime. by PenTrinity06/21/154.16

Universal Acceptance Ch. 02

 — A man begins to take advantage of an amazing opportunity. by PenTrinity07/11/154.20

Universal Remote

 — Scientist finds new use for a Garage Door Opener. by pbidude01/14/084.24

University Life Ch. 13

 — Everyone gets hot at the Fire Festival. by blindjack02/23/074.31


 — A couple use hypnosis to spice up their BDSM sex. by CatMaster0905/31/104.18

Unknown Territory

 — A lesbian undergoes a dramatic change after being abducted. by JuggLover09/25/13

Unlocking the Wife Through Hypnosis

 — Hypnotic tapes prove unexpectedly effective. by wordartist04/06/164.42

Unlocking the Wife Through Hypnosis Ch. 02

 — The tape leads to more fun with Scott. by wordartist04/19/164.47

Unlocking the Wife Through Hypnosis Ch. 04

 — It is time for payback through the hypnosis tapes. by wordartist08/02/164.48


 — A copy of a letter written by a woman fighting mind control. by JukeboxEMCSA05/28/114.52HOT


 — A young man gains power from a strange source. by fishspeaker02/20/10

Unsureness about Trousers

 — Anne takes her trousers off on a train, and more. by Drmaxc09/07/104.41

Unwilling Submission Ch. 01

 — Reina realises that she can't always have her own way. by CornishBabe12/28/073.93

Up All Night

 — Jasmine uses trance to get her through an all-nighter. by JukeboxEMCSA08/24/174.65HOT

Uptight Annie Ch. 01

 — Snobby grad student is transformed to into slutty bimbo. by Carmenno04/19/144.02

Uptight Annie Ch. 02

 — Annie falls deeper under the spell of the mysterious lotion. by Carmenno02/15/174.43

Using The Sex Doll Ch. 01

 — Giving in to his obsession changed his life! by BikeWriter01/11/104.44

Using The Sex Doll Ch. 02

 — He falls in love with his Fuck Toy. by BikeWriter01/12/104.31

Vacant Moan

 — Rose watches as Nani is hypnotized over the phone. by JukeboxEMCSA09/14/174.44

Valentine Surprise

 — Master has woman be both subject & hypnotist. by masterhypnotist02/04/044.51HOT

Valentine's Treatment

 — Michael Valentine is brought in for another treatment. by JukeboxEMCSA07/05/183.67

Vampire Spunk Party

 — Lesbian vampire breaks into sperm bank; hypnotizes nurse into loving cum. by GentlesirJellyfish11/10/154.06

Vampire Vacation

 — A vampire joins a group of travellers. by Tiffy110/18/124.18


 — Young girl becomes a part of an odd experiment. by rlfj01/05/014.30


 — A husband learns a great deal about his wife and her friend. by mechan1105/02/183.87

Vanilla Extract

 — The follow-up to "Vanilla". by mechan1105/07/183.76

Vanishing Act

 — Kara finds out why Vanessa is so unreliable. by JukeboxEMCSA03/04/164.34

Vaping Ch. 01

 — Brad's vaping has unexpected consequences. by brian47331710/10/174.28

Vaping Ch. 02

 — Brad Experiments. by brian47331710/13/174.37

Vaping Ch. 03

 — Brad's life becomes more rewarding. by brian47331710/18/174.52HOT

Vaping Ch. 04

 — Brad Rights Some Wrongs. by brian47331710/22/174.61HOT

Vaping Ch. 05

 — The girls at work are so much fun. by brian47331710/29/174.55HOT

Vaping is for Pussies

 — A sultry witch uses modern technology for arcane purposes. by gergflergablerg06/15/184.42


 — A woman walking home in London encounters a strange fog. by JukeboxEMCSA02/08/184.21

Vehicle Vengeance

 — Domination and revenge-with a twist! by Galavangogh10/05/093.39

Veronica Beginnings Ch. 01

 — Veronica prepares for the journey ahead. by Maxpoplar09/06/184.35

Veronica's Power Ch. 01

 — Veronica uses her power to entrance Jess. by XXXStoryGuy_1202/22/044.12

Veronica's Power Ch. 02

 — Veronica uses her power to bring Anthony in. by XXXStoryGuy_1204/19/044.46

Veronica's Power Ch. 03

 — Amanda is next. by XXXStoryGuy_1205/26/044.35

Veronica's Power Ch. 04

 — Veronica toys with Jamie and Jim's minds. by XXXStoryGuy_1206/02/044.49

Vicious Circles

 — A woman tries to escape an endless loop of brainwashing. by JukeboxEMCSA04/15/164.16

Victory Woman's First Defeat

 — Heroine in WW2 is mind controlled into servings service men. by PhiloHunter10/09/164.22

Video Killed the Radio Star

 — A reporter interviews a reclusive radio star. by JukeboxEMCSA11/12/114.35


 — Stan resorts to folk magic to save his marriage by VirtualScott04/10/123.25

Vince The Bastard

 — He discovers the joy to be had with older women by dass445002/15/034.40

Violating Sandie

 — His favorite student doesn't know she's been conditioned. by Daphne12303/23/18HOT

Violating Sandie Ch. 02

 — Sandie's teacher degrades his favorite student further. by Daphne12304/16/18HOT

Violating Sandie Ch. 03

 — Sandie's ex-boyfriends discover her conditioning. by Daphne12305/25/18HOT

Violating Sandie Ch. 04

 — The school nerds use Sandie as their test subject. by Daphne12307/04/18HOT

Violating Sandie Ch. 05

 — Sandie's conditioning is activated by accident. by Daphne12307/24/18HOT

Violating Sandie Ch. 06

 — Sandie's final violation? by Daphne12308/11/18HOT

Violet and Theodore

 — Becky has to resist possession by a man's ghostly lover. by KallieHF10/29/174.14

Violet vs Sara

 — A psychic is in trouble after helping the victim of a witch. by Salamando_Flames06/30/104.79HOT

VIP Room

 — A waitress takes on a room full of men. by courgette11/04/113.72

Virgin Domme

 — Ex-boyfriend submits to her dominant desires. by dirtbagbaby04/06/093.83

Virgin Domme Ch. 02

 — Ex boyfriend submits to dominant desires. by dirtbagbaby04/09/094.11

Virgin Domme Ch. 03

 — Ex surrenders to dominant desires. by dirtbagbaby04/19/094.19

Virginia Plain

 — Something's changed within Virginia. by alecm06/11/093.79


 — What if the world you saw was made for you? by mc_ellen02/25/034.46

Virtually Reality

 — An unsuspecting coed is programmed by a borrowed VR game. by VirtualScott03/19/124.17


 — A memetic virus goes through its cycle of infection. by JukeboxEMCSA04/24/173.47

Visit of the Apprentice Pt. 01

 — A hypnotist questions a police officer. by Sleepyhypno11/30/184.11

Visit of the Apprentice Pt. 02

 — A hypnotist finds his target at a college stage show. by Sleepyhypno12/02/184.06

Visit of the Apprentice Pt. 03

 — Lindsey and Christine Hypnotized on stage. by Sleepyhypno12/04/184.06NEW

Visit of the Apprentice Pt. 04

 — Waking up from a Stage Hypnosis Show. by Sleepyhypno12/06/184.05NEW

Visit of the Apprentice Pt. 05

 — The hypnotist sweeps Lindsey off her feet. by Sleepyhypno12/08/184.18NEW

Visit of the Apprentice Pt. 06

 — Jennifer meets Lindsey's new hypnotist boyfriend. by Sleepyhypno12/10/184.45NEW

Visiting Grandad

 — Evie's visit to Grandad takes an unexpected twist. by FutaMonster07/31/18

Voice Activated Ch. 01

 — Mike has an accident, and wakes up with a strange new power. by DapperestDan09/09/144.61HOT

Voice Activated Ch. 02

 — Finding a new home. by DapperestDan09/23/144.61HOT

Voice Activated Ch. 03

 — Mike Learns More About His People. by DapperestDan03/24/154.60HOT

Voices Carry

 — She overhears two lovers talking...about hypnosis. by JukeboxEMCSA08/21/114.33

VooDoo Barbie

 — Staring at the doll I began swaying back and forth, chanting. by Decayed Angel09/17/063.21

Voodoo, Magic and Other Truths

 — Teacher should be more careful about giving homework. by sailor_696901/15/154.59HOT


 — Mae plans to surprise her husband, but is surprised herself. by JukeboxEMCSA10/01/164.39

Wage Slaves

 — Francine explains the upsides of being mind controlled. by JukeboxEMCSA01/31/114.30

Waiting for Something to Change

 — Marty's running a mile a minute. by PuppyLov3r10/16/132.83

Waiting in the Dark

 — Consensual sex with a stranger. by SABANBURY08/12/143.94

Wake County Scandal

 — Nineteen years of Dr. Davis' mischief. by Softly07/10/013.99

Wake Up

 — Joyce receives an unusual hypnotic trigger. by JukeboxEMCSA11/22/184.10

Walking Through Dreams

 — Comatose patient is beautiful and beguiling. by dansemajik01/11/014.03

Wandering Ch. 02

 — Ellie and I must run. by OregonDavid11/16/104.49

Wanna Bet? Ch. 01

 — A Man discovers a fun ability when gambling. by Moosetales09/06/184.74HOT

Wanna Bet? Ch. 02

 — Ted makes some more bets and learns some lessons. by Moosetales09/08/184.71HOT

Wanna Bet? Ch. 03

 — Ted is off to College and targets a Sorority President. by Moosetales09/11/184.82HOT

Wanna Bet? Ch. 04

 — Ted transforms Jessica and learns more about his power. by Moosetales09/16/184.75HOT

Wanna Bet? Ch. 05

 — Ted goes after a Professor and suffers a major loss. by Moosetales09/25/184.63HOT

Wanna Bet? Ch. 06

 — Ted gambles for his freedom. by Moosetales10/09/184.80HOT

Wanna Bet? Ch. 07

 — Ted meets Jessica's mom Astrid. by Moosetales10/16/184.77HOT

Wanna Bet? Ch. 08

 — Ted turns a Stewardess into a spy and enthralls a Banker. by Moosetales10/25/184.81HOT

Wanna Bet? Ch. 09

 — Ted plays in a high stakes game for cash and women. by Moosetales11/10/184.75HOT

Wanna Bet? Ch. 10

 — Ted gets a Chief of Security and a Lawyer. by Moosetales11/13/184.80HOT

Wanna Bet? Ch. 11

 — Ted goes on a cruise and recruits another spy. by Moosetales11/24/184.68HOT

War of the Pussy Snatchers - Act 01

 — Sherri and Cassandra have their last moment of peace. by GayTripper11/30/184.47

War of the Pussy Snatchers - Intro

 — The series continues but this time it means war! by GayTripper10/31/184.65HOT

War of the Pussy Snatchers: Interlude 01

 — Trapped in a wartorn city with an army of the Soulless. by GayTripper11/15/184.41


 — I love the city in the summer. by taxandtithe09/04/154.09

Warped Mind Pt. 01

 — Husband employs mind control on frigid wife. by jasliz07/10/104.57HOT

Warped Mind Pt. 02

 — Frustrated husband takes control further. by jasliz07/27/104.52HOT

Warped Mind Pt. 03

 — They have guests over for dinner. by jasliz08/20/104.65HOT

Warped Mind Pt. 04

 — Problem with the chip turns into fun. by jasliz09/08/104.59HOT

Warped Mind Pt. 05

 — A little home time. by jasliz11/04/104.56HOT

Warped Mind Pt. 06

 — Lab techs get their own woman. by jasliz11/26/104.61HOT

Warped Mind Pt. 07

 — What a happy ending. by jasliz01/24/114.63HOT

Warped Perception

 — Virtual reality becomes reality for high school student. by fgmntfmgnshn09/29/184.75HOT

Was She Hypnotised?

 — Wife's story about attempt to hypnotise her. by SKIP6904/12/033.99

Wasp Sting Ch. 03

 — High School disciplinarian compromised. by starova09/24/134.25

Watch the Tapes

 — Erika receives a package with clues to an evil conspiracy. by JukeboxEMCSA10/10/154.52HOT

Watching Heidi

 — Linda's niece has gone missing, and Linda has to find her. by cafetray04/26/064.50HOT

Watching Heidi Ch. 02

 — Linda learns more about her new Mistress. by cafetray04/27/064.56HOT

Watching Heidi Ch. 03

 — Linda continues to serve her Mistress. by cafetray04/28/064.43

Watching Heidi Ch. 04

 — Linda prepares for her Mistress' return. by cafetray04/29/064.48

We Love to See You Smile Ch. 01

 — Joel's marketing strategy for popular fast food chain by HypnoChic7608/23/033.44

We R Who We R

 — One of Master’s Q’s helps him R a new FQ for his harem. by JukeboxEMCSA08/13/124.05

Web of Sensation Ch. 01

 — Oh, are you reading my mind, or is that an orgasm I'm having? by R_D_Eddy11/28/094.58HOT

Web of Sensation Ch. 02

 — The fastest way to learn reading is with a great mind-fuck! by R_D_Eddy11/29/094.86HOT


 — Tanisha meets a weird (or wyrd) woman on the subway. by JukeboxEMCSA06/25/164.12

Welcome to the Fish Tank

 — Marina becomes an aquarium's newest addition. by Big_Kahuna_6904/17/114.48

Welcome to the Neighborhood

 — A husband meets his new neighbor and his life is changed. by Proyas09/30/093.95

Welcome to the Studio

 — A young intern's first day at her idol's studio. by moldedmind05/23/184.32

Well-Worn Pumps

 — Gloria finally takes control of her bossy roommate. by trixieadara11/07/183.90

Wendy's Will Ch. 01

 — Goth chick takes control of her preppy roommate. by Shadow_Incubus12/13/084.22

Wendy, My Brother's Wife Ch. 01

 — Lovett #5 - a brother steals his hope for romance away. by Stultus04/27/104.42

Wendy, My Brother's Wife Ch. 02

 — Lovett #5 - A brother steals his hope for romance away. by Stultus04/29/104.45

Wendy, My Brother's Wife Ch. 03

 — Lovett #5 - With his brother gone, can the lovers find hope? by Stultus05/01/104.25

Were You Hit with a Slut Ray?

 — Alien ray gun turns bachelor's life and others around. by SEVERUSMAX07/25/183.95

West Coast Career

 — Lisa's husband has an opportunity on the west coast but her. by TheHandsThatLead08/12/184.11

Wet Spiral

 — A hypnotic induction based on your sense of touch. by NLPredator06/19/134.24

What Are Friends For?

 — A girl decides to help out her friend, who is being teased. by Salamando_Flames05/15/124.25

What Hypnotism is Like

 — Female readers only. by Mysteryth09/10/152.96

What Really Makes A Scientist Mad Ch. 01

 — A moral engineer is tempted by power. by Bardoc9307/14/144.02

What Really Makes A Scientist Mad Ch. 02

 — The moral engineer faces his first crisis. by Bardoc9307/29/144.13

What This Night May Bring

 — The Festival of Cupid comes to San Finzione. by TMaskedWriter02/11/184.33

What Were They Thinking?

 — Hold my hand to share my 'gift'. by notemale12/29/054.36

What Worser Place? Ch. 02

 — The plot thickens and lengthens. by MickJay01/12/104.29

What Would It Be Like? Ch. 01

 — How it began. by Giln11/06/073.81

What's Happening To Me?

 — When you're the one controlled. by fgmntfmgnshn09/13/123.22

What's in a Story

 — Darren demonstrates how easy it is to brainwash three girls. by Mesmer701/28/104.21

What's On Your Mind

 — Utopia Lass' telepathy manifests one afternoon. by JukeboxEMCSA10/21/124.33

Whatever Gets You through the Night Pt. 01

 — A child runs to Propappou. by TMaskedWriter11/17/184.27

Whatever Gets You through the Night Pt. 02

 — Helen meets an old friend and loses a new one. by TMaskedWriter11/24/184.17

Whatever Gets You through the Night Pt. 03

 — A citizen has a grievance for La Contessa. by TMaskedWriter12/02/184.50HOT

When I Come Around

 — The Devil's Daughter fights an old enemy with new tricks. by JukeboxEMCSA09/17/164.34

When No Woman Equals Mom Ch. 02

 — Zach takes action when a bitchy teacher picks on a friend. by MaryAnderson08/02/174.59HOT

Where do I Begin?

 — A man recounts his time with the woman who changed his life. by IAmControl12/30/154.20

Where There’s a Will

 — When she won't break, and he takes things too far. by AmoryParks12/20/164.66HOT

While You Were Out

 — Tina discovers some changes to her mind. by Couture04/30/054.46

Whip It

 — Erik is haunted by the display at a fetish shop. by JukeboxEMCSA04/02/114.04

White Light

 — He finds something unexpected in a JOI video. by SBstories02/16/184.16

Whiter Shade of Pale

 — Abby falls deeper into Dalila's control. by JukeboxEMCSA04/02/114.42

Who Can It Be Now?

 — Danielle goes back to confront her controller. by JukeboxEMCSA06/08/154.48

Who Can Resist?

 — A hypnotist tempts tourists to take her challenge. by akaece12/15/174.03

Who You Really Are

 — Lisa hooks up with a girl who shows her who she really is. by KallieHF10/18/174.40

Who's Hypnoing Who?

 — Darren helps Carla relax. But is there more planned? by LrningDom01/23/164.34

Who's Idea Was This Anyway?

 — Peter has his way with unsuspecting Kelli, or does he? by SwtGrnApplCandy07/15/064.22

Whoa! It's Still Happening

 — Jason returns to university a freshman falls to his powers. by Lucky Mann10/11/144.36

Whore Time for You

 — An erotic hypnosis session. by Dennis Page08/25/024.45

Why Am I Doing This? Ch. 01

 — Mind control from the other side. by grgy5605/04/174.28

Why Did You Pull Your Panties Down?

 — "Because you told me too!" she said. by magmaman03/02/123.93

Why the Hell They Do It

 — Long desired answer to the question which plagues us all. by archibael12/05/064.20

Wi-Fi Doll

 — Reality and fiction blur as a fan chats with a mc author. by dumbsuckdoll08/28/184.53HOT

Wide Awake

 — Lita doesn't get hypnotized. She's sure of it. by JukeboxEMCSA01/02/164.50HOT

Wife Exploited by Husband

 — Wife is unwittingly exploited by husband. by Playnhrd12/09/184.45NEW

Wife Training Ch. 01

 — Husband uses hypnosis to try and seduce his wife. by hypnomechanic02/20/124.26

Wife Training Ch. 02

 — Husband re-programs his wife with hypnosis. by hypnomechanic03/04/124.41

Wife Training Ch. 03

 — Husband plays with his newly modified wife. by hypnomechanic03/10/124.43

Wife Training Ch. 04

 — Husband learns the truth about his wife's training. by hypnomechanic03/11/124.37

Wild Night For Innocent Girl

 — This is a story of my first real sexual miss-adventure. by lovetoreadXXX1612/25/144.35

Willy Gets His Dream

 — A school geek uses a hypnotist to bag his busty teacher! by bambigirl4408/09/144.49


 — A biologist finds unusual puffballs in the forest. by JukeboxEMCSA03/01/184.12

Winning Ways

 — Dominant man wins lottery & changes fiance's sexual desires. by bigrimmstales04/26/084.53HOT

Winter Wonderland

 — A winter-themed hypnotic induction. by JukeboxEMCSA02/27/113.75

Wish Box

 — Guy finds a magic box that makes his life more interesting. by roblondon204/16/164.55HOT

Wish Box Ch. 02

 — Lucky guy tries to use the wish box a second time. by roblondon204/20/164.61HOT

Wish Box Ch. 03

 — Guy once more make a wish that involves his bully's mother. by roblondon205/25/164.49

Wish Box Ch. 04

 — John continues to use the magic box in college. by roblondon209/08/164.65HOT

Wish Box Ch. 05

 — John continues to alter the mind of his hot teacher. by roblondon212/07/164.59HOT

Wish Box Ch. 06

 — John gets an unexpected experience with his college friend. by roblondon204/26/174.66HOT

Wish Box Ch. 07

 — John's college experience turns even more exciting as an old. by roblondon204/09/184.74HOT

Wish Box Ch. 08

 — John steps up his game and uses the box to improve his life. by roblondon210/12/184.73HOT

Wish Cums True Pt. 05: Business Trip

 — [MF, Shapeshifting, Mind-control] by Bender_is_Great07/24/154.43

Wish You Were Here

 — Elizabeth's been emailing herself photos, apparently. by wellgnawed05/11/124.23

Wishes Fulfilled Pt. 01

 — Part 1. by jackingboy197612/09/144.02

Wishes Fulfilled Pt. 02

 — Part 2. by jackingboy197612/10/144.20

Wishes Fulfilled Pt. 03

 — Part 3. by jackingboy197612/11/144.12

Wishing for a Domme Ch. 01

 — Milana wants to be dominated by straight Nevra. by Templar_Writer09/09/164.42

Witch Trial

 — Alicia is accused of witchcraft but the truth runs deeper... by SBstories11/16/183.76

Witchcraft and Best Friend's Husband

 — A woman is obsessed with her best friend's life. by Blondehottiex6403/28/172.85

Witches Brew

 — Three high school witches concoct a powerful brew. by maggot42008/19/044.62HOT

Witches Brew Ch. 02

 — Edgar explores his new powers. by maggot42011/01/044.58HOT

Witches Rune Ch. 02

 — He finds her bewitching. by sweetnpetite09/24/034.45

Witches' Sabbath Ch. 01

 — Strange woman becomes new housekeeper to King family. by AStropirate10/26/164.18

Witches' Sabbath Ch. 02

 — The Kings engage in strange sex practices. by AStropirate10/27/164.42

Witches' Sabbath Ch. 03

 — Kings' family sex continues. by AStropirate10/28/164.34

Witches' Sabbath Ch. 04

 — Janet makes love to a friend - Initiation. by AStropirate10/29/164.41

Witches' Sabbath Ch. 05

 — New recruits. by AStropirate10/31/164.70HOT

Witches' Sabbath Ch. 06

 — Witches' Sabbath. by AStropirate11/01/164.30

With a Smile

 — An anniversary dinner takes a strange turn. by Crytoknight11/22/174.52HOT

With Religious Fervor

 — Sister Dawn needs info, and knows how to get it! by Lord_Razhid03/19/164.18

Woman of the House

 — Mom secretly controls her son to have sex with her. by sexygurlie08/03/013.78

Women's Health Issues 101

 — Cindy's roommate drags her to a health class. by cafetray04/18/064.70HOT

Women's Health Issues 101 Ch. 02

 — Cindy has a surprise visit. by cafetray04/26/064.77HOT

Women's Studies Pt. 00

 — Drug researcher wants revenge on his man-hating ex-wife. by darwin185911/10/174.39

Women's Studies Pt. 01

 — Drugged feminist jumps into the sex industry. by darwin185911/15/174.40

Women's Studies Pt. 02

 — Ex-husband gets his revenge by humiliating his ex-wife. by darwin185902/03/184.48

Won't Get Fooled Again

 — Grace is determined to avoid being brainwashed again. by JukeboxEMCSA11/05/113.94

WOPI Chronicles Ch. 01

 — Fdom Conspiracy captures NASO agent. by vargas11107/23/044.36

WOPI Chronicles Ch. 02

 — Agent Knight awakes in WOPI Lair. by vargas11107/25/044.26

WOPI Chronicles Ch. 03

 — Knight and Alexandra alone: who seduces whom? by vargas11107/25/044.51HOT

WOPI Chronicles Ch. 04

 — Kinght & Alexandra awaken together. by vargas11107/27/044.48

WOPI Chronicles Ch. 05

 — Alexandra falls victim to her own organization. by vargas11107/28/044.62HOT

WOPI Chronicles Ch. 06

 — David succumbs to the inner conspiracy. by vargas11107/29/044.65HOT

WOPI Chronicles Ch. 07

 — Does David want to be rescued? by vargas11107/30/044.29

WOPI Chronicles Ch. 08

 — Alexandra is helpless on Pleasure Island. by vargas11107/30/044.28

WOPI Chronicles Ch. 09

 — Teresa is betrayed. by vargas11107/31/044.52HOT

WOPI Chronicles Ch. 10

 — Teresa & Alexandra together on the island. by vargas11108/06/044.57HOT

WOPI Chronicles Ch. 11

 — Finale. by vargas11108/09/044.45

Work Take Over

 — He takes control of his Asian co-worker. by n2anal7809/24/054.29

Working the Show Ch. 01

 — Karen becomes a different kind of attraction. by Sexy_Sierra02/23/154.00

Worst Case Scenario

 — Chloe's trigger falls into the wrong hands. by JukeboxEMCSA06/01/174.27

Written in the Stars

 — A mad professor uses astrology to get the girls. by king_wesley02/04/083.40

X Marks the Spot

 — Will tries to find the touch trigger that will entrance Jen. by JukeboxEMCSA06/11/164.41

X'ed Out

 — A brainwashed sub tries to explain why she loves it. by JukeboxEMCSA08/09/184.48

X, Y and Zee

 — A psychiatrist studies obedience to authority. Through sex. by JukeboxEMCSA01/30/164.28

X-Ray Specs

 — Ruth surprises Jon with a little present. by JukeboxEMCSA04/23/124.18

Xanax and Wine

 — Pauline's anxiety meds make drinking a whole new experience. by JukeboxEMCSA03/22/184.35


 — The Prime Minister is missing, and only Azure can help. by JukeboxEMCSA05/25/174.50HOT

Yes (Means It's Hard to Say No)

 — A permission-based hypnotic induction. by JukeboxEMCSA12/10/164.25

Yes Miss Murphy Ch. 04

 — Helpless slave juice. by PeterOmez08/19/144.40

Yes, I'm Ready

 — Hope finds her body moving on its own one morning. by JukeboxEMCSA06/29/174.53HOT

Yes, Oculus Rift Sex

 — The dark arts of sex are practiced on a CIA field operator. by Desiremakesmeweak01/04/152.30

Yoga Class Ch. 01

 — Aliyah gets a private "lesson". by Whale6711/05/17

You Belong To Me Now Slut!

 — A nightmare she didn't want to remember. by lilgirlsix07/01/094.30

You Belong To Me Now Slut! Ch. 02

 — She falls deeper under his spell. by lilgirlsix07/11/094.45

You Belong To Me Now Slut! Ch. 03

 — A New Realization. by lilgirlsix07/22/094.46

You Belong To Me Now Slut! Ch. 04

 — The end of one story, the beginning of another? by lilgirlsix08/15/094.50HOT

You Can't Deny It

 — Emily uncovers sinister chemical experiments at work. by JukeboxEMCSA02/12/114.58HOT

You Ever Know with a Head Injury

 — My wife fell and hit her head hard. by dmbdriver101/20/174.15

You Ever Know with a Head Injury Ch. 02

 — I go a lot further into changing Tara's mind toward sex and. by dmbdriver101/31/174.40

You Ever Know with a Head Injury Ch. 03

 — I have to be careful not to go too far with her changes. by dmbdriver102/07/174.35

You Ever Know with a Head Injury Ch. 04

 — I may have gone too far this time and what did I forget. by dmbdriver102/17/174.42

You Ever Know with a Head Injury Ch. 05

 — What I forgot got Tara raped. by dmbdriver102/23/174.24

You Ever Know with a Head Injury Ch. 06

 — Nick gets his and Tara's sister Lori is captured by me. by dmbdriver103/07/174.52HOT

You Ever Know with a Head Injury Ch. 07

 — Tara and Lori ask if I would make Lori a woman. by dmbdriver103/16/174.51HOT

You Go to My Head

 — Jake meets a girl who smells intoxicating. by JukeboxEMCSA04/10/164.55HOT

You Have a Problem

 — Something is wrong with you. She will make everything right. by SBstories08/10/184.19

You May Be Right

 — Clarice thinks Mandy's brainwashed. Mandy disagrees. by JukeboxEMCSA11/22/104.46

You're Getting Very, Very Sleepy

 — Taking a closer look at just why the cliche works. by NLPredator06/27/134.13

You're Mine

 — Steven uses a spell to make Eva his personal sex slave. by latexcd6908/02/083.77

You're Mine!

 — Lightning strike gives husband amazing powers. by jim31304/01/044.43

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