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Mind Control Stories

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Fall of The Femme Fatales Ch. 04

 — Onyx is taken. by ThePlatinumDragon12/07/044.44

Fall of The Femme Fatales Ch. 05

 — Sapphire, the leader, falls. by ThePlatinumDragon12/07/044.60HOT

Fallen Angel

 — A jilted lover gets revenge. Sort of. by tryst04/11/094.19

Falling Ch. 01

 — Linnea decides to help a woman in need. by VirtualScott11/07/114.34

Falling Ch. 02

 — Her roommate doesn't approve of Linnea's new friend. by VirtualScott11/08/114.57HOT

Falling Ch. 03

 — Linnea tries to land some business. Who's screwing whom? by VirtualScott11/15/114.43

Falling Ch. 04

 — Linnea makes a play for a reluctant acquaintance. by VirtualScott11/19/114.60HOT

Falling Ch. 05

 — Linnea realizes she's acting like a slut; can Stacey help? by VirtualScott11/21/114.59HOT

Falling Ch. 06

 — Linnea helps Jenny get her job back. by VirtualScott12/06/114.61HOT

Falling Ch. 07

 — Linnea and Jenny really fall for each other. by VirtualScott12/12/114.61HOT

Falling Ch. 08

 — Stacey and the parents are upset that Linnea's a slut. by VirtualScott12/20/114.54HOT

Falling Ch. 09

 — Linnea's parents get an offer they can't refuse. by VirtualScott01/28/124.39

Falling Ch. 10

 — Linnea has to choose between Stacey and Jenny. by VirtualScott01/29/124.14

Falling Ch. 11

 — Stacey helps Linnea do what's best for her parents. by VirtualScott02/05/124.48

Falling Ch. 12

 — Linnea gets some help with her duties. by VirtualScott02/18/124.29

Falling Ch. 13

 — Lily and the new girl confront unexpected visitors. by VirtualScott03/11/124.15

Falling Ch. 14

 — Lily and Cammy get ready for their night out. by VirtualScott03/27/124.42

Falling Prey To An Online Hypnotist

 — Online hypnotist recruits Kathy; Ted tries to stop him. by StryWrter703/01/094.30

Falling Under His Spell (The Party)

 — A hypnotist entrances a girl to become his sex doll. by scarletboudoir11/23/154.35

False Memories

 — Every orgasm brings her closer to infidelity. by Cold_Eyes05/27/103.81

Familiar Stranger

 — Mind control victim takes back control. by belii06/27/124.00

Family Movie Night

 — A regular family movie night takes a strange turn. by Zeydron10/19/183.77

Family Time Ch. 1

 — Teen acquires special power, and uses it. by usm1carbine02/16/014.45

Family Time Ch. 2

 — He spends his weekend with the family. by usm1carbine02/17/014.48

Family Time Ch. 3

 — Jonathan occupies himself for the weekend. by usm1carbine03/08/014.53HOT

Family Time Ch. 4

 — Jonathan continues his reign. by usm1carbine06/08/014.54HOT

Fantasies Can Be Real

 — She's led through her fantasies by a voice on a phone. by midnightfalcon12/18/064.55HOT

Fantastic Pheromones

 — Pheromones used to control wife and her friend. by dominant_male02/22/174.56HOT

Fantasy World

 — A girl intrigues him. by thiguyino12/10/054.48

Fantasy World Ch. 02

 — Could it be true? by thiguyino01/05/064.49

Fantasy World Ch. 03

 — A weekend to wait for answers. by thiguyino04/16/064.32

Fantasy World Ch. 04

 — Real world distractions. by thiguyino05/01/084.66HOT

Fart-Sniffing Feminist

 — Mark has something to demonstrate for Amanda. by angrytiger12/23/153.68


 — A sex loving Demigod comes to terms with her own fate. by king_wesley08/01/063.89

Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 33

 — Mind games - Richard shows his true colours to Marjorie. by acdd12306/04/194.00

Favourite Class

 — Mind control in neuroscience lecture. by Lyrilen12/31/174.37

Fay Bargains

 — Dealing with the faerie can be tricky. by ImperatorMentus08/01/154.12


 — Sondra is mind controlled. by makari07/07/023.75

Feels Like the First Time

 — John finds out what it feels like to be hypnotized. by JukeboxEMCSA08/11/154.32

Femdom Makeover

 — I'm arguing with my wife. Her solution is drastic. by oggbashan03/01/163.84

Feminine Allure Pt. 01-03

 — A man wakes to find himself in a beautiful woman's power. by mechan1103/14/174.03

Feminine Allure Pt. 04-06

 — A submissive continues to sink into his mistress' power. by mechan1103/19/174.31

Feminine Allure Pt. 07-09

 — All good things must come to an end...or must they? by mechan1104/08/174.58HOT

Feminine Allure Pt. 10-11

 — The ups and downs of a Mistress and Her submissive. by mechan1104/14/174.90HOT

Feminine Allure Pt. 12-13

 — A Mistress and Her subject have a pivotal meeting. by mechan1104/19/174.75HOT

Fertility Goddess

 — The trap springs both ways on this Russian spy. by Tara_Neale12/23/124.30

Fetishes': Choker Ch. 01

 — The choker represents a fundemantal tie to submission. by Catgirldlikefish04/22/074.12

Fever Ch. 02

 — He explores the limits of his mental powers. by julybear706/13/114.65HOT

Fifth Time's the Charm

 — Age regression brings Alex to a time before he was betrayed. by Elenriel11/17/154.42

Fifth Time's the Charm Ch. 02

 — A wife's running gag on the day a couple tries to conceive. by Elenriel11/20/154.53HOT

Fifth Time's the Charm Ch. 03

 — A husband and wife see eye to eye. by Elenriel12/27/154.39

Fill Me

 — How many little round things can Alicia's pussy hold? by jessicablank01/22/064.18

Final Interview

 — Candidates vie for a position in the Company. by taxandtithe09/02/154.45

Finally- The Beginning

 — Cheating spouses get together for first time. by SimoneRouX03/10/122.80

Finding a Good Doctor

 — What was she smoking? by NightRAGES08/19/043.66

Finding Good Help

 — Mind-controllers go head-to-head during a job interview. by ChrystalWynd08/03/174.58HOT

Fire Siren

 — As a fire fighter Miranda is in danger. by TheHandsThatLead09/25/183.55


 — A young man wakes from a coma and discovers a great power. by hacked_soul04/01/163.52

First Day at Work

 — A new hire is excited for her first day on the job. by Moosetales02/24/194.44

First Meeting

 — Erica prepares to meet her Hypnotic Master. by me_a_muse06/04/033.67

First Meeting

 — Female Dom recruits a new toy. by kaiyandom08/05/104.22

First Meeting Ch. 02

 — Erika finally meets her hypnotist. by me_a_muse06/15/034.24

First You Test

 — A scientists test his mind control device. by braindump11/18/144.10

Fish Story

 — Some lures catch more than fish. by AMOWAT03/09/034.47


 — Alice has been bad, but her punishment isn't all it seems. by KallieHF12/25/173.98

Five Dollars Too Far

 — Doctor Duboi is tested, and shows her mental strength. by Rallynoangels04/25/174.31

Five More Minutes

 — Bethany can resist hypnosis for five minutes, right? by JukeboxEMCSA12/13/184.41

Five-Finger Discount

 — Taylor comes to regret her shoplifting. by JukeboxEMCSA10/05/174.43

Fix You

 — Doctor Bishop has the cure for Jane's mental health issues. by JukeboxEMCSA08/27/164.36


 — Flash photography does something odd to Susan by mc_ellen02/25/034.19


 — A genius brother uses his memory wiping device on his sister. by GiantNutWrites03/30/194.16


 — What if we could exploit people's camera foolishness? by Jafar09/11/024.55HOT

Flesh For Fantasy

 — Jessica blackmails a hypnotist into sex, and gets burned. by JukeboxEMCSA02/20/114.65HOT


 — Ryan is selected to receive inhuman pleasure. by WL30002/07/194.08

Flipping the Sex Therapist

 — A college girl and friends have their way with the doctor. by Brittni4u08/05/174.47


 — A woman behaves out of character, but doesn't know why. by Set799011/02/093.78

Focus Ch. 02

 — New and improved follow up, this time with sex! by Set799011/10/094.02

Following Her Dream Ch. 01

 — Janet tests her mind control device on her roommate. by Shadra03/07/194.31

Following Her Dream Ch. 02

 — Janet reveals her plan, and makes up for earlier. by Shadra03/09/194.60HOT

Following Her Dream Ch. 03

 — Rachel copes with last night while Janet has concerns. by Shadra03/13/194.56HOT

Following Her Dream Ch. 04

 — Janet takes a mindless Rachel to a sex shop. by Shadra03/14/194.69HOT

Following Her Dream Ch. 05

 — Janet goes to enslave Rachel's teacher. by Shadra03/16/194.67HOT

Following Her Dream Ch. 06

 — Janet makes her dream a reality. A new player emerges. by Shadra03/20/194.69HOT

Following Her Dream Ch. 07

 — Rachel's nightmare. by Shadra03/26/194.50HOT

Following Her Dream Ch. 08

 — Violet has fun with Rachel before meeting Janet again. by Shadra03/29/194.42

Following Her Dream Ch. 09

 — Violet explores her control, a woman hooks up at a bar. by Shadra04/02/194.44

Following Her Dream Ch. 10

 — Violet's plans for Janet come into fruition. by Shadra04/05/194.75HOT

Following Her Dream Ch. 11

 — Sex and the park, a fun day out. by Shadra04/09/194.60HOT

Following Her Dream Ch. 12

 — A return to school, a growing defiance. by Shadra04/11/194.88HOT

Following Her Dream Ch. 13

 — Showdown, a battle of wills. by Shadra04/16/194.80HOT

Following Her Dream Ch. 14

 — Janet's lowest point, Snow conspires with Violet. by Shadra04/24/194.73HOT

Following Her Dream Ch. 15

 — Janet rising. by Shadra04/30/194.78HOT

Following Her Dream Ch. 16

 — Rachel's freedom isn't all it appears to be. by Shadra05/07/194.66HOT

Following Her Dream Ch. 17

 — Janet and Rachel's reunion and a dream realized. Finale. by Shadra05/15/194.74HOT

Foot in Mouth Disease

 — Me on a bus; hypnosis ensues. by pfartgl11/25/082.97


 — It's time to talk to you about the mysterious sounds I hear. by JukeboxEMCSA10/02/154.15

For Personal Gain

 — Witch uses her powers to get laid. by Svenskaflicka01/05/043.87

For the Submissive Chocoholic

 — An hypnotic ride into the world of chocolate pleasure. by Dingus Guy04/13/064.29

For Your Eyes Only

 — Violet is in love; Jack is hungry. A deal is made. by Mesmeri05/11/084.67HOT


 — Taking what is not mine... by EldarGard09/26/184.21

Forbidden Ch. 02

 — A ring... by EldarGard10/05/184.55HOT

Forbidden Ch. 03

 — A fiancé. by EldarGard10/17/184.53HOT

Forbidden Ch. 04

 — Pool games... by EldarGard10/26/184.70HOT

Forced to Be A Stripper

 — The use of hypno-therapy to force girls into perverse acts. by Powerone12/04/044.50HOT

Forced Wife Ch. 01

 — Submissive wife is exposed by husband. by orther512/26/024.31

Forced Wife Ch. 02

 — Wife's exposure & humiliation continues. by orther501/07/034.45

Forcing Kelsey

 — He hypnotizes Kelsey into doing as he pleases. by curwendy09/19/054.19

Forever Again Ch. 01

 — A young woman begins her journey into forbidden pleasures. by china-doll03/13/144.51HOT

Forever Again Ch. 02

 — Using a strange new power, Vala seduces a young mother. by china-doll03/17/144.73HOT

Forever Again Ch. 03

 — Vala uses her power on a gypsy girl she meets on the river. by china-doll03/26/144.77HOT

Forever Again Ch. 04

 — Vala gives in to temptation. by china-doll04/04/144.80HOT

Forever Again Ch. 05

 — Vala finds a new girl to play with. by china-doll04/10/144.83HOT

Forever Again Ch. 06

 — Vala finds out that twins are twice as nice. by china-doll04/18/144.77HOT

Forever Again Ch. 07

 — Vala finally meets her Mistress. by china-doll04/26/144.80HOT

Forever Again Ch. 08

 — Hundreds of years have passed and the world is changing. by china-doll06/04/144.85HOT

Forever Again Ch. 09

 — Even immortals can change with the times... by china-doll01/21/174.80HOT

Forever Your Girl

 — A lost fortress on a dead world holds a powerful secret. by JukeboxEMCSA01/16/164.37

Forgetful Maid

 — A business woman becomes a humble French Maid. by StoryTeller0712/04/094.35

Forgetful Maid Ch. 02

 — The buisness woman loses control in her office. by StoryTeller0712/26/094.44

Fourteen Day Program

 — Toms wife enrolled in a two-week self-help program. by toomuchinmyhead04/05/114.19

Fourteen Day Program Ch. 02

 — Driving home from her program, he learns more. by toomuchinmyhead04/12/114.16

Fourteen Day Program Ch. 03

 — At home, they explore her conditioning further. by toomuchinmyhead04/18/114.30

Fourteen Day Program Ch. 04

 — Darla comes to visit the next weekend. by toomuchinmyhead04/26/114.26

Fourteen Day Program Ch. 05

 — Tom tries some new ideas, and struggles with his reality. by toomuchinmyhead05/03/114.21

Fourteen Day Program Ch. 06

 — Tom takes Liz on a weeken road trip, and his issues escalate. by toomuchinmyhead05/09/114.18

Fourteen Day Program Ch. 07

 — Their weekend ends badly; Tom takes action against Them. by toomuchinmyhead05/17/113.22


 — Carolyn watches a fractal loop and becomes a good girl. by KaereniSister08/20/174.04

Fran in Service Ch. 01-02

 — Housewife joins an interesting club. by DocS10/12/064.02

Fran in Service Ch. 03-04

 — Housewife gets in way over her head. by DocS10/13/064.40

Fran in Service Day 02 Ch. 01-02

 — Fran goes to a party and finds she is the favor. by DocS10/28/064.29

Fran in Service Day 02 Ch. 03-06

 — Fran is the party favor. by DocS10/29/064.47

Frat Boy's Secret

 — Seduction is easy for him with his special hypnotic drug. by SweetPrettyAss09/09/144.05


 — Ryan has to count all of Siobhan's freckles. by JukeboxEMCSA02/26/174.43

Free Agency

 — A bet on an empty mind. by PrimalRoots07/06/164.36

Free Coffee

 — A free coffee turns out to have a hidden price for Sonia. by JukeboxEMCSA09/21/174.54HOT

Free Hugs for Sale

 — Two superheroines meet a fangirl at a convention. by petmyhead02/19/194.46

Freed to Do as I was Told

 — What was me, what had been put there? by emma_sub09/27/174.67HOT


 — Diane has a trigger that makes her freeze in place. by JukeboxEMCSA10/24/104.31

Friend's Sister is Hypnotized

 — Tim helps friend with beauty. by masterhypnotist06/25/024.60HOT


 — Veronica vows to have her boss. by bains02/23/033.65

Friends Finally Become More

 — Just because it never happened before, why not now? by G_W_148808/15/074.36

Frigid to Slut:

 — Hypnotist turns frigid wife into wanton slut. by bigtddybr05/26/114.53HOT

Frigid Wife Becomes Aroused

 — A frustrated husband makes his wife want to have sex. by jeroming02/10/104.25

From Humble Beginnings

 — A man finally gets what he deserves. by SilverKey08/11/174.29

From My Lips

 — The power of words. by The Gentle Man04/16/043.77

From Wife To Maid In One Easy Lesson

 — A husband and his lover make his wife submit. by smudgebucket07/25/104.53HOT

From Wife To Maid In One Easy Lesson Ch. 02

 — Two lovers use his wife as a sex toy. by smudgebucket10/28/104.55HOT

From Wife To Maid In One Easy Lesson Ch. 03

 — Peggy and Gabrielle visit the doctor. by smudgebucket11/02/104.45

From Your Mouth

 — He takes her through manipulation. by DiaperedSiouxsie10/28/033.92

Front Porch Thing

 — Kate visits home to find something on her parents' porch. by JukeboxEMCSA05/04/184.27


 — He discovers the power to freeze people in time. by eddie11-1110/29/014.07

Fuck Toy

 — He finally gets what he wants. by snick590803/15/094.12

Fucking My Mind Pt. 02

 — Torrid sex as he takes control of me and I love it. by blondechristine201210/13/154.54HOT

Fulfilled Fantasy

 — Erotic encounter with stranger at lunch. by DuchessMorgan07/03/044.37

Full Body Control

 — A nerd takes over Ella's body. by FutaMonster05/24/174.54HOT

Funeral of a Good Girl

 — Megan is hypnotized by Tyrone's cock. by JukeboxEMCSA05/30/154.36

Funny Money

 — A Young Man does a good deed and gets an amazing reward. by Moosetales09/21/174.47

Fur Addiction

 — Divorcee and her psychiatrist. by FurLove09/11/054.46

FWD: Hypnosis

 — A special kind of email gets forwarded. by Dingus Guy07/20/043.27

Game of Love Ch. 01

 — Reno trip leads young women into new experiences. by ProfessorR11/16/044.08

Game of Love Ch. 02

 — In the Seduction Chamber - Ultra-Platinum members play. by ProfessorR11/17/044.41

Game of Love Ch. 03

 — Sherrie fears her lust for Richard will end her career. by ProfessorR11/18/044.38

Game of Love Ch. 04

 — Investigators hypnotize woman to uncover sex secrets. by ProfessorR11/20/044.31

Game of Love Ch. 05

 — Mysterious visitor aids Reno sex investigators. by ProfessorR11/21/044.70HOT

Game of Morals

 — A vengeful loner with a hidden talent. Enemies, beware. by jackofbrokenhearts02/01/174.40

Games Demons Play

 — When one demon needs a promotion, his buddy helps him out. by Voboy10/23/184.56HOT

Games People Play

 — Femdom story about with erotic hypnosis, and conditioning. by ABorealis3101/08/194.18

Gameshow Nightmares - Night 05

 — Melissa fights her new transformations. by tripletrip03/10/194.43

Gareth's Adventures: Lucy's "Dream"

 — He makes your wildest dreams a reality. by Link1010302/05/144.44


 — He seduces people with an experimental gas. by fiat_knox08/02/024.28

Gas - The Early Trials

 — Man from "Gas" seduces more women with his weird gases. by fiat_knox09/15/074.28

Gas Again

 — Mad dentist seduces others with his strange gases. by fiat_knox11/24/044.18

Gasm Pt.01

 — Super powers that really are super. by Girochen02/14/174.44

Gasm Pt.02

 — Gasm continues to wreak havoc. by Girochen02/15/174.48


 — Dumb hooker finds learning's easy with the right incentive. by archibael12/02/064.56HOT


 — An obsession. by StoryTeller0712/24/174.41

Gentrification Ch. 01

 — A neighborhood has its own methods to keep rents down. by taxandtithe03/02/164.53HOT

Gentrification Ch. 02

 — A neighborhood has its own methods to keep rents down. by taxandtithe03/03/164.50HOT

Georgia on My Mind

 — Thoughts of Georgia distract Leigh from her daydreams. by JukeboxEMCSA09/11/154.55HOT

Gerald Mackes Ch. 1

 — A high school senior finds a wishing ring. by Ziggurat03/21/013.24


 — The power of the ungloved hands. by WFEATHER05/08/083.97

Get a Life

 — Marcia finds out she's not the shut-in she thought. by Masters_in_your_mind04/26/174.41

Getting Even With A Tease

 — A cock tease is brought submissive by hypnosis. by epvitale09/24/074.18

Getting What I Want

 — A hot blonde Slavic girl is hypnotised into becoming my slut. by Jorvik122007/31/184.05

Ghost Cruise

 — A sex starved husband gets a little help from a sexy spirit. by darkoverlord612/22/174.47


 — She's desperate to give her husband the perfect birthday. by cactusjuggler03/07/123.89

Gift From A God Ch. 01

 — He is given divine powers. by AbbeFaria06/16/044.38

Gift From A God Ch. 02

 — I explore my gifts a little. by AbbeFaria06/24/044.52HOT

Gift From A God Ch. 03

 — Things with Kristel are taken to next level. by AbbeFaria07/03/044.64HOT

Gift From A God Ch. 04

 — Story continues with Stephen & Kristel. by AbbeFaria07/28/044.61HOT

Gift From A God Ch. 05

 — A night out on the town. by AbbeFaria07/29/044.55HOT

Gift From A God Ch. 06

 — Stephen and Katie. by AbbeFaria08/15/044.66HOT

Gift From A God Ch. 07

 — Something wicked this way comes. by AbbeFaria09/14/044.64HOT

Gift From A God Ch. 08

 — Like a thief in the night. by AbbeFaria09/30/044.60HOT

Gift From A God Ch. 09

 — A walk in the desert. by AbbeFaria02/11/054.69HOTContest Winner

Gift From A God Ch. 10

 — The story continues. by AbbeFaria08/19/064.73HOT

Gift of the Goddess Ch. 01

 — Aphrodite gave him a gift, and he's going to use it! by Goldeniangel03/31/064.50HOT

Gift of the Goddess Ch. 02

 — Jonathon uses his powers for revenge on a woman at work. by Goldeniangel04/09/064.54HOT

Gift of the Goddess Ch. 03

 — Jonathon uses his powers on Kay. by Goldeniangel04/12/064.59HOT

Gift of the Goddess Ch. 04

 — Dana returns wanting information. by Goldeniangel04/29/064.60HOT

Gift of the Goddess Ch. 05

 — Kay wants him to do it again. by Goldeniangel05/04/064.66HOT

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