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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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Snowbound Light Bondage Threesome

 — Getting warm leads to a threeway with anal in bondage. by Dracthyus10/17/084.60HOT

Snowbound Trouble

 — A accidental exhibitionist meets her voyeur. by once_bitten01/20/114.25

Snowed In

 — A couple has an unexpected visitor during a bad storm. by j26708/29/124.60HOT

Snowstorm Ch. 01

 — Sara is lost in a blizzard and rescued by a strange man. by arachnida08/01/094.23

So I'm Doing this Bitch Up the Ass

 — What goes through a victim's mind? by FORCEfantasies209/29/033.99

So Much for My Happy Ending Ch. 01

 — A bitter encounter turns into something else entirely. by SexiLexi01/24/074.25

So Much for My Happy Ending Ch. 02

 — Memories of the past intrude. by SexiLexi04/24/073.96

So Pretty...

 — He finally has her. by SoSheSays12/10/094.24

So You Wanna Be A Pornstar

 — Grad School hipster is forced to play female porn lead. by Cute Little Thing07/22/024.25

So You Want To Share Me...

 — A couple explores wife sharing adventures. by JRRoark12/24/134.21

So, How Did It Go?

 — Wife spies on cheating husband, & is herself blackmailed. by bygeorge3009/02/014.24

Soaking It All In

 — It was a hot, mid-August day in Southeast Louisiana. by enchanted_mystic01/19/133.96

Soames's First Submissive

 — First day in the group house, and the hottie's a slave. by colonellunchmeat02/24/153.71

Soap Opera Slave

 — Starlet begins her new role. by Bruno102701/16/054.20


 — The daytime soapies are not real life. by Ashson09/07/134.34

Sobering Up

 — She is taken after a night of partying. by raven_loki02/26/033.54

Social Studies

 — Racist white fratboy meets idealistic Asian feminist. by Ling0008/13/124.30


 — Sylvia in the gym. by StoryTeller0710/18/094.24


 — Her first modelling encounter. by HallidayTee03/15/084.52HOT


 — One girl's love of writing gets her violated. by CrissySnow10/28/134.00

Sofie Ch. 02

 — The violation of his student continues. by CrissySnow01/23/143.96


 — He found her. by Vayene07/18/044.60HOT

Softball Seduction

 — Sarah gets a unique intro to the game of softball. by queenbiotch11/30/054.37


 — What my lady did to me. by isadore08/09/113.67


 — The card game cost her freedom. by clairev1310/02/123.87

Sold Ch. 00

 — Prelude: Before the Auction. by PhantomOfMoonlight04/01/073.96

Sold Ch. 01

 — He buys a girl to meet his whims. by PhantomOfMoonlight09/24/054.37

Sold In To Slavery Pt. 01

 — A MILF is captured and sold in to slavery. by Wifeowner07/04/144.21

Sold In To Slavery Pt. 02

 — The new slaves are used together. by Wifeowner07/09/144.28


 — Witch uses her powers to make her fantasy come true. by MistressLili03/06/023.95

Soldier Girl

 — Female soldier is taked prisoner. by Britease05/29/084.00

Soldier Girl Ch. 01

 — Her adventure comes to an end, or perhaps a beginning? by MoriMaster12/18/113.96

Soldier Humiliates Captured Beauty

 — Slut is blindfolded, humiliated and treated like a slave. by bongbus11/26/092.83


 — Know thyselves. by Vaul10/22/143.85

Some Jobs Have Benefits

 — Awkward nerd decides to drug his busty coworker. by mitchb9107/01/133.75

Some Much Needed Discipline

 — Rebecca mouths off one too many times. by graceanne10/24/054.11

Somebody's Daughter

 — All's fair in love and war - isn't it? by J G Parkes07/12/074.14

Someone Should Put Her In Her Place

 — Domineering bitchy woman gets taught a lesson by the janitor. by NYCbbwSUB06/10/074.18

Something Different

 — Master's slut gets something new and unwanted. by lilah_rose06/11/073.75

Something In Her Eyes Ch. 03

 — The end of the forbidden saga; Jordan is taken by force. by Jayded_Lust01/19/094.63HOT

Something to Cheer About

 — Members of a cheerleading squad are made into prostitutes. by laffytaffy6910/21/073.54

Something to Cheer About Ch. 02

 — The rest of the cheerleaders are sold as whores. by laffytaffy6910/26/074.07

Something to Declare

 — She enjoys him watching while taken by Cuban officers. by MisterErus09/17/043.51

Something To Do

 — Terri finds herself in her own fantasy. by tantalizing_ideas10/17/034.18

Something Wicked This Way...

 — Not the easy catch he'd hoped for. by FaeRhi10/23/084.03

Sometimes It’s Better Not to Share

 — Jennifer is taken by four men. by SplendidSpunk05/21/104.18

Sometimes The Worm Turns

 — Rapist gets his just desserts. by SeaCat04/16/054.48

Sometimes They Fall Hard

 — Abused woman suffers a bad relationship. by Alex75603/27/034.34

Sometimes We Need To Be Forced

 — Lassie Williams needs to be taught a lesson. by Unknown36508/06/122.79

Sometimes You Get the Bear...

 — His latest victim is not what he expected. by patricia5110/04/034.46

Sometimes, Things Just Happen Ch. 01

 — Another atypical love story. by ms_girl2302/04/064.69HOT

Son Fucks Indian Mother

 — Fucking my Indian mother. by haldwani02/22/152.97

Son of a Bitch

 — Lexi picked the wrong day to tease. by deputy duffy11/27/043.75

Sooky Hitches a Ride Home

 — Filipina taken by ruffians. by likebadfun05/24/084.01

Sooner State Sex

 — Hubby watches cock-tease wife get hers. by DeFlowered02/21/044.32

Sophie and the Football Team

 — Sophie gets a visitor in the changing room. by Cleo_De_Lyonne11/28/143.76

Sophie's Birthday Surprise

 — Sophie has an unforgettable birthday date. by BobDogwood01/16/043.70

Sophie's Day Off

 — Sophie's day off doesn't go the way she expected. by BobDogwood01/18/043.65

Sophie's Story

 — Sophie's day takes a turn for the worse - or is it better? by OneDstrbdchik09/24/064.32

Sorcerer's Treasure

 — A powerful mage takes a beautiful futa lover as his own. by cultofstrawberry09/16/144.37

Sorcerer's Treasure Ch. 01

 — Cedric learns Delia's secret, and is delighted. by cultofstrawberry09/18/144.45

Sorcerer's Treasure Ch. 02

 — Cedric explores Delia's secret charms... all of them. by cultofstrawberry09/23/144.66HOT

Sorcerer's Treasure Ch. 05

 — Cedric exerts his will over Delia, sparking rebellion. by cultofstrawberry01/28/154.43

Sorcerer's Treasure Ch. 07

 — Delia's punishment sparks unexpected consequences. by cultofstrawberry03/11/154.63HOT

Sore Loser Game Show: Cassie

 — An innocent redhead is defiled on live webcast. by televisedhumiliation05/11/134.32


 — Girls have to search a haunted house. by Ashson08/26/144.23

Sorority Plaything

 — Blackmailed teacher finds her true calling. by Ivan196810/13/094.18

Sorority Pledge Pt. 02

 — More humiliation as the initiation tasks continue. by lickablelucy2307/29/114.40

Sorority Pledge Pt. 03

 — Things get worse for Harmony as the kinky LesDom continues by lickablelucy2309/03/134.77HOT

Sorority Pledge Pt. 04

 — New Girls Arrive But Will Harmony's Humilliations Continue? by lickablelucy2311/07/134.77HOT

Soul Awakening

 — Hot mom is felt by a stranger. by ezlay_2nite08/13/044.24

SoulStar Pt. 02

 — Eric Soul takes back his beloved, Ariel Starr. by BeautyBeast07/18/124.44

South Sea Island

 — Young British wife is forced to accommodate. by coolomon04/13/064.56HOT

Southern Belle

 — A southern belle is introduced to a new life. by MANORLORD2801/11/043.98

Southern Belle Gets Hers

 — A plantation owner's daughter is taken by a slave. by PerilEyes11/14/103.70

Southern Cheerleader's Fall

 — Ex Cheerleader forced to please Danielle. by joelight12/05/104.03

Southern Hospitality Ch. 1

 — Yank masters young belle. by Darkdestiny11/12/003.41

Southern Revenge

 — Egyptian trip goes horribly wrong. by ardethsmistress08/28/013.58

Souvenir of Budapest

 — He didn't know Hungarian, so he was helpless. by edrider7305/06/142.50

Sowing His Seed

 — Man impregnates unconscious beauty. by blargh11705/26/104.01

Spank & Cum

 — She is spanked and cums with three others. by Dostover05/14/023.89

Spank My Sitter

 — Child complains that his sitter needs to be spanked. by Ashson11/23/144.30

Spanked Authority

 — Spoiled rich girl gets a lesson in authority. by ksaucy08/14/093.60

Sparring Partner

 — Rough sex and an education. by exiledmaster01/01/103.81

Special Agent Chrissie

 — Gorgeous enforcer gets tied up in a case. by Nottingly10/27/073.84

Special Dark

 — ...and a terrorist has his appetites, as well. by CalHollows09/10/113.17

Special Delivery

 — Man plots to have postal employee of his dreams. by PAS01/02/024.43

Special Delivery

 — An unexpected package is hand delivered. by laerenthia09/12/064.26

Special Delivery

 — Aggressive pizza boy. by elfinbeauty1309/02/093.56

Special Delivery Ch. 01

 — Story of a ravished slut. by master4uwhr07/09/094.07

Special Effects

 — Snobby girl gets hers in public tent. by shawalphamale11/12/004.36

Special Effects

 — A girl, a crowd -- and a unique movie experience. by shawalphamale05/02/084.30

Special Ops: The Abduction

 — Special Ops Sex Program trains women for the field. by Darwingea01/01/073.90

Special Present

 — 18-year-old Lisa wants her special present, or does she? by deputy duffy02/26/033.59

Spectacle Ch. 01

 — A hostage situation becomes something so much worse. by EasyTarget08/17/114.31

Spectacle Ch. 02

 — Bad to worse. Worse to unthinkable. by EasyTarget09/20/114.09


 — A woman's tale of what happened when the lights went out. by ruralgoddess02/06/014.20


 — When you can't talk, it's hard to object. by edrider7312/26/133.36

Speed Limit

 — College bound girl experiences a change of life. by Christie05278004/15/074.37

Speed Limit Ch. 02

 — Where do things go next? by Christie05278009/07/084.41

Speed Limit Ch. 03

 — The plot takes a turn. by Christie05278009/13/084.18


 — A routine traffic stop becomes anything but 'routine'. by sensuous_Sylph10/17/014.21

Speeding Fine

 — He gets caught for speeding & must face the consequences. by BigAndy92201/26/123.97

Speeding Ticket

 — Female officer serves an interesting punishment for speeding. by ScailRi08/22/074.15

Speeding Ticket Ch. 02

 — Joe gets a more severe punishment this time. by ScailRi08/28/073.78

Speedy Checkout

 — Robber gets away with cash and nookie. by CJT09/28/004.01


 — A spell forces him to submit to his enemy. by SwallowedDarkness03/03/124.29

Sperm Wars: Elizabeth Strikes Back!

 — Don's sister plots revenge. by WifeWatchman07/20/134.38

Spin the Bottle

 — Three cheerleaders learn how to play spin the bottle. by KylieShort04/29/124.09

Spiral Into Oblivion Ch. 01

 — Brother controls Terry's wife as a sub-slut. by Dr_Know06/06/074.14

Spiral Into Oblivion Ch. 02

 — Brother controls Terry's wife as a sub-slut. by Dr_Know06/07/073.50

Spirited Away

 — He is dragged on a quest by a mysteriously horny sorceress. by PulpWyatt03/02/144.19

Spoils Ch. 01

 — Young traveler learns of novel local tradition. by Jazz E.07/27/034.59HOT

Spoils of Victory

 — Superheroine Victory is after a rematch with the Centurion! by ladyjane209912/01/134.60HOT

Spoils of War

 — Maryam suffers the fate of a captured foe. by angelfeathers03/19/074.27

Spoils of War

 — Slave girls get used by the their new owners. by Marianna210/28/094.20

Spoils of War

 — To the victor go all the spoils! by TheBigandBaldGuy01/17/104.00

Spoils of War

 — A soldier enjoys the fruits of victory. by LoneCoyote02/11/133.90

Spoilt, Rich and Horny

 — Woman organises two men to rape her. by exquisitelifetime08/29/123.96

Spoilt, Rich and Horny Ch. 02

 — Woman is taken by two men and a woman. by exquisitelifetime09/01/124.32

Sports Bar Seduction

 — Faithful husband enticed to submit. by wideeyedinnocent07/14/144.59HOT

Spread the Word

 — She's held captive & seduced by Earth Day Trustee. by wedgewoodblue04/04/073.67

Spring Break Hostage

 — Housewife embarks on wild unplanned journey. by Fancy Me03/06/044.46

Spring Break In

 — A home invasion goes horribly right. by Domwoolf04/15/104.17

Spring Broken

 — Student find out what happens when she comes up a bit short. by dr. Jocelyn09/13/024.24

Spy Games: Home Sweet Home

 — First escape bondage, then forced sex with brother-in-law. by Dorado02/14/054.41

Spy vs Spy

 — She is after him, but he one ups her. by subwryter05/16/123.36

Spying Has Consequences

 — Tables are turned as they try to blackmail their teacher. by 75corner04/26/064.25

Squire Trelawney Ch. 01

 — Squire Trelawney excercises his right to Celia 's innocence. by abroadsword09/16/104.17

St. Athena's School For Girls

 — Amy is called int to Mr. Halford's office. by DaddysLittlePet01/23/093.72

St. Augustine's

 — Naughty schoolgirl is taught a lesson. by vlad1m1r03/21/033.64

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