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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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Call Me Sire

 — Young men looking to breed. by darlingguy207/05/063.72

Calling the Guardinis

 — Two bullies mess with the wrong college girl. by jlorthia05/04/164.30

Calming Nightmares

 — Sometimes soothing a nightmare can be sexy. by ianbabyyy08/19/174.69HOT

Cameltoe Slide

 — Wife is blackmailed by husband's employee. by edmead07/17/104.27

Cameltoe Slide: Revisited

 — Ted forces me to indulge my fantasy. by edmead07/26/104.24

Camera Capers

 — A man discovers the joys of photography. by YummyTiger07/21/084.40

Camera Loves You

 — A webcam model gets kidnapped. by LeeMarcer05/24/174.21

Camilla Ch. 051

 — A big sex party turns into something unexpected. by MawrGorshin01/18/124.23

Camilla Ch. 055

 — Camilla gets a secretary job and fucks a stranger in a park. by MawrGorshin01/29/124.10

Camilla Ch. 084

 — She dates Patrick, he forces himself on her, she likes it. by MawrGorshin05/11/124.17

Camilla Ch. 092

 — Sean will do just about anything to get in bed with Camilla. by MawrGorshin06/21/124.50HOT

Camilla Ch. 116

 — A man fucks comatose Camilla in the hospital. by MawrGorshin10/07/123.89

Camilla Ch. 117

 — Armand fucks her reanimated body; her succubus blows him. by MawrGorshin10/12/124.18

Camilla from the Gym

 — A young man agrees to instruct a newbie. by Ha27509/19/163.07

Camp Rape

 — A girl is used while camping. by Ashson11/24/124.14

Camp Rape Ch. 02

 — Two girls have an unexpected erotic encounter. by Ashson11/25/124.33

Camp Rape Ch. 03

 — The girls are accosted while camping. by Ashson02/23/144.35

Camp Rape Ch. 04

 — Young woman taken while camping. by Ashson08/21/144.00

Camp Surprise

 — Anyone can make a mistake. by Ashson01/16/143.90


 — Taken to the woods, Angela faces a difficult future. by jadewinchester01/19/163.27

Camping Fantasy

 — Boyfriend fulfills his girlfriends ravishment fantasy while camping. by quale07/30/124.20

Camping Holiday

 — You go on a camping holiday you'll never forget. by Excalibur_194911/26/033.92

Camping Trip and a Friend's Wife

 — Drinking leads to a crazy encounter with a buddy's wife. by bronston2205/20/114.16

Camping Trip Ch. 01

 — The new slut slave goes camping. by heather_slut12/25/154.14

Camping Trip Goes Way Wrong

 — Mary and James discover camping is risky behavior. by Dreadlocks02/28/163.72

Camping Trip Unexpected Sex

 — Friend tags along and uses his friend's girl. by BrunetteInMI05/22/154.36

Camping with a Tease

 — Sherl gets more than she bargains for by teasing. by chickypoo05/25/103.66

Camping with the Neighbor Ch. 01: Intro

 — A lonely married man tries his best to get off. by flopp8910/28/162.87

Camping with the Neighbor Ch. 02

 — A lonely married man tries his best to get off. by flopp8910/29/163.25

Camping with the Neighbor Ch. 03

 — A lonely married man tries his best to get off. by flopp8910/30/163.28

Campus Auction Pt. 01

 — Sorority girl auctioned as a sex slave. by SexyGeek07/25/144.22

Campus Visit Goes Bad

 — Girl visits college with her boyfriend. by MidnightLove12304/16/114.04

Can I Borrow Her?

 — Disgusting neighbor borrows wife - against her will. by trappednebulous06/03/114.00

Can I Get a Witness Ch. 02

 — Sunday Fellowship. by DarkAngelRider12/04/054.50HOT

Can I Get a Witness Ch. 03

 — Shelly's Husband wants a witness. by DarkAngelRider11/11/094.29

Can I Help You?

 — Accidental encounter? Or not? by Shyone24507/02/164.02

Can You Escape?

 — Boyfriend and Girlfriend play a fun game of tie-up. by storytyme07/30/134.20

Can You Swim

 — A needed skill in some circumstances. by Ashson07/20/134.43

Can't Rape the Willing

 — Girl begins to enjoy being raped what other surprises are in store? by chronoalarm08/19/013.69

Canadian Marriage

 — Father-in-law's groping spices newlywed's boring marital sex. by rxm7603/20/184.44

Cancel the Wedding

 — He doesn't want her - but she'll tease until he does. by sam806/09/104.41

Cancun Vacation Rape Ch. 02

 — Her ordeal continues. by robertpenn11/03/034.44

Cancun Vacation Rape Ch. 03

 — Her ordeal continues. by robertpenn12/17/034.48

Candice, the Crime Stopper

 — ENF, forced. by AnonymousPerv02/05/164.09

Candle Man

 — She returns home to an unknown dark lover. by TR_Hickson08/05/084.00

Candy Cane

 — Cop is forced into sexual acts and she likes it. by NaughtyWriter12/15/014.33

Candy Gets Spanked

 — Caught cheating at college. by sweetotum09/19/034.39

Candy Learns A Lesson

 — A naughty student is taken advantage of by her teacher. by chesterfeildsofa12/07/063.02


 — She'll do anything to win the Halloween contest ... anything. by ZTVFemdomtales11/04/163.49

Caned, Penetrated, Made to Obey

 — Less arrogant now, the young exec is learning to obey. by FrankHarris112/28/173.88

Canoe Trip Gone Bad

 — Escaped convicts catch girls on canoe trip. by likebadfun04/11/083.61

Canoe Trip Nightmare

 — A couple is abducted and abused while canoeing in the south. by robertpenn11/23/044.35

Canoe Trip Nightmare Ch. 02

 — He's tied up and forced to watch. by robertpenn12/14/044.45

Canoe Trip Nightmare Ch. 03

 — He is forced to help attack his wife. by robertpenn12/27/044.37

Cap’s Diner ‘54

 — A seductive young woman is used by the regulars. by Snowfish01/14/063.78

Capers And Rapers

 — A man is taken by armend robbers. by ehough06/24/104.04

Capo di Foia Ch. 01

 — A federal agent meets her match. by MsArcher01/03/134.37

Capo di Foia Ch. 02

 — Samantha adjusts, an escape leads to cruel punishment. by MsArcher01/11/134.61HOT

Capo di Foia Ch. 03

 — Federal agent is tied down, eaten out by her captor. by MsArcher02/02/134.71HOT

Capo di Foia Ch. 04

 — Samantha receives an invitation from her captor. by MsArcher08/21/144.72HOT

Captivating Lover

 — She forces his submission for their mutual enjoyment. by Gentle_Mistress07/31/064.21

Captivating Lover Ch. 02

 — He is punished and pleasured. by Gentle_Mistress09/24/064.21


 — Xzibar brings a sexy warrior to the Forest of Hell. by Lena Lane12/02/003.78


 — Her ordeal of continuous sex. by SUGARKANE705/31/033.55


 — Kidnapped woman becomes sex slave. by gorgeousmika02/27/044.33


 — Extreme fear leads to extreme sex. by silat6903/22/064.42

Captive at Home

 — Woman is suprised and tied up with her own home. by pcyzobitch05/07/014.06

Captive Audience

 — Bridegroom is held against his will by bridesmaids. by SEVERUSMAX04/07/163.99

Captive Breeders Ch. 01

 — Men & women forced to copulate for profit. by Martins12/03/084.11

Captive Breeders Ch. 02

 — Erin finds a way out of Copulation for Profit. by Martins12/04/084.13

Captive Ch. 01

 — She's kidnapped from the park. by oceangirl80107/14/064.38

Captive Ch. 02

 — A more intimate encounter. by oceangirl80107/28/064.51HOT

Captive Ch. 03

 — Kira learns to please her new Master. by oceangirl80104/20/074.50HOT

Captive Ch. 04

 — Kira turns out to be quite a cock sucker. by oceangirl80109/15/074.51HOT

Captive Lover

 — A bit of light bondage pleasure. by rd777200308/12/064.10

Captive Nurses

 — Female kidnapping and enslavement. by teach196505/28/10

Captive Nurses Pt. 02

 — Slavery becomes a way of life as the drugs take effect. by teach196506/06/10

Captive Nurses Pt. 03

 — The girls fulfill the fetishes of an elite group of people. by teach196506/11/10

Captive Nurses Pt. 04

 — Final chapter--girls are rewarded for their service. by teach196503/08/11

Captive of His Passion

 — Sheik gets a new love slave for his harem. by kmtqc03/21/124.07

Captive of His Passion Ch. 02

 — Talise begins her new life. by kmtqc05/01/124.37

Captive Princess

 — Princess Orella is captured by slavers. by Wifetheif11/29/134.29

Captive Princess Ch. 02

 — Perls of a Princess who lost a war. by The_story_writer200310/28/044.27

Captive Princess Pt. 02

 — Princess Orella begins her slave training. by Wifetheif12/16/134.30

Captive Princess Pt. 03

 — Orella and Hanna are sold. by Wifetheif12/17/134.46

Captive Princess Pt. 04

 — The former princess begins to settle into slave life. by Wifetheif12/18/134.43

Captive Princess Pt. 05

 — The former princess's life as a slave becomes more complex by Wifetheif12/31/134.38

Captive Princess Pt. 06

 — Ivory at last surrenders her virginity. by Wifetheif02/02/144.39

Captive Seduction

 — She teaches a lesson to arrogant coworker. by Saybrin11/12/004.12

Captive Until Dawn

 — Sharon faces her worst nightmare. by Many Feathers05/07/074.30

Captives in Colombia Ch. 01

 — Trisha and Gabriella begin their interrogation. by gaggedKitty2302/03/134.39

Captives in Colombia Ch. 02

 — The girls endure Agent Dmitri's sexual torments. by gaggedKitty2302/11/134.33

Captives in Colombia Ch. 03

 — Dmitri forces some lesbian action. by gaggedKitty2304/08/134.15

Captives in Colombia Ch. 04

 — Sexy captives forced in a hot tub. by gaggedKitty2306/22/134.34

Captives in Colombia Ch. 05

 — Two girls' escape attempt ends in gang rape. by gaggedKitty2307/15/134.33

Captives in Colombia Ch. 06

 — Slave Gabriella comes to an understanding with her captor. by gaggedKitty2307/19/134.32

Capture in the Woods

 — Tale of what happens to a unsuspecting hiker. by Lafiel04/06/133.70

Capture in The Woods Ch. 1

 — Would be model suffers in the undergrowth by sfor12/02/013.87

Capture in the Woods Ch. 2

 — The further adventures of 'rescued' Emma. by sfor12/26/014.28

Capture in The Woods Ch. 3

 — Emma and Samantha return to the woods by sfor04/21/024.45

Capture in The Woods Ch. 4

 — Debbie is taken to repay a debt. by sfor09/24/024.44

Capture of a Slave Ch. 01

 — She is taken and used by her sellers. by Sweetlady101304/16/124.21

Capture of Princess Catalina Ch. 02

 — Princess learns her first lesson. by jstudio911/15/034.05

Capture of Tight Cunt Ch. 02

 — Clare meets her master and learns what it is to be a slut. by NymphoSlut9304/01/114.22

Capture the Flag

 — Game leads to kidnapping. by freezinginchile06/30/063.71


 — Woman becomes a part of man's sex toy collection. by Merlinintheuk05/04/014.01


 — She finally arives. by Blulady08/05/044.48


 — She was abducted. by 1gearhead09/21/083.63


 — Three captured women compete to be a Master's slave. by Marianna212/08/084.31


 — Emma is it the pain of pleasure or the pleasure of pain. by Hudson02/01/094.07


 — Amber wakes up in a strange place. by Shilme02/26/103.67


 — A naughty masturbation session to a reluctant scenario. by yinandyang2406/05/123.84


 — Eighteen-year-old girl kidnapped and taken. by egirl121201/18/144.22

Captured and Conquered

 — College student is taken and used for pleasure. by longingforlove08/11/064.25

Captured and Conquered Ch. 02

 — Alex finds Julia taking a bath. by longingforlove09/09/064.52HOT

Captured and Conquered Ch. 03

 — Alex forces Julia to give him the "anything" she promised. by longingforlove03/17/074.56HOT

Captured and Conquered Ch. 06

 — The conclusion of Alex and Julia's story... by longingforlove09/19/134.45

Captured and Enslaved

 — Emory is taken from her home and sold to slave owner Tristan by Nikki0710/08/134.19

Captured and Enslaved Ch. 02

 — Tristan welcomes Emory to the house. by Nikki0710/12/134.30

Captured and Enslaved Ch. 03

 — Tristan doesn't relent as he sets his plans in motion. by Nikki0710/21/134.41

Captured and Enslaved Ch. 04

 — Tristan and Emory both make adjustments to their plans. by Nikki0711/01/134.43

Captured as Queen Ch. 01

 — A beautiful redhead is captured and forced to be HIS Queen. by curiouskitty9105/19/174.06

Captured by Pirates

 — Her fantasy is delightfully realized. by shambles03/29/074.02

Captured by Two Masters

 — Taken at knife point, Liz may never make it to her wedding. by MNPlayFul07/10/073.50

Captured Ch. 00

 — Will the captive find strength to fight this burning ache? by kieracollins02/28/174.47

Captured Ch. 01

 — Captured by the enemy, she's taken to camp. by tabs0702/13/093.63

Captured Ch. 01

 — Kidnapped and forced to submit, Rachael falls for Him. by loved4eternity06/05/104.50HOT

Captured Ch. 01

 — She is abducted, used, and still hasn't seen him. by SerenityDel07/19/104.38

Captured Ch. 02

 — He wants her name. by Blulady08/10/044.63HOT

Captured Ch. 02

 — "Tell me where the dossier is?" demanded Natasha. by Hudson12/02/094.39

Captured Ch. 02

 — Things heat up but not everyone is feeling the love. by loved4eternity06/06/104.38

Captured Ch. 02

 — She is still captive, and taught to dance. by SerenityDel07/20/104.36

Captured Ch. 02

 — Killian takes Katherine to his cabin. by egirl121201/29/144.52HOT

Captured Ch. 03

 — Punishment. by Blulady08/10/044.64HOT

Captured Ch. 03

 — His love is tested and she is taken again. by loved4eternity06/17/104.49

Captured Ch. 03

 — Escape wasn't even dreamed of now. by SerenityDel07/21/104.42

Captured Ch. 03

 — Katherine's first anal experience. by egirl121202/15/144.49

Captured Ch. 04

 — Touch yourself, Sabine. by Blulady08/12/044.64HOT

Captured Ch. 04

 — It wasn't enough to torture her alone. by SerenityDel07/22/104.46

Captured Ch. 04

 — A Softer Episode... by egirl121201/18/164.46

Captured Ch. 05

 — More punishment for Sabine. by Blulady08/13/044.68HOT

Captured Ch. 05

 — Not all candles are romantic. by SerenityDel07/23/104.51HOT

Captured Ch. 05

 — New Arrivals at Killian's Cabin. by egirl121201/23/164.53HOT

Captured Ch. 06

 — She hates him, really? by Blulady08/15/044.72HOT

Captured Ch. 06

 — He ensures she is a clean slate. by SerenityDel08/09/104.49

Captured Ch. 07

 — Mara attacks Sabine. by Blulady08/15/044.71HOT

Captured Ch. 07

 — Claimed: she is left with no doubts. by SerenityDel08/12/104.52HOT

Captured Ch. 08

 — Seduction and late night activities. by Blulady08/17/044.72HOT

Captured Ch. 09

 — The story's conclusion. by Blulady08/21/044.72HOT

Captured Ch. 1

 — Gina's night of shopping takes a turn for the worst. by Celestia11/19/013.08

Captured Coach

 — Coach Kim is captured and taken by students. by PAS08/03/084.22

Captured Couple

 — Two young, sexy tourists find themselves in a nightmare. by gaggedKitty2305/19/184.18NEW

Captured in Space!

 — A young freighter captain is captured by space pirates. by LadyCypris10/05/134.30

Capturing The Boss Ch. 1

 — Lady kidnaps her boss in his bedroom. by V.Rich05/09/024.25

Capturing The Boss Ch. 2

 — Lady succeeds in capture, moves on to fun. by V.Rich05/19/024.44

Capturing The Boss Ch. 3

 — Finale: Gene's total submission to Tia's rough seduction. by V.Rich06/16/024.64HOT

Car Garage

 — Planned and enjoyed play rape scene. by Kirsenne9912/29/133.68

Car Saleswoman Ch. 04

 — Lisa's boss finds out what she has been doing. by tmartin9600705/12/103.58

Car Show Slut Ch. 15

 — The business trip (part 2). by davidwriter10/18/074.45

Car Trouble

 — A woman is stranded, kidnapped, and challenged. by Coltrane03/29/014.09

Car Trouble

 — Ania gets taken while trying to help. by punk-fuck07/23/023.76

Car Trouble

 — Can an Angel rape? by CTrei09/21/044.14

Car Trouble

 — Confident mechanic takes advantage... by HisAboveAllOthers08/04/154.14

Car Trouble = Double Trouble

 — Carmen & Sharon's woes begin with car trouble. by sharon_sharin_sex03/16/083.76

Cara's Game

 — Putting her back in her place. by kaseymartins01/21/124.38

Cara's Jog

 — Woman is accosted on her morning jog by Chicklet08/18/024.00

Cara's Lust

 — Socialites battle of wills over fantastic sex. by poisonpen11/23/064.24

Caravan, Largo Bay

 — Older man senses young woman's need. by Scotsman6905/06/084.42

Care for Another?

 — An older man takes advantage of young Jamie at the bar. by blushbaby08/19/154.15

Career Girl Has No Choice

 — Indian beauty services fat white guy to save her career. by syrettVII11/10/13

Career in White Slaving

 — Young man is given a job in his uncle's unusual firm. by johm5501/21/164.21

Careful What You Wish For

 — Spoilt college boy gets what he deserves. by CyberFrog10/12/104.08

Careful What You Wish For

 — Corporate Executive gets just what she wanted! by tor77703/15/124.06

Careful What You Wish For!

 — Winter gets more than she asked for. by beautifully_Broken8804/22/083.94

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