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Samantha - Her best friend's father makes a move.
San Diego Drive
- Long hot car trip heats up for the two of you.
Sand and Sex
- Couple gets wild on the beach.
Sandra's Passions...Ch. I
- Sandra's first adultery.
Santa's Little Helper
- Sexy elfgirl keeps Santa warm.
Sara and Joe - Young girl meets driver & becomes his fantasy.
Saturday Morning Rush Ch. I - Couple changes their plans.
Saturday Morning Rush Ch. II - Jan tells her side of the tale.
Saturday Night - Husband gives wife a trim.
Saturday Night Fever - Girl picks up guy at bar for wild sex.
Saturday Nights Pt. I - Bored, naive girl goes out on wild night.
Sauna With A Housewife - Horny young man meets Isabel.
Schoolgirl Crush - Young Brit meets young girl at local hangout.
Sometimes Auto Repairs... - Man meets temptress at auto shop.
Scent of a Handyman - Coed meets odd repairman.
Scorcher - It's a hot day for woman & her friend's hubby!
Scoring Position - Sports groupie makes play for baseball star.
Scratching An Itch Pt. III - Ron gets more than he bargained for.
Search Me - A new way to play hide and seek.
Secret Confession - Sinner girl seduces priest.
Seduction By Former Lover - She still holds power over him.
Self Pleasuring Or So I Thought - She's caught red-handed.
Sex Appeal - Jurgen meets an incredibly sexy neighbor.
Sex at Work IV - Boss wants a piece.
Sex-Wars Pt. II - Trey's loyalties are split between GDA & SexLib.
Sexual Harassment -  Man gets revenge on lying woman.
Sexy Samantha - She shows her husband her amazing oral skills.
Shampoo and a Haircut - She wants a haircut - and more...
Shanna, The "Bad Girl" - Bad girl lusts for good boy.
Sharing a Drink - The two of you play power games.
Shoe Salesman - Widow rediscovers lust at the shoe store.
Shooting Stars - Couple gets wild beneath a comet show.
Show Time - Lovers meet at a NoFX show.
Shower - Sexy couple relax in hot shower.
Shower Room Beauty - He gets an eyeful of athletic blonde.
Showing Marcus 'The Ropes' - Virgin meets brother's girlfriend.
Sid & Me - She demands you satisfy her.
Silvered Glass Globe - Paul's Saturday at the office turns wild.
Sis-In-Law - Wife's sister stays over, with sexy results.
Sister In Law - Wife's sister needs a place to stay.
Sisterly Revenge - Tina makes play from brother-in-law-to-be.
Slave - Free slave in Europe falls for lovely lady.
Slave to the Duke I -The Duke chooses a pretty young maid.
Slave to the Duke II - The Duke shares his new slave.
Slave to the Duke III - The Duke and his slave visit the King.
Slut Lessons Pt. I - Cheerleader competes in bizarre sex contest.
Slut Lessons Pt. X - Leslie takes her brother and her cousin.
Slut Mode - Man and wife cut loose at high school reunion.
Small Man - Underendowed guy discovers wife's secret life.
Snapshots - Wife teases young photographer.
So How Was Your Vacation? Pt. I - He meets mom/daughter.
So How Was Your Vacation? Pt. II - He gets to know Janet.
Soccer Surprise - Man fantasizes about soccer mom.
Some Things Never Change - Arrogant man meets familiar girl.
Something For Mary Pt. I - Hubby finds wife's lust for black men.
Sour Stomach - Virgin Alan faces temptation, and loses.
Spirited - Lola inherits old mansion with a past.
Sporting Goods in the Fitting Room - You try on a few things.
Stacy's Adventure - Woman yearns for friend's father.
Steve & Stef - Guy & girl meet & fall in love near Halloween.
Stormy Night - Charming blonde shelters stranded motorist.
Strangers - John's obsessed with mysterious blonde.
Strangers in the Night Pt. I - Cyber flirt leads to late-night RL.
Stress Relief at Work - Her lover brings her dinner and more.
Sue's First Time - His girlfriend's younger sis seduces him.
Summer Heat - Horny girl sleeps with boyfriend's buddy.
Summer Intern - Sexy Tabby makes a move on college junior.
Sunbather - He watches sexy woman on private beach.
Supergirl, Whining - Life ain't easy for Super-teen.
Superman's Lament - It ain't easy being the Man of Steel.
Surprised Work Sex Pt. II - He and Sandy continue affair.
Suzi Pt. I - Small-town boy goes on blind date.
Suzi Pt. II - Matt, Karen, & Suzi take pictures.
Stacy's Adventure - Woman yearns for friend's father.
Stalked - Pious young girl encounters handsome substitute teacher.
Stalked Pt. II - Emily and Mike are reunited.
Stalked Pt. III - Mystery man enters her life again.
Stalked Pt. IV - Emily meets her stalker.
Stalked Pt. V - Mike reveals all to frightened Emily.
Stalked Pt. VI - Mike takes Emily where she's never gone before.
Still Life With Teeth - Hungry woman satiates herself.
Stormy Night - Charming blonde shelters stranded motorist.
Stranger in the Bonfire - Valinde finds validation.
Student's Pet - Teacher succumbs to sexy schoolgirl.
Suburban Sprawl Pt. I - Darren & Cathy adjust to parental life.
Summer Intern - Sexy Tabby makes a move on college junior.
Sunday Magazine - Centenarian reminisces about past fun.
Sunday Morning - Couple plays power games.
Surprised Work Sex - Married man on business trip gets lucky.
Sweet Little Janie - He loves his little wild woman.
Swimming Lessons - Horny woman gets wet in pool.
Swimming Lessons? - Kayley gets a surprise while skinny dipping.
Take My Wife...Please - Wife fucks other men to excite husband.
Tales from Smasher's... Pt. I - He meets bizarre woman at bar.
Talk Dirty To Me - Innocent phone call gets hot.
Tami - Aussie makes it with a lovely coed.
Tammy - He drives home a sexy, drunk volleyball player.
Tan, Oiled, and Ready - He spies sexy neighbor sunbathing.
Tara on a Tear - College girl takes control on cross-country trip.
Tasty Treat - He and Leanna enjoy adult movies together.
Teacher's Pets Pt. II - Teacher gives Paul one-on-one tutoring.
Teaching Patti I - High school play director falls for young actress.
Teaching Patti II - Young girl is watched while undressing in closet.
Teaching Patti III - He finally gets close to sexy high school girl.
Teaching Patti IV - Sexy high school girl gives oral for the first time.
Teaching Patti V - Teacher gives young high school lover a spanking.
Teaching Patti VI - High school girl tries phone sex for first time.
Teaching Patti VII
- High school Patti loses her virginity.
Teasing Terri Pt. I - Sexy girl takes care of more than the kids.
Teasing Terri Pt. II - Babysitter gives Wayne oral assistance.
Teenage Porn Star - Sexy young girl moves into town.
Teen Surprise - His daughter's Brit friend catches his eye.
Tell Me Everything - She confesses all to a voice on the phone.
Terri's - He yearns for incredible tease.
Thank God for Older Women - Motel clerk meets aging stripper.
The Actual Story - Wild sex on a futuristic battlefield.
The Adventures of Semen... - He saves us from bad porn.
The Affair - Happily married Teri falls for another man.
The Airport Pt. I - He picks up his cyber lover after flight.
The Airport Pt. II - They consummate their love.
The Airport Pt. III - They enjoy a shower together.
The Ancient Prophecy VI: Reunited - Anna searches for Atrus.
The Angel - Foggy night holds a surprise for Pete.
The Australian Visit - Brother's wife keeps Neil company.
The Australian Visit Pt. II - Neil helps Dave enjoy Polly.
The Babysitter - The highschool babysitter takes his virginity.
The Babysitter - Ben watches over shy Sophie.
The Babysitter... & More! - Babysitter gets the ultimate tip.
The Bank Raid - Robber takes wife in front of husband.
The Benefits of Exaggeraid - Incredible drug changes man's life.
The Best Man - Groom's buddy gets a surprise after showering.
The Bet I: Bonnie - Young girl loses her virginity in bet.
The Bet II: Simone - Girl watches friend have sex with her brother.
The Bet III: Simone's Attack - Little sister seduces older brother.
The Boss's Party - He's punished for being late.
The Bus - Sally connects with good-looking driver.
The Cabin - Winter storm ignites sparks between man & woman.
The Cabin - Hopeless romantics meet for a swim.
The Call - Mike keeps Sarah occupied during business phone call.
The Carpenter's Visit - Contractor gets a big surprise.
The Cast's Couch - Kristi tempts virgin Brendan.
The Cat - Hotel couple are not what they seem.
The Club - The girls visit an exclusive for-women nightclub.
The Conference - Adulterous spouses sneak precious moments together.
The Conversation & the Conclusion - Couple talks sex.
The Couple - His friend's wife seduces him on couch.
The Cum Eaters - Sisters discover their love for the sticky stuff.
The Damsel in the Diner - Man rescues girl from jerk boyfriend.
The Darkroom Pt. I - Photographer makes shocking discovery.
The Darkroom Pt. II - He ponders the mysterious proof sheets.
The Date - Ashley's online love is not what she expected.
The Day He Did It - Richard takes Judy's virginity.
The Dean - Teacher shows the Dean her lesson plan.
The Delivery - UPS driver arrives with special package just for her.
The Discovery of a Lifetime - Girl discovers a unique ability.
The Dissertation - Student and teacher meet again after affair.
The Dream Pt. I - They don't need words to express their lust.
The Dream - Thoughts of him invade her sleep.
The Dream - Man stranded on island finds intriguing companionship.
The Dream Reaper - Man is perplexed by nightly visitor.
The Dream Reaper Pt. II - He learns about the Dream Reaper.
The Dream Reaper Pt. III - He embarks on the Dream Quest.
The Dream Reaper Pt. VI - Abby competes for the best dream.
The Dream Reaper Pt. VII - The Reaper announces the Top 10.
The Dream Reaper Pt. VIII - Abby competes.
The Dream Reaper Pt. IX - The Dream Team is chosen.
The Dream Reaper Pt. X - The real contest begins.
The Dream Reaper Pt. XI - Paul's presence is called into question.
The Dream Reaper Pt. XIII - All enjoy Rone's dream.
The Dream Reaper Pt. XIV - Conrad unveils his dream.
The Dream Reaper Pt. XV - Candra takes her turn.
The Dream Reaper Pt. XVII - The winner is announced.
The Dream Reaper Pt. XVIII - Paul tries something new.
The Dream Reaper Pt. XIX - Paul hears the Reaper's story.
The Dream Reaper Pt. XX - Paul tries to earn villagers' respect.
The Dream Reaper Pt. XXII - Abby helps Paul fulfill requests.
The Dream Reaper Pt. XXIII - The village is challenged.
The Dream Reaper Pt. XXIV - Norris satiates a princess.
The Dream Reaper Pt. XXV - Fren visits army barracks.
The Dream Reaper Pt. XXVI - Weather hits the village.
The Dream Reaper Pt. XXVII - Abby visits Earth.
The Dream Reaper Pt. XXVIII - Reaper makes a suggestion.
The Elevator - He's trapped with snobby woman.
The Exchange Student - Rebecca yearns for well-endowed Brit.
The Fantasy - Zandra's visited by mysterious lover.
The Farming Sister-in-Law - He falls for brother's lovely wife.
The Fifty-Cent Tour - He shows sexy neighbor around his new RV.
The Floor - Confident woman is bowled over by mystery man.
The Freshman & The Nymph - Quake brings students together.
The Freshman and the Nymph Pt. II - He annoints Monica.
The Freshman Party - Girl loses virginity at dorm party.
The Gardener's Daughter - Father's fantasy leads to family fun.
The Girl Next Door - He dreams of sexy neighbor.
The Good Doctor - Physicians at a convention share a room.
The Good Life - Student is "tutored" by sexy BBW.
The Handyman -  Shy handyman meets insecure woman, and sparks fly.
The Handyman Again Ch I - She needs him to fix her.
The Handyman Again Ch II - Handyman makes house call.
The Handyman Again Ch III - She seduces the shy Handyman.
The Handyman Again Ch IV - He brings her to heaven... twice.
The Handyman Again Ch V - More sex play in her bedroom.
The Handyman Again Ch VI - Handyman fixes her good.
The High School Chronicles: Dream Girl - Soccer girl lust.
The High School Chronicles Pt. II - Hot soccer girl teaches him.
The High School Chronicles Pt. IV - Couple considers threesome.
The Hitchhiker - Girl gets a ride from trucker.
The Hollywood Gigolo Pt. I - Shania Twain rents lucky escort.
The Hot Spot - Guy gets girlfriend's sister at rave.
The Ice Cream Man - Small town boy hits the west coast.
The Interview - She knows how to make a good impression.
The Jacuzzi Encounter - He meets you at wild frat party.
The Jock and Me - Goth girl gets with high school athlete.
The Journey Towards Ecstasy - Girl discovers new world.
The Invisible Man and His "Angel" - Man uses his powers.
The Life of Ronald - Boy & sexy girlfriend make time.
The Lift - She gives you oral pleasure in the elevator.
The Long Way Home - Worn out husband meets lovely bus driver.
The Lunch - Couple indulge in a lunchtime quickie.
The Magician - Magic woman meets her match.
The Meeting - She rendezvous with her fantasy lover.
The Meeting - Car trouble leads blonde to handsome store employee.
The Mind Doctor I - Female doctor performs hypnotic experiments.
The Mind Doctor II - Doctor helps Paul, and he helps horny women.
The Mind Doctor III - Research assistant requests hypnotic therapy.
The Mind Doctor IV - Doctor helps sexually exhausted tennis pro.
The Mind Doctor V - Doctor's patients help each other.
The Mirror Pt. I - Woman discovers magic in antique shop.
The Mirror Pt. II - Man trapped in mirror invokes sexy spells.
The Mirror Pt. V - Couple experiments with the mirror's power.
The Mirror Pt. VI - Azamond is shot, and Janet explores.
The Morning After - Night out ends unexpectedly.
The Necrophiles Have Your Wife - Strange man calls Allison.
The Necrophiles Have...Pt. II - Barry plays trick on Allison.
The Necrophiles Have...Pt. III - Kidnapper contacts Allison.
The Necrophiles Have...Pt. IV - Allison meets Sid.
The Necrophiles Have...Pt. V - Sid sells Allison to a cult.
The Necrophiles...Pt. VI - Reporter follows a dangerous lead.
The Necrophiles...Pt. VII - Janet prepares to go undercover.
The Necrophiles...Pt. VIII - Janet's plans go awry.
The Neighbor - Neighbor seduces young stud.
The New Boy - Vixen invites new kid over for a little fun.
The New Lawyer in Town - Husband is drawn to legal assistant.
The Night - Lonely lady goes out on the town.
The Office - John is surprised by sexy new redhead assistant.
The Office Visit - Doctor treats all his pain.
The Oldest Dance - Sylvia dances with a stranger.
The OTHER Time of the Month - She's a wildcat!
The Park - Sexy girl brings him to multiple orgasms.
The Party - He watches her at a party, they dance, and...
The Party - He spies your sexy self from across the room.
The Party - Thirtyish guy wanders over to neighbor's late-night bash.
The Phone Call - Woman enjoys hot phone sex at work.
The Phone Call - Friend cheers wife while husband's away.
The Photo Session - Male model gets dream girl assignment.
The Pink Ch. I - In a future world, women rule and men serve.
The Pink Ch. II - Eric tries to solve the riddle of the drug.
The Plane to Tahiti - Chatroom lovers fly First Class to Paradise.
The Portal Pt. I - Scientist's daughter falls into new world.
The Portal Pt. II - Cathy tries to return home.
The Portal Pt. III - She takes her father through the doorway.
The Postman's Tale - Mail carrier delivers to sexy young girl.
The Potion - You and your girl test a powerful aphrodisiac.
The Preacher's Wife - Baptist boy lusts for pastor's woman.
The Promise - Man lusts for forbidden fruit: another man's wife.
The Prostitute and Me -  College guy rents a whore.
The Quinlans Came to Take Her - He comes for daughter.
The Realtor - Sexy agent shows him more than houses.
The Return Visit - James takes Katy out for reminiscing and more.
The Ride - She takes a ride with you on a Harley.
The Rider - Man encounters busty babe Kate on the trail.
The Road Trip - Couple gets hot on a hot Phoenix drive.
The Rookie - Girl goes up to the ol' bat for the first time.
The Shave - Lovely Lori shaves for first time.
The Sister - He enjoys homemade porn with ex's sister.
The Slab - Prostitute gets off on taking his virginity.
The Slave Of War - Part IV of the Ancient Prophecy series.
The Ski House - Ski trip holds big surprise for college girl.
The Ski Trip - She and Frank heat up in the hot tub.
The Sona Ch. I - He finds beauty on the dance floor.
The Song - She discovers love in a good friend.
The Sophomore Jinx - College girl explores her sexuality.
The Specimen - Blonde nurse helps hubby with sperm sample.
The Starlet - Evelyn Devane knows how to get ahead in show biz.
The Stockboy - Trudy gets milk... and a little beef... at the grocery store.
The Stool - She gives him a wild private show.
The Sunday Letter - She remembers hot times with you.
The Teacher: Lesson One - Coed is hot for chemistry professor.
The Teacher: Lesson Three - Teacher brings a friend.
The Thin Line Between... - Who knew hardware was so fun?
The Three Hour Tease Pt. I - Man meets the Queen of Tease.
The Three Hour Tease Pt. II - He and Gail enjoy a bite to eat.
The Three Hour Tease Pt. III - "Honey" gets a little sugar.
The Three Hour Tease Pt. IV - Encounter reaches its climax.
The Time Machine Ch. 1 - Walter finds an interesting use for new device.
The Time Machine Ch. 2 - Walter's neighbor has strange dreams.
The Time Machine Ch. 3 - Walter's neighbor makes a connection.
The 300 - Spartan warrior fights the last battle.
The Tour - Guy gets job on Britney Spears/Christina Aguilera tour.
The Tour Pt. IV - He and Britney get down.
The Tour Bus - Tour manager does all for boy band star.
The Toy Store -  One evil toymaker, two orphans, and lots of sex.
The Trap - Cool coworker gets hot for him.
The Trinity Pt. I - Mysterious woman shakes up committed husband.
The Trinity Pt. II - Asian trip leads to strange encounter.
The Trinity Pt. III - Toi returns to Phillip.
The Trinity Pt. IV - Mrs. Jenkins confronts Nikki.
The Trinity Pt. V - Phillip is treated to fiery Charisma.
The Trinity Pt. VI - Nikki leaves note for Phillip.
The Trip (by Jimi Linden) - Employee and boss lust on long drive.
The Trip (by Fallen) - Business trip changes couple forever.
The Twin Sister's Erotic Escapades - Sisters get racy.
The Very Best Ever - Sexy blonde gives him a lunch to remember.
The Voice - Sheriff's daughter gets caught on hot date.
The Walk-In Closet - Sexy young woman gets intimate in the closet.
The Wedding - Bride and groom enjoy their first night together.
The Weekend - Long distance lovers come together.
The Wizard and the Unicorn - Plain girl gets tutoring online.
The Workout - Off-duty cop gets sweaty with sexy Suzie.
The X-Rated Files - Scully and Mulder search for succubus.
Theater - Man fantasizes about coffee shop girl.
Thou Shalt Not... - Stranded city girl seduces Amish hunk.
Thoughts of You - She fantasizes about him.
Three Words - He waits at motel for luscious vixen.
Tiffany's First - Hunky family friend takes a job at Tiffany's school.
Time Loop - Jake tries to stop his own death.
Time Out - Pastor, priest and rabbi minister to college girl.
Tit for a Tat - New guy is welcomed by busty neighbor.
Tom's Adventure - You fly to Miami to take her virginity.
Tomboy - Man plays trick on neighbor girl.
TomBoy's Awakening - Young girl explores sex with boy friends.
TomBoy's Awakening II - Missy is taken for the first time.
Tommy & Michelle Ch. 1 - Michelle takes his virginity.
Tony - Daughter's hunky friend gets mom hot.
Tony Pt. III - Mom gets with daughter's hunky friend.
Tori Pt. I - Tori meets Jay on a hot Friday night.
Tori Pt. II - Tori studies with Dean.
Tornado Warning! - Shorty gives her a twister.
Tragedy at Gideon - Part 5 of the Ancient Prophecy series.
Train Ride to Ecstasy - Two strangers make time on trip.
Tribal Love - Lonely hotel owner meets Hindi girl.
Tribute to a BBW - He loves a curvy lady.
True Love - Married people's chat leads to affair.
True Love: The Tales... - She and he are a perfect match.
True Rendezvous... - Author's talents go beyond the written word.
Truth and Consequences - Curvy woman searches for Mr. Right.
Tub Trouble - Friend's wife makes advances.
Tucked Away... - Wild sex in a hotel room.
Turok's Quest - He seeks to save queen with sex.
Two Bags for the Bride - Tennis pro chooses the ugly sister.
Two of a Kind - Therapy changes young couple.
Two Sisters - He tries out both siblings in the same night.
Two Sisters Pt. II - He Marthas, then goes Caroling.
Ultimate Massage - She rubs you the right way.
Under Maggie's Desk - He finds pleasure in boss's feet.
Underwear? We Don't Need... - Couple doffs undies.
Vast Ch. I - Worn husband fantasizes about prostitutes.
Vast Ch. II - Colin seeks fulfillment of fantasy with mixed results.
Vast Ch. III - Colin returns home after visit.
Vast Ch. IV - Colin meets neighbor girl and cat.
Vast Ch. V - Richquick faces bankruptcy.
Vast Ch. VI - Colin meets Dorothy & Prince.
Vast Ch. VII - Richquick prepares for Sultan's visit.
Vast Ch. VIII - Colin seeks escape, and Dorothy dreams.
Vast Ch. IX - Colin spends Saturday with family.
Vast Ch. X - Colin dreams of Dorothy, and meets Karim.
Vast Ch. XI - Colin goes to lunch.
Vast Ch. XII - Colin stands up for himself.
Vast Ch. XIII - Colin meets Dorothy's sister.
Vast Ch. XIV - Colin interviews Liscio.
Vast Ch. XV - Colin returns home after triumph.
Vast Ch. XVI - Colin meets Dorothy at sale.
Vast Ch. XVII - Dorothy contemplates her future.
Vast Ch. XVIII - Colin goes to Dorothy.
Vast Ch. XIX - Colin runs away.
Vast Ch. XX - Sarah and Jane come home.
Vast Ch. XXI - Colin returns to RichQuick.
Vast Ch. XXII - Colin's enemies seek revenge.
Vast Ch. XXIII - Colin interviews the Minister.
Vast Ch. XXIV - Colin & Dorothy face the future.
Veronica's Love - She falls for hunky bartender.
Via Email - Cuckhold confronts the other man via email.
Victoria's Dirty Little Secret - She's overcome by professor.
Virgins No More - Matt and Sarah finally satisfy their passion.
Virginities Lost Pt. I - College kids explore new territory together.
Visiting Yuki - He takes you, his submissive Japanese girl.
Vixen's Prize - You guess correctly, and she must pay.
Waiting - Lauren tempts her abstinent boyfriend.
Weathergirl - College student finds love on Spring Break 1985.
Weekend at Betty's - He lusts for sexy older woman.
Weekend at Betty's Pt. II - He enjoys time with sexy older woman.
Weekend at Betty's Pt. III - He enjoys Betty for breakfast.
What Did You Do Friday...Pt. I - Cashier's wild night out.
What's Good For The Goose... - Couple goes to The Stroll.
When The Elevator... - He's stuck with elegant businesswoman.
When Witch Kimmy Comes... - She pleases her wizard lover.
Where Eagles Fly - She's taken to new heights.
Whipped Cream & Chocolate Syrup - He eats birthday sweet.
White Out - Winter night explodes for passionate lovers.
White Slaves Pt. I - Xena encounters the warrior Milan by a pond.
White Slaves Pt. II - Xena and Milan arrive in Bandar.
Widow Tom Fucks his Neighbor - Older man / younger woman.
Wild Night - Gorgeous couple spend hot night alone.
With A Twist - Man finds Destiny in a bar.
Working -  He loves working for housewife next door.
Working Late - Sultry siren seduces you on the job.
Workout at the Gym - New gym hunk helps relieve Helen's stress.
Worth the Wait - Man yearns for sexy ebony coworker.
Wrestling For His Teacher - Athlete lusts for sexy professor.
Your Weekend At The Beach - She catches you naked on the sand.

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