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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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Marti's Exam

 — Marti is examined for her new owner. by jerryjwj02/04/083.92

Marti's Friend

 — Fourth chapter of Marti's lost bet at the auction house. by jerryjwj09/10/104.16

Marti's Owner

 — She loses a bet and is delivered to her new owner. by jerryjwj05/14/083.90

Marti's Wager

 — The toss of a die decides Marti's fate. by jerryjwj01/29/083.89

Martin's Story Ch. 01

 — 18-year-old punished by female relatives for watching porn. by switchboy25702/25/113.88

Marty's Mom Takes on the Town Ch. 1

 — He finds mom with a stranger. by ruralgoddess02/21/014.23


 — A Medieval girl meets a boat load of aliens. by Mr_Frobenius09/12/103.61


 — Two girls doing missionary work. by Scandman07/19/143.72

Mary at the Royal Court Ch. 01

 — Going to the big city. by anotherguyfromsweden06/07/054.00

Mary Jo Ch. 01

 — Mistaken identity brings two together. by amsterdam04/11/044.47

Mary Jo's Surprise

 — Workers teach bitchy customer a lesson. by PAS02/01/014.05

Mary Louise Ch. 02

 — It is all out of her hands. by mlyn07/20/044.39

Mary Pattinson Pt. 01

 — Steve Evans - She reluctantly cheats. by TeamEquipe08/16/144.22

Mary Pattinson Pt. 02

 — Is it cheating if it's done for a valid reason? by TeamEquipe09/22/143.79

Mary Read

 — A young man learns a pirate's life may be for him. by mikado200503/04/094.04

Mary's Discovery

 — Mary discovers a new side to her boyfriend when he takes her. by johnnymil01/15/103.80

Mary's New Life

 — Young woman is used by boss and co-workers. by The_Assman03/15/114.18

Mary's New Life Ch. 02

 — Mary's use by boss and co-workers continues. by The_Assman03/19/113.97

Mary's New Life Ch. 03

 — Mary's use by boss and co-workers continues. by The_Assman03/23/114.30

Mary's New Life Ch. 04

 — Mary's use by co-workers continues. by The_Assman03/24/114.28

Mary's New Life Ch. 05

 — Mary is taken shopping by Susan. by The_Assman03/27/114.20

Mary's New Life Ch. 06

 — Mary is put on display and used again. by The_Assman03/30/114.28

Mary, Maid To Serve Pt. 01

 — Irish teenager begins her service. by TheDarkCloud09/26/074.15

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary!

 — Wife gets more than she bargained for. by fanatic28201/01/073.85

MaryAnn Tries Submissive

 — Beautiful young widow tries something new & exotic. by MaryAnn67808/22/074.34

Masked Man

 — He leaves her no choice. by cheap_thrills10/24/054.22

Masquerade Ch. 01

 — Behind a mask, Eleanor tricks & seduces her coworkers. by ElectricBadger10/23/084.17

Masquerade Ch. 02

 — Behind a mask, Eleanor tricks Kevin into bed. by ElectricBadger12/16/084.38

Masquerade Ch. 03

 — Still in disguise, Eleanor pushes Kevin past his limits. by ElectricBadger12/17/084.12

Masquerade Ch. 04

 — Eleanor goes shopping and finds a girl. by ElectricBadger12/18/084.00

Mass Effect Anguish Ch. 01

 — A dark, alternate tale of the Reaper victory in ME1. by TheBrownRecluse81810/14/144.48

Masseur for a Day

 — Unsuspecting coworker makes an appointment for massage. by Wet14U07/01/074.55HOT

Masseuse Surprise

 — He finds himself happily compromised at his massage. by zeldo10/23/054.30

Master and Teacher

 — Kim gets a tutorial in much more than Math. by BrettJ08/05/054.44

Master of Fire

 — A ghost kidnaps a young half-vampire. by suggababy07/26/124.43

Master of Fire Ch. 02

 — A ghost kidnaps a young half-vampire. by suggababy08/01/124.54HOT

Master of Fire Ch. 03

 — A ghost kidnaps a young half-vampire. by suggababy08/09/124.46

Master of Fire Ch. 04

 — A ghost kidnaps a half-vampire. by suggababy08/13/124.73HOT

Master of Fire Ch. 05

 — A ghost kidnaps a young half-vampire. by suggababy08/17/124.65HOT

Master of Fire Ch. 06

 — A ghost kidnaps a young half-vampire. by suggababy08/23/124.58HOT

Master of Fire Ch. 07

 — A ghost kidnaps a young half-vampire. by suggababy08/26/124.56HOT

Master of Fire Ch. 08

 — A ghost kidnaps a young half-vampire. by suggababy11/17/124.77HOT

Master Rob's Prey

 — Megan is drugged and captured. by Galgo01/23/134.33

Master Rob's Prey Ch. 02

 — Megan meets Mindy. by Galgo02/26/134.34

Master Takes Her

 — Master takes his new virgin for a ride. by winged_rose01/04/063.99

Master's Ante

 — Man uses woman as poker bet. by ak_lovepaddles12/20/014.04

Master's Bitch Ch. 01

 — She gets her comeuppance for being out at night. by Masterslittlewhore08/01/073.89

Master's Bitch Ch. 02

 — The Punishment doesn't stop. by Masterslittlewhore08/02/074.18

Master's Bitch Ch. 03

 — The Slut gets 'washed'. by Masterslittlewhore08/03/074.08

Mastering Bella

 — Graduate starts a new job. by xelliebabex10/02/114.41

Mastering Bella Ch. 02

 — The rules of the game. by xelliebabex10/02/114.49

Mastering Bella Ch. 03

 — Not just a game: three punishments and three pleasures. by xelliebabex10/13/114.49

Mastering Bella Ch. 04

 — The kiss that lingers/Wearing her slavery. by xelliebabex11/08/114.58HOT

Mastering Bella Ch. 05

 — The hand that feeds. The game gets real. by xelliebabex05/17/124.66HOT

Mastering Bella Ch. 06

 — He gains more control. by xelliebabex07/17/124.56HOT

Mastering Bella Ch. 07

 — The Club. by xelliebabex07/22/124.70HOT

Mastering Bella Ch. 08

 — Questions and answers, secrets and lies. by xelliebabex09/14/124.69HOT

Mastering Bella Ch. 09

 —  Going home and the party. by xelliebabex09/26/124.69HOT

Mastering Bella Ch. 10

 — Choices. by xelliebabex10/01/124.75HOT

Mata Hairy Returns Ch. 01

 — She is trapped by 4 soldiers in Mission Baghdad. by belab04/06/033.54

Mata Hairy Returns Ch. 02

 — For cuntry she takes on all 4 studs while Barry escapes. by belab04/07/033.87


 — Life after Sixville 1. by temptanddestroy05/08/074.23

Matchmaking Trap Ch. 04

 — Donna's fate is sealed. by SEVERUSMAX09/15/054.20

Mating Habits Ch. 01

 — Coincidence brings him and his dreamgirl together. by FreedomFromRestraint01/11/094.03

Matt's Attitude Adjustment

 — She rapes the egotistical jerk. by JRaven03/25/044.35

Matter of Taste

 — He called her a liar, and she made him eat his words. by edrider7303/07/143.00

Mature Teacher Defiled

 — Naive divorced teacher is taught a lesson. by Linda5904/19/134.41

Maureen's Abduction

 — Maureen is stolen by slavers and trained for sexual pleasure. by sethp04/15/114.42

Mavis Gets Even

 — Hell hath no fury like a woman taken advantage of. by Just Plain Bob10/01/064.45

Maxine's Downfall

 — The bossy office bitch gets her wedding present early. by Menderman07/20/044.53HOT

Maxine's Impregnation

 — Maintenance man fertilizes bossy co-worker. by Menderman11/07/044.48

Maxine's Impregnation Ch. 02

 — Trapped for the weekend, Maxine learns more about sex. by Menderman11/09/044.59HOT

Maxine's Impregnation Ch. 03

 — Learning the art of lesbian sex, Japanese style. by Menderman11/13/044.63HOT

Maxine's Wedding

 — More than groom can claim his rights. by Menderman09/10/044.42

May I Know Your Name?

 — A vile act is planned. by phsssst04/13/044.41

May's Fantasy Night

 — May slides slowly into a sexual honey-trap of soft rope. by avalon_sunset11/06/104.75HOT

Maya's Story Ch. 01

 — Shy woman from India meets Yukon Erik. by JustLikeEwe05/13/084.12

Maya's Story Ch. 07

 — he had to have her that way by JustLikeEwe05/20/084.27

Mayor McBoob

 — The mayor knows how to win votes. by Magna1205/16/064.24

McKenzie's Post: Final Celebration

 — Her stalker "celebrates" the school year's "end." by whoruwhoami06/29/094.34


 — Out of work scientist gives Suzie a facial. by Misanthropist01/22/023.75

Me and Fee Fee

 — The fee for nude photos is pussy. by R. Richard01/07/043.99

Me and Marise

 — My daughter's first. by rozetty110/15/152.94

Me and My Brother Home Alone Ch. 01

 — My brother rapes me then makes me his slave. by jeky10010/17/13

Me, Kelly & Kevin Ch. 01

 — Black woman is enjoyed by white couple. by bi_blk_slut09/17/084.04

Me, Kelly & Kevin Ch. 02

 — Kevin fucks us both. by bi_blk_slut09/27/084.16

Me, Too

 — Art students copy what the art teacher does. by Ashson12/03/134.00

Mean Girls of Maplewood Ch. 00

 — Nerd is sexually assaulted and dominated by two cheerleaders. by mondotoken11/18/134.02

Mean Girls of Maplewood Ch. 01

 — Red has relationship problems with her boyfriend Brad. by mondotoken12/07/134.14

Mean Girls of Maplewood Ch. 02

 —  Busty Girl has the worst day of her life, then meets Red. by mondotoken12/29/133.76

Mean Girls of Maplewood Ch. 03

 — Leslie wants her cock back: Humbert is an idiot. by mondotoken02/28/144.00

Mean Girls of Maplewood Ch. 04

 — The Mean Girls visit April. Brad tries to outsmart Red. by mondotoken04/08/144.13

Mean Girls of Maplewood Ch. 05

 — The epic destruction of Brad Tucker: And a whole lot of sex! by mondotoken05/30/143.98

Mean Girls of Maplewood Ch. 06

 — Bitch Leslie finds out what being a victim is all about!! by mondotoken09/19/144.24

Mean Girls of Maplewood Ch. 07

 — Bitch Leslie finally pushes him too far!! by mondotoken09/27/144.34

Mean Girls of Maplewood Ch. 08

 — The Epic Destruction of Bitch Leslie!! by mondotoken01/27/154.32

Mean Girls of Maplewood Ch. 09

 — Bitch Queen of Maplewood High begins to lose her sanity!! by mondotoken08/14/154.18

Mean Girls of Maplewood Ch. 10

 — Bitch Queen of Maplewood High experiences karma!! by mondotoken10/01/154.20

Med School

 — Medical students take liberties with their patients. by cowboy10901/27/103.57

Medicine Ch. 01

 — What happens in those strange therapy sessions with my doctor? by sarahcoulborn02/18/124.21

Medicine Ch. 02

 — I plan to trick the dirty doctor. by sarahcoulborn02/19/124.32

Medicine Ch. 03

 — Things get curiouser and curiouser. by sarahcoulborn02/23/124.25

Meena Gangbanged.

 — Indian wife is taken by four men in front of her unwell husband. by eroticweaver09/09/093.64

Meet the Buggermans

 — Hot couple falls prey to bisexual urban myth predators. by FINC09/15/064.23


 — Spilling his cum leads to...? by Lyn Lei10/01/044.08


 — Anger from the past still remains. And revenge is sweet. by LeilaG12/12/152.62

Meeting Ch. 02

 — The punishment. by Lyn Lei10/14/043.81

Meeting Ch. 03

 — And for your dessert... by Lyn Lei10/22/043.87

Meeting Her Lover

 — How I met one of the lovers Julia took. by uk_vbb09/28/093.93

Meeting his Demands Ch. 01

 — Wife is blackmailed into performing sex acts. by SusanSlutwife11/14/124.02

Meeting his Demands Ch. 02

 — Blackmailed wife must submit to more than she knows. by SusanSlutwife11/20/124.27

Meeting John's Boss!

 — He offers wife to boss in exchange for promotion. by ARGEE01/14/034.24

Meeting Lucia

 — A fan meets Lucia in Real Life. by fisforfuun05/29/133.64

Meeting Miss Cascadden

 — Prissy chick learns a lesson in manners. by gary_fortunate08/07/064.22

Meeting of the Six Kings Ch. 01

 — Their unusual introduction. by cleverfox11/25/144.69HOT

Meeting of the Six Kings Ch. 02

 — A promise and a punishment. by cleverfox12/01/144.67HOT

Meeting of the Six Kings Ch. 03

 — A King claims her. by cleverfox12/07/144.57HOT

Meeting of the Six Kings Ch. 04

 — Reunited. by cleverfox12/19/144.82HOT

Meeting of the Six Kings Ch. 05

 — He is desperate to keep her. by cleverfox12/28/144.79HOT

Meeting of the Six Kings Ch. 06

 — The story finds its end. by cleverfox01/11/154.82HOT

Meeting The Big Bad Wolf

 — You make her rape fantasy all too real. by sxykttn05/29/034.23

Meeting the Neighbors

 — Neighbor finds her fantasies & makes them come true. by angelx60207/18/054.28

Meeting Tom

 — Woman attacked by older man after agreement goes wrong. by synn1411/25/103.93

Meeting with Mr. Thomas

 — Miss Greene must prove she's not a cheater. by orbitsub10/01/124.02


 — Hot friend is drugged and taken advantage of. by arisrofl02/26/123.77

Meg Ch. 02

 — Friend is drugged, taken in bed. by arisrofl09/22/143.60

Megan & Me

 —  A beautiful girl and sleeping pills. by meatman0405/14/043.93

Megan & Me Ch. 02

 — Time to seal the deal. by meatman0405/24/044.13

Megan & Mom Get Busted

 — Corrupt Scottish cop abuses his authority. by Tad_Unreliable04/02/074.33

Megan Ch. 01

 — Megan is an 18-year-old virgin. by ukangelusuk03/03/114.06

Megan Ch. 01

 — Daddy always told bad things would happen. by Something_Everything11/26/143.91

Megan's a Bitch

 — Step-daughter takes control. by flamanch05/18/133.72

Megan's a Bitch Ch. 02

 — Megan exerts her control. by flamanch05/24/134.07

Megan's a Bitch Ch. 03

 — Megan, a porn shop, and services rendered. by flamanch05/30/134.32

Megan's a Bitch Ch. 04

 — A day of degradation from Megan's girlfriends. by flamanch07/18/133.97

Megan's Girlfriend

 — A dominant college senior makes a freshman boy her new toy, by nicodol03/07/104.22

Megan's Ordeal

 — Supermarket encounter leads to ravishment. by freefall3207/12/114.01

Megan's Ordeal Continues

 — She is taken in every way. by freefall3207/20/114.22

Megan's Purrfect Night

 — Megan realizes that she was never dominate in the bedroom. by angelgirl963103/28/074.23

Mei Suk Yoo’s First Trip to America

 — Thugs steal Chinese sales lady’s “wares”. by likebadfun07/07/093.61

Melanie & Her Coach Ch. 01

 — 18-year-old schoolgirl & soccer player loses off the field. by OzArrian05/04/073.96

Melanie & Her Coach Ch. 02

 — The continuing defilement of a soccer playing schoolgirl. by OzArrian05/07/074.05

Melanie & Her Coach Ch. 03

 — Coach Daniels completes a schoolgirl's submission. by OzArrian05/14/074.21

Melanie Gets Screwed

 — Virgin cocktease is bound and taken in every hole. by quimmaster10/05/044.41

Melanie Learns a Hard Lesson

 — Melanie discovers the consequences of disrespect. by Jewdles12/17/153.96


 — Young man answeres older BBW's job ad, gets a surprise. by Dar_Jisbo04/22/13

Melissa and Jay Investigations

 — Melissa and Jay Investigations. by chubbs201403/31/154.22

Melissa Goes Wild Ch. 06

 — Friday - things go wrong. by littlesquirt03/02/053.92

Melissa is Taught a Lesson

 — Teacher gets revenge on a tease in his class. by angelgothgirl01/18/033.88

Melissa Takes Charge

 — Sexy new boss teases and humiliates a hapless male employee. by hobrigef04/24/142.23

Melissa the Naked Garage Girl

 — As her initiation, she is forced to work naked. by Mattart02/16/063.65

Melissa's Abduction

 — Melissa gives what she gets. by mostanything01/05/054.34

Melissa's Capture Ch. 01

 — Holiday flirting gets young blonde into trouble. by Donald Miller11/17/054.59HOT

Melissa's Capture Ch. 02

 — Beautiful blonde continues to be used. by Donald Miller01/17/064.68HOT

Melissa's Capture Ch. 03

 — Melissa is drawn further into her captor's power. by Donald Miller12/18/084.51HOT

Melissa's Conversion

 — An innocent co-ed becomes an uninhibited slut. by meddlesome12/28/154.66HOT

Melissa's Day Ch. 01

 — Wife taken when husband away. by McWayne02/28/144.22

Melissa's Day Ch. 02

 — Wife taken again while husband is away. by McWayne03/07/144.22

Melissa's Life Ch. 02

 — Traumatic incest and how she copes with it. by meltingclock506/28/123.88

Melissa's Life Ch. 03

 — Traumatic incest and how she copes with it. by meltingclock506/29/124.11

Melissa's Life Ch. 04

 — Traumatic incest and how she copes with it. by meltingclock506/30/124.13

Melissa's New Master

 — Melissa is a good pastors wife, but she is really Joe's slut. by oliver03/27/034.27

Melissa's New Master Ch. 02

 — Melissa feels her masters cock using her for the first time. by oliver03/30/034.38

Melissa's Panties

 — Crazy woman forces a geek to jerk off all over her panties. by away44311/17/154.20

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