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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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My Hot Wife Katie Ch. 11

 — Katie's horny old neighbor. by Freddyj88105/29/094.27

My Hot Wife Katie Ch. 12

 — Katie's week alone continues. by Freddyj88107/11/094.54HOT

My Hot Wife Katie Ch. 13

 — Katie negotiates for the missing file. by Freddyj88110/23/094.52HOT

My Hot Wife Katie Ch. 15

 — Katie visits the hospital. by Freddyj88105/04/104.53HOT

My Hot Wife Katie Ch. 17

 — Katie the Good Neighbor by Freddyj88112/16/104.54HOT

My Hot Wife Katie Ch. 19

 — Katie's Naughty Weekend. by Freddyj88106/01/114.54HOT

My Hot Wife Katie Ch. 21

 — Katie's Atonement. by Freddyj88104/25/134.46

My Hot Wife Katie Ch. 35

 — Katie's Unexpected Encounter. by Freddyj88110/01/154.44

My Hot, Older Neighbor

 — Raping of Cora. by bigdonhabs07/06/094.10

My Hot, Older Neighbor Ch. 02

 — The next time. by bigdonhabs10/09/094.37

My Husband's Boss

 — Wife taken against her will by husbands elderly black boss. by rich052407/05/084.30

My Husband's Friend

 — Husband friend forces himself on sexy wife. by XXXwife12/19/023.79

My Husband's Friend

 — Wife is taken by husband's friend. by anilsahotra03/29/033.91

My Husband's Little Slut Ch. 01

 — My husband's office slut gets taught a lesson. by RedVixon01/20/124.43

My Husband's Little Slut Ch. 02

 — Carrie gets a little more. by RedVixon02/02/124.49

My In-Family Fantasy to Remember

 — Sexy Sister-in-Law's vibrant body is all I want. by gonnagetchu07/07/113.64

My Initiation

 — 18-year-old virgin adjusts to new lifestyle. by Miss_Shy_Newcastle02/14/043.81

My Island Escape

 — A stranger takes my mind off the grief overwhelming me. by LilyNightingale02/06/164.35

My Journey to Submission

 — A married woman on vacation discovers her true passion. by Tina42006/21/094.29

My Landlady

 — Woman tricks a young man. by hardnose07/30/093.76

My Last Chance

 — She's naked, bound, gagged, splayed and squirming. by tittytitty_yumyum06/29/064.43

My Latest Rape Dream

 — Christine gets kidnapped and raped. by Youcantmakemeeee03/13/054.10

My Lesbian Rape

 — She's raped by a former jilted girlfriend. by Bi_c6907/27/013.89

My Lesbian Rape Ch. 2

 — The rape and humiliation continues. by Bi_c6908/11/014.03

My Librarian

 — She's opened like a book and red all over. by altavie05/23/124.30

My Life as a Video Pornographer Ch. 01

 — In which I get all wet washing cars in the summer by ElRoylk08/19/114.35

My Life As A Women's Prison Warden

 — He uses his position to seduce younger women. by denny908/04/014.17

My Life Had Changed

 — She seized the opportunity... by Wordy_1s10/15/15

My Life with Joe

 — He is my life, even if he has to force me to believe it. by hayleytrep408/13/084.21

My Little Bitch

 — He takes his reward for helping her. by FisherXXX02/21/044.04

My Little Geisha

 — 18-year-old Japanese virgin takes wrong turn. by moonmaiden01/28/034.05

My Little Pony Ch. 01

 — She's tricked into signing a pony girl contract. by angelgothgirl08/08/043.90

My Little Pony Ch. 02

 — She is treated to her first day of intense training. by angelgothgirl11/15/043.97

My Little Stalker

 — An obsessed fan meets her idol. by Dream_Operator12/17/124.34

My Little Student

 — Professor pays back teasing student. by Dom_man7601/22/094.03

My Little Sub

 — A perfect afternoon with you, a chubbie little sub. by johnnymil05/18/083.45

My Longest Day

 — A young actress experiences her characters in real life. by sfor12/06/044.48

My Longest Day Ch. 02

 — Eliza's ordeal continues. by sfor12/16/044.64HOT

My Maid

 — Employer seduces maid. by Ashson04/20/144.13

My Maria

 — He watches her, then get a chance to have her. by hafnium1007/03/094.54HOT

My Master Coming Home

 — What happens when I don't listen to my Master. by mymasterlovesme2206/23/133.25

My Master's Choice

 — Her master made a choice she might not agree with. by daddyswhore6904/02/163.94

My Mate's Girlfriend

 — He meets her in unusual circumstances. by Ashson11/05/134.28

My Midnight Surprise

 — Woman is taken by force in her own home. by MoonStruckwitch11/28/083.76

My Mistake

 — I caught my wife, or did I? by nonono6905/20/10

My Mistake

 — Mistakes can happen to anyone by Ashson01/20/144.30

My Mistakes

 — A slave who learns that she pays for her mistakes. by JadeLocke09/22/113.99

My Mistress and I Ch. 01

 — How it all began. by theloonie01/09/054.24

My Mistress and I Ch. 02

 — The first day. by theloonie04/03/054.33

My Mom's Disgusting Boyfriend

 — How my mom's bf ultimately seduced me. by slnovak09/10/034.39

My Mom's Drunk Friend

 — He takes advantage of the sexy buxom neighbour. by GeorgeTasker08/31/094.45

My Mom’s Boyfriend and Me

 — Was it abuse or seduction? by seductiveeyes01/07/064.25

My Mother's Maid

 — I must chastise the new maid. by mary100011/25/154.20

My Name is Jan

 — From precious virgin to doctor's slut. by Jankoh01/16/054.21

My Nameless Fantasy

 — You show up unexpectedly, and meet my other lover. by Meanderingpoet09/22/034.07

My Nasty Honeymoon

 — Newlywed is raped days after wedding, or is she? by Linda Jean02/26/014.43

My New Life

 — She succumbs to the handsome stranger. by Explorer22209/17/104.41

My New Life as His Pet

 — I am sold to a man and await my fate. by SouthernBlondie04/16/013.87

My New Neighbor Yuki Ch. 01

 — My new Japanese neighbor moves in, and I introduce myself. by scotjock101/28/134.10

My New Neighbor Yuki Ch. 05

 — James gets blue balls, and finds Riko helpless at home. by scotjock105/04/133.97

My New Neighbor Yuki Ch. 06

 — Problems Arise For James and Yuki, Because of Gensi by scotjock110/28/134.14

My New Neighbor Yuki Ch. 07

 — James Crosses The Line With Yuki, and Is Caught Red-Handed by scotjock104/27/144.11

My New Pet

 — A woman is blackmailed by her neighbor. by Chucky059110/28/133.93

My New Slut Cinny

 — I finally break down and make a friend my slut. by MoonKitten021404/02/153.41

My Niece

 — He takes his young niece and impregnates her. by hottest_indian_guy01/18/093.31

My Niece Jennifer Must Pay! Ch. 01

 — My niece Jennifer pays for services to be rendered. by JRob10/16/123.99

My Niece Jennifer Must Pay! Ch. 02

 — My niece was in trouble, my friend and I are helping her out. by JRob10/17/124.22

My Niece Jennifer Must Pay! Ch. 03

 — Niece Jennifer must pay for her mistakes, again and again. by JRob10/18/124.23

My Niece Jennifer Must Pay! Ch. 05

 — She turned tables, not they are turned back on naughty girl. by JRob10/31/124.30

My Niece’s Lover

 — Eighteen year old niece and her boyfriend. by Starlight1308/09/024.37

My Night with Christine

 — Getting drunk at a party can be hazardous to your pussy. by Peterspleasures09/06/114.08

My Nosiness Was My Problem

 — He found out and took more than advantage. by qualitywheat11/15/113.82

My Not So Quiet Evening

 — Her hsuband and his friends pay a flirt back. by tigerjane196705/26/054.19

My Obedient Streak Pt. 02

 — She's forced to put on a show at the bar. by portersky07/07/094.37

My Obsession

 — Taken by her obsession, she turns the tables. by mytasteislikecandy01/02/034.66HOT

My Older Man

 — Chubby girl gets a 'Daddy'. by thatgirlblue07/10/064.25

My Own Place Ch. 01

 — Helping out an older neighbor takes on new meaning. by velokev01/13/104.43

My Own Place Ch. 02

 — Continuing story of a new homeowner and his neighbor. by velokev04/11/104.31

My Own Princess Di Ch. 01

 — How to get a newlywed to bed. by the mixer11/08/044.25

My Own Story

 — A very private dream I've been having for a long time. by arabesque02/07/033.73

My Parents Hot Friend

 — The taking of Karen. by bigdonhabs07/07/094.06

My Parents Hot Friend Ch. 02

 — I take Cora over for a threesome. by bigdonhabs10/11/094.29

My Pet Sam Ch. 01

 — Poor unsuspecting Sam gets kinkier than he ever dreamed. by gamer12801/05/114.15

My Pet Sam Ch. 02

 — Sam finally gets what he needs... but not what he wants. by gamer12801/08/114.32

My Pet Teacher

 — He turns the table on his teacher. by Mr Creator05/21/064.66HOT

My Power - Being Rachel

 — Girl uses her powers to control school slut. by Firefountain02/16/123.78

My Pretty New Pet

 — Pet has her tight little ass played with. by Teadybear107/02/154.13

My Problem Ch. 04

 — Problem resolved. by Daiquiri Girl04/21/063.75

My Punishment

 — You punish her for her earlier mistake. by moonstormer05/05/063.81

My Pussy Controls You Ch. 01

 — This is a sequel to "My Boner Stops Time". by JeffreyFreemont06/22/124.04

My Rapist

 — She is confronted by her son's best friend. by thebullet05/11/034.56HOT

My Real Life Ch. 01

 — My actual dating life. by ImMalia05/14/162.57

My Red Latex Mistress

 — Married couple finds some serious new spice. by milehighelevator09/09/144.44

My Reluctant Wife

 — Fucked by a stranger on the seafront. by boobgirl09/15/153.96

My Revenge Ch. 1

 — He catches his wife with his best friend. by BOBROCK6907/31/013.92

My Roommate's Girl

 — Guy takes his roommate's woman. by doom33306/08/103.55

My Roommate's Pussy

 — Mischa takes advantage of her sleeping roommate. by Bad Mischa Bad09/07/054.38

My Rude Roommate

 — A goth gets trapped by her own clothing. by WelshSally02/02/124.01

My Scholarship

 — Shy college girl must give herself to pay for school. by LOAnnie202/15/074.49

My Second Job: The Second Day

 — Man is forced to take a second job that he'll never forget by moboulion04/04/124.32

My Second Job: Bobbie's Intro

 — Married couple need $, and get more than they bargained for. by moboulion02/07/134.08

My Second Job: Day 02 Continues

 — Family needs money, and both spouses get involved. by moboulion02/11/133.96

My Second Job: The First Day

 — Man is forced into taking a second job. by moboulion03/14/123.98

My Second Mother as Lover

 — Classmate's mom submits. by Hot Italian Beef01/07/064.06

My Second Mother as Lover Ch. 02

 — His buddy's Mom is forced to submit. by Hot Italian Beef02/06/064.35

My Secret Ch. 01

 — Sister is caught in a compromising position. by Eroticmania07/21/064.14

My Secret Ch. 02

 — Randi and Ray, the next day. by Eroticmania08/01/064.17

My Secret Ch. 03

 — Randi has Ray again and then has a reluctant Cyndi. by Eroticmania08/28/064.19

My Secret is Out Ch. 01

 — My husband's partner finds my erotic stories on my PC. by edmead10/06/124.30

My Secretary

 — Ingrid loosens up more than he thought she would. by nightowl08/01/024.31

My Semi-Rape of Sue Williams

 — When concealed passion finally boils over... by Len Bee08/07/014.24

My Sensual Power

 — College student's discovery changes his world. by DreadPirateWestley03/27/144.66HOT

My Sexy Neighbors

 — Ron rapes neighbor, friend and mommy. by OneHornyGuy05/22/034.11

My Sexy Sleeping Girlfriend

 — I fuck my sleeping girlfriend. by youngdreamingwriter09/03/154.19

My Sexy Step-Mother

 — He & friends plan stepmom's ravaging. by GliterySugar01/18/043.48

My Sister Elaine

 — Horny brother videotaped his asian sister having sex. by guargum04/17/034.28

My Sister Karen

 — She's taken by her sister & sister's boyfriend. by PAS02/01/014.31

My Sister on Video

 — Smartphones are priceless. by standingstones11/11/153.51

My Sister's Friend Christina

 — Christina stays with her friend's brother, and suffers. by scotjock103/31/133.66

My Sister's Friend Christina Ch. 02

 — Christina pays for her meal, but doesn't get to choose how by scotjock111/06/133.90

My Sister's Friend Christina Ch. 03

 — Christina is subjected to more humiliation. by scotjock108/15/143.93

My Sister's Friends

 — Sis's friends decide to have a little fun with brother. by Hornyguy1109/07/104.30

My Sister's Rapist

 — Woman confronts her sister's rapist to ask WHY? by Phoenix Arrow04/16/043.71

My Sister-In-Law Angel

 — She gets a banging from horny brother-in-law. by sexystar03/17/013.48

My Sleeping Angel

 — He experiences sleeping beauty. by Aaron Dazer10/08/003.90

My Son's Friend

 — My son's friend force fucks me and makes me suck him. by Harleypoohus09/11/104.18

My Stairwell

 — Nurse is discovered in the stairwell. by prevacker05/01/042.92

My Stepfather and his Brother Ch. 01

 — Coed finds forced sex with a hint of B&D. by regina_allen5501/22/054.30

My Stepfather and his Brother Ch. 02

 — Coed is taken by her stepfather's brother. by regina_allen5508/06/054.28

My Stepfather and his Brother Ch. 03

 — Coed is forced to take uncle's cock. by regina_allen5508/07/054.38

My Stepfather and his Brother Ch. 04

 — Coed and mother are forced to have sex. by regina_allen5508/08/054.17

My Stepfather and his Brother Ch. 05

 — Stepdaughter is taken by stepfather & his brother. by regina_allen5508/26/054.18

My Stepmom's a Fox, But...

 — A stepson tames his misbehavin' stepmom. by MaryAnderson06/02/154.57HOT

My Story

 — Part life, part fantasy. by ravaged_sarah01/19/113.38

My Stubborn Wife

 — Dylan is ready to stop arguing, but is his wife? by saratin01/03/153.91

My Student Pat Ch. 01

 — Desires wake between a professor and his student. by casquetero07/08/104.21

My Stupid Boyfriend

 — Boyfriend pisses off an alpha male. by Ashson01/29/154.08

My Summer Alone

 — College girl gets a surprise visit. by Mia Love11/12/003.53

My Susie

 — Professor takes younger student and claims her. by Litelania10/10/114.01

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