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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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Naughty Cheaters Taught a Lesson

 — Lovers observed & blackmailed into public performance. by JRob03/26/063.78

Naughty Girl

 — Ariel gets tag teamed by two officers. by Rooose_1805/09/173.91

Naughty Girl Ch. 04

 — Bernice is sent back to school. by StoryTeller0705/17/134.28

Naughty Girl Ch. 05

 — A woman is naughty in school. by StoryTeller0709/06/134.40

Naughty Girl Ch. 06

 — A woman and a younger boyfriend. by StoryTeller0709/26/134.33

Naughty Girl Ch. 07

 — Bernice is manipulated by Carol. by StoryTeller0710/29/134.51HOT

Naughty Girl Ch. 08

 — Paul returns home. by StoryTeller0705/07/154.37

Naughty Girl Ch. 09

 — Trouble in school. by StoryTeller0708/12/153.90

Naughty Girls, Naughty Boy

 — Frank lets his 18-year-old daughter have a Pajama Party. by Many Feathers08/09/084.49

Naughty Japanese High School Boys

 — Two boys take advantage of their English teacher. by nihonhentai07/25/133.80

Naughty Jenny

 — Jenny makes a mistake. by Sophie4Use08/04/153.91

Naughty Miss

 — Sexy school teacher gets a lesson. by TheDarkCloud09/18/064.40

Naughty Miss Ch. 02

 — Sarah tries for revenge, but submits once more. by TheDarkCloud06/15/084.40

Naughty Miss Ch. 03

 — The teasing Teacher is humiliated further. by TheDarkCloud08/03/084.52HOT

Naughty Miss Ch. 04

 — Sarah Price's transformation is complete: Teacher to Whore. by TheDarkCloud12/20/084.42

Naughty Nikki

 — She likes it rough. by EroticaKane06/25/044.02

Naughty or Nice?

 — Offfice X-mas party becomes a gangbang. by bbtp4111/25/144.35

Naughty Pastor Gets Creamed Pt. 01

 — From a deacon at the pulpit to a twink in the bull pit. by Panic_and_Pain04/06/143.57

Naughty School Girl gets Spanked

 — She takes her punishment from the principal. by aimee_mattingly02/24/094.30

Naughty Secrets Bk. 01

 — Tina hated her half-brothers moving in until they punish her. by Tasha706/12/154.32

Naughty Sunbathing

 — A simple naughty act gets out of control. by storyte11er11/01/174.08

Naughty Survey

 — Natasha is in for a shock when she knocks on one door! by sexxygirll2304/04/133.54

Naughty Theatre People

 — Dang, they fucked us bad! by grgor08/21/093.45

Naughty Young Asian Office Girl

 — Her frequent focus on pantyhose and sex gets her in trouble. by fanofpantyhose11/06/114.02

Naughty...Not Bad!

 — Two unforgettable nights - stripped, humiliated and f***ed. by MrsJ10/11/183.72


 — Follow the instruction. Get lost anyway. by Ashson06/28/154.21

Naya's Journey

 — Naya is lured by a billionaire's promise of dark fantasies. by gaggedKitty2305/09/144.73HOT

Nearly Taming Britney

 — Some men are not easily controlled. by LaPatitMort08/31/074.70HOT

Need a Ride

 — My friend Jess confessed she wanted to be taken forcefully. by jjstone11/07/174.26

Need to Cum

 — I'm taking control tonight. by Rain_maker_girl01/11/104.05

Needed to be Raped

 — She asked for this fantasy. by Beitianci05/10/183.93

Needing her Daughter

 — Mother needs her daughter's help when hubby gets in trouble. by tastycandy03/03/194.27

Needing to Pee

 — Dana needed to pee. by tastycandy06/21/153.57

Needs become Wants become Real

 — Drugs search leads to intimate exposure & fucking. by secretsessions01/29/154.48

Neema Ch. 01

 — Ronan saves Neema from Dean but who will save her from him? by xindiigo11/21/164.70HOT

Neema Ch. 02

 — Robyn suspects something bad has happened to Neema. by xindiigo11/24/164.33

Neglected Red Headed Trophy Wife

 — Paul finds himself the proud owner of another man's wife. by jacobmerriweather04/29/164.58HOT

Neglected Red Headed Trophy Wife Ch. 02

 — Valerie takes to her new owner with enthusiasm. by jacobmerriweather05/01/164.68HOT

Neglected Red Headed Trophy Wife Ch. 03

 — The final chapter- Valerie's husband comes home. by jacobmerriweather05/08/164.72HOT

Negro Invasions Ch. 01

 — Black man rapes white woman on her way to work. by blackzilla9911/21/023.98

Neighbor MILF Ch. 01: Surprise Strike

 — I take my hot neighbor MILF by surprise. by TheFuckMaster12/11/183.54

Neighbor to Neighbor

 — A needy woman becomes his slut. by LorenzoAbajos03/25/154.11

Neighborhood Softball Team

 — MILFs get blackmailed. by Thecsm06/01/174.39

Neighborly Assistance

 — Jay helps his beautiful neighbor out of a bind. by PtmcPilot10/09/184.47

Neighborly Blackmail Ch. 01

 — Neighbor blackmails cheating neighbor wife to keep secret. by XplrgMDCpl9403/12/194.10

Neighborly Discipline Ch. 02

 — Mr. Davis continues Stacey's discipline. by MrDiscipline3307/09/174.05

Neighborly Love

 — Neighbor finally gets his revenge. by VisualXtacy12/30/083.93

Neighborly Relations

 — Teasing the neighbor backfires on Claudia. by PAS09/20/124.42

Neighbors - Rob and Sarah

 — A new home and a new not-so-nice neighbor. by gozde11/08/164.06

Neighbourhood Terror to Sissy Pt. 01

 — A story about a neighbour who wants some payback. by Fibaro02/23/194.25

Neighbours Take Houswife

 — They blackmail an Indian housewife. by raaaj12/29/033.88

Neira Pt. 01

 — Alien woman finds herself a slave. by SomethingWitty05/07/063.77

Nekos are Best Tied Up

 — She takes in a pet, only to use it for her own pleasure. by GenderlessNeko09/01/164.33

Nella's Story

 — Nella is captured by modern slavers. by hothead7210/04/133.61


 — Girl extracts unusual revenge on cheating boyfriend. by lustfuldesires11/24/113.82

Nemesis Ch. 01

 — Reluctant spirit of divine sexual retribution. by roryt6504/23/143.67

Nephlim World Saga: Miami Yoga Fire

 — A hot yoga teacher subdues a bigoted robber. by Nephlim1402/02/163.48


 — Nerd finds he is being played, but shows he can play hard too. by randallangdon12/25/094.51HOT

Nerdy Obsession Turns to Possession Ch. 01

 — An anime obsession turns into a crime of passion. by Asuka199007/10/134.10

Nerdy Obsession Turns to Possession Ch. 02

 — The Infection Begins. by Asuka199007/11/134.03


 — Once upon a nestling, a lordling staked his claim. by SweetOblivion07/01/093.80

Never a Lender or Borrower...

 — Sometimes borrowing costs are too high. by Rhythm_N_Ooze03/09/124.18

Never Again Ch. 01

 — Once you pop, you just can't stop. by Dien08/21/094.06

Never Again Ch. 04 Pt. 01

 — "I'm keeping it, but I can't keep you..." by Dien10/20/124.32

Never Alone: The Original Short

 — Vivid dream or something more? by Sexy_Scarlett09/19/133.87

Never Been Caught

 — He's not about to go out without a bang. by Iridescence05/23/084.45

Never Been Humiliated

 — Husband is humiliated by wife and two lovers. by Slimytaco01/26/033.94

Never Fall Asleep at a Hotel Pool

 — Dan wakes to find himself at the mercy of a horny brunette. by Saucy_Minx_11/16/174.33

Never Fix a Bet

 — It starts with a lost bet that results in CFNM and more. by Icecubez07/13/153.61

Never Lose A Catfight

 — Girl loses big when competing for a guy at a club. by Phoenix Arrow11/30/023.39

Never Pass Out Drunk

 — Buddies have way with wife when hubby passes out. by thehumpman06/05/064.05

Never Play Truth or Dare

 — Young women seduced by older strangers. by SarahsHooters01/05/174.35

Never Say No

 — She regrets saying no to her lover. by CeceliaSkye04/01/023.71

Never Steal From Your Boss

 — Stealing from your boss always has consequences. by mrmark8311/21/184.05

Never Talk To Strangers

 — I let my imagination run free. by geronimo_appleby06/22/114.28

Neverending Nightmare Ch. 01

 — Her friend turns her over as a sex toy. by s3x13fuqk1tt3n02/20/083.27

Neverending Nightmare Ch. 02

 — Reliving the nightmare. by s3x13fuqk1tt3n02/25/083.57

New "Bad Boy" Image

 — A different view of the "Bad Boy" image. by Hotenuf4u10/02/06

New Assistant

 — Boss gets carried away. by OfficeLady10/24/11

New At The Job (The Whole Story)

 — She starts at new office & gets surprised. by MsLinnet09/18/023.96

New Beginning

 — Ex-boyfriend becomes 'Sir'. by iwantedtowrite05/21/144.30

New Beginning at Work

 — Vanessa tries to move on from an office affair with her boss. by trojanwolfpack02/07/194.17

New Beginning Book 1 Ch. 02

 — Paul's Story and Who is Fred? by screedbear10/23/163.00

New Black Neighbors

 — New Neighbors turn wives into hookers & men to sluts. by pzeater105/01/124.22

New Boy's Filling First Day

 — Three boys force James. by ambergate606/12/033.44

New Daddy

 — She has never seen a heavy cock before. by RockyBeefhook12/05/043.27

New Directions

 — Jimmy builds his man cave, and begins to collect women. by Dutchboy5112/05/134.24

New Employee Pays For Her Mistakes

 — My sexy young new employee tempts and sexually teases. by easydescent11/18/124.04

New Girl

 — The new girl is given and unexpected welcome. by Ashson05/24/164.13

New Girl

 — The football quarterback offers the new girl a ride home. by ReginaFilangie11/19/164.18

New Girl Ch. 01

 — Can the new submissive heal their relationship? by gaggedKitty2309/08/154.48

New Girl Ch. 02

 — Slave girl gets more than she bargained for. by gaggedKitty2309/16/154.53HOT

New Girl Ch. 02

 — Jasmine submits again. by ReginaFilangie11/25/164.42

New Girl Ch. 03

 — Jasmine goes to the movies. by ReginaFilangie12/16/164.38

New Girl Ch. 04

 — Jasmine's first football game. by ReginaFilangie02/03/174.44

New Girl Ch. 05

 — Jasmine has to submit at home. by ReginaFilangie02/11/174.53HOT

New Girl In Town

 — Brad has a record to maintain and El's next on the list. by ElysiaLyn01/03/113.55

New Girl Nextdoor

 — The new girl is a bitch so I make sure she never forgets me. by wallywood07/03/123.52

New Groom

 — My Lady has a new groom for an escort. by Ashson03/08/134.34

New Horizons

 — Toni is abducted & forced into slavery. by llacy6612/25/064.28

New Job

 — Interview with an future slut. by nolimits06/07/053.72

New Life for Lynne

 — Husband sells wife to new owner. by sub_Lynne07/28/093.76

New Life for Lynne Ch. 02

 — House training the bitch. by sub_Lynne07/31/094.01

New Life for Lynne Ch. 03

 — Slave goes for ob/gyn appointment. by sub_Lynne08/03/093.94

New Life for Lynne Ch. 04

 — 'Bitch' is forced to orally clean a fat cum 'pig'. by sub_Lynne08/07/093.72

New Life for New Wife

 — Wife turned into whore for couple's pleasure. by Rusty_Zipper04/01/154.38

New Lives for Amy & Me

 — Newlyweds try to start over. by A.B.07/06/024.39

New Moon

 — A young couple on a subway ride to the very end of the line. by Concerto_in_A03/12/134.18

New Moon Ch. 02

 — Erin is prepared for her ordeal. by Concerto_in_A03/17/134.01

New Moon Ch. 03-04

 — A bed for Erin, and more pain by Concerto_in_A03/22/134.34

New Moon Ch. 05-06

 — Erin is forced to service Ken. by Concerto_in_A03/31/134.26

New Order of the Ages Ch. 03

 — Dan heats things up with some old flames. by SEVERUSMAX03/22/164.50HOT

New Order of the Ages Ch. 04

 — Celia's ex makes a foolish wager. by SEVERUSMAX02/21/174.28

New Order of the Ages Ch. 05-06

 — The aftermath of the bet between Brandy and Dan. by SEVERUSMAX02/26/174.34

New Order of the Ages Ch. 07

 — It's time for an orgy. by SEVERUSMAX10/02/174.55HOT

New Order of the Ages Ch. 08

 — The Halloween party fun. by SEVERUSMAX11/18/174.48

New Order of the Ages Ch. 09

 — More of the Halloween Festival. by SEVERUSMAX11/21/174.53HOT

New Order of the Ages Ch. 10

 — Can slaves still vote? by SEVERUSMAX11/26/174.05

New Recruits Ch. 01

 — Rookie takes everything her superior office throws at her. by AlliaPotestas11/18/164.30

New Recruits Ch. 02

 — Annie gets a taste of a real gang bang. by AlliaPotestas11/20/164.56HOT

New Recruits Ch. 03

 — The fallout. by AlliaPotestas11/25/164.72HOT

New Recruits Ch. 04

 — Terror on home soil. by AlliaPotestas12/06/164.67HOT

New Roommate

 — A new version of a favourite story. by corsetheelscollar01/17/113.93

New Roommate

 — Woman talks to future roommate about her unusual pet. by MissHoney2412/11/133.56

New Roommate Ch. 02

 — I was naked, except for a steel collar. by corsetheelscollar11/15/113.76

New Secretary: New Beginning

 — Marie gets new status after attack. by callmejack06/21/064.43

New Teacher

 — We do things differently here. by Ashson10/24/134.15

New to the City Ch. 02

 — Ben's car. by celador01/03/104.00

New to the Neighborhood

 — A new neighbor is trumped. by happywriter00703/21/173.58

New TV Show Asks the Question

 — Who wants to strip search a female executive? by deputy duffy03/30/043.24

New Way Home

 — Encounter on a train brings two strangers closer together. by powderpinkangel05/15/034.37

New Wife

 — Their friend's new wife was a surprise. by Ashson06/30/164.09

New World Order

 — Life as we knew it is over... by jesteinman02/01/094.06

New Year's Eve 2019, I Get Tricked

 — The beginning of my year of sexual servitude. by susan36283601/05/193.16

New Year's Eve 2019, I Get Tricked Ch. 02

 — Chapter 2 of New Year's Eve, I get Tricked. by susan36283601/12/193.42

New Year's New Beginnings

 — They learn about self-control. by naughtybynature0904/29/093.22

New Year's Party

 — She went to a party to work her way up the ladder. by thehotness01/17/064.25

New Years at Brad and Diane's

 — Wife raped at a party. by theaquarianpen05/11/123.36

New York

 — Kidnapped young couple are forced to serve. by Jake_Black07/27/134.15

Newlywed Game

 — A new couple has problems. by Catalina Frisco06/29/093.49

Newlyweds' Nightmare

 — Victim or willing participant? by Minxly07/08/054.11

Next Door

 — A peep out his window leads to a marvelous opportunity. by Looney06/20/014.58HOT

Next Door Neighbor Ch. 1

 — Two 18-year-old girls are blackmailed by neighbor. by eqh6709/17/024.42

Next Door Wife

 — Horny black boy takes his married neighbor. by coleman10/06/024.06

Next Time You're Mine

 — Catherine's erotic dream turns out to be very real. by Ingenue_7901/22/084.43


 — A woman gets taken by her butch cellmate. by BitterIchor03/21/134.15

Nice Girls Can Lose It, Too

 — A cautionary tale concerning the dangers of drink. by SextRat06/19/094.14

Nice Nurse Coerced To Wrestle Nude

 — She's forced to wrestle nude for a lodge meeting. by Hot37yrgal02/12/044.22

Nicely Framed

 — Cop with attitude forces Jane to live out her fantasy. by DickDaemon06/19/014.19

Nick and Lexy

 — Lexy takes Nick for a little adventure. by AdAnne10/19/123.18

Nick Confronts Jenny

 — Nick uses his secret video to his advantage. by Sarahlovesto6902/18/184.18

Nick Watches Di Ch. 09

 — A pleasent rape. by gripman12/14/063.98

Nicka Ravished By Silver Fox Couple

 — Nicka gets drunk groped and then ravished at a party. by shywifeshows11/11/134.16

Nicka's Ambien Dream

 — My shy wife takes one of my sleeping pills and I take her. by shywifeshows02/01/124.08

Nicka's Ambien Dream Ch. 02

 — Nicka takes an Ambien and my best friend takes Nicka. by shywifeshows02/23/124.43

Nicka's Ambien Dream Ch. 03

 — Nicka gets drunk, drugged and taken by neighbors by shywifeshows11/20/134.55HOT

Nicka's Pickup Truck Rape

 — Nicka drinks too much and gets molested and more. by shywifeshows11/19/134.03

Nicky Takes a Shower

 — Landlord comes home and finds young woman in his house. by ProfTiny01/26/134.30

Nicola's Driving Test Ch. 01

 — Nicola's driving test doesn't go quite as she expected... by MALIBUMAN66601/05/194.42


 — I tie up my hot boss to control her. by plentfill07/03/163.94

Nicole = Stacy The Slut

 — She finds her new alter-ego in the slum. by mr_fred_flinta05/27/074.25

Nicole Ch. 02: My Turn

 — The Boss's Turn to be in charge. by plentfill11/28/164.33

Nicole Gets Ravished

 — He takes you in a back alley. by Rough Idea02/16/064.33

Nicole Has a Job Interview

 — Boss needs relief. by DerekCartman07/26/143.59

Nicole's Bet Ch. 01

 — Jessica is forced to obey Nicole after losing a bet. by NicolesDirtySecret09/15/154.22


 — Male kidnaps & restrains female (toy, vaginal, anal). by Tanya127407/15/154.09

Night and Day, You Are the One

 — An obsession with oral sex twists a man’s love. by cosik09/06/094.04

Night at the Bar

 — Kyra gets more than she expects at the bar. by MissKat07/13/013.50

Night Bus to Montreal

 — Bus patrons shouldn't let sleeping girls lie. by soulfull_fish09/27/064.39

Night Chills

 — Awakened from a dream with a knife at your throat. by dave72810/13/024.18

Night Creatures

 — Young woman finds herself in an exciting new position. by pinkcandy9912/05/184.00

Night Dream

 — An intruder overpowers me in bed. by JavaJoy232106/08/113.99

Night In

 — A late night visit from an unsuspected stranger. by CatOrgy04/25/154.12

Night Intruder

 — Is it rape or ravishment? by Master_Vassago07/12/034.16

Night Invasion

 — He was there waiting. by kristinkat04/20/114.45

Night of Abuse for Ann and Lisa

 — Father forced to watch wife and daugther sexually abused. by The_Mercyslayer11/29/104.05

Night of Horror, Night of Love

 — Nancy convinces Dan to start a new love life. by me395706/11/014.13

Night Of Lust For A Small Woman

 — She is trapped by a convict and her son is watching. by thekarpathianman01/09/083.97

Night of the Intruder

 — Man takes her by surprise at night. by soft_touch04/11/014.16

Night Out

 — Teasing becomes serious. by velvethellcat06/22/064.37

Night Out

 — Carly is taken on the dance floor. by sexxx_kitten09/05/054.00

Night Prey

 — Guy fulfills fantasy on unsuspecting victim. by MistressLili02/18/023.89

Night Prowler

 — Do you really give a shit anyway? by DiaperedSiouxsie02/08/023.50

Night Tremors

 — A sexy redhead has a night of mysterious orgasms. by Aruri01/10/164.39

Night Tutoring

 — A student gets something unexpected when meeting her prof. by DarkAndTwisty51107/05/164.31

Night Visit

 — A beautiful red head visited in her sleep. by blaidd_ddrwg04/25/143.82

Night Visitors Ch. 01

 — Woken from sleep she finds three visitors in her room. by NicholasWolf02/03/084.02

Night with Leigh

 — They give her what she deserves...or do they? by SxxyLyssa12/06/014.15


 — Young woman has an interesting experience. by Ashson06/14/154.05

Nightclub Desserts

 — Messy foodsex assault with Rohypnol, bananas and syrup. by sexotics200607/27/084.31

Nightclub Tease

 — Stacey submits to a stranger. by Jake6811/07/064.49

Nightingale Ch. 02

 — Pearl takes what she wants from Warwick, her way. by lucidwings05/30/134.22


 — You have a terrible dream. by tmj05/24/013.16


 — A nightmare is a bad dream. by Christie05278012/06/074.19


 — What happened when the lights went out. by sexycharlene06/15/123.70


 — She owes him. And it's time to pay up. by Lenina2402/01/094.16


 — Her worst nightmare come to life. by LadyZodiac10/06/174.21

Nightmare for Sherry Ch. 01

 — Old woman's nightmare, dream come true for young couple. by DivineDreamer10/11/113.81

Nights in Midgard Ch. 01

 — A vampire gets "repaid" for her kindness. by rebelyeller_8901/17/094.39

Nighttime Dirty Secret

 — His girlfriend's roommate becomes his dirty secret. by Tastytress02/17/194.15

Nighttime Play

 — Things go bump in the night. by Dark_Rayne05/03/073.35

Nighttime Visitor

 — Jayme leaves her window open and gets an unsolicited visitor. by afternoondelight211/20/104.20

Nikki Goes to a Party

 — Things get a little carried away with Nikki at this Party. by outta_control_again12/06/074.11

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