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 — She's pregnant, not fat - so why does she feel ugly? by rachlou05/02/084.56HOTContest Winner

Revelations and Discoveries

 — The girls reveal too much for guys at a swing cpl first meet. by Badchad00101/07/154.28

Revelry in Arm(pit)s

 — Endearing embraces in arm(pit)s. by revol01/02/064.08

Revenge Cums Sweet

 — How to get even with cum. by slyc_willie10/14/064.48

Revenge in Red Latex

 — A cheated-upon wife enacts a most delicious red revenge. by BrettJ11/26/124.02

Revenge is Golden Ch. 01

 — Brother gets sister very angry, & pays the price. by abashed-dreamer07/15/014.21

Revenge is Golden Ch. 02

 — Brother's golden education takes a chilling turn. by abashed-dreamer07/21/014.27

Revenge is Golden Ch. 03

 — Lara trains brother in fluid fetishes. by abashed-dreamer07/28/014.47

Revenge is Golden Ch. 04

 — Brother gets tasty treats from Sister and Lara. by abashed-dreamer08/25/014.35

Revenge of the Angry Aunt

 — Veronica uses a nude beach to get revenge on a perv teacher. by msgrant6707/04/124.46

Revenge on Sue-Anna

 — Just an account of getting revenge on a neighbor. by Anal_Ally05/20/142.20

Reversal of Roles

 — He submits to Her. by freeforall05/23/024.42


 — Rewards come in all forms. by Piotr04/03/044.10

Rhiannon: A Story Of Being A Girl

 — Pretty tranny falls for a mysterious 'John'. by Sateema Lunasi03/21/014.14


 — A man, a woman and a fetish. by Nellskitchen01/06/084.67HOT

Rich Spinster

 — Sadie savors the sensation of her single bare foot. by PeggyBuxton04/22/084.53HOT

Richard Addik

 — Reflections from a cock lover. by hylyfe11/01/124.22

Richards "Little" Problem

 — Wife exploits old man's incontinence & premature ejaculation. by Porky_Pig07/10/133.89

Riding Coach

 — Strangers on a train. by Charles Petersunn12/09/084.67HOT

Riding Lesson Ch. 01

 — Ashley learns a valuable lesson from her riding instructor. by DeaGodiva02/23/124.05

Riding Magenta

 — A young actress is abducted and turned into a human sex toy. by Nate_Walis12/26/113.93

Riding the Hump

 — He "loved" pregnant wife by No Panty Girl12/10/064.18

Right at You

 — Young man turns the tables on slightly older seductress. by ctemple09/20/074.33

Right Where I Want Him

 — She learns to cuckold her boyfriend. by MistyMorgan02/29/044.15


 — Fran has been seducing Mary's husband, so Mary challenges Fran to a wrestling match, winner take all! by Leslie05/02/014.30

Riviera Sun & Knickers Ch. 01

 — A classy encounter leads to a Riviera summer. by lovethosepanties02/08/134.59HOT

Riviera Sun & Knickers Ch. 02

 — A surprise in store for Simon when he starts his journey. by lovethosepanties09/20/144.70HOT

Road Trip

 — His wife and her lover are on vacation. by cuckytoher03/01/093.25

Road Trip

 — Couple gets kinky after a long drive. by Anothersideofme07/11/094.00

Road Trip Ch. 02

 — The making of another submissive husband. by jlltec03/01/094.46

Road Trip Ch. 04

 — Putting our heads together. by jlltec03/21/094.43

Road Trip Ch. 1

 — Middle-aged foot lover picks up leggy hitchhiker. by Kessler01/18/014.44

Road Trip Ch. 2

 — Leggy hitchhiker pleasures her new companion. by Kessler01/18/014.53HOT

Rob Initiates His Slave Girl

 — Artist shows off his new art. by Mattart03/23/053.95

Robert's Regression

 — Robert gets diaper trained by a neighbor. by Subtext03/26/144.15

Rockin' With The Rhythm Still

 — Continuation from Rockin' with the Rhythm. by BrokenDragon7901/13/083.67

Rod Sucks a Mystery Cock

 — He tastes man-cock while dressed in Kara's lingerie. by PinkDelphi09/13/074.67HOT

Role Reversal

 — Sasha is in charge. by cby204/20/024.59HOT

Role Reversal

 — He takes her long clit in his urethra. by History Nut04/11/064.19

Role Reversal

 — Dom man gets shown the ropes by sub wife. by ryder7705/10/094.33

Role Reversal

 — Wife dominates Husband. by eroticwriter7106/04/134.14

Role Reversal

 — Wife uses strap on me. by Curious_Scott_6708/01/132.79

Role Reversal Ch. 02

 — Luanne tells about fucking a man in his penis with her clit. by History Nut04/12/064.31

Roman Toy Boy

 — A young Roman man gets used by women. by neverman205/27/114.31

Romancing the Shoe

 — A modern Cinderella story with fetishism. by CastleDJK09/21/134.41

Romeo Hotel

 — She pleasures herself from a bag of delights. by Sanichi01/04/104.29

Room 529@Loyola Holiday Inn

 — I got a text this morning: Room 529, Don't be late. by Queens_BitchBoy09/08/134.09

Room for Rent

 — Erika finds a new life with Tara who's without legs. by PeggyBuxton12/22/094.71HOT

Room Service in 1447

 — Caged in the hotel room closet while his wife romps happily. by jacketjack11/30/113.04

Room Service, Texas Style

 — Sexy room service guy is served from his own menu. by Chrysse11/30/034.56HOT

Roomate Knows

 — Roommate catches me with her panties. by SCSatin10/16/114.06

Roomies: The French Teacher

 — Kim is fascinated with her female professor's long legs. by patricia5108/30/064.40Contest Winner

Roommate Beyond Fantasy Ch. 01

 — Hunt for new roommate takes erotic turn. by EisAlntheia03/27/043.99

Roommate Beyond Fantasy Ch. 02

 — The erotic adventure continues. by EisAlntheia03/28/044.04

Roommate Beyond Fantasy Ch. 03

 — And on it goes. by EisAlntheia03/29/044.10

Roommate Beyond Fantasy Ch. 04

 — What could possibly be next? by EisAlntheia03/30/044.17

Roommate Beyond Fantasy Ch. 05

 — Further down the road to destruction. by EisAlntheia03/31/044.60HOT

Roommate Beyond Fantasy Ch. 06

 — The story speaks for itself. by EisAlntheia04/01/044.56HOT

Roommate Beyond Fantasy Ch. 07

 — On goes the same story. by EisAlntheia04/02/044.22

Roommate Beyond Fantasy Ch. 08

 — Will her life ever be the same? by EisAlntheia04/03/044.27

Roommate Beyond Fantasy Ch. 09

 — I still have hope, or do I? by EisAlntheia04/04/044.56HOT

Roommate Beyond Fantasy Ch. 10

 — Her life is forever changing. by EisAlntheia04/05/044.20

Roommate Beyond Fantasy Ch. 11

 — She should just accept her fate. by EisAlntheia04/06/044.50HOT

Roommate Beyond Fantasy Ch. 12

 — Broken is her future. by EisAlntheia04/12/044.30

Roommate Beyond Fantasy Ch. 13

 — He is conquered completely. by EisAlntheia04/13/043.83

Roommate's Ravishing

 — Girl forced into sexual slavery by roommates. by Catisfaction10/13/004.14

Roommate's Revenge

 — She turns the table on domineering couple. by Catisfaction10/13/004.23

Rooms of Sin Ch. 01

 — Sophie and her husband visit a fetish club... by Blue_Suzi09/19/134.33

Rooms of Sin Ch. 02

 — Sophie and her husband continue with their debauchery... by Blue_Suzi09/20/134.39

Rose's First Fight

 — Topless wrestling story. by kruklanki02/22/154.53HOT

Roshni Ch. 01

 — Encounter with a beautiful, natural Indian girl. by ab_man_nz09/02/064.40

Roshni Ch. 02

 — The Date. by ab_man_nz11/03/064.30

Roshni Ch. 03

 — More passion with a natural, hairy, sweaty Indian goddess. by ab_man_nz12/18/064.53HOT

Roshni Ch. 04

 — Indian babe with sweaty, hairy armpits and an anal kink! by ab_man_nz01/14/074.39

Roshni Ch. 05

 — Sweaty, hairy armpits exposed on a crowded train. by ab_man_nz02/08/074.68HOT

Roshni Ch. 06

 — The last sweaty chapter. by ab_man_nz03/05/074.69HOT

Rosina's Dark Delta

 — A man's tongue in a woman's arse. by chrislick03/25/133.91

Roth & Rulongh

 — She tries her hand at being a femdom. by REDFOXXY195906/18/024.36

Rough Play

 — Role playing to an extreme. by mikey2much11/18/094.05

Roughing It

 — He always knows when she's aroused. by Mmmmmmine06/04/024.32

Routine Checkup in the 21st Century

 — Medicine becomes less formal. by tonguelasher0108/07/124.17

Roxy, The Cock and Cum Addict Ch. 01

 — Roxy becomes addicted to semen. by Terrin212/10/114.28


 — Panty fetishist meets with sexy ladies. by Lucien_Al03/13/024.67HOT

Roz Ch. 2

 — Panty fetishist has the experience of his life. by Lucien_Al08/28/024.71HOT

Rubbed the Right Way

 — Neal is motivated to perform well at work. by MagicaPractica05/23/084.48

Rubber Ball

 — Erotic fun in public with latex and rubber. by akfetish07/17/084.23

Rubber Seduction

 — A very ordinary man experiences the joys of rubber. by BootPunk12/24/113.41

Rubber Sex

 — A frustrated wife takes her revenge in latex. by mandyb06/22/104.02


 — Latex turns her into a mermaid. by Nate_Walis01/10/124.08

Ruby's Phone Call

 — Ruby has a little phone fun. by scruff87610/07/024.16

Rude Rebecca

 — Rebecca fights her desires for piss and come. by geronimo_appleby08/11/054.53HOT

Rudely I Came

 — Husband dominated by sister-in-law. by kleincox01/14/143.63

Ruining Sue-Anna's Valentine's Day

 — Fat sow Sue-Anna gets hers. by Anal_Ally05/22/142.22

Rules for Submissive Men

 — A simple set of guidelines for the woman in his life. by jlltec02/16/094.38

Rules To Be A Perfect Husband

 — 10 rules to make your wife happy. by Anal Slave05/06/023.77

Rumble In "La Crosse"

 — Another girl fight. by twinstar10/15/073.65

Ruth the Kinky Trucker

 — Dominant, mature lady trucker likes naughty guys. by JackorJill03/04/074.53HOT

Ruthie's Story

 — Ruthie's a bad speller, but a good student by susurrus07/28/044.34

Ruthie's Story Ch. 02

 — Ruthie visits the doctor's office. by susurrus03/05/054.25

S I T (Sub In Training)

 — Dominatrix training Her sub. by passionatepoet05/24/09

S is for Slut, Submission, Semen

 — Part of an A-Z on her sexual obsession. by chanstevens09/20/054.35

S(S)OL: Interlude the First

 — Gina catches up with an old pal. by Molly Dodd05/08/044.50HOT

S/Y Princess Mala

 — Straight razors and stormy weathers. by Aftermath_day_after10/03/104.25

Sacred Garden

 — Communing with nature, literally. by avatar30207/06/024.74HOT


 — He lusts for wild older platinum blonde. by writerX12/17/003.91

Safari of Depravity Ch. 01

 — Anthropologist and husband search for lost African tribe. by scatwoman01/16/133.97

Safari of Depravity Ch. 02

 — Abducted white couple initiated into African tribe. by scatwoman01/17/133.92

Safari of Depravity Ch. 03

 — Abducted white couple enslaved by African tribe. by scatwoman01/18/133.62

Sally Tries Some Organ Practice

 — Wife plays another instrument. by DiggerDave06/03/064.25

Sally's Ch. 01

 — After years of hidden play, play becomes reality. by seat54207/02/114.56HOT

Sally's Ch. 02

 — Olivia invites Brad to her house. by seat54207/05/114.65HOT

Sally's Ch. 03

 — Kim arrives and it's wall to wall... by seat54207/22/114.64HOT

Sally's Ch. 04

 — Olivia introduces Brad to the house staff. by seat54207/29/114.83HOT

Sally's Ch. 05

 — Olivia and Brad prep for Sally's where the action is erotic. by seat54208/01/114.86HOT

Sally's Ch. 06

 — The rest of the night at Sally's and an unexpected ritual. by seat54208/07/114.81HOT

Sally's Ch. 07

 — The end of the series... Olivia & Brad become one. by seat54208/25/11

Sally's Cream Pie Surprise

 — As part of sexy bargain, he enjoys a double load. by DiggerDave10/29/054.61HOT

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