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What a Boy Wants

 — Bastion Levoux knows how to please himself. by RepressedKiNk02/03/012.92

What a Day

 — A really bad day gets so much better! by trixie_leigh08/15/104.47

What a Woman Feels

 — She catches him staring at her stockings. by silky-bi-girl08/06/034.57HOT

What a Woman Feels Ch. 02

 — Teased and tormented, her lover takes revenge. by silky-bi-girl08/10/034.59HOT

What Alan Had Always Longed to See

 — A woman poops her pants on the train. by Seuler05/11/113.41

What College Gets You

 — This is the glory you can achieve after paying thousands. by ClosetFetishist02/09/122.62

What Did You Do Last Night, Miss? Ch. 02

 — Anal lovers get filthy. by Arsehole Addict09/17/024.64HOT

What Did You Do Last Night, Miss? Ch. 03

 — A night of dirty sex prepares Emma for a huge teen cock by Arsehole Addict01/13/034.67HOT

What Did You Do Last Night, Miss? Ch. 04

 — Tom and Emma's new lodger is turns out to be wet and dirty! by Arsehole Addict03/20/034.70HOT

What Did You Do Last Night, Miss? Ch. 05

 — Claire shows what she is. by Arsehole Addict09/14/034.68HOT

What Did You Do Last Night, Miss? Ch. 06

 — Emma finally gets together with Shafiq. by Arsehole Addict10/05/034.64HOT

What Did You Do Last Night, Miss? Ch. 07

 — She can't resist her well-hung student. by Arsehole Addict04/27/044.66HOT

What Goes Around

 — A bet over a pool game - Who's ass will be fucked? by XXNoraJeanXX03/14/134.41

What Had I Done Ch. 02

 — Our second foray into CFNM. by JeanCFNM12/12/164.44

What I Did for Love

 — His oral fantasies became her oral obsession. by Global Carol12/31/154.78HOT

What I Was Born To Do

 — Freshman discovers her true destiny. by powelldonovan05/29/084.23

What is in a Name?

 — Ever wonder what is behind the author's pen name? by PantyLisa1803/06/074.18

What Made Me a Cuckold

 — His second wife has a big surprise for Greg. by RipRespon08/07/143.93

What Mistress Wants

 — Two slaves submit to their Mistress. by hardnose10/31/094.09

What My Wife Doesn't Know

 — I use a nasty slut, and cheat on my wife. by skitzo6903/04/094.02

What Sarah Seeks

 — Sarah finds a man who adores her, cum fetish and all. by FizzEd10/05/054.63HOT

What Sarah Seeks Ch. 02

 — First time anal for both & more cum fetish action. by FizzEd03/31/074.69HOT

What She Always Wanted

 — Boyfriend paid for her punishment enema. by Diderot08/10/044.33

What She Really Wanted

 — Husband does as he is told. by lonads01/04/024.17

What Sweetscented Wants

 — A voluptuous woman realises her deepest desires. by sweetscented09/03/104.34

What The Doctor Ordered

 — A naughty nurse helps relieve a male patient's problem. by SandieQUK10/10/094.24

What The Hell Just Happened?

 — A Dominant and His slutwife have a new experience. by TheChameleon02/22/134.30

What The Thief Wants

 — What the thief wants, she takes. by cauchemar8006/28/134.71HOT

What We Suck Besides Blood Ch. 02

 — Feeling Ophelia. by SizeQueenSupreme04/29/154.60HOT

What We Suck Besides Blood Ch. 03

 — Eve gets a not-so-little sample. by SizeQueenSupreme07/16/154.63HOT

What We Suck Besides Blood Ch. 04

 — A Blast from Eve's Past. by SizeQueenSupreme12/03/154.66HOT

What Would You Do? Ch. 01

 — A corporate ladder climber descends into depravity. by akilfinch07/27/153.57

What Would You Do? Ch. 02

 — Depravity deepens as we meet Reesa. by akilfinch07/28/154.14

What Would You Do? Ch. 03

 — Secrets are revealed, and new doors are opened. by akilfinch08/18/154.33

What You Need

 — Karl received a mysterious card reading "Find what you need". by notched09/22/124.29

What You Need

 — Husband gets pegged by wife with a special treat at the end. by Hi_Literotica09/13/154.67HOT

What You See is Not What You Get

 — He falls in love with a disabled woman. by Marty Eagan05/03/054.38

What You Told Me To Do

 — A man does what his phone lover wants by Mikesliver02/07/033.69

What You Want

 — To keep it together, you've got to give a little... by SapphoSoul09/16/143.92

What's Another Week?

 — She treats herself to a midnight snack. by stateofdenial12/10/124.51HOT

What's Good for the Goose

 — Sandy works over Arthur. by giveandreceive806/26/054.00

What's In A Dress

 — My wifes sexual events linked to her dresses. by newstylewife12/12/124.19

What's Needed is Found

 — Older man finds the woman he needs, nursing a baby by JackFlash195911/12/034.70HOT

What's New, Pussycat?

 — Tamara agrees to do a little work volunteering... by Namazuros07/27/114.25

What's New, Pussycat? Ch. 02

 — Tamara agrees to do a little work volunteering... by Namazuros08/09/114.46

What's New, Pussycat? Ch. 03

 — Tamara agrees to do a little work volunteering... by Namazuros08/23/114.36

What's Your Fantasy Ch. 02

 — Stephen wants more of his own cum. Sex, oral & fun follows. by Optimus981203/12/174.68HOT

What's Your Fantasy Ch. 03

 — Jessica introduces him to toys and makes him eat his cum. by Optimus981203/13/174.58HOT

What's Your Fantasy Ch. 04

 — Jessica's best friend invites her over for a show and more. by Optimus981203/22/174.48

What's Your Fantasy Ch. 05

 — Jessica brings home her new toy from Kate. by Optimus981204/20/174.68HOTNEW

Whatever You Ask

 — Slut wife takes husband's ass with strap on. by enzo196511/02/114.29

When Alcohol and Feet Mix

 — Danny alone with a passed out girl with divine feet. by sexualrelief719106/16/124.39

When Dave Met Jan Ch. 01

 — Dave has a makeup fetish. by inkman01/04/044.55HOT

When Dave met Sally

 — Exploring the eroticism of tattoos & piercings. by inkman01/07/034.39

When Dave Met Sally Ch. 01-06

 — Extreme changes. by inkman02/16/034.62HOT

When Dave Met Sally Ch. 07

 — Erotic body modification by inkman02/25/034.31

When Dave Met Sally Ch. 08

 — Tattooing and extreme modification. by inkman03/05/034.32

When Dave Met Sally Ch. 09

 — One hell of a tattooed pussy. by inkman03/09/034.49

When Desire Boils Over! "SWALLOW"

 — How it all started. by 7yearsitched05/11/16

When Friends become Lovers

 — A confession from a friend leads to a steamy encounter. by Alphamon3511/13/154.32

When Friends become Lovers Ch. 02

 — It's Lindsay's turn to act out her kinks with Kevin. by Alphamon3501/05/164.52HOT

When Gwubô Met Guadalupe

 — A romantic tale of money, cleanliness and medical tools. by soupwarsproject09/15/033.77

When Hairy Met Hairy

 — Hairy guy meets hairy girl & they get tangled together. by theo_minor04/17/124.61HOT

When Harry Did Sally

 — Sequel #2 of Harry's matinee romantic escapades. by pilotcomes03/23/10

When Hosties Wore Stockings

 — Airline hostess gives nylon footjob. by MicheleNylons08/16/094.72HOT

When in Rome Anything Is Possible

 — The plane dividing internal and external worlds dissolves. by lustyinlove08/12/134.35

When It Rains It Pours

 — Pamela learns why it pays to work late!!! by PamelaIsley09/21/104.00

When Life Gives You Lemons

 — Desperate girlfriend will do anything for 2nd chance. by MrNiceguy77710/16/144.04

When Men Play With Dolls

 — Life-size Barbie waits for her ring to be pulled. by soleful02/17/023.44

When Nature Calls

 — Lovers get wet in more ways than one. by BarefootDru08/19/104.50HOT

When Nature Calls Ch. 01

 — Hector can't help but piss when he feels the urge. by kayleekennicott11/29/164.46

When Nature Calls Ch. 02

 — Hector meets a woman pissing in the woods. Tension rises. by kayleekennicott12/22/164.38

When Nature Calls Ch. 03

 — Hector and June discover a common interest: pissing. by kayleekennicott12/27/164.65HOT

When One Bathroom Door Closes...

 — ...another one opens. by Askawakky08/19/064.49

When Ophelia Meets Kumiko

 — A desperate college girl is rescued in an unexpected way. by RedHatter7602/02/174.38

When Ronnie Met Xena Ch. 01

 — Some kinky advice leads to a herm's sexual awakening. by HappySpaz09/12/134.68HOT

When Ronnie Met Xena Ch. 02

 — Ron has cummy fun with Xena before a surprise interruption. by HappySpaz08/19/144.85HOT

When Sara Met Bob Ch. 01

 — A hot married woman hit off with a stranger during a trip... by yellowfrog04/04/134.09

When Sara Met Bob Ch. 02

 — Sara and Bob continues their romance, with more kinky ! by yellowfrog04/05/134.51HOT

When Sara Met Bob Ch. 03

 — Urethral play is explored and strengthen their bonding... by yellowfrog04/06/134.38

When Sara Met Bob Ch. 04

 — They continue the wild journey with new high tech. by yellowfrog04/27/134.36

When Sara Met Bob Ch. 05

 — PART V: Sara opens up Bob's urethra. by yellowfrog05/14/134.02

When The Boy Is Away...

 — ...vampires play. by defluoanima09/12/043.56

When Wishes Come True

 — BF asks reluctant GF to fuck his friend as he watches. by The_shadow_rising01/22/114.60HOT

When Women Rule Ch. 09

 — Bathroom service tests their relationship. by lesliejones07/23/084.11

When Worlds Collide

 — Lisa learns about the spank and diddle to cuckold her husband. by craigool01/02/153.77

When You Act Like A Baby...

 — A slave girl is punished for immaturity with diapers. by pigtailedpet09/22/134.16

When You Gotta Go!

 — Heidi gets seen playing and peeing. by Otazel04/12/064.26

When You Gotta Go! Ch. 02

 — Heidi involves Craig in her piss fetish. by Otazel05/11/064.56HOT

When You Gotta Go! Ch. 03

 — A pee fetish couple enjoy themselves out of doors. by Otazel02/08/094.58HOT

When You Gotta Go...

 — Couple's erotic massage turns into erotic shower. by Surrenders2you08/23/014.46

Where Is My Muse?

 — Ponder where her muse is and recalls his talents. by xnadry09/08/054.38

Where Should I Park?

 — Couple gets hot in secluded car park. by thedirtypoet05/05/024.12

While She's Asleep

 — A couple and their sleepy endeavours with a prostitute. by PerilEyes05/28/103.63

While You Were Away

 — Loneliness leads to fantasy fullfillment. by HeyHeywood05/16/084.36

While You're Away

 — She takes of herself while he's gone, constantly. by footshrimper07/29/024.21

Whilst The Cat's Away

 — Hubby's absence allows her to be naughty. by Adrian6970200605/19/093.73

Whips and Licks

 — Dom and sub story. by Daresteyes11/15/113.75

Whispers of Pleasure

 — She has a night to remember. by Grazemaster10/25/034.73HOT

White Slave Ch. 01

 — American girl discovers harem life. by Gringao03/31/054.19

Who is Peeing Everywhere?

 — Four girls sharing a house, but one is peeing everywhere. by steve2580501/02/144.11

Who Needs a Spa for a Facial?

 — Wife gives surprise special treatment. by Stephen7Redo04/26/084.27

Who Says I Love You?

 — Meet in a bar, things hit it off - candles, ice, hot wax... by Darlantan09/25/084.43

Who Says Marriage is Dull Ch. 05

 — Ben takes Rachel to Las Vegas and ends up a cuckhold. by Mistress Blue07/25/044.36

Who Wants to Tell Me a Story

 — Bored housewife wants a hot, steamy erotic story. by NiceNastyMann06/08/134.27

Who's Got Issues

 — Get away reveals the hidden desires of a conflicted couple. by greystardust12/31/133.73

Who's Next

 — His pantyhose rendezvous continues. by phanatical10/22/074.14


 — I fuck an Asian-American whore up the ass for the first time. by Jack_Love05/23/104.22

Whoring My Wife Out

 — Husband loves to share wife with other men. by Anal Slave09/05/053.90

Why Are We Doing This

 — Leslie and Paul Do Something Weird. by DistilledTension03/14/163.36

Why Ask Your Rabbi?

 — Spirituality gets between a lover and Beth's armpits. by Madabouthair01/07/104.21

Why be Yellow

 — Hot sweaty sex with Kevin. by MSTarot08/21/153.33

Why Did I Make That Call?

 — Fun conversation leads to too much information. by Thompson9902/18/143.65

Why I Can't Wear Shorts

 — CFNM about the Dork on the Dork. by strangecareer12/06/044.05

Why I Love Jenny

 — I fall for a very loose woman. by veryopenmind09/16/134.15

Why Would I Touch That?

 — Why would I touch that pathetic little dick of yours? by lessman07/03/063.91


 — His girll took his foot fetish to another level with a twist. by lucas12311/13/074.21


 — A panty encounter as discribed by a Panty convert by Lucien_Al07/25/044.37

Wicked Game Ch. 07

 — Task Number Six. by velvetpie06/03/044.47

Wife & Daughter Cuckold & Humiliate

 — The day I was finally granted my wish bý mý wife & daughter. by AnythingGoes200804/23/094.12

Wife and I Discover a new Desire

 — Husband and wife try kinky sex. by yesplease809/11/074.47

Wife and Mother-in-law

 — Husband is caught masturbating. by hardnose07/25/093.94

Wife at Night School

 — Wife plays with a secret friend at night school. by JustJimColo10/26/074.19

Wife Buys A Toy!

 — Wife buys a prostate massager with plans on using it on me. by mugs10108/13/154.49

Wife Comes Home Full of Cum

 — Wife comes home full of another man's cum... hubby loves it! by finepixessex01/27/134.07

Wife Denies Me But Provides Fantasy

 — Wife limits me to the pleasures of men. by ServicingU01/07/154.47

Wife Discovers Husband's Fetish

 — Discovery to a smoking hot plan. by paul_kate01/26/094.58HOT

Wife Finally Shares Her Feet

 — Wife willing to go further than husband expected. by midwestfeet06/12/164.38

Wife Forces Me To Type This

 — Wife tells how she makes men cum. by Anal Slave05/17/034.23

Wife Forces Me To Type This Ch. 02

 — She catches him masturbating on computer. by Anal Slave06/18/034.19

Wife Has a Surprise for Him

 — She takes control. by pegged305/20/164.74HOT

Wife Has a Surprise for Him Ch. 02

 — She continues her control on the weekend. by pegged307/28/164.71HOT

Wife Has a Surprise for Him Ch. 03

 — Continuation of their weekend alone. by pegged302/03/174.73HOT

Wife Has Blowjob Fetish

 — My wife always like blowing guys, now she had reason. by JRob10/02/154.34

Wife Helps Me Suck My Own Cock

 — Sucking his own cock is fun and healthy. by Anal Slave03/27/054.12

Wife in Control Ch. 02

 — My punishment begins in service to my wife. by wifetoy01/28/124.09

Wife in Control Ch. 03

 — A husband continues to pay for his lack of control. by wifetoy02/10/124.16

Wife in Control Ch. 04

 — A husband endures further humiliation for lack of control. by wifetoy03/05/124.02

Wife in Control Ch. 05

 — A sissy husband's humiliating punishments continue. by wifetoy03/24/124.14

Wife in Control Ch. 06

 — A husband's punishment continues at his wife's feet. by wifetoy03/30/124.18

Wife in Control Ch. 07

 — A husband is impaled to pay for his lack of control. by wifetoy08/09/124.13

Wife in Control Ch. 08

 — Husband's final payment for his lack of control. by wifetoy11/21/123.73

Wife Meets Local Dom

 — Wife and local dom eventually get it on. by newstylewife11/09/113.66

Wife shares Husband with BFF

 — Wife and friend double team husband. by DrLit09/25/134.35

Wife Shares Me and I Submit

 — Wife fucks boyfriend and allows me to be cum slut. by ServicingU02/28/154.37

Wife Takes A Gangbang Ch. 01

 — Wife takes quite a pounding, both orally, and anally. by amypussy10/25/064.13

Wife Trains Hubby as Her Cockslut

 — How my wife taught me to submit and love sucking cock. by Bisub4wife10/15/164.24

Wife Tries Something New Ch. 04

 — She pushes him beyond the boundries. by slowdeep11/27/054.40

Wife Tries Something New Ch. 05

 — He loses all control. by slowdeep06/23/064.25

Wife Wants Me to Cheat, Ch. 01

 — Wife explains some cheating is needed for a healthy marriage. by a_random_user01/29/114.17

Wife's Birthday Pie

 — Jen's cunning way to make it happen. by rick_oh09/17/124.28

Wife's Cocksucker

 — Domme wife feeds bound husband her toes, and more... by Her Own Slave08/13/014.33

Wife's Cum-Loving Husband Ch. 1

 — Her husband loves cream pies. by Anal Slave04/04/024.08

Wife's Cum-Loving Husband Ch. 2

 — He does it all for his Dom wife. by Anal Slave04/08/024.22

Wife's Cum-Loving Husband Ch. 3

 — Wife sets him up with a couple of elderly women. by Anal Slave04/11/024.15

Wife's Cum-Loving Husband Ch. 4

 — Husband & friends get anal at sex party. by Anal Slave05/05/024.32

Wife's First Sybian Ride

 — A friend helps her with her first ride. by intotrouble04/13/103.78

Wife's Friends Anal

 — Wife offers up my ass. by Ilovetoeatsperm04/29/164.36

Wife's Friends Anal Ch. 02

 — Fucking machine introduced to my asshole. by Ilovetoeatsperm05/13/164.43

Wife's Friends Anal Ch. 03

 — Strapon eating cum exhibition. by Ilovetoeatsperm05/25/164.33

Wife's Friends Anal Ch. 04

 — Eating cum naked in public. by Ilovetoeatsperm06/09/164.52HOT

Wife's Friends Anal Ch. 05

 — My asshole is abused again. by Ilovetoeatsperm06/23/164.51HOT

Wife's Friends Anal Ch. 06

 — Divorce party. by Ilovetoeatsperm10/07/164.55HOT

Wife's Friends Anal Ch. 07

 — Kinky possibilities. by Ilovetoeatsperm03/10/174.06

Wife's Friends Anal Ch. 08

 — Neighbor girl and her friends. by Ilovetoeatsperm03/25/173.95

Wife's Golden Shower

 — Wife pissing on me. by wetguy4205/14/164.34

Wife's Pantyhose Tease at Church

 — Pantyhose sex after teasing me at church. by mugs10110/17/114.50HOT

Wife's Pregnant Best Friend

 — I had sex with my wife's pregnant best friend. by jamies2005212/03/133.85

Wife: A Typical Saturday Morning

 — Hot wife encourages hub's gender bender fantasies. by soupy_sub_hub04/15/124.14

Wild Asian Adventure Ch. 02

 — Our fun continues, and now it's her turn. by SubBiLover01/04/154.00

Wild Girl

 — A wild girl has her first naughty peeing experience by steve2580501/02/143.62

Wild Stallion Ch. 01

 — One submissive man's story of ponyhood. by davesslave_900003/28/073.53

Wildlife Ch. 1

 — Liz looks for shelter, but becomes prey. by ladyphoenix06/12/014.15

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