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Interracial Love Stories

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When My Life Changed

 — Her first baby is not her husband's. by Mae Caroline09/17/044.18

When Sparks Fly

 — High class redhead tangles with the wrong/right black man. by RedHairedandFriendly11/27/114.65HOT

When Wishes Come True Ch. 01

 — Husband wishes wife would get more adventurous. by mark_867530907/25/073.82

When Wishes Come True Ch. 02

 — Teresa tells Mark about her week. by mark_867530907/25/074.45

When Wishes Come True Ch. 03

 — She tells more of the story. by mark_867530910/03/074.49

When Worlds Collide

 — Collision course. by c8er2u07/05/104.65HOT

When Worlds Collide Ch. 02

 — Oh, I think they like me... by c8er2u08/09/104.68HOT

When Worlds Collide Ch. 03

 — Fighting & loving. by c8er2u08/26/124.76HOT

When Worlds Collide Ch. 04

 — Take her home to my Mama. by c8er2u09/07/124.82HOT

When Worlds Collide Ch. 05

 — I hope that you're the one. by c8er2u05/26/134.72HOT

Where The Ribbon Leads

 — A Story of Submission. by Xamphos03/19/084.43

Where the Streets have No Name

 — Girl controls 3 men. by slave2thesuperior02/06/163.75

Wherever I Go, She Go Ch. 01

 — A Mobster finds himself infatuated with an ebony waitress. by Lyzette05/26/094.23

Wherever I Go, She Go Ch. 02

 — Alex watches Nikki dance. by Lyzette05/30/094.43

Wherever I Go, She Go Ch. 03

 — Alex meets with Nikki. by Lyzette06/19/094.52HOT

Wherever I Go, She Go Ch. 04

 — Nikki meets Cousin Vinny. by Lyzette07/01/094.57HOT

While I Sucked Him He Sucked Me Dry

 — Using me to gain a ton. by JimandGarysgirl06/24/123.29

White Couple Dominates Black Stud

 — A reverse cuckold interracial situation. by Samuelx08/29/103.75

White And Wet

 — White housewife plays at home. by WhiteAndWet02/03/133.98

White BBW Meat

 — Two black men own a white BBW. by NYCbbwSUB09/09/104.22

White Bitch For Black Men

 — Mature White female professor strapons Black man. by Samuelx06/19/102.76

White Bitches with Black Itches

 — A white wives orgy club meets for big black cock. by bbonz108/03/114.14

White Boy Black Girl

 — Details on how he had his first black chick. by UnomeasBob09/01/073.73

White Conversion

 — Husband makes a mistake and is punished. by doublewhiskey04/02/183.28

White Daughter Taken By Black Man

 — A mother surrenders her daughter to her black boyfriend. by JonathanT12/21/114.21

White Daughters in Kenya

 — An Engineer from South Africa moves to Kenya. by JonathanT10/18/134.17

White Dominatrix Loves Black Man

 — White BBW Dominatrix strapons angry Black male. by Samuelx06/12/103.40

White Femdom for Haitian Men

 — French Canadian MILF strapons a Haitian stud. by Samuelx02/15/172.62

White Femdom in Montreal-Nord

 — Haitian student meets French Canadian dominatrix. by Samuelx02/16/18

White Fucks 49-year-old Black Video Slut

 — Fucking and ass fucking black slut. by Bruson03/04/103.97

White Girl Win Black Man's Heart

 — She impressed him with other things besides her body. by JimandGarysgirl07/01/12

White Girl Woe

 — A Lesbian Slave's Tale. by Rutabaga7204/14/174.11

White Girls Better For Black Men?

 — Rejected by Black women, he falls for White friend. by Samuelx11/18/103.40

White Grandma Strapons Black Guy

 — Older white BBW strapons Black college student. by Samuelx11/18/103.42

White Grandma Strapons Black Man

 — Dominant older White BBW strapons Black guy. by Samuelx11/11/102.88

White Grandma Worships Black Men

 — Mature White BBW discovers Black men. by Samuelx06/10/103.81

White Granny Strapons Black Guy

 — French-Canadian granny shows Haitian man who's boss. by Samuelx02/09/131.92

White Guy Bangs NYC African Goddess

 — After work hangout turns into office love affair. by Bruson03/12/103.71

White Guy in Vietnam Ch. 01

 — White guy encounters innocent and risque Viet on his travels. by whiteguy4asian01/15/184.37

White Guy in Vietnam Ch. 02

 — Things heat up with Lynn; Layla makes Karaoke hot. by whiteguy4asian04/16/184.47

White Heat

 — Young Asian Wife is pursued by Husband's boss. by little_miss_behaving06/04/154.72HOT

White High School Sluts

 — Seniors Maddi & Jenny take on 5 black college studs. by bigrod4u8712/27/064.43

White Hooker Enjoys...Ch. 1

 — interracial sexual by sexystar04/03/013.92

White Hooker Enjoys...Ch. 1

 — Sheila entertains Randy & Darrell at the same time. by sexystar04/07/014.13

White Hubby Helps Black Curiosity

 — She needs a big black cock. by AlwaysNeversoft05/01/064.41

White Knight For Black Woman

 — Somali woman falls for white man in Ottawa. by Samuelx09/27/132.67

White Lady Overcomes Inner Racist

 — White woman leaves racist Canada and becomes Haitian. by Samuelx11/13/102.33

White Lust

 — Her encounter with an older, married White man. by Chocky Girl09/24/014.18

White Men Can Hump

 — Black stripper finds out the truth about one white customer. by MasterBate03/09/034.29

White Mistress Modern Plantation

 — White woman falls in love with Black female servant. by Samuelx07/20/093.52

White Mom and Sr. Black Man

 — Elderly black man has white mom. by Moremom04/09/074.19

White Mom Captured by Black Men

 — Milf shares breasts with black photographer assistants. by Moremom10/30/063.81

White Mom, Pierced by Black?

 — Wife teases black man but may soon be ready to go black. by Moremom11/20/063.91

White Mother and Black Thug

 — A father loses his wife to his new black neighbour. by fargas11111/23/103.92

White Music

 — Aussie woman is attracted to black man at wedding reception. by brethard12/12/17

White On Black Domination

 — Short white chick dominates black couple in Ontario. by Samuelx03/22/122.57

White Pearl Pt. 01

 — Man discovers the power of the white pearl. by Steelmaster10/10/034.47

White Plain Jane into Beauty Queen

 — White woman transforms into a black man's dream girl. by JimandGarysgirl01/17/124.10

White Pussy Slave

 — She discovers her sub side in a chance encounter. by JulianT01/12/024.06

White Slavery

 — A white wife is sold at a slave auction to a new black owner. by Karenkay11/16/084.06

White Slaves of Eban

 — Couple work at a resort as slaves for black clients. by Karenkay10/07/093.84

White Slaves of Eban Ch. 01

 — White couple agree to work at a resort for black clients. by Karenkay03/09/083.96

White Slaves of Eban Ch. 02

 — White couple agree to work at a resort for black clients. by Karenkay04/23/084.04

White Slaves of Eban Ch. 03

 — White couple begins work at a resort for blacks. by Karenkay05/26/084.12

White Slaves of Eban Ch. 04

 — White couple begin work at a resort for black men. by Karenkay06/12/084.25

White Slaves of Eban Ch. 05

 — White couple agree to work at a resort for black clients. by Karenkay07/17/084.28

White Slaves of Eban Ch. 06

 — White couples working on a resort designed for black clients. by Karenkay09/21/084.15

White Slaves Resort Ch. 01

 — A wife signs up for a year of slavery at an African resort. by a_random_user05/25/114.12

White Slaves Resort Ch. 02

 — Elizabeth and Stephen arrive at the resort. by a_random_user06/26/114.46

White Slut Wife: Black Cock Fantasy

 — Husband makes submissive wife's black cock fantasy come true. by silkstockingslover10/08/144.57HOT

White Sluts' Club: Bride-to-Be!

 — Sweet girl is introduced to the world of big black cock. by silkstockingslover01/07/164.52HOT

White Sluts’ Club: Innocent Lawyer

 — White lawyer turned into a submissive slut for black cock. by silkstockingslover03/20/144.59HOT

White Submission

 — A white couple submits completely to a black master. by DontJudgeMe12/04/154.29

White Trash

 — Exotic dancer gets Black bred. by No Panty Girl05/08/064.09

White Whore Ch. 01

 — She does as she's told. by MistressSea5208/23/024.26

White Whore Ch. 02

 — She receives punishment & some rewards. by MistressSea5208/26/024.40

White Whore Ch. 03

 — She gets what she wants. by MistressSea5208/31/024.31

White Whore Ch. 04

 — More fantasies come true for our whore. by MistressSea5209/06/024.27

White Whore Ch. 05

 — She gets punished and rewarded. by MistressSea5209/19/034.45

White Whore Wife is Blackmailed Ch. 05

 — Valerie's breeding. by steve_cuck_burrows05/30/154.10

White Widow, Black Widower

 — Sex between two older adults. by trainman_d10/31/034.48

White Wife Black Balled

 — He found the right white wife, wrong white husband. by bucksilver03/10/124.00

White Wife Cuckolds Black Husband

 — White wife cuckolds Black husband with younger guy. by Samuelx10/18/153.77

White Wife for BBC

 — White wife goes black. by Write4Fun212/14/134.16

White Wife Gets Taken in Her Home

 — Wife gets gangbanged in home by black men. by Mikeba4802/18/174.04

White Wives for Black Cock Party

 — She meets her black lover and his friends. by gandj13001/27/084.17

White Woman Dominates Black Man

 — White BBW with strap-on dominates big black man. by Samuelx10/21/082.85

White Woman Dominates Black Woman

 — White BBW Mistress dominates Black woman. by Samuelx07/15/093.47

White Women are Goddesses Ch. 07

 — Black female psychiatrist meets White dominatrix. by Samuelx12/30/093.35

White Women are Goddesses Ch. 12

 — White BBW strapons horny Black man. by Samuelx01/31/102.00

White Women are Goddesses Ch. 13

 — Lazy black woman is dominated by white goddess. by Samuelx02/01/101.50

White Women Dominate Black Women

 — Wealthy white woman dominates black lady friend. by Samuelx07/14/093.13

White Women in Michigan

 — He served his country, now he serves white women. by blackmonsterdick10/28/103.57

White Women Stealing Black Men

 — For white women, stealing black men is a sport. by Samuelx10/21/083.51

White Women Strapon Black Men

 — Interracial sex with a kinky twist. by Samuelx10/01/103.42

White Women's BBC Clinic Ch. 01

 — An interracial slut training facility. by DylanMitchell51209/27/133.73

White Women's BBC Clinic Ch. 02

 — An interracial slut training facility. by DylanMitchell51210/01/133.95

White Women's BBC Clinic Ch. 03

 — An interracial slut training facility. by DylanMitchell51210/08/133.77

White Women's BBC Clinic Ch. 04

 — An interracial slut training facility. by DylanMitchell51211/22/134.06

White Women's BBC Clinic Ch. 05

 — Cox Air 6-2-6 by DylanMitchell51203/02/144.16

Whitewash Christmas 2017

 — Nik and his Harem Enjoy a Sexy Christmas Together. by EnglishTeacher12/25/174.50HOT

Whitewash High Ch. 01

 — Mrs. Jackson goes white. by EnglishTeacher04/05/164.52HOT

Whitewash High Ch. 02

 — Principal Weiss' lust explodes. by EnglishTeacher04/11/164.58HOT

Whitewash High Ch. 03

 — Threesome calm before the storm. by EnglishTeacher05/08/164.60HOT

Whitewash High Ch. 04

 — Asian sensation enters the picture. by EnglishTeacher05/14/164.62HOT

Whitewash High Ch. 05

 — The Doctor of Kama Sutra. by EnglishTeacher06/03/164.55HOT

Whitewash High Ch. 06

 — Another Hospital Visit. by EnglishTeacher08/13/164.65HOT

Whitewash High Ch. 07

 — Machinations of Desire. by EnglishTeacher08/30/164.73HOT

Whitewash High Ch. 08

 — Michelle and Valerie's cosplay surprise. by EnglishTeacher09/17/164.72HOT

Whitewash High Ch. 09

 — Gale and Daddy, K.I.S.S.I.N.G. by EnglishTeacher10/10/164.74HOT

Whitewash High Ch. 10

 — Rumble in the Jungle. by EnglishTeacher10/18/164.65HOT

Whitewash High Ch. 11

 — Hospital Love and Amanda's White Journey. by EnglishTeacher11/09/164.73HOT

Whitewash High Ch. 12

 — Porno Shoot Flashback. by EnglishTeacher11/22/164.69HOT

Whitewash High Ch. 13

 — Amanda's Gloryhole Whitewashing. by EnglishTeacher12/04/164.57HOT

Whitewash High Ch. 14

 — Shower Room Fun at School. by EnglishTeacher12/13/164.63HOT

Whitewash High Ch. 15

 — Kama Sutra Date Night. by EnglishTeacher04/26/174.63HOT

Whitewash High Ch. 16

 — Locker Room Fun with Gale. by EnglishTeacher06/12/174.67HOT

Whitewash High Ch. 17

 — Dr. Rai gets tamed and colonized. by EnglishTeacher06/22/174.72HOT

Whitewash High Ch. 18

 — Nik and Gale Get Married. by EnglishTeacher02/28/184.71HOT

Whitewash High: Rising Sun Ch. 01

 — Nik's Host Club debut. by EnglishTeacher03/15/174.48

Whitewash High: Rising Sun Ch. 02

 — Nik's love life blossoms and life as a bouncer. by EnglishTeacher11/20/174.58HOT

Whitewash High: Rising Sun Ch. 03

 — Nik's Life Takes a Fateful Turn. by EnglishTeacher11/25/174.62HOT

Whitewash High: Rising Sun Ch. 04

 — Nik's Descent into the Yakuza Continues. by EnglishTeacher12/18/174.47

Whitewash High: Rising Sun Ch. 05

 — Nik's Death Sentence. by EnglishTeacher01/14/184.55HOT

Whitewash High: Rising Sun Ch. 06

 — Anri Gets Collared. by EnglishTeacher01/28/184.65HOT

Whitewash High: Rising Sun Ch. 07

 — 48 Hours of Hell and a Blood Oath is Sworn. by EnglishTeacher02/14/184.71HOT

Whitewash High: Rising Sun Ch. 08

 — The Legend of the Dark Knight of Yamato Begins. by EnglishTeacher04/14/184.65HOT

Whitewash League Ch. 01

 — Oreo Girl and Wonder Negress to the Rescue! by EnglishTeacher12/31/164.57HOT

Whitewash League Ch. 02

 — Cracker Breeding Channel. by EnglishTeacher01/23/174.60HOT

Whitewash League Ch. 03

 — Political Machinations and the League's TV Debut. by EnglishTeacher07/23/174.56HOT

Whitewash Precinct Ch. 01

 — Officer Tanya White enjoys a Welcoming Gangbang. by EnglishTeacher08/07/174.47

Whitewash Precinct Ch. 02

 — Arson and Gangbangs for the Detective Squad. by EnglishTeacher12/31/174.30

Who Do Pussy Voodoo Pt. 01

 — My wife's friend's husband cast a spell on us all! by dr13bone04/25/154.29

Who Sucked My Cock?

 — A blindfolded guy who never knew. by Sergio06/04/024.07

Who's Baby!

 — A cuckolds fantasy by katt08/27/034.21

Who's the Boss

 — Black wife submits to husband's White boss. by Cuckolded_BlK_Male09/25/024.11

Who's The Boss?

 — Pakistani slut manager breeds with mature Africans. by Seidah11/28/164.13


 — She submits. by dna27fog10/13/163.78

Whore for Black Cock

 — Navy Wife with permission to play catches jungle fever. by the_harmless09/13/134.26

Why Canada Really Sucks

 — Interracial dating and life in the city of Ottawa. by Samuelx07/05/102.00

Why Are We Always Late?

 — Married couple can't seem to get anywhere on time. by HarperSiclaire03/28/144.25

Why Black Women Love White Males

 — Black woman seeks White master in Ottawa. by Samuelx10/16/103.87

Why Black Women Love White Men

 — Black woman leaves Black hubby for White man. by Samuelx10/16/103.66

Why Black Women Need White Men

 — Black woman discovers white dick in Ottawa. by Samuelx05/16/112.65

Why Can't He Just Tell Me

 — He cannot admit his feelings. by JimandGarysgirl12/11/113.65

Why Did I Do That

 — College guy takes on three odd coeds. by capt1308/01/063.47

Why Didn't This Happen Sooner?

 — Black man gets white girl he's wanted forever. by JimandGarysgirl07/13/123.74

Why I Love Black Men

 — An Asian woman explains her fetish for black cock. by blacklovr12/10/074.13

Why Should I Beg?

 — A neglected girlfriend goes to a club to have some fun. by alupine05/16/114.30

Why White Women Love Black Men

 — Black man discovers bossy White woman's strapon. by Samuelx05/16/112.58

Wicked Angel

 — Business mogul takes charge of his life. by Soft101711/12/154.67HOT

Wicked Game Ch. 02

 — Task Number One. by velvetpie05/29/044.59HOT

Wife & Mother-in-law

 — Drunk & no longer "respectable." by xxlarge02/09/104.05

Wife + Personal Trainer = Hard Fuck

 — Barbara gets a hard, black cock. by spanishwine03/19/054.17

Wife and Sis in Law Cuck Me

 — Wife brings her sister into the fold to help her cuckold me. by cuck2serveU02/18/172.88

Wife as Young Woman Ch. 01

 — Wife enjoys rough sex. by luckyhusband512/10/054.13

Wife Becomes a 'Cute Neighbor'

 — She's beautiful at hands of a Black neighbor. by subFLmale11/18/044.27

Wife Conceives Ch. 01

 — Couple wants a baby. by loboss212/27/103.81

Wife Conceives Ch. 02

 — Wife's plan for a baby takes a turn. by loboss202/19/113.48

Wife Enjoys Wedding Party

 — Wife takes first black cock. by Boxerpete04/01/134.09

Wife Finds BBC in Bahamas

 — Wife finds interracial fulfillment on vacation. by bbccouple02/28/164.34

Wife Fucked At Gym

 — Wife cheats for first time with black trainer. by applehead11/28/064.46

Wife Gets Pregnant Ch. 02

 — Wife finds black lover. by esknr04/30/044.42

Wife Gets Pregnant Ch. 03

 — Ann is confronted by nosy neighbor. by esknr09/10/064.32

Wife Goes Black...

 — First taste of dark meat whets her appetite. by Devil Dog05/10/033.83

Wife Goes Shopping

 — Wife gets picked up by young black men. by luckyhusband506/05/064.05

Wife in Vegas finds Two Black Men

 — Wife trapped in Vegas by snow storm - They meet. by hotwifetravels02/04/184.08

Wife in Vegas finds Two Black Men Ch. 02

 — Wife trapped in Vegas by snow storm with two chaperons. by hotwifetravels02/06/184.47

Wife in Vegas finds Two Black Men Ch. 03

 — Wife trapped in Vegas by snow storm, it's bath time! by hotwifetravels02/10/184.27

Wife in Vegas finds Two Black Men Ch. 04

 — Wife trapped in Vegas and finds two big black men - Bedtime. by hotwifetravels02/17/184.51HOT

Wife in Vegas finds Two Black Men Ch. 05

 — Wife trapped in Vegas and finds two big black men - Morning. by hotwifetravels03/01/184.40

Wife Pays Cause Hubby Plays

 — She has to pay off her husband's debt. by Stormbringer11/26/034.51HOT

Wife Submits to Black Power

 — Wife falls under a Black Adonis' spell. by Bakeboss04/06/094.07

Wife Swap Story Caught on Email

 — Sexy wife gets more than she asked for at a swapping party. by jackson12307/22/063.32

Wife Unknowingly Pays Debt

 — My wife agrees to pose with a black friend of mine. by WhiteTiger426908/10/164.24

Wife Wants Black

 — Hot MILF reads too many stories and decides to act. by bobbiecox201/03/094.16

Wife's Black Cock Fantasy Massage

 — Her dream massage being fucked by black stud. by richdick12/07/054.38

Wife's Date

 — Man arranges date with a black man for his wife. by Karenkay11/10/054.48

Wife's Date Ch. 02

 — She tells her husband about her date with a black man. by Karenkay11/14/054.35

Wife's Date Ch. 03

 — She poses as her husband's sister to pay off a drug dealer. by Karenkay11/15/054.47

Wife's Descent

 — Husband's mistake leads his wife down a dark path. by NOQuestionsAsked01/27/184.47

Wife's Fantasy Becomes a Reality.

 — Wife's fantasy of a black gang rape becomes sorta real. by Twotooto22208/26/144.32

Wife's Fantasy Comes True

 — Wife home for the summer fulfills a fantasy by complete surrender. by scribe172305/21/164.00

Wife's First BBC Ch. 01

 — My wife's first black cock. by Chicago4ever01/27/184.21

Wife's First BBC Not As Expected

 — My wife finally has sex with a black guy. by strycat05/28/153.74

Wife's First Black Cock

 — Hot wife lives out a fantasy. by bluerobot04/17/054.27

Wife's First Black Cock

 — Wife's first time with a black man. by dateingagain12/08/104.13

Wife's First Black Experiance

 — Wife's compulsive gambling results in her sexual awakening. by elaine5211/11/124.43

Wife's First Ch. 06

 — Young navy wife continues her sexually submission. by dnightengale10/25/133.83

Wife's First Cock : the Slut Diary

 — This young woman can't get enough cum, or Big Black Cocks. by theWIFEWatcher12/26/124.37

Wife's First Cock : the Slut Diary Ch. 02

 — She can't get enough cum, or Big Black Cocks. by theWIFEWatcher01/28/143.94

Wife's First Cock : the Slut Diary Ch. 03

 — Bookstore Visit: She can't get enough cum or Big Black Cock. by theWIFEWatcher04/15/154.43

Wife's First Cock : the Slut Diary Ch. 04

 — When it just isn't enough, she needs more. by theWIFEWatcher10/20/154.45

Wife's First Cock : the Slut Diary Ch. 05

 — After her bookstore visit she makes new friends. by theWIFEWatcher01/30/184.29

Wife's First Interracial Massage

 — Wife has a big surprise with her full body massage. by Txwriter2910/23/104.32

Wife's First Time With Black Lover

 — How I finally got my wife to fuck a black cock. by StLouisLove10/18/154.58HOT

Wife's School Reunion

 — Ellen had a secret regarding her last days in school. by dr13bone07/22/104.30

Wife's Teasing Treat

 — My wife planned a special present for me. by dr13bone07/22/104.24

Wife's Trainer

 — My wife's trainer changed both our lives. by dr13bone02/18/154.54HOT

Wife's Trainer Ch. 02

 — Plans are made for my wife to receive more training. by dr13bone04/01/154.37

Wife's Trainer Ch. 03

 — My wife plunged deeper into the world of interracial lust. by dr13bone04/28/154.55HOT

Wifely Needs

 — He discovers his wife's craving for black cock. by ep70301/07/094.40

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