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Nadia's First Threesome - Hot Italian girlfriend teases his buddy.
Night Out Pt. II - Mike shares her with a friend.
Night Workout
-A trip to the gym becomes total body exercise.
NorthShore Park
- Your boyfriend gives you to a stranger.
Oiling the Wheels on Industry?
- 40ish Rose entertains 3 clients.
Okay? - French couple befriends British Susie.
On The Beach Pt. II - Leigh stops by for breakfast.
One...Two...Three - You and two girls get hot in the hot tub.
One Orgasmic Night - He helps Kathy live out her hottest fantasy.
One Summer Night - College girl makes big bets in card game.
Online Pt. II - She has a secret of her own.
Online Pt. III - She, Ranger, and hubby make three.
Online IV - Threesome enjoys quality time together.
Online V - Threesome enjoys a jacuzzi.
Open House - Mystery man shows accountant the night of her life.
Our Holiday Affair... With Parents! - Couple bonds with parents.
Oral Fixation Pt. III - He's caught watching Bill & Amy.
Oral Fixation Pt. IV - He helps out Bill & Amy again.
Oral Lessons - He teaches lovely housewife the joys of oral.
Orgasm At Last - Jack & friends help Jane reach ecstasy.
Panama Pleasure - Straight guy discovers a new side of himself.
Parent Conference - Sexy teacher "conferences" with 2 horny dads.
Parent-Teacher Conference - Parents meet sexy English teacher.
Partying with the Office Divorcee - She loosens after work.
Poker - Woman's sexual favors are won in a poker game.
Pool Fun III - Mother's friend catches John and Amber.
Pool Game - Horny babysitter gets special tip.
Porn Hazing - Would-be porn star has his first day on the set.
Prisoner of Horny Tribe - Amazonians kidnap film crew.
Private Parties - Waitress makes money serving private parties.
Proliferate Drill - What a pleasure it is to serve your country!
Proud to Serve - Redheaded sheriff's researcher lives double life.
Pussy House-1972 - He witnesses punishment at sorority.
Rain - Jamie and JoJo discuss her first gangbang.
Randi and Josie - Two gorgeous teens discover 3-way sex.
Revenge - Two-timer gets caught.
Riding Lessons - Academy graduates learn bareback.
Roadside Assistance - Guy watches girlfriend as she *helps* buddy.
Rose Blood - Man meets his companion's Thai girlfriend.
Rose's Two Helpers - Two men help Rose move the furniture.
Salt Breeze in the Air - Traveling girls find desire on the Cote D'Azur.
Sara's Friend Pt. IV - Keith enjoys his first menage a trois.
Satisfying Holly - Nympho wife takes on gang of truckers.
Scully Can't Help It Pt. I - Agent contracts a strange fever.
Scully Can't Help It Pt. II - Gunther exacts his revenge.
Second Chances - Disillusioned Alice gets another try at happiness.
Second Threesome - Couple shares a woman.
Seinfeld - Elaine catches the boys watching porno.
Sex at Work Pt I - Girl gives it to her bosses.
Sex at Work Pt II - Assistant wants in on the action.
Sex at Work Pt III - The girls try to be alone.
Sex Ed - College guy discovers college sex.
Sex on the Beach - He's entranced by sexy couple.
Sex School Ch. I - Newlyweds honeymoon at The Institute.
Sex School Ch. II - Institute's founders demonstrate for the students.
Sex School Ch. III - Their triad explores their fantasies.
Sex School Ch. IV - Stuart confesses desires to Elizabeth.
Sex School Ch. V - Janet confesses deep dark secret to the group.
Sex School Ch. VI - The counselors help Mike & Janet.
Sex School Ch. VII - Two couples enjoy a hot soak.
Sex School Ch. VIII - Mike & Janet learn from Sara & Jim.
Sex School Ch. IX - Mike & Janet attend a wild dinner.
Sex School Ch. X - Jim learns Janet's secret.
Sex School Ch. XI - In the shower, Janet comes clean with Mike.
Sex School - Epilogue - Mike & Janet complete their training.
Sexual Education 101 - Guy gives lessons to girlfriend's friends.
Shadows In The Dark - Couples share a cabin, and more.
Shanghai Surprise - Wife and sister both get a little.
Share & Share Alike - He loves older women.
Sharon IV - Sally shares George with Sharon.
Shauna's Heaven - Sexy lady seduces three horny businessmen.
She-Devil - Friends share their sexual experiences.
Shopping Trip - Mall girl has her first woman, and a man.
Slut Stories - College girl loves to party.
Slight Misunderstanding? - Virgin wants experience, and gets lots.
Slut Lessons (labrat) - High school party turns into gang-bang.
Slut Lessons Pt. II - Renee meets Tom and Ginny.
Slut Lessons Pt. III - Renee sees her first shaved girl.
Slut Lessons Pt. IV - Stacy takes all comers.
Slut Lessons Pt. V - Stacy finally experiences Renee.
Slut Lessons Pt. VI - Stacey & Renee take on twin brothers.
Slut Lessons Pt. VII - Renee & Stacey shave each other.
Slut Lessons Pt. VIII - Renee's sister shares secret.
Slut Lessons Pt. IX - Leslie loses her virginity.
Something For Mary Pt. II - Wife gets fantasy anniversary present.
Something For Mary Pt. III - Wife and husband enjoy a man.
Spring Break - Lucky high school guy gets two hot girls at once.
Stacy and Alison - Three friends enjoy a weekend together.
Star Sex: The XXX Generation - Riker & crew get freaky.
Star Trek: The Next Penetration - Space: the final frontier.
Step-Mom - Stepson gets present on 18th birthday.
Steve, Sam, & Me - Drunk pals have a threesome.
Steamy Baths - Man finds paradise in hotel sauna.
Strangers in the Night Pt. II - She meets the man & Molly.
Strip Night - He and hot girlfriend enjoy a stripper's table dance.
Story Told to Lana: We Three - Lover brings girlfriend.
Surprise - Wife brings girlfriend to share with husband.
Surprise at the Adult Arcade - His first lusty time at adult store.
Sushi Lover - After dinner, Lisa satisfies a room full of guys.
Suzi and Lisa: ... Pt. II - Suzi's the centerpiece in 5-man bang.
Suzi Pt. III - He wakes up beside the two girls.
Sweet Dreams - Katrina dreams of two men.
Sweet Revenge - Jilted girlfriend enjoys threeway sex at resort.
Sweets Pt. I - He & Sylvie spend time with Sue.
Teacher's Pets Pt. III - Teacher and friend give lesson to David.
Teacher's Pets Pt. IV - Boys show teacher what they've learned.
Terrie - Lee & Henry enjoy sexy nympho.
- She wants to do it all to you.
Teasing Terri Pt. III - Wayne's caught with hot babysitter.
Teasing Terri Pt. IV - Terri seduces Jason while couple watches.
Teasing Terri Pt. V - Jenny takes Jason, & Terri & Wayne shower.
Teasing Terri Pt. VI - They explore the possibilities, and each other.
Teasing Terri Pt. VII - The foursome make a movie.
Thank Goodness For Friends - Nylon lover takes wife & friend.
The Affair - She & Vanessa give you a night to remember.
The Adult Theater Pt. II - Hubby takes wife to XX movie.
The Big Apple - Lisa takes on NYC...and Leon and Sasha.
The Birthday Present - She brings home "gift" for boyfriend.
The Bonding Party - He stumbles on all-girl party.
The Bus Ride - Stephanie runs into old acquaintance from school.
The Call Girl - Lovelorn man explores the other side of town.
The Camping Trip - Brandi spies on lovers and gets caught.
The Classified Ad - He satisfies couple's yearnings - and his own.
The College Party - Todd takes Monique to a frat bash.
The Contact Magazine - Timid woman responds to couple's ad.
The Contact Magazine Pt. II - Wendy camps with new couple.
The Couch - Girlfriend Nikki brings home a sweet surprise.
The Cum Eaters Pt. II - Sisters invite the boys over for more.
The Dance - Woman approaches couple at nightclub.
The Dancer - Male stripper livens up bridal shower.
The Dancer - Exotic entertainer is intrigued by two men.
The Dancer Part II - Stripper is shared by several men.
The Day We Saved Our Marriage - Couple tries group sex.
The Degradation of Anne Morrow - She plays with strangers.
The Dinner Pt. I - Couple invites Ken for dinner, and more.
The Dinner Pt. II - Ken gives lessons to Shannan & Sean.
The Doctor's Office - Doctor & nurse examine a young virgin.
The Domination of Mike - Popular classmates teach class geek.
The Dorm Room - Couple consoles sexy, lonely Anne.
The Double Feature - She's more entertaining than the movie.
The Dream Reaper Pt. IV - He meets the Reaper and others.
The Dream Reaper Pt. V - The Reaper announces a sex contest.
The Dream Reaper Pt. XII - All eyes are on Jade's dream link.
The Dream Reaper Pt. XVI - Paul finally offers his dream link.
The Dream Reaper Pt. XXI - Paul meets Sangril & Tamare.
The Dumas Rebellion - Neglected housewives devise a plan.
The Education of Jen Pt . I - She gets boyfriend & his buddy.
The Education of Jen Pt. III - Jen pleases five men.
The Education of Jen Pt. V - Jen, Jes, Jim, & Justin.
The Experience - He catches friend (& her girlfriend) in the shower.
The Fraternity Party - Coed is invited to help with bash.
The Game - Couple plays dangerous sex games in the city.
The Gang Bang - Engaged coed is taken by whole house.
The Gang Bang Exposé - Sean and Ann go undercover.
The Gift - Rejected woman rediscovers her psychic powers.
The Gym Pt. II - College guy visits Carl and his Asian wife.
The Gym Pt. IV - John and shemale Kate visit Carl & Suki.
The Hero - Man saves one woman and gets twins.
The High School Chronicles III - He gets hot cheerleader sisters.
The High School Chronicles V - Couple plots girl's seduction.
The Hike - Couple make friends in the great outdoors.
The Hollywood Gigolo Pt. II - He "escorts" two hot Oscar nominees.
The Hot Day - Day at the mall ends with a threesome.
The KISS Concert - Four girls get KISSed.
The Laundry Room Pt. I - Sexy girl wants him to smell her panties.
The Lift - Security guard witnesses threesome in elevator.
The Long Trip Home - Mom gives daughter love lessons - with help.
The Maid of Honor - Sex games take toll on friends and spouses.
The Meal Pt. II - Sexy Cindy meets Mona's son.
The Mind Doctor I - Female doctor performs hypnotic experiments.
The Mirror Pt. III - They meets Azamond & learns mirror's secret.
The Mirror Pt. IV - Azamond goes exploring, & Janet loosens up.
The Mirror Pt. VII - Janet takes Miss Appleby through the mirror.
The Mirror Pt. VIII - Stephen borrows Azamond's mirror.
The Mirror Pt. X - Skeptical Camela speaks the mirror's words.
The Moaning Wall - Two couples swap partners over the fence.
The Model - College girl does private modeling for artistic couple.
The Mom - Tutor teaches mother & daughter.
The Most Unusual Spa - Boss gives her an amazing bonus.
The Night I Came Home Early - Man finds wife with girlfriend.
The Nude Model - Starving student models for hot women.
The Party Is Over... - Bets at college party lead to group sex.
The Poker Slave - Sexy woman entertains his buddies.
The Payphone - Ebony beauty parties with five preppie white guys.
The Preacher's Wife Pt. II - He brings friend for lady to enjoy.
The Professionals - Erotica-writing couple meets its fans.
The Ride Home - Denise & dad's fiancée find a common interest.
The Same Taste - Couple has erotic adventure in country pub.
The Secret - His visit with Jim & Shelly gets wild.
The Seminar - Happily married woman strays while away on business.
The Seminar Pt. II - Wife pays price for return of ring.
The Sex Virus - Virulent horniness infects a hospital.
The Slut Factory - Shy virgin takes job as escort.
The Slutress I - Routine traffic stop becomes anything but routine.
The Student Nurses - Young RN's treat his bee sting, and more...
The Swap - Man & wife find out how the other half lives.
The Ride - Hitchhiking girl is picked up by two men.
The Taking of Innocence - Girlfriend's mother meets virgin beau.
The Tales of the... - Three girlfriends take ultimate pleasure cruise.
The Tales of the SS...II - The girls enjoy another pleasure cruise.
The Tales of the SS...III: Y2K Party - Crew ushers in the New Year.
The Three of Us - You and her enjoy a third.
The Threesome - Mr. Young explores two lovely ladies.
The Tour Pt. II - Guy enjoys flight with three starlets.
The Tour Pt. III - Tour director has threesome with gorgeous models.
The Toy Ch. II - Tina enjoys her ride home.
The Transformation - Postcard send divorcee on sensual journey.
The Triad - Couple befriends an enchanting sculptress.
The Two Brothers - She seduces friend's hunky sons.
The Very Hot Tub Pt. I - Party gets wet and wild.
The Video Arcade - He and Sara seek a threesome.
The Video Arcade Pt. II - He watches as Bob enjoys Sara.
The Weekend - College kids party at his parent's cabin.
The Welcome Home - Employee gives boss a great good-bye present.
The Winner - Quincy helps out a too-tight stripper.
Three Wishes - Man finds a magical medallion.
Three and Me - Student in need finds wealthy & lovely benefactor.
Three in Tennessee - Man meets couple for a menage a trois.
Three on the Fourth - He gets big bang on Independence Day.
Three's Company - The girls catch Jack spying on them.
Three's Not a Crowd - She loses pool game but wins 2 guys.
Threesome - She & Mitch enjoy girl at club.
Threesome Pt. I - She's horny for married friends.
Threesome Pt. II - She, Gina, & Tom bask in the afterglow.
Time Limit - Michael and Maddy show Lisette a new world.
Time Loop Pt. II - Jake tests the limits of the loop.
Time Loop Pt. III - Jake finds the secret to the loop.
Together At Last - Sexual servant gets her turn.
Transformation - Tim gets a shocking request from four lesbians.
Tropical Paradise - Couple enjoys masseuse at island getaway.
Trudy's Apartment - Scott enjoys Trudy and Ginger.
True Squirter - Marcy and hubby go to swinger's club.
Twins - Brothers share gorgeous women.
Two Bi Men & Me... - Night ends in menage a trois.
Two For Me - He helps wife's friend, & wife, too.
Undercover Pt. II - Captured cop services planeload.
Underground Adventure - She takes you on a bisexual journey.
Uno, Dos, Tres - College buddies share Costa Rican beauty.
Up, Up & Away - A high-flying, glorious group encounter.
Valley of Desire... - Traveling man encounters a strange town.
Valley of Desire Pt. II - Wife searches for her missing husband.
Virginities Lost Pt. II - He meets Carol's roommate.
Virginities Lost Pt. III - Erotic lessons continue for couple.
Virginities Lost Pt. IV - Joan & Karen teach them something new.
Visual Aids - Jackie shows Carol how to please a man.
Watching - She's spying on the nympho next door.
Wedding Jitters I - Couple exchanges unusual vows.
Welcome Wagon - George & Sheryl get to know couple next door.
Wet Night - Man dreams of hot sex with many anonymous women.
What a Night! - Horny girl gives 3 guys a night to remember.
What Are Friends For - Julie helps Ann spice up her marriage.
What It Takes To Be #1 - Sorority girls do all to score a 90.
Whipped Cream - Waitress gets more than tip from couple.
White Slaves Pt. III - Xena seduces all at the banquet.
Whose Birthday Is It Anyway? Ch. I - Brit girls' wild night out.
Whose Birthday Is It Anyway? Ch. II - Denise takes control.
Wicked - She'll make your fantasies reality - for a price.
Widowed Tom Fucks Neighbor & Daughter - He does!
Wife's Night Out - Snobby wife is loosened up.
Wild Experiences - Tiffany has her first girl, & her first gangbang.
Wild Night - Group of friends get more friendly.
Winter's Snow Pt. I - Writer enjoys young women in London.
Winter's Snow Pt. II - Lusty gentleman takes twin sisters.
Woman's... with Select Men - Married woman tries new guys.
Working Overtime - Boss is caught with hunky electrician.
WWF in the RAW - These fighters make love, not war!
WWF in the RAW Pt. II - Wrestling stars try new moves.
WWF in the RAW Pt. III - WWF-style mud wrestling.
WWF in the RAW Pt. IV - Godfather takes on bevy of beauties.
Xena & Gabrielle Pt. II - Hercules visits the girls.

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