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A Beach Adventure Ch. I -Lesbian couple gets proposal from the boss.
A Beach Adventure Ch. II
- Amanda & Katie join Steve.
A Beach Adventure Ch. III
- Amanda meets Steve in the surf.
A Beach Adventure Ch. IV
- Trio enjoys morning on the beach.
A Birthday She Won't Forget
- His present is group sex.
A Camping Discovery
- Couple makes friends in the wild.
A Casual Threesome..?
- She talks two guys into menage a trois.
A Chance Encounter - Bisexual Josh introduces Julie to Tom.
A Day at WJM-TV - These reporters do more than the news.
A Different Roadside Attraction
- Couple pays a debt.
A Fantasy of Sharing
- He shares sexy Puerto Rican girlfriend.
A First Time for Everything
- Bisexual roomie helps virgin lose it.
A Gang of Memories - You arrange your deepest fantasy.
A Great College Memory - He attends a wild sorority bash.
A Groupie's Fantasy I - Eager girl pleases her Fab Four.
A Groupie's Fantasy II - Jersey girl entertains Richie and Deuce.
A Knight in the Royal Court - Queen commands royal orgy.
A Memorable Seduction
- Widow rediscovers her sexuality.
A New Life
- Single mom takes new job, with special perks.
A Nice Job
- Waitress entertains private party.
A Night at the Repertory
- Marx Brothers tribute troupe's wild bash.
A Night of Theater - Couple meet for a wild bisexual adventure.
A Night on the Town - Virile Paul shows her the night of her life.
A Night Out
- He helps wife pick up men.
A Night Out II - Couple plus one at night club.
A Real Card Game - These girls don't play for money or chips.
A Sex-Filled Reunion Pt. I - Michael, Trish and Leslie reunite.
A Sinfully Delectable "Lunch" - You bring her Meg for lunch.
A Special Threesome - Rita asks him to join her and Woody.
A Surprise for the Girlfriend - Matt plans a threesome.
A Temporary Solution - Married couple finds a perfect threesome.
A Tight Cut Pt. I - Hair salon customer gets full service.
A Tight Cut Pt. II - He takes on two hot stylists.
A Trivial Pursuit - Board game gets wild among friends.
A Very Divine Intervention - God goes to earth on a mission.
A Woman's First Bisexual Experience - She tries girls.
A Yank in the Outhouse - G.I. takes village during the Big War.
Abigail's Wedding - Bride seeks satisfaction when groom passes out.
Abby Bright's Quiet Night In - Friends make video erotica.
Abyss Remembered - Accountant takes fiancée to rock concert.
Accidents Will Happen! - Drunken fender-bender takes a sexy turn.
Acting -  Hubby watches wife on the casting couch.
Adventures Of Betty III
- Betty gets detention, and likes it.
Adventures of Betty V - She leaves town in search of sex.
After Class Has Finished - Teacher gives couple bonus lessons.
Alexandra's Odyssey Ch. II - She's caught putting on a show.
Alice's Adventures Pt. II - Alice goes to a movie.
Alice's Adventures Pt. IV - Rabbit sends in a Little Willie.
Alice's Adventures Pt. VII - Alice attends the Duchess's party.
Alice's Adventures Pt. X - Alice tries new things in the Garden.
Amateur Photography - He snaps shots of two hot older ladies.
Amber's Visit - Coed stays with close family friends.
Amy's Bar-Bang At Oscars - Coed's wild night out.
An Apt Pupil - Carla gives Frank massage lessons using Leslie.
An Ego Trip - Gorgeous Joy teaches Mark how to blow her husband.
An Email Affair Pt. II - They enjoy a meal, a fire, and Wendy.
An Email Affair Pt. III - Threesome makes plans for morning after.
An Unforgettable Visit I - Mother-in-law sets up double date.
An Unforgettable Visit II - Mother-in-law helps spice up marriage.
And Jimmy Makes Four - Man finds couple screwing his girlfriend.
Angie - New girl in Vegas gets two for one.
Angie's Adventure:... - Spurned girlfriend finds satisfaction.
Another Little Quirk - Woman bets it all, and loses.
Apt. 201: Helping Hand -Hot petite girl lives 2-guy fantasy.
Army Jail Angels - Troublemaker finds forgiveness and 2 lovely girls.
Atlanta - Two couples fulfill each other's fantasies.
Au Pair Action - Coed caters to couple's needs.
Au Pair Action Pt. II - Coed seduces a straight woman.
Augsburg Pt. II - Wife goes out with Don and his friends.
Baby and the Band - Erin gets a backstage pass.
Bachelor Party - He shares lovely wife with good friend.
Barbecue with John & Julie - Party brings couples together.
Bare Back - Horny city girl goes wild in the desert.
Bat Girl - Sports fan bangs two Cubs.
Best Friends - He sleeps over with married friends.
Betty & Veronica - He gets the Christmas present of a lifetime.
Beyond The Video Arcade... - Couple seduces divorced Max.
Big Boy - Well-endowed man seeks help from doctor.
Big Boy Pt. II - Endowed man visits Doctor at her home.
Big Boy Meets Kim - Nurses help heal well-hung accident victim.
Big Boy's Vacation - Friends play strip poker in the mountains.
Big Boy Pt. V - He reveals his endowment to group of women.
Big Boy Pt. VI - He and his friends get wet & wild.
Big Boy Pt. VIII - He and Judy shop for pants.
Big Boy Pt. IX - He and Judy start a sex clinic.
Big Boy Pt. XII - Judy's fired, and gets one helluva party.
Big Boy Pt. XIII - Judy faces her former employer.
Big Boy Pt. XV - He's saved from rainstorm by Britney & Rebecca.
Bike Trip - Horny wife gets with twin German tour guides.
Birthday Bang - Horny Jessica discovers son's friends' lust for her.
Bisexual Orgy Pt. I - Two guys share a wife...and each other.
Bisexual Orgy Pt. II - Lou's invited to the boss's house.
Bi-Threesome - Indian couple brings her ex into the mix.
Blue Dragon Sex Club Pt. I - Guys catch their girlfriends at play.
Blue Dragon Sex Club Pt. II - The club's first "meeting".
Blue Dragon Sex Club Pt. III - Foursome invites a fifth.
Bonnie & Ron I - He finds himself in drunken in-law orgy.
Bonnie & Ron II - Orgy continues at Ron's house.
Bonnie & Ron IV - He finds his wife in an interesting position.
Bonnie & Ron VI - Deidre and Donald get in on the act.
Bonnie & Ron X - He takes care of Bonnie.
Born to Tease - Girl gets with two old neighbors.
Bound to Win - Paddi bets on the faithfulness of Emma's husband.
Bridal Party - She and boyfriend give bride a real present.
Butterflies - Man finds beauty in the woods.
Can't Win for Losing - Married woman blossoms sexually.
Caribbean Holiday Pt. II - Two couples enjoy secluded beach.
Caribbean Holiday III - The couple attends wild toga party.
Caribbean Holiday IV - They shave a friend.
Caribbean Holiday V - They enjoy Irina and Bill.
Caribbean Holiday VI - They meet Black man/Asian girl couple.
Caribbean Holiday VII - Irina takes on five Jamaican men.
Caribbean Holiday VIII - They meet two lovely women.
Caribbean Holiday IX - Two young guys go for Irina.
Caribbean Holiday X - They enjoy one last day in Jamaica.
Caught With a Hard-On - Guy plays strip poker with sis's friends.
Change of Plans - Friend's sprain leads Matthew to lovely surprise.
Charlie - Texan gets ride from gorgeous busty women.
Chinese Wife -Asian friend develops into hot babe.
Chinese Wife II - Couple enjoys swinger's party.
Club Spartacus Ch. I - Business friends take him to kinky private club.
Church Tales Ch. V - She visits her fiancee, and meets Pastor Ronnie.
Church Tales Ch. VI - Reverend Ronnie ponders the evils of sex.
Church Tales Ch. VII - Leo speaks at Pastor Ronnie's church.
Claudia's Wild Weekend - She's a nice girl with a dirty little secret.
Club Dingo - Blonde dreams of a gang bang.
College Days - Lawyer gets lucky with two coeds.
Coming For Carla - College guy helps out girlfriend's hot pal.
Confessions of a Sex Addict I - He wants his wife w/another man.
Confessions of a Sex Addict II - She gives in to horny husband.
Confessions of a Sex Addict III - He nearly loses her.
Cover Operations Pt. I - Mercenary searches for long-lost sister.
Cum Again - Dawn shares script with Kyle, with wild results.
Cute Lil Alli Saves a Relationship - Couple dabbles in group sex.
Dad, Me, & The Pastor - Daughter gets between father & pastor.
Dancing Girls - Two guys, two hot female adult dancers.
Darlene's Story Pt. II - Darlene punishes husband and his lover.
Dave and Karen - Hubby arranges gang rape fantasy for wife.
Dave Meets Vicki III - Dave meets Vicki's hot stepmom.
Dave Meets Vicki VI - Vicki takes Dave, and Denise takes on a team.
Dave Meets Vicki VII - Denise visits wicked club.
Dave Meets Vicki VIII - Dave & Vicki get wild at disco.
Dave Meets Vicki Ch. X - Dave & Vicki get with Denise.
Dear Diary Pt. I - High school Kelli details her sexual adventures.
Dear Diary Pt. V - Kelli's in the closet with Shaun and Marie.
Dear Diary Pt. VI - Sleepover gets even hotter.
Dear Diary Pt. XII - Kelli goes back to school.
Death Pt. II - Death takes in a show, and saves two lives.
Death Pt. III - Death runs into a boy and changes his life.
Death Pt. V - Death attends a party.
Double Tease - She brings home a woman for them to enjoy.
Dotti: The Family... VI - Dotti tried sex outside the family.
Earning the Grade... - Kimmy gets tutored by randy teacher.
Encore! Encore! - Fortyish fox helps two fraternity singers.
Encyclopedic Encounters II - He meets a couple of her "friends".
Encyclopedic Encounters III - Kelli fesses up.
Exciting Ch. II - Rani brings home girlfriend for him to try.
Especially For Yule Pt. II - Couple and Susan enjoy holidays.
Fantasies - Angela and Jack enter a wild contest.
Fantasies - Fantasy girl sucks the life from a businessman.
Fantasy - Horny girl's mind wanders.
Fantasy Come True - She tries a threesome.
Fantasy Fulfilled - He dreams of you, him, and another woman.
Fantasy World - Jill has an erotic experience at a wild nightclub.
Farmer's Daughter I - A young girl, her cousin, and his friend.
Farmer's Daughter II - Country girl gets lovin' from her cousins.
Farmer's Daughter III - Farm girls gets with her entire family.
First Night Ch. III
- Toni, Teri, and Traci get to know their friends.
First Day of Summer Pt. I -  Boy lusts for girlfriend's friend.
First Day of Summer Pt. II -  Boy makes play for both girls.
First Day of Summer Pt. III -  Baby oil, two young girls, and a guy.
First Day of Summer Pt. IV -  Naked Twister menage a trois.
First Day of Summer Pt. V -  Threesome in the shower.
First Gang Bang - College buddies share sexy Jill.
First Oral Threesome - Girl gets mouthy with two guy friends.
First Threesome - Hubby brings in online friend.
First Time in Porn Shop - Couple gives store clerk a show.
Fishin' Night Out - He shares sexy Angie with Len.
Fishin' Night Out Pt. II - He and Len enjoy Angie in the woods.
Flawless - Wife gets special anniversary present.
Flight School & Farmer's Daughters? - Flyboys vs horny girls.
Foster Investigations - Private eye follows potential cheating wife.
Full House:... Pt. II - Joey walks in on the girls.
Full Service - Gas station attendant gets offer of a lifetime.
Fun in the Shower - High school girl sneaks into boy's locker room.
Fun on the Fourth - He plays with stoned girlfriend and ex.
Fun on the Fourth Pt. II - The girls are just getting started.
Fun on the Fourth Pt. III - Fun continues into the fifth.
Fun With Karen - Three men meet Karen and her man.
Fred - He seeks another man to help him satisfy 3 horny women.
Friday Night - Girlfriend brings guy home to share.
Friend in Need - Wife "helps" hubby's hunky buddy.
Friend's Email Sex Encounter - Horny hubby meets online lover.
Frustration - Jenna's gang-bang fantasy comes true.
George's Undie Factory - Sexy wife entertains clients.
Ghost in the Machine Pt. III - Jennifer is kidnapped.
Gilligan's Island - The castaways get horny.
Girlfriend - Sexy lesbian is taken by thugs.
Going Home With... - He parties with roommate and his sis.
Good Friends - Sue takes two at once.
Gym Fling Pt. I - You and friends loosen up in the steam room.
Gym Fling Pt. II - Foursome continues fun.
Hands Free - He's tied up & pleasured by 2 hot women.
Happy New Year! - Hubby discovers wife's secret work life.
Happy Oral Gang Bang Birthday Ch. I - Jeff throws a bash.
Harley Heaven Pt. I - Biker babe meets biker dudes in biker bar.
Harley Heaven Pt. II - Biker chicks don leather.
Heaven on New Years - She savors two bisexual men.
Helen's Adventures Pt. I - She & her guy have one wild night.
Hell at Work - She knows how to please her boss.
Helping Out a Sick Friend - Injured friend's girl needs attention.
Hiking Pt. II - He takes on Justine and The Great Hunter.
Hiking Pt. III - Justine and The Great Hunter conquer him completely.
Hollywood Nights Ch. VIII - Michael has the girls for breakfast.
Hollywood Nights Ch. IX - Letiticia tells Marla a story.
Hollywood Nights Ch. X - The girls go shopping.
Hollywood Nights Ch. XI - Venessa takes care of Michael.
Hollywood Nights Ch. XII - The trio invite Venessa to their party.
Hollywood Nights Ch. XIII - Venessa cleans the girls.
Hollywood Nights Ch. XIV - Jeremy plans lesbian fun for Candi.
Hollywood Nights Ch. XV - Candi arrives at the party.
Hollywood Nights Ch. XVI - The party ends, & Gary goes home.
Hotel Room Nurse - Girl surprises mate by bringing along friends.
How Porno Movies Start - Two couples' night gets raunchy.
How to Prepare... - Parents unknowingly send couple to gang bang.
Hubby Cleans Up - She gets around, but he doesn't mind.
Hubby's Reward - She invites widow neighbor over for a treat.
I Felt That, Did You? Pt. I - Twins are inexplicably connected.
I Felt That, Did You? Pt. II - Couple meets with her twin sister.
I Felt That, Did You? Pt. III - Sis-in-law fulfills couple's wishes.
I’d Rather Be Shopping Pt. II - Alanis & all meet guys.
In Her Father's Footsteps IX - Jane brings Wendy home.
In Her Father's Footsteps X - Wendy & Jane exhaust Brad.
In Her Father's Footsteps XI - Moneypenny debriefs Jane.
In Her Father's Footsteps XII - Janes helps Wendy divorce.
In Her Father's Footsteps XIII - Trio goes to divorce court.
In Her Father's Footsteps XIV - Wendy gets divorced.
Industrial Annie, Smokey & Stoney - Annie makes a bet.
In-Laws Pt. II - Henry's brother puts in an unexpected appearance.
Innocence Lost Ch. XXXV - Innocence is exposed to the world.
Is It Hot In Here? - Wife's friend stops by during heat wave.
Island Girl - Husband is kidnapped by a gang of horny women.
Jaime's Movies - Steamy movie heats up three friends.
Jan Ch. III - He and Jan meet their landlords.
Jan Ch. V - He & Jan visit Belinda & Jim.
Jane And John - He gets with his girlfriend's friend and his roomate.
Jason, Megan, and Lou - He walks in on roommate & girl, & stays.
Jen & Sandy - Her ex-girlfriend stops by, with hot results.
Jennifer Ch. VIII - Jennifer's wildest weekend ever.
Jennifer Ch. IX - Shannon tells a hot story.
Jennifer Ch. X - Before the beach party, a pool party...
Jennifer Ch. XI - Dan and Jennifer throw a beach party.
Jennifer Ch. XII - Dan makes new friends.
Jennifer Ch. XIII - The guys and girls play campfire games.
Jennifer Ch. XIV - The party is still going strong.
Jeremy Pt. II - Reborn boy explores his new world.
Jeremy Pt. III - Jeremy explores Matty & Emmi.
Jessica's Changes Pt. I - Wife & friends "punish" hubby.
Jessica Changes Pt. II - Cheating husband is further "punished".
Jetski Fun - Joanne & Andy are caught by Pete.
Jim & Joanne Pt. II - He takes Joanne on swingers cruise.
Jim & Joanne Pt. III - Jim, Joanne, & Danicka arrive at the ship.
John & Sally - Buxom woman services the whole bar.
Judy's Firemen - Reporter spends day at fire station.
Jules' Secrets - Wife seeks casual sex with Turkish men.
Julia - Couple visits wild club, & meets wild woman.
Julie Loves An Audience Ch. II - She earns college money.
Just Good Friends - Pals celebrate 21st birthday.
Kaitlin's Tale V - Trasformed Kaitlin is put to first test.
Kaitlin's Tale VI - Kaitlin endures the next test.
Kay's Story - She looks for you, and meets newlyweds.
Kelly & Robin - Kelly gives Robin oral lessons, with boyfriend's help.
Kelli Gets Even Pt. IV - She sets sights on vicious bride-to-be.
Kerrie in the Big Apple - Writer learns the ins & outs of publishing.
Kim and Stephanie - Ex-Marine helps horny woman and her daughter.
Kim's Gift - Woman's headaches bring on a strange new power.
Kurious Kathy
- Man's girlfriend brings home her girlfriend for fun.
Lap Dance - Guy & girlfriend enjoy stripper.
Late Again - Adam (and his buddy matt) make it up to Della.
Laura Gets Her Wish - Husband & wife try other people.
Learning How to Give Head - Jane gets oral lessons from a frat.
Letters to Purvi Pt. I - Lalitha responds to Indian housewife's ad.
Letters to Purvi Pt. IV - Rajeesh introduces Lalitha to Mona.
Letters to Purvi Pt. V - Lalitha visits Germany.
Letters to Purvi Pt. VI - Lalitha and Helga spend time together.
Letters to Purvi Pt. VII - Mona writes to Purvi.
Letters to Purvi Pt. VIII - Purvi gets a letter from Rajeesh.
Letters to Purvi Pt. IX - Rajeesh tells how he lost his virginity.
Letters to Purvi Pt. X - Lali loses her anal virginity.
Liquid Lisa - Hot girlfriend takes on room full of guys.
Lisa's Gangbang - Couple approaches his friend Ryan for group fun.
Lisa's Party - Woman becomes prize in cards game.
Lit Ch. I - Boy rapes girlfriend, and her best friend helps.
Locker Room - She takes on the team after a game.
Love All at Wimbledon - Room service delivers to the Williams sisters.
Loving Pt. II - Dave meets Carol, and her roommate...
Loving Pt. III - Dave satisfies Patty & Carol.
Loving Pt. IV - Charley moves in.
Loving Pt. V - The Professor gets involved.
Lucky Buildup Pt. II - He and Terry embark on adventure.
Lucky Lawnmower Ladies Pt. I - Hubby spies wife with girl.
Lucky Lawnmower Ladies Pt. II - Hubby, wife, & neighbor.
Lisa Wants More - Cosmetic surgery affects girlfriend's libido.
Meg and I - Man's luck changes with hot ebony woman.
Made to Turn Bi - Bikers show Cynthia the joys of bisexuality.
Making the Best Of It - Girlfriend's sister comes along on trip.
Madam Governor Blackmailed... - Aide gets dirt on politician.
Massage Parlor - Madelyn and Kathy give Mr. Bluze a real rubdown.
Matron Does The Dorm - Schoolboys blackmail buxom beauty.
Megan Pt. IV - Megan and Jenny make sure the party doesn't end.
Memoirs of a Porn Actor I - Lusty friends on European adventure.
Memoirs of a Porn Actor II - Mark and friends enjoy Paris.
Merry Christmas - Guy gets group sex for Christmas.
Michelle, My Belle Pt. II - Two young couples share a bed.
Michelle, My Belle Pt. III - They can't get enough of each other.
Michelle, My Belle Pt. IV - She awakes to 2 guys & French girl.
Michelle, My Belle Pt. V - She watches Troy enjoy Michelle.
Michelle's Diary... - Roommate gives coed an education.
Millennium Dominance Pt. II - Kate's training begins.
Missy's Hunting Trip - Girlfriend entertains him and his friends.
Mom's Gangbang - She seduces son's hunky college buddies.
Mom's Neighborhood Studs Pt. I - She helps young hunks.
Mom's Neighborhood Studs Pt. II - She takes on new stud.
Movies Pt. I - Hot video leads to hot threesome.
Moving Day Pt. III - Uptight woman gets loose with movers.
Mr. Billy Joe Cabot - He enjoys perfect relationships with women.
Mrs. Martin Ch. X - Teacher plays Bumps & Grinds.
Mrs. Martin Ch. XII - They attend a luau.
Mrs. Martin Ch. XIII - The luau continues.
Mrs. Martin Ch. XIV - Tom meets Linda.
Mrs. Martin Ch. XV - Mom and teacher meet son's friends.
Mrs. Martin Ch. XVI - Susan meets Nancy for dinner.
MVP - Rough, arrogant football player is rewarded with group sex.
My Bhabi & My Friend - Indian man seduces sexy sister-in-law.
My Birthday - Wife gives hubby two girls for his birthday.
My First Threesome - Australian Navy man meets enticing couple.
My First Threesome - Jennifer relaxes with the guys.
My First Wonderfuck - She explores the myths of group sex.
My Girl At A Frat Party - Timid girlfriend goes wild.
My Online Love Affair Pt. IV - George & Kelly are caught.
My Sister Becomes My Lover - Sister fantasy is fulfilled.
My Wife Pt. II - Stripper wife's friend seduces them both.
My Roommate - Horny roommates share a man.

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