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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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Scorned Pt. 02

 — Darling Niki gets life put in perspective. by JellytheBiggler02/22/074.38


 — Girl is ravished at a concert. by bridget818106/21/053.91

Scott's Mistake

 — Young man pays dearly for stealing panties. by dolorsub09/13/074.00

Scott's Mistake Ch. 02

 — More abuse to young man caught stealing panties. by dolorsub09/22/074.25


 — Woman in crisis finds more trouble at the courthouse. by Sacred Beauty02/14/054.28

Scoundrel For Hire

 — A kidnapping to order preformed by a rogue. by Wifetheif01/27/143.95

Scratching An Itch Ch. 1

 — Wife of wealthy man leaves town for affair. by Bob Peale10/08/004.26

Scratching An Itch Ch. 2

 — Tania seduces married man. by Bob Peale10/08/004.10

Scratching An Itch Ch. 4

 — She goes to get what Ron owes her. by Bob Peale10/08/004.23

Scratching An Itch Ch. 5

 — Tania involves Ron's wife. by Bob Peale10/08/004.22

Screwed By The Courts

 — Guy gets even for getting screwed over in court. by HornyHenry01/28/083.94

Screwed in the Forest

 — Amy walking through the forest was accosted. by mitchawa07/05/153.68

Scum Fuck

 — Nasty Bucky shows city girl small-town hospitality. by elly bee03/20/043.80

Sea Monkey

 — Nate catches more than a fish. by nymph81709/25/153.70

Sealing the Deal

 — There was one last thing to do before the deal was done... by SimonSays107/25/084.38

Sean the Great

 — Beautiful prostitute finds hard road to new life. by sylviarockon03/17/014.36Editor's Pick

Searing Encounter

 — He takes her ass roughly, and she loves it. by Glysereen06/17/054.15


 — Investigating illegal shipments gets her in big trouble. by TimRamm09/08/073.10

Seatbelt Violation

 — She got more than just a ticket. by indianafantasies06/07/143.36

Second Chance

 — A slight change in plans. by C10/02/022.83

Second Chances

 — Former college lover doesn't take no for an answer. by cassidyames05/13/094.49

Second Chances Ch. 01

 — Caleb and Xandy meet under horrid circumstances. by LilliannaMorgan04/23/094.40

Second Chances Ch. 02

 — Caleb visits Xandy in the hospital. by LilliannaMorgan06/20/094.67HOT

Second Chances Ch. 02

 — Lady lawyer is tied and taken. by cassidyames05/17/094.56HOT

Second Chances Ch. 08

 — Brian finds clues to his mystery woman's identity by haremgirl05/01/074.72HOT

Second Choice

 — Life is about to change, again, for an alien's slave girl. by Rutabaga7206/15/144.26

Second Hand Teddy

 — Retired man abducts sexy shoplifter. by Eroticalover196806/07/143.42

Second Honeymoon

 — A husband and wife are taken by modern slavers. by Wifetheif02/11/133.89

Second Job: The Interview

 — Desperate for money, a husband goes for a job interview. by moboulion03/14/123.89

Second Mortage Payments

 — Black wife unaware her pussy helps with mortgage payments. by birch040201/31/083.78

Second Time Around? Ch. 01

 — She found him and he seized the opportunity. by ex_riter03/15/135.00

Second Wife

 — A new year, a new arrangement. by Creamer05/07/094.31

Second Wife Ch. 02

 — Mary's prenatal visit. by Creamer05/16/094.32

Second Wife Ch. 03

 — Bill stops by for a quickie with SIL Susan by Creamer06/14/094.45

Second Wife Ch. 04

 — Bill's big date with Monica, while Mary gets it in the end! by Creamer08/06/094.58HOT

Second Wife Ch. 05

 — Bill and Mary have a relaxing picnic at the park. by Creamer09/05/094.50HOT

Second Wife Ch. 06

 — Bill wakes up Mary to perform her wifely duties. by Creamer01/16/104.52HOT

Second Wife Ch. 07

 — Mary gives Bill dating advice. by Creamer05/07/104.61HOT

Second Wife Ch. 08

 — Mary takes Bill out for his make-up birthday. by Creamer11/14/104.57HOT

Secret Admirer

 — A woman gets taken on the bus. by chocolatecookie302/05/134.19

Secret Agent Crush Ch. 01

 — A secret agent and his wife deal with a young BBW. by evilbread66606/04/153.87

Secret Agent Crush Ch. 02

 — A Secret Agent is preparing to marry a huge BBW. by evilbread66606/10/154.32

Secret Agent Crush Ch. 03

 — A secret agent is forced to marry a huge BBW. by evilbread66606/13/154.15

Secret Agent Crush Ch. 04

 — Our hero wakes up with his new BBW Wife. by evilbread66606/14/154.45

Secret Agent Crush Ch. 05

 — Real wife and Fake BBW Wife Meet. by evilbread66606/30/154.44

Secret Agent Crush Ch. 06

 — A man is forced to play a young BBW's game. by evilbread66607/20/154.04

Secret Confessions of a Writer

 — The truth about an average girl. by sweet_kitten07/17/084.24

Secret Internet Lover

 — Kathy's internet lover decides to move into reality. by Wifetheif05/05/154.21

Secret Santa

 — Lyndsey gets a surprise in her stockings for Christmas by CuriousityAndTheCat212/02/114.52HOT

Secret Service Agent Paige

 — Paige finds her job to be quite "hard". by DerekCartman01/31/144.10

Secretarial Duties

 — The trials and tribulations of a legal secretary. by body_artist01/17/074.43

Secretarial Training

 — Your new boss gives you special "training." by edwardshelby11/01/103.51

Secretary African Style

 — His African secretary makes a bad mistake. by mishkin07/24/093.73

Secretary African Style Ch. 02

 — His African secretary makes a bad mistake. by mishkin07/29/093.79

Secretary Vanessa Gets Disciplined

 — Vanessa gets harassed at work resulting in forced threesome. by MicheleNylons02/22/124.16


 — A hired infiltrator gets a new coworker... by herosim8805/31/142.83

Secrets of Fears

 — Sweet wife confess to his husband's friends. by Pinta11/19/064.47

Security Breach

 — Security Guard takes on three buxom terrorists. by GeorgeTasker11/13/094.55HOT

Security Camera

 — She found out a little too late how a security system can help. by shayexhibits11/24/024.19

Security Guards Dream

 — Security guard learns true meaning of "back up." by lorraina04/26/054.04

Sedated Sister-in-Law

 — Sedated sister-in-law alone in hospital. by varun12/10/063.57

Sedation Gynecology

 — The doctor is most certainly IN. by LoreLai05/28/084.29

Seduced and Blackmailed

 — She enjoyed herself but now she must pay the price. by Bunnyrunner12/08/134.17

Seduced by a Sri Lankan Secretary

 — Secretary blackmails him. by Hornyboy05/24/012.93

Seduced by a Stranger Ch. 01

 — She needed something different, wasn't sure what until him. by CaraDailey04/07/123.95

Seduced by a Stranger Ch. 02

 — She needed something different, wasn't sure what until him. by CaraDailey04/21/124.21

Seduced into a Sex Cult Ch. 1

 — Unhappily married man discovers a Male Dom Sex Cult. by polonius07/10/014.04

Seduced into a Sex Cult Ch. 2

 — He plans to have his way with his wife. by polonius07/18/013.98

Seduced with Leggings

 — Girl seduces guy on the street who can't stop checking her. by coitus00902/12/104.53HOT

Seducing Veronica Ch. 01

 — A mysterious letter led Veronica to an expensive hotel. by Zachiel01/20/114.16


 — He tries, in vain, to resist his girlfriend's seduction. by zondar37m08/19/034.07

Seduction at Koko Beach

 — A beach escape opens the door to a whole new religion. by BlackDahlia6902/18/083.00

Seduction at Koko Beach Ch. 02

 — Sunbathing at a beach resort might require the buddy system. by BlackDahlia6904/08/082.80

Seduction at Koko Beach Ch. 03

 — Self-pleasuring by daylight comes at a high cost. by BlackDahlia6905/09/081.56

Seduction by Drugs

 — Innocent young couple drugged into depravity. by ReneeandKent01/14/114.12

Seduction by Torture

 — Tied and subjected to lesbian sexual abuse in her own home. by Pussyrider04/05/074.47

Seduction From The Hellspawn

 — Hellspawn has met his match. by _Lady1SensuaL1Fire_06/14/034.53HOT

Seduction of a Young Mother

 — Sharon is happily married and then she meets Rob and Darlene. by dawn195803/06/154.46

Seduction of Young Wives

 — A clothing store owner gets the most from his employees. by cpmls9910/08/073.42

Seduction Series - Annabelle

 — a married model goes a step too far. by RachalCaron09/23/134.27

Seduction Series - Britney

 — A white girlfriend is won over by a black guy. by RachalCaron10/11/134.32

Seductive Stranger of my Dreams

 — Sexy masculine stranger invades my dreams as well as my body. by myeroticvamp04/17/124.21

See You Soon

 — A mysterious, infuriating man. by StillWaiting505/24/134.42

See You Soon Ch. 02

 — Another encounter. by StillWaiting506/04/134.46

See You Soon Ch. 03

 — Let me go! by StillWaiting506/04/134.53HOT

See You Soon Ch. 04

 — Who is he really? by StillWaiting506/12/134.60HOT

Seed of the West Marshes

 — An elven mage goes through her final rite of passage. by Hecksithia07/16/123.57

Seeking Dr. Long's Recommendation

 — A young co-ed must convince the doctor. by tanyastoes11/01/114.15

Seen at a Mall: An Allegory of Love

 — A woman is abducted & shorn. by TRCIII09/16/064.32

Seigneurial dues

 — Landlord blackmails couple to serve him. by Eclaire2107/26/104.33

Seigneurial dues Ch. 02

 — Blackmail escalates- Alex betrays wife and joins in her fate by Eclaire2103/22/154.17

Seigneurial dues Ch. 03

 — Blackmail complete - Allison and Alex have become servants by Eclaire2103/23/154.34

Seigneurial dues Ch. 04

 — Epilogue - Allison becomes mistress, Alex becomes nanny by Eclaire2103/24/154.09

Selena's Secret

 — Hot Asian girl moves to town and introduced to sex. by orientaddict11/08/073.81

Self-Righteous Bitch

 — Southern gentleman takes her down a peg. by dickpounder7311/15/143.89

Semi-Fresh Meat

 — A two-time murderess is cruelly abused by her prison guards. by Smokey12503/10/143.78

Senatorial Secrets Ch. 09

 — Tragic events lead to the death of one man's love. by RedHairedandFriendly12/18/064.40

Senior Dare Night

 — Wanda sneaks into the boys' locker room. by Krazy3509/12/084.29

Sensitivity Training 02

 — Could she get him to stop leering at hot women? by edrider7303/02/143.73

Sensitivity Training Ch. 01

 — Three men teach office bigot some manners. by BW312/14/044.20

Sensitivity Training Ch. 02

 — His violation continues. by BW312/15/044.28

Sensually Assaulted Ch. 01

 — He will make sure she gets what she needs. by YoungLust512/22/123.93

Sensually Assaulted Ch. 02

 — Officer Karl makes sure she's punished properly. by YoungLust512/23/124.13

Seren Gets Busted

 — She's forced into submission by two cops. by Ovidius01/13/073.90

Sergeant Mann

 — An interrogation takes an interesting turn. by ElizabethDarcy08/06/103.98

Sergeant's Surprise

 — Sergeant gets a surprise she'll never forget. by WritingMyOwnReality04/12/064.28

Serial Lover Ch. 01

 — A psychotic serial killer kidnaps a beautiful woman. by SweetMolestation08/23/134.41

Serial Lover Ch. 02

 — A psychotic serial killer kidnaps a beautiful woman. by SweetMolestation09/06/134.18

Serial Lover Ch. 03

 — A psychotic serial killer kidnaps a beautiful woman. by SweetMolestation09/16/134.49

Serial Lover Ch. 04

 — A serial killer and his prize. by SweetMolestation06/02/154.59HOT


 — Leah meets Slendil and is forced into debt with him. by KiaraNightshadow07/15/104.11


 — Motor launch breaks down immediately after a service. by Ashson11/17/144.11

Service Call

 — Rich snob gets lesson in manners. by Blake03/21/014.06

Service with a Smile Ch. 05

 — Mr. Marcus gets tested by Inga's mother. by HarveyMarcus08/10/074.32

Serviced in My Room

 — Her view of the Room Service. by PanCallsYou01/19/034.43

Services Paid - Services Rendered

 — She answers ad to be dominated by unknown party. by call_me_dana03/25/104.11

Servicing Serena

 — The tango of submission and control. by JustinAme05/04/104.28

Servicing The Boss

 — My wife whores herself to save my job. by jayrandolf12/22/073.89

Servicing the Insurance Man Ch. 01

 — 18-year-old must become a slave to the insurance man. by sexygrl_18909/03/133.53

Serving Girl

 — Girl tricked, learns to serve his Lordship. by LadyParts11/05/104.39

Serving Girl and Sunday Sermon Ch. 02

 — Reverend dines, Susannah gets DP'd. by LadyParts11/28/104.50HOT

Serving the Married Couple

 — Tina's boyfriend Don is too passive. by StryWrter703/06/044.60HOT

Serving your Boss

 — He calls her, and she responds. by foxya09/16/073.81

Servitude and Sluttiness Ch. 01

 — Sarah is sold into slavery. Luckily her new owner's a woman. by Lexinatrix08/30/113.93

Servitude and Sluttiness Ch. 02

 — Lady Miriam ties Sarah and forces her to enjoy her rape. by Lexinatrix08/31/114.34

Servitude and Sluttiness Ch. 03

 — The other slaves take out their frustrations on Sarah. by Lexinatrix09/01/114.32

Servitude and Sluttiness Ch. 04

 — Lady Miriam rapes Sarah's ass-- in public. by Lexinatrix09/02/114.36

Servitude and Sluttiness Ch. 05

 — They play a cruel game with Sarah and Ruth. by Lexinatrix09/03/114.29

Set This House on Fire

 — He asks his wife to sit for a formal portrait. by CindysBob07/30/054.36

Set Up By The Boss

 — Sexy sales rep. is dealt with. by TheDarkCloud08/13/054.10

Setting Things Right Ch. 01

 — Mind Games by GeorgeKnows01/25/10

Setting Things Right Ch. 02

 — Cummuppance. by GeorgeKnows01/28/10

Settling the Score.

 — Madeline shows Esther who the stronger woman is in a match. by RavishedDoe03/24/134.14


 — Two police women respond to a break in, just to find him... by daddyduckett03/25/143.37

Seven Minutes to Regret

 — She embarrasses him and he takes revenge. by pinkberries3202/13/142.64

Seven Tasks of Poor Carrie

 — Carrie and her brother must submit...or go to jail! by storyteller102303/07/104.24

Sex Across The Cell Phone Ch. 01

 — She has sex with her lover while on the phone with fiancee by BeastMan6911/09/144.05

Sex Across The Cell Phone Ch. 02

 — Ramesh meets Bhavana, Kiranswife and they plot with each oth by BeastMan6911/23/144.31

Sex at the Abandoned Army Camp

 — A young woman's non-consent fantasy comes to life. by minelnaz03/05/133.39

Sex Doll Ch. 01

 — A thief finds herself learning morals from a sadist. by clitorisjones09/03/094.01

Sex Doll Ch. 02

 — A thief finds herself learning morals from a sadist. by clitorisjones09/08/094.04

Sex Ed Classroom Punishment Ch. 01

 — Lyndsey Anderson is used as a live volunteer in sex ed. by eroticstories2112/02/144.10

Sex Education

 — Young woman wants to learn about sex. by Ashson12/28/123.75

Sex Is Boring

 — Woman wants her sex life spiced up. by Ashson04/15/144.12

Sex on a Stick

 — He wants her pregnant, and won't take "No" for an answer. by acraft06/11/154.15

Sex Pirates of the Caribbean

 — Married couple takes a cruise...and are taken. by HippieSlut04/26/104.41

Sex Prison

 — Female inmates' experiences in a unique prison. by RunnerOnIce112502/13/123.81

Sex Salon Ch. 01

 — Jubi is introduced to massage parlor. by jujubee12301/30/144.00

Sex Slave

 — You wake to find you are tied and exposed to my every whim. by Queen_of_Tease05/22/144.15

Sex Slave Ch. 02

 — I tease your bound body relentlessly. by Queen_of_Tease08/07/144.14

Sex Slave Ch. 03

 — An early morning workout... with some embellishments. by Queen_of_Tease03/21/154.18

Sex Slave Ch. 04

 — Rees has a very bad day. by allusive102/17/114.42

Sex Slave Ch. 04

 — I am mercilessly teased and tortured by you. by Queen_of_Tease07/02/154.38

Sex Slave Lottery Ch. 01

 — For big money and strange thrills, beautiful women are persuaded. by roseyfingers03/13/154.12

Sex Slave Lottery Ch. 02

 — Dawn applies to participate in the Lottery. by roseyfingers03/16/154.18

Sex Slave Lottery Ch. 03

 — Dawn gets deeper into the Lottery and her friends come along. by roseyfingers03/17/154.22

Sex Slave Lottery Ch. 04

 — Dawn and Stacy quit Lottery for awhile but trouble follows by roseyfingers03/18/154.22

Sex Slave Lottery Ch. 05

 — The three take bigger risks. by roseyfingers03/23/154.44

Sex Slave Lottery Ch. 06

 — Another Sane Period. by roseyfingers03/25/154.37

Sex Slave Lottery Ch. 07

 — The Lottery gets more humiliating and brutal. by roseyfingers03/29/154.15

Sex Slave Lottery Ch. 08

 — More slaves are made. by roseyfingers03/30/154.52HOT

Sex Slave Lottery Ch. 09

 — Life as a slave. by roseyfingers04/01/154.26

Sex Slave Lottery Ch. 10: Final

 — Texas Again and the Future. by roseyfingers04/02/154.29

Sex Therapist Ch. 01

 — Couple wanting to revive their sex life get abused. by thomastheskankengine08/04/154.09

Sex Toy & Dildo

 — He gets even after her dog poops on his porch. by gushogan06/26/023.45

Sex War Ch. 01

 — Small-town men develop a device to sexually control women. by switchboy25710/29/083.99

Sex War Ch. 02

 — Women invent a device to sexually control men. by switchboy25710/30/083.59

Sex War Ch. 03

 — College library is taken over by the Female Task Force. by switchboy25710/31/083.80

Sex with a Ballerina

 — Ballerina made me fuck her. by BostonDom5507/05/133.99

Sex with a Stranger

 — Bar night ends wildly. by pendergast08/31/053.67

Sex with an Ex

 — Would it ever end? by song_bird04/09/083.59

Sex with Teacher in Cuba

 — He should've been careful what he wished for. by DS29909/15/134.03

Sex, Drugs & a Horny Housewife

 — Drugged wife has sex with husband's friend. by Sally Tart04/04/044.28

Sex-Wars Ch. 1

 — Sex is illegal in the year 2376. by Xander10/01/004.32

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