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Lustful Summoning Ch. 02

 — Jason summons a succubus & the tables turn. by mjm20203608/21/024.44

Lustful Summoning Ch. 03

 — The succubus receives Jason's new offering. by mjm20203612/10/024.62HOT

Lustful Summoning Ch. 04

 — Jason makes a mistake but enjoys it. by mjm20203601/11/034.64HOT

Lustful Summoning Ch. 05

 — Jason's succubus takes charge of a dangerous situation by mjm20203604/13/034.44

Lustful Summoning Ch. 06

 — Jason becomes master of his Succubi, doesn't he? by mjm20203612/16/034.52HOT

Lustful Summoning Ch. 07

 — Jason's succubi take over the club. by mjm20203601/03/044.59HOT

Lustful Summoning Ch. 08

 — New beginning for Jason & his succubus. by mjm20203608/27/044.61HOT

Lustful Summoning Ch. 09

 — Jason's life becomes a dream- or a nightmare? by mjm20203601/19/054.43

Lustful Summoning Ch. 10

 — Is it all a dream - or a nightmare? by mjm20203602/22/064.51HOT

Lustful Summoning Ch. 11

 — Jason's dream has a familiar but still dangerous face. by mjm20203604/07/064.54HOT

Lustful Summoning Ch. 12

 — Jason's hot dream turns into a cold affair. by mjm20203605/24/064.39

Lustful Summoning Ch. 13

 — The end of the beginning, and beginning of all desires. by mjm20203607/08/064.59HOT

Lusty Red Riding Hood Ch. 02

 — Red gets more than she bargained for at grandma's. by Honeymuff05/14/064.36

Luvine Lust Ch. 01

 — A tale of love, lust, deception and airsoft. by AmethystWolf07/03/113.75

Luvine Lust Ch. 02

 — A tale of love, lust, deception and airsoft. by AmethystWolf07/08/114.09

Luvine Lust Ch. 03

 — A tale of love, lust, deception and airsoft. by AmethystWolf07/12/114.07

Luvine Lust Ch. 04

 — A tale of love, lust, deception and airsoft. by AmethystWolf07/29/114.43

Luvine Lust Ch. 05

 — A tale of love, lust, deception and airsoft. by AmethystWolf08/13/113.30

Lux Ex Tenebris

 — Clara found comfort in the darkness. by Toxicity2309/06/134.74HOT

Lux Ex Tenebris Ch. 02

 — Secret revealed and Vidor gone once more. by Toxicity2309/15/134.78HOT

Lux Ex Tenebris Ch. 03

 — So many things going on in one morning. by Toxicity2302/27/144.74HOT

Lux Ex Tenebris Ch. 04

 — Vidor opens up to Clara. by Toxicity2303/08/144.81HOT


 — Ciel, is the pawn between the species. by anna_leo_05/20/144.25

Luxury Ch. 02

 — Finally Ciel and Jace, maybe... by anna_leo_06/30/144.12

Lycanthrope Tales

 — Coming of age story of young Lycanthropes. by Samuelx06/21/043.69


 — Some people use their pokemon outside of battle. by theilluminaughty03/21/143.41

Madam Vixen's Mad Mansion

 — Vampires and Werewolves and Angels, oh my! by vixenfurry02/03/134.29

Madam Vixen's Mad Mansion Ch. 02

 — The lion and the angel. by vixenfurry03/07/134.47

Madam Vixen's Mad Mansion Ch. 03

 — The Siren's story. by vixenfurry09/23/134.82HOT

Madam Vixen's Mad Mansion Ch. 04

 — Into the lion's den by vixenfurry06/23/144.55HOT

Madelyn Ch. 00

 — Prologue: a young woman returns home. by FaireSansa06/16/124.47

Madelyn Ch. 01

 — A young woman returns home. by FaireSansa06/19/124.58HOT

Madelyn Ch. 02

 — A young woman returns home by FaireSansa06/29/124.67HOT

Madelyn Ch. 03

 — A young woman's life changes. by FaireSansa07/01/124.68HOT

Madelyn Ch. 04

 — Life continues to change for a young woman. by FaireSansa01/28/134.68HOT

Madelyn Ch. 05

 — A young woman's life continues to change. by FaireSansa02/15/134.65HOT

Madelyn Ch. 06

 — A young woman's life continues to change. by FaireSansa07/05/144.67HOT

Madelyn Ch. 07

 — Brian learns something, and a new development for Madelyn. by FaireSansa10/28/144.61HOT


 — When a storm hits an unusual couple get together. by Sean Renaud05/24/104.04


 — A night of fantasy at a brothel. by redtexaggie11/04/024.57HOT


 — Alex tries calling the spirits but something else answers. by nighteyes1810/13/134.55HOT

Magic Beans

 — Amy, a strange plant and her sexy neighbor. by asexy_virgin04/24/104.33

Maid to Order, Six Foot Tall... Ch. 01

 — Bombshell robot takes control of fetishist master. by soleful12/29/064.12

Maman Brigette

 — A tale of slave ship torture and voodoo. by SlaveNano02/16/103.43

Man in the Long Black Coat

 — Sara was searching for more. by FatesPlaything09/02/054.44

Man To Wolf

 — Ordinary guy learns his secret heritage. by Samuelx05/02/053.69

Man's Beast Friend

 — Her boyfriend's a real beast. by Svenskaflicka01/11/043.72

Man, I Feel Like a Woman Ch. 01

 — A girl moves into a condo with 3 best friends. by EJ10110/04/144.28

Man, I Feel Like a Woman Ch. 02

 — Z and her friends struggle with money. by EJ10110/19/144.56HOT

Man, I Feel Like a Woman Ch. 03

 — Z finds out her roommates are crazy. by EJ10112/07/144.39

Man, I Feel Like a Woman Ch. 04

 — Z finds out that she has a different life. by EJ10101/10/154.45

Man, I Feel Like a Woman Ch. 05

 — Z practices magic. by EJ10102/23/154.67HOT

Manchester Mansion

 — Are things always as they seem? by angel_in_disguise10/12/054.48


 — Her hair moved unnaturally; that was just the beginning. by Liar07/22/054.69HOT

Maraschino Cherry

 — A powerful mage is taken down by an unlikly creature. by wudelfin06/25/063.76

Maraschino Cherry: Illusion

 — Control is an illusion at best. by wudelfin04/30/073.62

Maria X Amira: Girl on Mamono Ch. 01

 — A girl and a red slime girl in love with each other. by DarkWolfKnight711/23/104.33

Maria X Amira: Girl on Mamono Ch. 02

 — How they meet and became lovers. by DarkWolfKnight711/24/104.50HOT

Maria X Amira: Girl on Mamono Ch. 03

 — And the man makes threesome. by DarkWolfKnight712/03/104.60HOT

Marian the Librarian

 — Happy Halloween. by ejls10/02/114.27

Marie Ch. 03

 — Things are not always as they seem. by LaLaLady01/04/074.28

Marilith's Mending Massage

 — A massage from a six-armed lamia goes as one would expect. by RampantSerenity03/02/154.60HOT


 — Ralph has a romantic encounter with a mannequin. by trevorm09/02/093.38

Mark of Favor Ch. 01

 — Bearing her mark means more than he knew. by twilights_kith08/26/074.26

Mark of the Wolf

 — Have care before the full moon. by bulld10/25/034.41


 — Seduction... by SashaSOGood06/13/114.39

Marked Ch. 01

 — Rose has had a hard life until she meets Daniel. by aurelia_baby12/23/114.20

Mary & The Angel

 — My version of Luke 1:28-44. by Venus_in_Furs11/11/044.22

Masquerade in Chains

 — A woman, a masquerade ball, an erotic unnatural deal. by abyssalslady11/17/054.12

Mastering the Darkness

 — A powerful vampire, a defiant girl, a rescuer and a thief. by aria_rose10/07/104.60HOT

Mastering the Darkness Ch. 02

 — A council meeting; decisions made, and tenderness revealed. by aria_rose12/08/104.70HOT

Match Made In Hell

 — Demon & witch have sexual chemistry & a flare for evil. by LustQueen10/02/012.82

Mated Forever Ch. 01-04

 — Ella mets Trent, he kidnaps her will he hurt her or love her by Mega1512/20/104.22

Mated Forever Ch. 05-08

 — Going out, and to party? by Mega1504/09/114.42

Mated Forever Ch. 09-12

 — Trent blasted the music in the car... by Mega1507/19/114.56HOT


 — Chad finds his true mate, Sandra. by Honiahaka1212/25/104.46

Mates Ch. 02

 — Chad and Sandra meet others. by Honiahaka1212/29/104.55HOT

Mates Ch. 03

 — Giovanni makes a mistake. by Honiahaka1201/03/114.55HOT

Mates Ch. 04

 — Leona and Giovanni reunite. by Honiahaka1211/11/114.49

Mates Ch. 05

 — Chad does something he regrets. by Honiahaka1211/12/114.49

Mates Ch. 06

 — Ariel is observed and checked. by Honiahaka1208/18/134.39

Mates Ch. 07

 — Sandra and Chad finally see each other. by Honiahaka1208/19/134.61HOT

Mates Ch. 08

 — Things start to change for the prisoners. by Honiahaka1208/28/134.62HOT

Mates for Life Ch. 01

 — How this started between us. by SykoSara02/29/084.70HOT

Mating Memories

 — The story of Javon and Elise. by Iread2relax12/24/144.80HOT

Mating of a Demon

 — Demon takes two roommates. by shaftmasters_morgan05/21/043.90

Mating Season

 — Ellen is abducted by aliens. by Bob Waters10/19/014.19Editor's Pick

Maurice Ch. 01

 — Maurice introduces himself and meets Regina. by kalamazoo70712/13/114.55HOT

Maurice Ch. 02

 — Day 2 in New Orleans. by kalamazoo70712/23/114.71HOT

Maurice Ch. 03

 — Day 3 in New Orleans. by kalamazoo70712/30/114.78HOT

Maurice Ch. 04

 — Day 3 in New Orleans continued. by kalamazoo70701/05/124.69HOT

Maurice Ch. 05

 — I'm not in New Orleans anymore. by kalamazoo70701/11/124.75HOT

Maurice Ch. 06

 — Arkansas. by kalamazoo70701/16/124.85HOTContest Winner

Maurice Ch. 07

 — Confrontation. by kalamazoo70701/22/124.81HOT

Maurice Ch. 08

 — After Micah's death. by kalamazoo70702/01/124.80HOT

Maurice Ch. 09

 — Maurice begins to woo Regina. by kalamazoo70702/07/124.78HOT

Maurice Ch. 10

 — Regina and Delgado. by kalamazoo70702/19/124.83HOT

Maya's Match

 — A handsome beast man takes Maya's virginity. by XXNoraJeanXX11/05/134.40

Me and Maric

 — The re-birth of a vampire. by Bookietwo09/08/084.00

Means of Reproduction

 — College grad discovers how an unusual tree reproduces. by conspirator11/23/013.53

Meant for Me

 — A dark tale of fated lovers on Halloween. by nessunia11/03/084.57HOT

Medusa Ch. 01

 — A gorgon and a human fight to survive. by NovusAnimus07/08/114.75HOT

Medusa Ch. 02

 — The beast and the snake meet. by NovusAnimus08/13/114.79HOT

Medusa Ch. 03

 — Two monsters manage to find some solace in each other. by NovusAnimus09/01/114.81HOT

Medusa Ch. 04

 — Darien and Medusa enjoy some happy days. by NovusAnimus10/01/114.81HOT

Medusa Ch. 05

 — The calm before the storm. by NovusAnimus11/23/114.86HOT

Medusa Ch. 06

 — How they got there and where they're going. by NovusAnimus01/30/124.76HOT

Medusa Ch. 07

 — The friends you meet on the river. by NovusAnimus02/04/124.70HOT

Medusa Ch. 08

 — A little late-night fun on the way. by NovusAnimus02/22/124.70HOT

Medusa Ch. 09

 — Darien finally answers some questions. by NovusAnimus04/28/124.75HOT

Medusa Ch. 10

 — The group finally reach the grove. by NovusAnimus07/04/124.66HOT

Medusa Ch. 11

 — The gang find themselves on the run. by NovusAnimus05/10/134.73HOT

Meer Kass

 — Conor attempts to seduce a tempting feline alien. by BlackShanglan07/19/044.80HOTEditor's Pick

Meeting Ch. 01

 — Vampire Erotica/Action. by Geno197503/14/133.41

Meeting His Muse

 — Erato gives a student some extra inspiration. by jowhyd01/07/144.35

Meeting in the Mountain Ch. 01

 — A young photographer has an encounter with the wildlife. by amazon_modern03/19/114.44

Meeting The Maker

 — Maharani finds happiness in his arms...forever. by CelticAngel160509/08/054.46

Megans Transformation Ch. 1

 — Megan submits to her darker side. by Shad0wen02/23/014.23

Mei Meets a Monster

 — Chinese girl discovers something delightfully nasty. by Dog230310/02/124.21

Mei Meets a Monster Ch. 02

 — Mei seduces a friend with naughty pleasures. by Dog230310/04/124.37

Mei Meets a Monster Ch. 03

 — Mei introduces Lisa to the monster. by Dog230310/06/124.46

Mei Meets a Monster Ch. 04

 — Mei and Lisa discover a portal to a world of desire. by Dog230310/08/124.46

Mei Meets a Monster Ch. 05

 — Lisa meets her dream man in a dream. by Dog230310/13/124.60HOT

Mei Meets a Monster Ch. 06

 — Mei's torment continues and Lisa makes a new friend. by Dog230310/16/124.25

Mei Meets a Monster Ch. 07

 — Her sexual adventure continues. by Dog230312/01/124.38

Mei Meets a Monster Ch. 08

 — Mei meets the new teacher by Dog230312/02/124.47

Mei Meets a Monster Ch. 09

 — Rachel gets dirty while Sarah dominates Mei. by Dog230303/18/134.52HOT

Mei Meets a Monster Ch. 10

 — Mei and Sarah make new friends. by Dog230303/30/134.72HOT

Mei Meets a Monster Ch. 11

 — Jessie falls in love and Becky is ravished by a beast. by Dog230304/14/134.58HOT

Mei Meets a Monster Ch. 12

 — Jasmine discovers her daughter has a dirty secret. by Dog230304/17/134.66HOT

Mei Meets a Monster Ch. 13

 — Jasmine meets her daughters naughty friends. by Dog230304/28/134.34

Mei Meets a Monster Ch. 14

 — Kaitlyn travels beyong the portal and discovers its secrets. by Dog230305/06/134.49

Mei Meets a Monster Ch. 15

 — The girls learn about the Ashiri and their sex creatures. by Dog230308/25/134.19

Mei Meets a Monster Ch. 16

 — The Ashiri creatures seduce an group of righteous virgins. by Dog230309/05/134.53HOT


 — Taken from the temple, she is sold to a dark lord. by wishfulthinking08/14/104.67HOT

Melissa's Holiday Trip

 — On her way to her parents, Melissa encounters a snowman... by daddyduckett12/08/104.05

Memoirs of Kitty Siam Ch. 08

 — Kitty enjoys a day with the flowers. by kitty_siam09/07/144.72HOT

Memories Ch. 01

 — The musings of a demon at the coming of the dawn by katzen06/02/034.47

Memories Ch. 02

 — He remembers the bride as he handles the bridegroom. by katzen08/19/034.58HOT

Mercurial and the Beast

 — A troubling surprise yields pleasure. by A_Little_Show10/01/134.21

Mercurial Ends Ch. 01

 — Nothing is Lost Everything is Transformed - Of Thorns Book 2 by TalyisBagley08/23/124.68HOT

Mercurial Ends Ch. 02

 — Love is like a game of tennis with a vampire. by TalyisBagley08/31/124.67HOT

Mercurial Ends Ch. 03

 — He loves me; he loves me not and yet ghosts still haunt. by TalyisBagley10/05/124.52HOT

Mercurial Ends Ch. 04

 — A date with a vampire is an adventure. by TalyisBagley12/04/124.67HOT

Mercurial Ends Ch. 05

 — A nightmare in the waking world as feuds brew. by TalyisBagley12/29/124.55HOT

Mercurial Ends Ch. 06

 — 2012: It's The End of the World As We Know it by TalyisBagley12/30/124.67HOT

Mercurius Bellus

 — Cruel warlock extracts sexual energy from faeries by Akito0101/18/033.94


 — Occultist/Folklorist gains intimate knowledge of her. by Anitole08/12/094.60HOT

Mercy For Death

 — Vampire has a chance encounter with a whore. by MiddiMedici01/19/074.21

Meredith, Alana, and Me

 — A ghost joins our bed. by jjcolejr05/02/144.60HOT


 — A vision of a sea myth is made real. by intriguess03/22/013.52

Mermaid Hybrid Ch. 03

 — In which we meet the lovely Jessica. by RandeeFucks23409/09/144.55HOT

Mermaid Hybrid Ch. 04

 — What does the start of a new era look like? by RandeeFucks23409/11/144.52HOT

Mermaid Hybrid: Initiation

 — Thomas's little girl is all grown up. by RandeeFucks23409/06/144.39

Mermaid Hybrid: The Beginning

 — Thomas is landed with a baby hybrid. by RandeeFucks23409/05/144.45

Mermaid Revisited

 — We are really glad to see each other again. by Boxlicker10108/31/104.14

Mermaids Rescue

 — Stranded Sailor finds companionship with mermaids. by JagFarlane12/04/134.54HOT

Mermaids: The Body Fucked

 — Can the Mermaid Problem be solved? by scaletale09/02/144.22

MG 210: An Intro to Tentacles

 — Lizzy discovers that her new roommate isn't entirely human. by Collete01/18/154.65HOT

Mia and Miu - Kitty Dream

 — She dreams of a hot stranger. by demessa09/21/104.59HOT

Michael & I Ch. 01

 — An unlikely pairing of archangel and demon. by undead_grrl07/29/144.48

Michael & I Ch. 02

 — Riel finds relief. by undead_grrl08/06/144.42

Michael & I Ch. 03

 — Revelations are made. by undead_grrl08/30/144.67HOT

Michael & I Ch. 04

 — Why is all of this shit happening to me? by undead_grrl10/17/144.70HOT

Michael & I Ch. 05

 — Riel opens up. by undead_grrl10/26/144.71HOT

Michael & I Ch. 06

 — Riel begins to question her reality. by undead_grrl12/06/144.67HOT


 — Vampiric mist descends on horny girl. by Hubris11/02/004.25

Midnight Feeding

 — Vampire turns feeding into a sado-erotic experience. by Gojenngo11/15/014.30

Midnight Hour

 — He met her late at night. by Crystal Tigress04/29/044.40

Midnight Mingling

 — A librarian receives a midnight visit from a longtime friend. by Darknut05/14/124.30

Midnight Veil Ch. 01

 — A group of hikers get lost in a ravenous swamp. by NoirDesir05/18/124.42

Midnight Veil Ch. 02

 — Creatures take the hikers captive to become slaves of lust. by NoirDesir06/20/124.48

Midsummer Eve

 — Jolanthus returns from quest to his queen's loving embrace. by DarkelfDragon09/03/064.22

MidSummer's Night Cream

 — Her fantasies come true. by dharma_bum01/24/044.42

Midwinter's Eve

 — John gets lost in the mountains and finds the unexpected. by Myhands31602/26/154.81HOT


 — Something dark inside Mikaela is trying to come out. by moondreamer03/29/014.68HOT

Mikaela Ch. 2

 — Mikaela finds out about her dark secret. by moondreamer03/31/014.70HOT

Miley and the Alpha

 — A newly turned werewolf is taken by an Alpha. by LustforAlphas04/17/104.54HOT

Miley and the Alpha Ch. 02

 — Is Miley sick? Dante makes a discovery. by LustforAlphas04/25/104.64HOT

Miley and the Alpha Ch. 03

 — Miley refuses reality. by LustforAlphas05/21/104.57HOT

Miley and the Alpha Ch. 04

 — First image of the baby or...babies? by LustforAlphas10/18/104.56HOT

Milking: For SCIENCE!

 — Those huge breasts aren't going to milk themselves...(Furry) by rikkusguardian11/29/144.31


 — She becomes his fantasy so he can be hers. by 4ofSwords06/26/103.87

Mine Forever More

 — Woman must become a vampire - or else. by CatherineAnna09/19/104.35

Mine...Yours Pt. 01

 — Strange neighbors. by payenbrant07/04/144.77HOT

Mine...Yours Pt. 02

 — Strange visitors. by payenbrant07/10/144.82HOT

Mine...Yours Pt. 03

 — Strange Roommate by payenbrant07/20/144.89HOT

Mine...Yours Pt. 04

 — Strange Lessons. by payenbrant08/04/144.82HOT

Mine...Yours Pt. 05

 — Strange Meeting. by payenbrant08/09/144.88HOT

Mine...Yours Pt. 06

 — Strange Dreams. by payenbrant08/25/144.87HOT

Mine...Yours Pt. 07

 — Strange belongings. by payenbrant09/02/144.89HOT

Mine...Yours Pt. 08

 — Strange Hope. by payenbrant10/09/144.86HOT

Mine...Yours Pt. 09

 — Strange Parents. by payenbrant01/27/154.89HOT

Mine...Yours Pt. 10

 — Strange Sleep. by payenbrant03/07/154.89HOT

Miranda's Lips Ch. 01

 — Succubus-vampire, 2 hungers with 1 solution. by LoveJuices01/09/144.24

Miranda's Longing

 — Demon lover makes a promise. by very erotic08/10/023.35

Miss Black

 — Miss Black meets with her priest. by mvicious07/22/114.23

Mist & Moonlight

 — A warlock, a curse, & an innocent maiden collide in Ireland. by LustyLovers05/11/014.64HOT

Mistress Ninou's Submissive Gift

 — A Mistress submits to a friend for his birthday night. by Mistress10/28/014.27

Mistress of the Fey Ch. 01

 — Brianna awakes to the power of the women from her family. by Satolep07/11/144.11

Mistress of the Fey Ch. 02

 — A lustful demon helps Brianna face her most violent brother. by Satolep08/19/144.38

Mistress of the Fey Ch. 03

 — Back to the forest, Brianna learns from its so-called demons. by Satolep09/28/144.64HOT

Mistress of the Fey Ch. 04

 — Desperate to help Marian, Brianna faces the Friar unprepared. by Satolep10/15/144.33

Mistress of the Fey Ch. 05

 — Brianna learns from Maeve how to suck power from cum. by Satolep12/03/144.50

Mistress of the Night

 — An erotic slide into darkness. by Lady_Siren08/08/024.49

Misty Shower

 — Glancing down I noticed two beautiful hands... by Middleagepoet05/12/094.00

Mixed Blessings

 — Vampire and a Sidhe celebrate Valentines Day together. by deathlynx01/28/074.60HOT

Mixed Blessings Ch. 02

 — Laslie and Alicia play on the car ride to the Freehome. by deathlynx02/13/074.69HOT

Mixed Blessings Ch. 03

 — Laslie discovers the truth about the Sidhe & Dhase. by deathlynx02/18/074.71HOT

Mixed Blessings Ch. 04

 — Alicia and Laslie are on the run. by deathlynx02/26/075.00HOT

Mixed Blessings Ch. 05

 — Laslie and Alicia stop for some fun on the run. by deathlynx03/01/074.91HOT

Mixed Blessings Ch. 06

 — Can Alicia and Laslie battle Talianna and a Lycan? by deathlynx03/03/074.45

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