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Chrissy Grows Bolder

 — Crossdresser goes out dressed to meet a man. by ChrissyCD02/24/084.58HOT

Chrissy the Sissy

 — After work at a futa sperm bank, he wants the real thing. by Ide3205/07/124.56HOT

Chrissy's Night Out

 — Chrissy and Miriam have their first date, hijinks ensue. by Ide3205/02/124.49

Chrissy's Trip

 — Our lovebirds have a fight and Chrissy heads to Amsterdam. by Ide3205/11/124.69HOT

Christening Dany

 — A sissy gets a visit and his wishes come true. by SissyPantySlut09/06/124.37

Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 03

 — From a morning shower to a Heavenly night. by FinalStand03/29/134.66HOT

Christine and the Neighbor

 — Christine teases a neighbor and gets invited to a party. by Lovetoshowoff12/14/144.30

Christmas Cracker

 — What has Auntie bought you? It's a beautiful dressy surprise. by Tomsparty05/03/064.51HOT

Christmas Eve

 — A lonely man has a one night stand on Christmas Eve. by WhiskeyIsGood12/24/124.48

Christy's Fantasy Come True Ch. 01

 — Chris realizes one of his crossdressing fantasies. by curious_cd04/24/054.44

Christy's Fantasy Come True Ch. 02

 — Chris has more fun as Christy with Jim in public. by curious_cd08/09/054.55HOT

Christy's Fantasy Come True Ch. 03

 — Chris/Christy entertains at Jim's superbowl party. by curious_cd10/16/054.50HOT

Christy's Fantasy Come True Ch. 04

 — Chris decides to take his crossdressing a step further. by curious_cd01/03/064.62HOT

Christy's Fantasy Come True Ch. 05

 — Chris starts a new life as Christy. by curious_cd04/10/064.60HOT

Christy's Fantasy Come True Ch. 06

 — Christy's neighbor's discover her secret. by curious_cd07/15/074.61HOT

Christy's Fantasy Come True Ch. 07

 — Christy dresses up Tony. by curious_cd08/15/074.65HOT

Christy's Fantasy Come True Ch. 08

 — Christy is dominated by Jim. by curious_cd05/26/084.24

Christy's Fantasy Come True Ch. 09

 — Christy and Jim have fun with Sheri and Tony. by curious_cd02/04/094.44

Christy's Fantasy Come True Ch. 10

 — Christy seduces the neighbors son home form college. by curious_cd05/07/134.64HOT

Cindrellas Kiss Ch. 01

 — A play makes her secret wish come true. by maanmathan_playboy07/25/124.37

Cindrellas Kiss Ch. 02

 — She gets more than just a kiss. by maanmathan_playboy07/26/124.30

Cindy Lou Gets a Happy Surprise

 — Nw experience for the horny young woman from Alabama. by Boxlicker10106/16/064.40

Cindy's Makeover

 — Cindy a CD has a makeover then an adventure in London. by CindyUSA07/06/123.55

Claimed by the Futanari

 — Ali meets a monster in the woods. by AlinaX03/27/154.12NEW

Claire's New Cock

 — Claire gets a little something extra. by johnnysoda08/24/144.47

Clara Bow's Academy for Ladies

 — A sissy becomes a girl in earnest when taken to college. by Sputnik5703/24/134.12

Clara Bow's Academy for Ladies Ch. 02

 — Pepper is subjected to an examination. by Sputnik5703/25/134.23

Clara Bow's Academy for Ladies Ch. 03

 — Pepper makes new Friends; Bruce enjoys life. by Sputnik5703/26/134.39

Clara Bow's Academy for Ladies Ch. 04

 — Settling in; Honeysuckle Cottage- Bruce seen. by Sputnik5704/02/134.58HOT

Classfied Surprise

 — A very special and surprising date. by BmthAdmirer12/21/114.25

Claudia's Visitation

 — A visionary masterpiece of seduction. by KirkEdwards05/16/094.36

Cleaning More than the Garage

 — Sexy widow has a big surprise for horny 18-year-old. by majukes10/16/074.51HOT

Clementine in Hand-me Downs

 — Clementine is dressed by 'M' and watches a video. by Clementine_TV10/29/094.35

Clementine Photo-Album Princess

 — Clementine earns a place in Uncle's special album. by Clementine_TV01/05/114.22

Click on Chat

 — Crossdresser heads to Vegas for a lengthy vacation. by eightballbum03/13/064.43


 — The one thing whitey couldn't take was his big Black cock. by Cal Y. Pygia04/05/104.14

Close Shave

 — His legal sister makes him confess to being a sissy. by Tomsparty02/16/064.50HOT

Close to Closure

 — Ordinary bisexual picks up a woman at a bar, so he thinks. by BrettLynn01/06/024.50HOT

Closet Sissy Son Made Into Daughter

 — son is found out and made into family's new daughter. by JD210006/19/124.19

Closet Sissy Son Made Into Daughter Ch. 02

 — Son/daughter has fun with daddy. by JD210006/22/124.37

Closet Sissy Son Made Into Daughter Ch. 03

 — Sisters end a fun day the right way as they go to bed. by JD210007/04/124.42

Closet Sissy Son Made Into Daughter Ch. 04

 — She goes out for the first time to shop and more. by JD210007/15/124.47

Closet Sissy Son Made Into Daughter Ch. 05

 — New Daughter gets taken to meet the doctor. by JD210006/03/134.38

Cock Slave at the Movie Theater

 — Willing cock slave fucked hard in bathroom of movie theater. by HornyShakespeare02/02/094.21

Cock Sucking Jail Whore

 — He goes to jail to get gang banged. by RobinTVDaniels05/06/074.10

Cockatoo Pt. 01

 — Naive Englishman goes to Bangkok to get over his divorce. by nikkiesilk03/27/154.31NEW

Cocksucker: Crossdressing

 — Straight man is forced to crossdress and suck cock. by silkstockingslover05/14/144.62HOT

Cocksucker: Cum Bucket

 — Shemale & others gangbang straight crossdressing anal virgin. by silkstockingslover06/18/144.67HOT

Cockwhore's Special Evening

 — A night of cross-dressing leads to incredible fun. by Freeyourmind05/30/064.54HOT

Cockwhore's Total Gangbang

 — Cross-dressing young man is gang-banged by 20 men. by Freeyourmind07/18/064.45

Code Name Tequila Ch. 01

 — Sexy shemale super spy infiltrates the world of auto racing. by Travel_by_day04/29/094.65HOT

Code Name Tequila Ch. 02

 — Ria Ortega joins the mile high club on the way to Argentina. by Travel_by_day05/06/094.63HOT

Code Name Tequila Ch. 03

 — Two CIA agents are feminized to infiltrate a drug gang. by Travel_by_day05/10/094.59HOT

Code Name Tequila Ch. 04

 — Shemale spy gets close to tranny-loving drug lord. by Travel_by_day05/16/094.60HOT

Code Name Tequila Ch. 05

 — Two CIA agents undergo feminizing drug trials. by Travel_by_day05/17/094.62HOT

Code Name Tequila Ch. 06

 — Shemale spy goes undercover with racing team. by Travel_by_day05/20/094.50HOT

Code Name Tequila Ch. 07

 — April and May undercover in brothel in Rio, Brazil. by Travel_by_day05/22/094.50HOT

Code Name Tequila Ch. 08

 — Marisa and Isabella sleep together; Ria follows Carlos. by Travel_by_day05/24/094.69HOT

Code Name Tequila Ch. 09

 — April and May get lost in the slums of Brazil. by Travel_by_day06/09/094.71HOT

Code Name Tequila Ch. 10

 — Ria and Carlos follow Fernandez to Peru. by Travel_by_day06/17/094.55HOT

Code Name Tequila Ch. 11

 — April and May go to Copacabana beach in Rio. by Travel_by_day06/27/094.52HOT

Code Name Tequila Ch. 12

 — Ria and Carlos follow Fernandez to Panama. by Travel_by_day07/30/094.72HOT

Code Name Tequila Ch. 13

 — Carlos and Ria uncover more dirty deeds in Panama. by Travel_by_day08/22/094.62HOT

Code Name Tequila Ch. 14

 — Ria uncovers what Gabriela is doing, by Travel_by_day09/10/094.50HOT

Code Name Tequila Ch. 15

 — May fucks for fun and Ria fucks for information. by Travel_by_day09/17/094.62HOT

Code Name Tequila Ch. 16

 — April and May seduce Venezuelan facists in the jungle. by Travel_by_day09/25/094.75HOT

Code Name Tequila Ch. 17

 — Ria and Carlos attend a black-tie party. by Travel_by_day11/02/094.26

Code Name Tequila Ch. 18

 — Ria and Carlos deal with the aftermath of Fernandez's action. by Travel_by_day11/18/094.71HOT

Code Name Tequila Ch. 19

 — Chambers, April and May try to escape. by Travel_by_day12/21/094.79HOT

Code Name Tequila Ch. 20

 — Ria and Marisa discuss Carlos' accident. by Travel_by_day12/28/094.63HOT

Code Name Tequila Ch. 21

 — The CIA puts into action a final plan to stop Aguila Roja. by Travel_by_day01/16/104.70HOT

Code Name Tequila Ch. 22

 — The phone on the bedside table rang. by Travel_by_day02/23/104.52HOT

Code Name Tequila Ch. 23

 — Ria and Chambers confront the Aguila Roja. by Travel_by_day05/07/104.83HOT

Cody Becomes Chloe Pt. 01

 — A teen goes on Craigslist and meets Will. by Southernstud9703/19/153.48

Coincidences of a Girl Like Me

 — Marlene and a couple have a hot time. by Marlene10/26/064.66HOT

College Crossdressing Confessions

 — My wife makes me confess my college crossdressing secrets. by wifetoy09/08/134.18

College Crossdressing Confessions Ch. 02

 — My naughty addiction spills into summer by wifetoy10/27/134.09

College Crossdressing Confessions Ch. 03

 — The third chapter of my college crossdressing adventures. by wifetoy01/04/144.15

College Crossdressing Confessions Ch. 04

 — My fourth confession of my naughty college adventures. by wifetoy02/03/144.00

College Enslavement

 — A college junior is blackmailed. by TheMstrE05/15/144.42

College Life 101 Ch. 2

 — Sexy girl from bar isn't what he expected. by AJ10/07/004.09

College Surprise

 — A student is blackmailed into gay sex. by webbyhose10/20/104.23

Collette's Property

 — Transexual BDSM FFM. by jencampbell06/10/114.39

Come with a Friend

 — First blowjob and a woman. by patientlee03/20/154.77HOT

Coming Back Home

 — Missing my wife, we get busy! by f1dude_lotus12/08/124.46

Coming Clean

 — TV taking to the cleaners. by grgy5610/24/084.31

Coming Out Hot Ch. 01

 — Young man finally goes out as a girl. by KrazyKross06/11/133.68

Company Pier

 — First date for Lisa and Bill, a little awkward. by kokshur06/20/053.98

Concluding Unscientific Postscript

 — The world is both scientific and mythical at times. by Cal Y. Pygia07/07/083.18


 — Sucker for a pretty face is not that bad. by Ocallaghan7902/03/144.56HOT

Conner and Rebecca Ch. 01

 — Conner gets a surprise at Rebecca's. by vchalice05/02/094.29

Connie at an Adult Bookstore Ch. 01

 — Connie has fun at an adult bookstore. by cmorehead05/16/094.29

Connie at an Adult Bookstore Ch. 02

 — Connie has fun at an adult bookstore again. by cmorehead08/04/094.65HOT

Connie Finds a Kinky Boyfriend

 — Connie dates a really kinky guy. by cmorehead08/10/094.18

Connie Goes to College Ch. 01

 — Connie goes to college and explores crossdressing. by cmorehead03/12/094.42

Connie Goes to College Ch. 02

 — Connie explores crossdressing in college. by cmorehead03/15/094.58HOT

Connie Goes to College Ch. 03

 — Connie gets to know her roommate better. by cmorehead04/05/094.39

Connie Goes to College Ch. 04

 — Connie's first time in public. by cmorehead04/08/094.38

Connie Goes to College Ch. 05

 — Connie's first time in public continued. by cmorehead04/21/094.52HOT

Connie Goes to College Ch. 06

 — Connie has another encounter with her roommate. by cmorehead04/25/094.43

Connie Throws a Party

 — Connie has fun at a Superbowl party. by cmorehead08/26/093.94

Connoisseur of Cocks

 — Some people collect coins; she collects cocks. by Cal Y. Pygia04/16/053.75

Consent of Petra

 — Petra learns what men expect of her as she changes to girl. by briehenderson01/25/153.72

Constrained in Corsetry

 — Author's introduction to the erotic delights of corsetry. by susanxdresser09/03/064.33

Convenient Arrangement

 — Jasmine meets a new friend. by AmandaMI05/19/064.42

Convenient Arrangement Ch. 02

 — Jasmine learns a new role. by AmandaMI06/05/064.14

Convenient Arrangement Ch. 03

 — Jasmine learns a new look. by AmandaMI07/09/063.95

Convenient Arrangement Ch. 04

 — Jasmine gets to work. by AmandaMI09/26/064.03

Conversation with Gabriella Ch. 01

 — Gabriella explores her sub while all share her wife. by stacey_lynne06/22/064.51HOT

Conversation with Gabriella Ch. 02

 — Gabriella’s models for all including his wife’s date. by stacey_lynne06/23/064.53HOT

Conversation with Gabriella Ch. 03

 — Gabriella is eaten for dinner as she models her lingerie. by stacey_lynne06/24/064.45


 — I am visited by a Ghost Transsexual by horneeguy1503/08/154.39

Copping Off

 — Cops stop my car when I'm dressed as a fetish slut. by Vertex10/14/104.33


 — Marlene has an encounter with the police by Marlene02/17/034.19


 — Teased in her panties. by mitch382109/18/054.33

Coral Ch. 02

 — Wearing her panties, he meets her in the library. by mitch382109/08/074.42

Coral Ch. 03

 — The final chapter when Julia took my virginity. by mitch382110/08/074.57HOT

Corporate Policy

 — Paul gets caught surfing porn at work. by cmike11/15/054.25

Corporate Policy Ch. 02

 — Paul dresses up as Tom requests. by cmike04/21/064.43

Correspondence with Anne Ch. 01

 — Getting to know you. by qhml107/24/124.57HOT

Correspondence with Anne Ch. 02

 — Getting to know all about you. by qhml107/24/124.50HOT

Corssdressing at Pride Ch. 02

 — Further TRANSgressions, this time in a cruising club. by youngtwink1902/26/154.54HOT

Corssdressing at Pride Ch. 03

 — Amsterdam femboi reconnects with his older lover, moves in. by youngtwink1903/03/154.78HOT

Cosplay Gone Bad

 — Cops pull over Male crossdressing and offer a special fine. by CassidyCaine08/17/144.26

Costume Drama

 — Weak-willed young man takes his sister's place. by Dave93303/07/114.55HOT

Costume Drama Ch. 02

 — Edward finds a new life, and different roles, as Evelyn. by Dave93303/15/114.76HOT

Costumed Ball

 — Make-up can't hide some things. by Selbryth11/07/06HOT

Cottaging CD

 — A CD fantasy leads to a real encounter. by Highheelfun12/23/144.13

Could It Be Love Pt. 01

 — He is trick into sex with a man, and he loves it. by Metalopn08/07/134.42

Could It Be Love Pt. 02

 — Pete takes back his life & meets the woman of his dreams. by Metalopn08/13/134.54HOT

Could It Be Love Pt. 03

 — Gwen and Pete consummate their new found love. by Metalopn02/05/144.61HOT

Could The Day Get Any Better?

 — He meets his soul mate. by MassGuy12/22/034.43

Country Club Delight

 — A girly employee meets a much larger member. by sexyness22203/11/094.31

Country Girl: The Beginning

 — A TG takes the plunge forward into the unknown. by LaurenWestley06/05/114.26

Couples Counseling Ch. 02

 — Dr. Kim helps Rick and Gary solve their problems. by Cyanlot02/10/144.56HOT

Couples Only: Glory Hole Night

 — Two male roommates join the party. by married40scouple02/23/124.49

Couples Only: Glory Hole Night Ch. 03

 — The guys tell their neighbor how their lives changed. by married40scouple03/31/124.58HOT

Cowgirl Off The Silver Screen

 — Dress as a cowgirl to please your cowboy girl. by Tomsparty07/06/074.00

Coworker's Secret

 — A daydream about celebrating a coworker's secret. by fyredreams02/06/054.35

Craig's Date

 — More in the story of Teresa. by Mr James03/07/044.38

Craig's New Life

 — Forced to play for the other team. by Sweet0ne07/09/114.41

Craigslist CD Hookup

 — Bareback CD sex in a guy's van. by Lovinhose09/19/134.07

Crazy College Days

 — Lilly's first day at a school populated with she-males. by LaunchTami05/10/134.43

Cream Buns After The Party

 — Hen Party girls look on as boyfriends fuck sissy bar tender. by Cumfusion06/29/124.13

Creating Alyson

 — Revenge creates a new girl. by Misslexia12/05/094.14

Cribs in Camo

 — A soldier is sent off for the most bizarre reason. by theilluminaughty02/18/153.69

Cribs in Camo Ch. 02

 — Time in the quarantine wears on. by theilluminaughty02/26/154.20

Cribs in Camo Ch. 03

 — Nathan's life will never be the same. by theilluminaughty03/25/153.50NEW

Crime and punishment 2050

 — He is punished for statutory rape in the future. by bad_boy_good_girl12/27/123.91

Crime Doesn't Pay

 — A man catches a thief in his hotel and teaches a life lesson. by Virgil_Assad08/12/134.25

Cross Dresser Dominated Ch. 01

 — Internet ad leads to fantasy realized. by johnfell6907/25/123.51

Cross Dresser Flashing for Nude Day

 — Flashing the sexy, pretty neighbor his pantyhose clad cock. by SuperHeroRalph06/27/113.97

Cross Dressing for Valentine's Day

 — Man attends his first cross dressing Valentine's Day party. by SuperHeroRalph01/29/113.97

Cross My Heart

 — Cross-dressing? YOU!? by RobbySr10/06/064.72HOT

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