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Transsexuals & Crossdressers Stories

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More Than Panties in Store for Him

 — Panties, garter belt & stockings are on the menu. by jennycnnn07/03/074.60HOT

More Than Shopping

 — It was supposed to be just a quick shopping trip. by portiawriter03/01/154.39

Morgan's Organ

 — She was the hottest woman I had ever met... or was she? by rsvlbimwm01/11/154.52HOT

Morgan's Organ Ch. 02

 — It's time to flip Morgan. by rsvlbimwm01/12/154.59HOT

Morning Delight

 — What happens to her when he comes in? by cherrysilk01/08/044.61HOT

Morning Glory

 — A great way to greet the morning. by grgy5612/25/154.57HOT

Morning Glory

 — Caleb has an unexpected reunion at the local gloryhole. by dreadknots04/19/184.46

Motorcycle Sex

 — Marlene and a hot guy get hotter on a bike by Marlene01/25/034.14

Mountain Man

 — Young transgendered man's journey of discovery. by yukonnights07/22/084.42

Movie Booth Bang

 — CD's first time in an adult theater. by Fantasycd06/03/074.46

Movie Night

 — A woman grows something new while relaxing for the night. by Gweh09/20/174.20

Movie Star Gone Astray Pt. 01

 — Teen learns a lot about himself while filming amateur movies. by TSNatasha02/28/184.39

Movie Star Gone Astray Pt. 02

 — Young actor finds it hard to stay focused after heated night. by TSNatasha04/12/184.66HOT

Movie Star Gone Astray Pt. 03

 — Nate does some soul searching. by TSNatasha06/03/184.70HOT

Moving Out & Becoming a Girl

 — Beginning to be a full time Girl. by TammyPanty12/21/174.24

Mr Derrek

 — His newest sissy slut. by Stillherer12/10/123.76

Mr. BBC is Totally Bisexual

 — Black dominatrix and white guy entertain Mr. BBC. by Samuelx02/20/18

Mr. Cartwright's Naughty Secretary

 — Stealing off the boss isn't always a smart idea! by CarrieQ03/28/144.16

Mr. Plumber

 — Crossdresser meets bisexual plumber. by Notsurecurious08/02/084.04

Mr. Rudy

 — Elvish T-Girl finds acceptance. by Selbryth02/23/06Editor's Pick

Mr. Rudy Ch. 02

 — Elvish T-Girl finds acceptance. by Selbryth02/24/06HOTEditor's Pick

Mr. Rudy Ch. 03

 — Elvish T-Girl finds acceptance. by Selbryth02/25/06HOTEditor's Pick

Mr. Rudy Ch. 04

 — Elvish T-Girl finds acceptance. by Selbryth02/26/06HOTEditor's Pick

Mr. Simms Has Pics of Me in a Dress

 — My neighbor discovers my secret passion for dressing up. by JHouston11/21/174.54HOT

Mr. Wallace and Me Pt. 01-05

 — My fat, ugly boss makes me dress like a girl. by oberon_5204/05/134.63HOT

Mr. Wallace and Me Pt. 06

 — My situation becomes more complicated. by oberon_5205/01/134.53HOT

Mr. Wallace and Me Pt. 07

 — A day and night of feminity seems like it will never end. by oberon_5205/15/134.58HOT

Mr. Wallace and Me Pt. 08-10

 — I continue to struggle with my sexuality choices. by oberon_5207/03/134.61HOT

Mr. Wallace and Me Pt. 11-12

 — I have some feminine things to do before moving. by oberon_5207/23/134.61HOT

Mrs Peason 01

 — An unusual career opportunity. by merf6810/11/124.65HOT

Mrs Peason 02

 — A new identity for Jemma. by merf6802/03/154.73HOT

Mrs Potter

 — Caught by his Mother, he's sent to therapy. by Ilbfita07/06/064.06

Mrs Potter Ch. 02

 — Mrs Potter's monologue. by Ilbfita07/07/064.24

Mrs Robinson

 — First experience with an older transsexual lady. by phoenix19607/30/114.65HOT

Mrs. Doubtfire

 — Ryans fantasy takes an unexpected turn. by Many Feathers05/16/074.59HOT

Mrs. Henderson Emasculates An Ex

 — A woman begins her former boytoy's journey to feminization. by skriblur03/09/173.98

Mrs. Henderson Plays Matchmaker

 — Two of Mrs. Henderson's party guests get to know each other. by skriblur03/28/174.20

Ms. Greys' School Ch. 01

 — BDSM story involving three transwomen. by Lydyia02/10/144.43

Ms. Greys' School Ch. 02

 — BDSM story involving new student. by Lydyia03/02/144.30

Ms. Jay's Shoe Store Encounter Ch. 01

 — He meets someone special in the shoe store. by jojo2345606/14/064.46

Ms. Jay's Shoe Store Encounter Ch. 02

 — Ms. Jay teaches Joey how to be a cum slut. by jojo2345607/12/064.48

Mum & Sister Dress Him Up

 — Dumped sissy returns to mum and sister who enslave him. by Quietoldie05/20/154.22

Murder Misstery Melange

 — Will a wanted fugitive change his sex to save his skin? by thrillerauthor11/04/074.65HOT

Murder Misstery Redux

 — After sex change operation, new woman loses her virginity. by thrillerauthor01/28/084.60HOT


 — Josie needs Money fast, Murphy is the last resort. by MissYellowPanties05/09/174.32

Murphy Ch. 02

 — Murphy and Josie role play again. by MissYellowPanties07/08/174.60HOT

Murphy Ch. 03

 — Josie is attracted to her delivery driver. by MissYellowPanties07/22/174.47

Murphy Ch. 04

 — Mary asks Josie to dress as a guy. by MissYellowPanties08/02/174.40

Muscle Mature Fucks Rough Pt. 01

 — She wants me, and she wants me bad. by razmatazz1702/06/174.54HOT

Muscle Mature Fucks Rough Pt. 02

 — I'm back again... by razmatazz1702/09/174.66HOT

Muscle Mature Fucks Rough Pt. 03

 — Ms. Jaffey wants more. by razmatazz1709/15/174.69HOT

Muscle Mature Fucks Rough Pt. 04

 — Ms. Jaffey finally gets what's hers. by razmatazz1701/23/184.65HOT

Music and Sex

 — Kim makes it to college and meets Kari. by KimmyKari07/01/134.47

Muslim Men Love Shemales Too

 — Black transsexual marries Arab man. by Samuelx06/22/123.82

My "Uncle" Caught Me in Pantyhose! Pt. 01

 — My dad's best friend caught me in pantyhose! by JHouston11/07/154.07

My "Uncle" Caught Me in Pantyhose! Pt. 02

 — My dad's best friend caught me in pantyhose! by JHouston11/22/154.49

My "Uncle" Caught Me in Pantyhose! Pt. 03

 — Raquel becomes a woman. by JHouston12/05/154.47

My "Uncle" Caught Me in Pantyhose! Pt. 04

 — After Raquel Loses Her Virginity. by JHouston12/14/154.37

My "Uncle" Caught Me in Pantyhose! Pt. 06

 — Part 6 of the story of a young crossdresser. by JHouston08/25/164.53HOT

My 1st Pantyhose Encounter

 — 1st time crossdressing with wife. by weluvhose04/05/114.46

My Accidental Orgy

 — A Transwoman, hunting for a mate, stumbles into an orgy. by usmclass01/29/163.93

My Adorably Hung Summer Roommate

 — Darren meets Danielle, a petite redhead w/ something extra. by IncognitoBandito01/28/154.58HOT

My Adorably Hung Summer Roommate Ch. 02

 — Sharing dinner, lessons, girls and of course Danielle's cock. by IncognitoBandito03/30/154.71HOT

My Adorably Hung Summer Roommate Ch. 03

 — Confessions, Ferris Wheel BJs, and Dani takes Darren's Ass. by IncognitoBandito07/29/154.81HOT

My Adventures as Supergirl Ch. 01

 — This is my fantasy, branching from reality at a party. by AnnaBananna09/01/09

My Angel

 — Helping me back to full health. by AnnaV07/31/114.45

My Ardent Desire

 — My dinner date with a man. Romantic. No harsh words. by ManasPandey04/12/174.31

My Babysitter

 — A fantasy comes true in a unexpected way. by GreenGale01/27/134.35

My Babysitter Ch. 02

 — My babysitter comes back for a second visit. by GreenGale02/25/134.51HOT

My Babysitter Ch. 03

 — The warm, friendly touch of my mother. by GreenGale03/20/134.37

My Beautiful Surprise

 — He meets his love...and a pleasant surprise. by JonathanStone04/29/074.71HOT

My Best Adventure

 — A young straight man finds himself having quite a night. by Wellhung24107/27/11

My Best Friend The Tranny

 — College-bound men find erotic adventures as fems. by toontessa12/31/024.17

My Best Friend the Tranny Ch. 03

 — Two best friends love their new fem selves. by toontessa01/06/034.48

My Best Friend's Sister Ch. 01

 — Nick always had a crush on Mike's big sister. by WhiskeyIsGood02/11/164.72HOT

My Best Friend's Sister Ch. 02

 — Figuring things out. by WhiskeyIsGood02/21/164.70HOT

My Best Friend's Sister Ch. 03

 — Nick decides to tell his family. by WhiskeyIsGood02/27/164.68HOT

My Best Friend's Sister Ch. 04

 — Nick's birthday present to Christy. by WhiskeyIsGood03/05/164.80HOT

My Best Friends Ch. 01

 — Story of my awakening as a woman. by Dark_Rose9004/28/104.38

My Best Friends Ch. 02

 — After the first night... by Dark_Rose9010/30/104.24

My Best Friends Ch. 03

 — Molly goes clubbing with Amanda and reunites with Ryan. by Dark_Rose9002/25/134.49

My Big Sister

 — His older sister has a few surprises. by DaBlackMamba09/08/134.46

My Big Sister Ch. 02

 — Now Mom wants some. by DaBlackMamba09/30/134.53HOT

My Big Sister Ch. 03

 — Best friend surprises him. by DaBlackMamba03/21/144.58HOT

My Big Sister Ch. 04

 — He gets more attention from another girl. by DaBlackMamba06/14/144.60HOT

My Bizarre Life Change Ch. 01-02

 — Separated man is feminized by beautiful next door neighbor. by watchdwag07/14/104.50HOT

My Bizarre Life Change Ch. 03-04

 — Feminized man blackmailed by female employee. by watchdwag07/31/104.57HOT

My Black Transsexual Goddess

 — Bisexual black man meets hot tranny in Ottawa. by Samuelx02/18/133.02

My Boy at The Poker Game

 — FTM ends up in pot at poker game. by Big Swede09/19/114.42

My Boyfriend is a Better Sister

 — Girl catches boyfriend crossdressing, makes him weekend slut. by Brittni4u04/11/184.32

My Brother's Panties

 — A twin finds himself drawn to his transexual brother. by seat54211/02/124.73HOT

My Brother's Panties Ch. 02

 — Life in NY begins with the girls. by seat54211/25/124.78HOT

My Brother, My Sister Ch. 01

 — Cross-dressed girl is taken in the park. by MicheleNylons01/12/054.34

My Cable is Out

 — Hot CD gets a mouthful and loves it. by amygurl06/17/114.49

My Cleaner

 — Married man seduced by ladyboy. by gendidi07/07/143.86

My Cleaner Ch. 02

 — Married man seduced by ladyboy. by gendidi08/14/143.98

My Cleaner Ch. 03

 — Married man and ladyboy. by gendidi01/22/154.04

My Cross-Dressing Life

 — A cross-dresser's journey into the arms of a man. by roberty10/04/174.29

My Crossdresser Dream

 — How might my first blowjob go? by DaddyisaCD03/25/094.16

My Crush

 — A guy finally gets his crush. by TheReadingMan11/01/143.41

My Date

 — New date wears the trousers. by corsetheelscollar05/11/124.08

My Day

 — CD Jessica has an afternoon with her lover. by sexyctcd10/08/174.46

My Day Ch. 01

 — Wife helps husband become a slut for a day. by sapphiretx02/01/154.62HOT

My Day Off

 — A free day at home means dressing up and then a surprise. by tinbell06/19/164.64HOT

My Decadent Friend

 — Marlene's friend Carla cuffs her up. by Marlene01/27/044.46

My Desire To Be The Office Slut

 — Playing secretary leads to something new. by HighHeeledHoney07/25/134.48

My Dress

 — Crossdressing with Fantasy of threesome. by weluvhose05/23/114.63HOT

My Ex Girlfriends Mom

 — Randomly seeing an ex girlfriends mom can be a good thing! by WriteOrWrong04/14/114.53HOT

My Ex Girlfriends Mom Ch. 02

 — Ex-girlfriend joins in and the fun continues! by WriteOrWrong04/19/114.64HOT

My Ex Girlfriends Mom Ch. 03

 — The fun still continues! by WriteOrWrong07/25/114.63HOT

My Experience So Far

 — It's just a blowjob. by PeterBenjamin04/12/113.24

My Fantasy

 — Kinky BDSM kidnap fantasy. by tv_spunk_swallower07/23/094.31

My Fantasy Journey Pt. 01

 — A straight man's journey from CD to cum loving slut. by fantasyCD6510/20/164.34

My Fantasy Journey Pt. 02

 — The journey to cum addiction continues. by fantasyCD6510/21/164.54HOT

My Fantasy Journey Pt. 03

 — The final chapter in my journey from CD to slut. by fantasyCD6510/22/164.48

My Fat King

 — A young, inexperienced crossdresser meets a fat daddy. by ChewToySub08/05/154.10

My Father-In-Law's New Bride Ch. 01

 — He catches future son-in-law in the bride's dress. by regina_allen5509/13/054.31

My Father-In-Law's New Bride Ch. 02

 — Father-in-law continues son-in-law's bridal training. by regina_allen5509/14/054.45

My Father-In-Law's New Bride Ch. 03

 — Father-in-Law continues his training. by regina_allen5510/08/054.51HOT

My Father-In-Law's New Bride Ch. 04

 — Wife helps daddy with bride's new training. by regina_allen5510/09/054.40

My Favourite Fantasy

 — He's gone far, but not as far as he'd love to go. by LauraJayne06/07/084.24

My Feminine Side

 — Guy becomes a beautiful sexy girl. by BiDrew4204/18/144.75HOT

My First Anal

 — A fantasy that I hope to make a reality. by ElykMan2205/07/114.16

My First Anal Treat

 — White crossdresser dates her first Black man. by leggyjill09/20/074.48

My First Black Cocks

 — Crossdresser goes out to find big dark meat. by latexcd6910/17/064.22

My First Blowjob

 — Cross-dresser sucks off guy he meets on Internet. by StephanieSeymour02/14/074.01

My First Boyfriend

 — One girl and her tale of self discovery. by DailyReader06/11/124.63HOT

My First Boyfriend Ch. 02

 — Samantha's summer starts out with a bang. by DailyReader06/25/124.65HOT

My First Christian Male

 — A Muslim XD with his first Christian Male. by Christinafem05/27/123.97

My First College Halloween

 — Chad finds there's more to college than studying. by Ruverjumper07/10/114.42

My First Crossdresser

 — My First Encounter with a Hot, Sexy Crossdresser. by IrishJamesHot10/20/164.11

My First Crossdresser Pt. 01

 — The origins to my rise to domination as Princess Rebecca. by Princess_Rebecca199111/01/173.44

My First Crossdressing Ad

 — Nerdy 21 year old meets a man off Craigslist. by NerdySissyHippie11/26/174.37

My First Date with Kerry Lynn

 — My First Cock was a beautiful girl... by Tcs195601/10/154.44

My First Encounter

 — The reactions he gets when he becomes a she. by cherrysilk12/20/034.21

My First Gangbang

 — Experiencing my first gangbang. by BadMarie08/06/13

My First Girly Cock

 — My first time with a transsexual girl... by BigAndy92202/12/124.26

My First Job

 — Working in an adult store. by iser2112/17/144.42

My First Ladyboy

 — Surprise turns to delight. by hornyrider04/02/064.31

My First Ladyboy

 — Looking for something new I meet with a my first ladyboy. by 69plus110/04/134.54HOT

My First Ladyboy Ch. 02

 — My time with Billi continues. by 69plus110/12/134.48

My First Man

 — My First Taste of Man by cdloveradam11/12/114.26

My First Meet

 — The short story of my first meeting with another CD. by Rosecd09/18/114.24

My First Real Blow Job

 — The sexual awakening of a T-girl. by caroletv3102/24/114.10

My First Real Man

 — How I lost my virginity to an older man. by Tiffanyuk04/06/084.19

My First Shemale Ch. 01

 — He meets Carlotta in Juarez. by Richard Norman06/06/064.01

My First Shemale Experience

 — A special evening experience turns into a lot more. by EZ_CUM_EZ_GO09/21/094.55HOT

My First Shemale Sex

 — Man meets sexy shemale while away on business. by available26904/04/074.44

My First T-Girl Date with Lauren

 — My first date experience with t-girl Mistress Lauren. by Auntie_Victoria11/12/104.06

My First Taste

 — He's caught crossdressing outdoors. by CorsetCutie6908/09/054.39

My First Thai Holliday

 — Young man gets fucked by horny shemales. by happytraveler8108/08/154.48

My First Time

 — Wallpaper job turns into first blowjob with shemale. by iser2104/12/024.27

My First Time

 — A Young Man Gets His First Taste of She-Male Cock by mshow4u08/07/034.27

My First Time

 — A short story of how I lost my virginity as a woman. by jessymichelle05/19/094.20

My First Time

 — An older dominant man dominates and takes me. by tommibottom07/05/123.96

My First Time

 — CD Jessica's neighbor becomes her FWB. by sexyctcd08/05/164.70HOT

My First Time

 — My First time having sex as a crossdresser. by AliciaJ16904/25/174.22

My First Time as a Sissy

 — Young closeted cross dresser sucks cock for first time. by SissyTara05/18/174.27

My First Time as a Sissy Ch. 02

 — Tara continues on her journey to sissyhood. by SissyTara07/24/174.42

My First Time as a Sissy Ch. 03

 — Tara has her first date and gets her anal cherry taken. by SissyTara08/02/174.54HOT

My First Time as a Woman

 — A fantasy comes true. by submissive_xdresser04/03/074.59HOT

My First Time as Sara... Pt. 01

 — This is the story of how I became the girl Sara. by Sexy_SaraCD03/05/164.57HOT

My First Time as Sara... Pt. 02

 — Steve takes me for the first time and I find out who I am. by Sexy_SaraCD03/08/164.64HOT

My First Time as Sara... Pt. 03

 — Sara and Steve make a fateful decision. by Sexy_SaraCD03/21/164.62HOT

My First Time as Sara... Pt. 04

 — I start to fulfill my own cravings and desires. by Sexy_SaraCD03/25/164.54HOT

My First Time as Sara... Pt. 05

 — Sara takes her first steps to becoming the coquette she is. by Sexy_SaraCD03/29/164.61HOT

My First Time Becoming a Slut

 — My first time with a man. by Sxy_Sonia01/31/184.28

My First Time CD Sex

 — My very first time getting sex from a man. by Lovinhose09/20/133.90

My First Time Dressed for Someone

 — My first time dressed for someone and eager to please. by JoannePare03/05/174.33

My First Time Dressing Ch. 01

 — Curious crossdresser gets his chance to dress completely. by ChrissyCD02/12/084.31

My First Time Dressing Ch. 02

 — Crossdresser gets his first real cock. by ChrissyCD02/18/084.58HOT

My First Time Out Ch. 01.5

 — Shayna gets dressed like a slutty whore for the first time by Shayna04/06/034.67HOT

My First Time Out Ch. 02

 — Shayna (dressed up like a slut) is trapped in her hotel room. by Shayna04/02/034.34

My First Time Out Ch. 03

 — Shayna gets full makeover & goes clubbing. by Shayna04/11/034.62HOT

My First Time Out Ch. 04

 — Shayna & Lexi shop for a Bachelor Party. by Shayna04/25/034.72HOT

My First Time Out Ch. 05

 — Shayna goes to a strip club, does she strip? by Shayna10/25/044.81HOT

My First Time Out Ch. 06

 — Will Shayna go for a b00b job? by Shayna05/25/064.31

My First Time Out Ch. 07

 — Shayna goes to L.A. for a boob job. by Shayna02/18/084.30

My First Time Out of the House

 — His first time going out in public wearing his mom's jeans. by Frankinstine12/17/073.41

My First Time Pt. 02

 — Jessica and Eric define and continue their relationship. by sexyctcd08/10/164.69HOT

My First Time Sucking Cock Pt. 02

 — Teen (18) male with older man. by katiecdsub04/15/174.50HOT

My First Time Sucking Cock Pt. 03

 — Teen (18) male with older male. by katiecdsub04/27/174.30

My First Time Sucking Cock Pt. 04

 — Teen (18) has sex with older man. by katiecdsub04/30/174.49

My First Time Sucking Cock Pt. 05

 — Teen (18) male has sex with older male. by katiecdsub05/02/174.30

My First Time with a Man (MTF)

 — My man visits me for my first ride. by riancd12/12/174.38

My First Time With A TV

 — A true account. by marriedandbi08/30/113.97

My First Time with Isabel

 — I finally meet my transsexual friend in person! by esclaro04/15/164.42

My First Time, The Next Step

 — On date with Amy, he discovers anal. by iser2104/16/024.56HOT

My First Time, With You

 — Describing my fantasy of an evening with a CD. by DaddyIsDizzy04/28/154.00

My First Transsexual

 — The title tells it all. by iser2103/04/024.44

My Friday Night

 — Making my sissy boy cum. by honey2810/02/124.38

My Friday Night: Disconnected

 — We couldn't see each other, but I could still force him... by honey2801/22/154.41

My Friend June

 — The story of my best friend's life and struggles. by wife2hotblk03/15/104.07

My Friend Kay

 — My Cross Dressing Mentor. by Classygloves06/19/124.28

My Friend, His Wife

 — Closet crossdresser moves in with best friend and his wife. by hollandguy01/29/114.25

My Funny Androgyne

 — What will Donna Mae Trix get her girlfriend? by thrillerauthor01/30/054.52HOT

My Funny Valentine

 — Sweet comic Valentine’s surprise for sweet hearts. by grgy5601/25/174.58HOT


 — Husband's first date with a T-girl escort. by mdp_200401/05/084.58HOT

My Girl and I

 — A week in the life of a happy transgirl. by Ijhel06/18/173.92

My Girlfriend Made Me a Sissy

 — A guy is transformed into a sissy slut. by libertinaXx08/26/114.33

My Girlfriend Made Me a Sissy Ch. 02

 — Second part. Jess pushes her control further. by libertinaXx08/30/114.44

My Girlfriend Made Me a Sissy Ch. 03

 — Dressing up like this for Jess was one thing.... by libertinaXx09/25/114.52HOT

My Girlfriend's Cock

 — He's dating a she-male with a big cock. by Anal Slave01/26/064.39

My Girlfriend's Mother

 — Amy's mom has a big surprise. by WhiskeyIsGood06/07/184.43

My Girlfriend's Mother Ch. 02

 — Amy has a surprise of her own. by WhiskeyIsGood06/10/184.63HOT

My Girlfriend's Mother Has a Secret

 — He's caught spying on his girlfriends mother. by blueeyeandy05/06/104.49

My Girlfriend's Mum Pt. 01

 — I can't believe she would do this to me... by Manndee03/27/183.87

My Girlfriend's Sex Slave Ch. 01

 — My girlfriend turns me into her personal pornstar. by subboy482112/05/144.05

My Girlfriend's Sex Slave Ch. 02

 — My girlfriend begins forcing me to be a slut. by subboy482112/07/144.17

My Girlfriend's Sex Slave Ch. 03

 — My girlfriend brings some friends over to play with me. by subboy482112/10/144.08

My Girlfriend's Sex Slave Ch. 04

 — Used as the Sorority Whore to raise money for their house. by subboy482103/25/154.20

My Girlfriend's Sissy Roommate

 — Man learns that his girlfriend's best friend is a sissy. by SEVERUSMAX10/09/164.01

My Girlfriend's Sissy Roommate Ch. 03

 — Things get steamy with the poly triad. by SEVERUSMAX02/26/174.40

My Girlfriend's Surprise Gift

 — My girlfriend has a surprise waiting for me. by JosephBarnosky02/05/124.12

My Girly Boy in Drag

 — She finally makes moves on long-time, unusual crush. by moonkai05/05/05

My Girly Fantasy

 — A night with my friend changes everything. by libertinaXx02/12/124.27

My Glorious Transformation Pt. 01

 — Straight man's recent ex trains him to be a sissy fag boi. by switchhitter42012/08/154.39

My Greek Goddess

 — A straight married woman meets a she-male. by Pussrider04/01/124.44

My Halloween Transformation

 — A last minute errand leads to a whole new life. by centrum100010/16/114.61HOT

My Hermaphrodite Boss

 — Computer nerd exploited by his beautiful boss. by Metamorphose09/02/104.29

My Hermaphrodite Boss Pt. 02

 — Computer nerd exploited by his beautiful boss. by Metamorphose09/09/104.49

My Hermaphrodite Boss Pt. 03

 — Computer nerd exploited by his beautiful boss. by Metamorphose09/16/104.52HOT

My Hermaphrodite Boss Pt. 04

 — Hot Jacuzzi and sizzling hot breakfast. by Metamorphose09/22/104.69HOT

My Hermaphrodite Boss Pt. 05a

 — A hot deal. by Metamorphose11/02/104.61HOT

My Hermaphrodite Boss Pt. 05b

 — A hot deal. by Metamorphose11/03/104.63HOT

My Hermaphrodite Boss Pt. 06

 — Bad vibrations. by Metamorphose11/26/104.64HOT

My Husband a Pornstar

 — A loving and caring husband is made to explore his sexuality. by gtanya09/27/174.35

My Husband a Pornstar Ch. 02

 — Wife watches the first film with husband's master. by gtanya10/01/174.28

My Husband a Pornstar Ch. 03

 — Fairy husband tells the story of how his training went on. by gtanya03/13/184.26

My Husband a Pornstar Ch. 04

 — End of the Story. by gtanya03/16/183.68

My Husband’s Birthday

 — Sexual humiliation for his birthday gift. by Cynthia_D05/30/134.59HOT

My Initial Sissification

 — Sissy Life. by ShemaleMaid01/24/143.91

My Initiation

 — One man's introduction to a new life. by cdandy01/02/064.73HOTContest Winner

My Initiation

 — How I lost my gay virginity. The hard way. by lockedupslut09/09/094.62HOT

My Journey Ch. 01

 — I found myself in a midsized college town. by npanxx09/07/124.75HOT

My Journey Ch. 02

 — A middle aged man's blossoming affair with a sexy TS. by npanxx09/23/124.80HOT

My Journey Ch. 03

 — A middle aged man, a sexy TS, and an unexpected twist by npanxx10/03/124.78HOT

My Journey Ch. 04

 — The story continues... by npanxx10/29/124.81HOT

My Journey Ch. 05

 — A middle aged man, a sexy TS, and a new taboo. by npanxx12/05/124.82HOT

My Journey Ch. 06

 — A middle aged man, a sexy TS, and a growing list of partners. by npanxx12/17/124.73HOT

My Journey Ch. 07

 — A middle aged man, a sexy TS, and a very Merry Christmas. by npanxx12/19/124.78HOT

My Journey Ch. 08

 — The Pratts continue their sexual adventures. by npanxx03/07/134.80HOT

My Journey Ch. 09

 — A graduation, a wedding, and more Pratt family fun. by npanxx11/22/134.81HOT

My Journey Ch. 10

 — The conclusion. by npanxx01/03/154.77HOT

My Journey to Heaven

 — A transsexual story. by Corina8409/25/154.02

My Lady

 — Story of a woman finding her perfect lover. by ms.read01/25/084.09

My Legendary Girlfriend

 — Katrina was amazing in stockings - and out. by franco8905/29/094.61HOT

My Leiben Herr

 — Innocent crossdressing leads to sex with a man. by kinki112/11/094.34

My Life as a CD Wife

 — Three brief glimpses of sex with my husband. by pushinme02/23/154.02

My Life as a Crossdresser Ch. 01

 — How I started as a crossdresser. by asian_CD07/09/124.21

My Life as a Crossdresser Ch. 02

 — Setting up my swingers' profile and first time with dildo. by asian_CD07/17/124.15

My Life as a Maid Pt. 01

 — Down on his luck Gerry is rescued by an old school friend. by MissYellowPanties08/01/174.77HOT

My Life as a Secretary

 — Ger goes to the office. by MissYellowPanties11/11/174.35

My Life as Lauren Ch. 01

 — Lauren is a big slut and loves sex but now she want a man. by Lauren_xxx02/25/164.39

My Life as Lauren Ch. 02

 — Lauren is a big slut and loves sex but now she want a man. by Lauren_xxx02/26/164.19

My Life as Lauren Ch. 03

 — Lauren is a big slut and loves sex but now she want a man. by Lauren_xxx02/27/164.21

My Life as Lauren Ch. 04

 — Lauren is a big slut and loves sex but now she want a man. by Lauren_xxx02/28/164.32

My Life as Lauren Ch. 05

 — Lauren is a big slut and loves sex but now she want a man. by Lauren_xxx02/28/164.53HOT

My Life as Mom Ch. 01

 — A young man transformed after he makes a deal. by Skimpylilpanties06/23/174.42

My Life as Mom Ch. 02

 — Adjusting to life as mom turned out not so bad. by Skimpylilpanties06/24/174.18

My Life in High Heels

 — Lisa meets friends at an adult bookstore. by cdandie06/03/104.57HOT

My Life in High Heels Ch. 02

 — my continuing life as a cross dresser by cdandie11/01/104.57HOT

My Life in High Heels Ch. 03

 — A prequal discribing my beginnings as a cross dresser. by cdandie12/05/104.86HOT

My Life in High Heels Ch. 04

 — Continuing saga with a question at the end. by cdandie04/03/114.82HOT

My Life in High Heels Ch. 05

 — Lisa's life continues. by cdandie01/25/124.57HOT

My Life in High Heels Ch. 06

 — Two new experiences, one good, one erotic but scary. by cdandie01/31/124.48

My Life in High Heels Ch. 07

 — More group fun for Lisa. by cdandie12/28/144.42

My Life in High Heels Ch. 08

 — Lisa's continuing adventure. by cdandie06/17/164.54HOT

My Life in High Heels Ch. 09

 — A good weekend. by cdandie06/19/164.79HOT

My Life Pt. 01

 — A young trans girl's first sexual experiences. by ShyTammy09/01/164.64HOT

My Life Pt. 02

 — Continuing story about a young trans girl and her teacher. by ShyTammy09/03/164.71HOT

My Life Pt. 03

 — Tammy has a discussion with mom and a sleep over! by ShyTammy09/15/164.71HOT

My Life Pt. 04: My first Client

 — All grown up, Tammy earns some money. by ShyTammy09/23/164.68HOT

My Life Pt. 05: Paul

 — Tammy and her Mom share a lover. by ShyTammy11/25/164.48

My Life Pt. 06

 — Tammy meets a female client. by ShyTammy12/05/164.82HOT

My Little Adventure

 — A crossdresser joins a couple in the bedroom. by CorsetCutie6908/18/054.45

My Lola

 — 'Little girl' gets her wish. by texaswade12/31/074.53HOT

My Lola Ch. 02

 — Life with Lola get's more interesting. by texaswade07/15/094.65HOT

My Lola Ch. 03

 — Things get freakier with Lola and his new family. by texaswade02/23/104.65HOT

My Magical Experience

 — Transexual uses magic to seduce me to her ways. by ModuRaziel09/15/114.47

My Magical Experience Ch. 02

 — I return to my Mistress, unable to live without her cock. by ModuRaziel09/30/114.57HOT

My Magical Experience Ch. 03

 — Twice the trouble, twice the fun. by ModuRaziel10/02/114.53HOT

My Man Melissa

 — He meets someone at a bar, his lady is all for it! by biguy1309/19/064.36

My Master & My Wife

 — A crossdresser's journey of transition. by FunWithDahlia02/12/144.61HOT

My Master & My Wife Ch. 02

 — Greg's Redezvous with His Master & His Wife's Explorations by FunWithDahlia02/20/144.65HOT

My Master & My Wife Ch. 03

 — Liz finds out about everything and Greg has to pay for it! by FunWithDahlia05/09/144.67HOT

My Master & My Wife Ch. 04

 — As Gina's adventure ends, she's thrown a few curveballs. by FunWithDahlia09/16/144.67HOT

My Master Pt. 01

 — Local regular hookup makes me his own. by cuck2serveU07/06/174.12

My Miracle Mistress

 — Miracle Mistress Meetups! She won't keep you waiting... by DamienDeath2004/12/174.67HOT

My Miracle Mistress Ch. 02

 — Sammy gets introduced to his new life with his Mistress. by DamienDeath2007/20/174.61HOT

My Miracle Mistress Ch. 03

 — Julie and Alicia have some play time with her new pet. by DamienDeath2012/14/174.45

My Mom the BBC Shemale and My Wife

 — A relationship between mother, son and his wife. by yarracuda11/14/163.76

My Mother's Secret

 — A son discover's a big secret his mum has been hiding. by hard_boy10/24/124.49

My Mystery Master

 — Someone's been watching Peter at the gym. by sam96307/01/114.10

My name is Lulu

 — How i came to dress up by lulu_dools04/24/184.54HOT

My Name Is Marlene

 — Actually one of the first Marlene stories by Marlene02/21/034.39

My Neighbor

 — A gay man finds pleasure with a young t-girl. by AngelaK08/26/164.32

My Neighbour's Party Pt. 01

 — When your gorgeous neighbour invites you to the party of your dream. by Manndee05/02/184.43

My New Boss

 — How I spent the night with my new boss. by archyx01/07/164.28

My New Daddy Ch. 04

 — Daddy and Boss force feminize me then use me together. by sissytoy2002/23/184.46

My New Daddy Ch. 05

 — Daddy makes me into a trap. by sissytoy2002/24/184.59HOT

My New Daddy Ch. 06

 — I begin my on the job training at Daddy's company. by sissytoy2003/03/184.54HOT

My New Daddy Ch. 07

 — I try out my skills as a cam gurl for Daddy's porn company. by sissytoy2003/18/184.40

My New Daddy Ch. 08

 — Daddy gives me the coming out party of my wildest dreams. by sissytoy2004/10/184.58HOT

My New Family

 — Widower finds his new family, young dad finds new role. by eagle16602/23/174.42

My New Family Ch. 02

 — Family comes together. by eagle16603/02/174.10

My New Family Ch. 03

 — Problems get solved. by eagle16603/09/174.31

My New Girl? Ch. 01

 — The Adventures of Steve and Jamie. by oralfriend09/18/114.59HOT

My New Girl? Ch. 02

 — The adventures of Steve and Jamie. by oralfriend09/19/114.70HOT

My New Girl? Ch. 03

 — The adventures of Steve and Jamie. by oralfriend09/20/114.79HOT

My New Girl? Ch. 04

 — The Adventures of Steve and Jamie. by oralfriend09/21/114.72HOT

My New Girl? Ch. 05

 — The adventures of Steve and Jamie. by oralfriend09/22/114.83HOT

My New Girl? Ch. 06

 — The adventures of Steve and Jamie. by oralfriend09/23/114.80HOT

My New Girl? Ch. 07

 — The Adventures of Steve and Jamie End. by oralfriend09/24/114.77HOT

My New Girlfriend

 — He finds a beautiful cross-dressing college boy. by michael1k04/27/084.43

My New Job

 — A college kid undergoes a transformation at his new job. by Deeplust08/03/174.78HOT

My New Life

 — What do I want? Open to guys... by quietguyin_tn01/30/134.08

My New Life Ch. 01

 — A new life for a closet sissy. by sissy_traci12/17/174.29

My New Life Ch. 02

 — Doing all of the things to be ready to please a boyfriend. by quietguyin_tn09/09/134.12

My New Life Ch. 02

 — New life for closet sissy. by sissy_traci12/22/174.44

My New Life Ch. 03

 — A new life for a closet sissy. by sissy_traci06/07/184.11

My New Life with Her

 — Former man, now secretary, continues her journey. by humbleslave03/06/124.53HOT

My New Roommate

 — Ladyboy used by BBC. by Alwayshornyhoe04/20/183.81

My New Trainer

 — Workouts will never be quite the same. by NearMiss03/17/154.70HOT

My New Trainer

 — A football player requires a trainer. by Deeplust09/15/174.75HOT

My Night

 — Tonight, it's what I want. by someoneyouknow08/12/154.35

My Night with Kristen

 — My night with a girl with a big surprise. by King_Coyote78203/18/184.40

My Obsession

 — A young girl becoming a woman. by HeatherMaureen10/13/164.62HOT

My Obsession Ch. 02

 — A young gurl becoming a wuman. by HeatherMaureen11/08/164.57HOT

My One and Only

 — A tale of love between a dick girl and a bottom boy. by DamienDeath2002/23/184.71HOT

My One True Love Ch. 01

 — The beginning of something great. by f1dude_lotus02/08/134.35

My One True Love Ch. 02

 — A new revelation, the good. by f1dude_lotus03/04/134.76HOT

My One True Love Ch. 03

 — ...the bad. by f1dude_lotus04/12/134.59HOT

My One True Love Ch. 04

 — Trying to understand myself. by f1dude_lotus06/03/134.56HOT

My One True Love Ch. 05

 — Rekindling our love. by f1dude_lotus08/16/134.71HOT

My One True Love Ch. 06

 — An amazing night! by f1dude_lotus09/30/134.75HOT

My One True Love Ch. 07

 — A promising night leads to embarrassment. by f1dude_lotus08/31/144.74HOT

My One True Love Ch. 08

 — Going over another hurdle. by f1dude_lotus10/07/144.78HOT

My One True Love Ch. 09

 — Starting college with my girl. by f1dude_lotus10/30/144.74HOT

My One True Love Ch. 10

 — Experiences in College. by f1dude_lotus03/03/154.70HOT

My One True Love Ch. 11: Epilogue

 — A life with my one true love. by f1dude_lotus01/31/184.36

My Place in the World

 — Devin is abducted. by LarryToLaura05/31/183.72

My Place in the World Ch. 02

 — Devin's night in the cabin. by LarryToLaura06/02/184.15

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