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Mind Control Stories

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The Bar

 — A headache at the bar brings power. by pensword1308/21/07

The Beginning Is the End Is...

 — A deeper level of surrender begins. by JukeboxEMCSA11/12/164.41

The Beginning of Her Story

 — She gets caught ignoring her chores for a more fun time. by She_Knows06/19/114.11

The Bell

 — A beautiful woman takes your mind away. by Croga06/22/164.26

The Bequest Ch. 01

 — A father's bequest is more than it appears. by VacationWriter05/01/124.34

The Bequest Ch. 02

 — Mike and Jessica take a ride... and things too far. by VacationWriter05/08/124.68HOT

The Bequest Ch. 03

 — Mike and Jessica spend an afternoon outdoors. by VacationWriter06/16/124.52HOT

The Best Party Ever

 — Kevin isn't the only one "improving" a boring frat party. by ImperatorMentus04/13/184.13

The Big Day

 — Woman marries the love of her life... repeatedly. by VirtualScott08/12/114.52HOT

The Bigger They Are, the Harder...

 — Large-breasted Sheryl makes flat-chested Meghan jealous. by JukeboxEMCSA02/20/164.46

The Bimbo Blazer Ch. 01

 — Ex-nerd uses a potent pheromone to get revenge on old crush. by JCBeleren02/22/184.56HOT

The Bimbo Blazer Ch. 02: Therapy

 — Nick uses his Evolve formula on a girl from psychology class. by JCBeleren02/23/184.61HOT

The Bimbo Blazer Ch. 03: Teacher

 — Nick's busty teacher messes with the wrong student. by JCBeleren02/27/184.64HOT

The Bimbo Blazer Ch. 04: Spy

 — The CIA uses Nick to interrogate a sexy French gangster. by JCBeleren02/28/184.62HOT

The Bimbo Shop

 — An homage to the very best of Monty Python. by king_wesley04/23/114.10

The Birth of Super Pimp

 — A noble scientist becomes a super pimp. by Moosetales08/31/173.97

The Birth of Super Pimp Ch. 02

 — Super Pimp starts to build his empire. by Moosetales09/05/174.07

The Birth of Super Pimp Ch. 03

 — DC takes out the DA and the Cops. by Moosetales09/12/174.35

The Birth of Super Pimp Ch. 04

 — Super Pimp goes after the Sassy Street Renovators. by Moosetales09/13/174.60HOT

The Birth of Super Pimp Ch. 05

 — Super Pimp Takes Down a Superheroine. by Moosetales09/16/174.64HOT

The Birth of Super Pimp Ch. 06

 — Super Pimp takes down two more Heroines. by Moosetales09/17/174.67HOT

The Birth of Super Pimp Ch. 07

 — Super Pimp Corrupts Lady Light. by Moosetales09/20/174.62HOT

The Birth of Super Pimp Ch. 08

 — Super Pimp Finishes Off the Hidden Five. by Moosetales09/23/174.48

The Black Clock On The Wall

 — Funny what time on your hands can do. by solitarys_one11/23/083.67

The Blackmail and Retribution Ch. 01

 — Shanti Rangaswamy is caught in her own game -unfolds murkier. by shanti201012/27/153.61

The Blue Bolt Meets The Colonel

 — Female Super-heroine Is Captured by Terrorist. by Wifetheif03/08/164.01

The Blue House Pt. 01

 — Nate finds a strange business card and an intriguing offer. by TheGreenQuill12/11/154.66HOT

The Blue House Pt. 02: New Home Owner

 — Nate heads to bed with Ingrid and has breakfast. by TheGreenQuill01/14/164.70HOT

The Blue Mist

 — I think it and the females do it with a smile. by Taffe04/14/184.20

The Boarder Ch. 01

 — A boarder changes the worldview of her hosts. by MCLS12/02/163.77

The Body Scanner

 — Airport security Body Scanner has a mind control ability. by wouldnitbnice02/16/144.15

The Body Scanner Ch. 02

 — Scanning Jennifer. by wouldnitbnice02/17/144.36

The Body Scanner Ch. 03

 — Jennifer getting scanned. by wouldnitbnice02/24/144.04

The Body Scanner Ch. 04

 — Strange Happenings. by wouldnitbnice02/25/144.52HOT

The Brain of Piacenza Ch. 01

 — Mason and Monica use a magical relic that alters memories. by Anostus09/11/164.41

The Brain of Piacenza Ch. 02

 — Monica gets revenge. Mason does some research. by Anostus09/16/164.45

The Brain of Piacenza Ch. 03

 — At the strip club, Mason finds out what Monica's been up to. by Anostus09/24/164.40

The Brain of Piacenza Ch. 04

 — Mason delivers the brain to the professor. Cruelty ensues. by Anostus10/01/164.21

The Breast Machine

 — Experimental device with side affects. by StoryTeller0712/15/124.48

The Breast Machine Ch. 02

 — Waking up to the consequences. by StoryTeller0704/20/134.48

The Breast Machine Ch. 03

 — Daughter and mother realise they need him. by StoryTeller0705/29/134.60HOT

The Breast Machine Ch. 04

 — Learning to cope with two nymphomaniacs. by StoryTeller0707/01/134.61HOT

The Breast Machine Ch. 05

 — John plays with mother and daughter. by StoryTeller0708/02/134.55HOT

The Breast Machine Ch. 06

 — The Aunt. by StoryTeller0703/18/154.51HOT

The Breast Machine Ch. 07

 — John goes to college. by StoryTeller0711/21/154.62HOT

The Bridge Club

 — A mix up at a lab leads to some very fun results. by Moosetales09/17/174.34

The Bridge Club Ch. 02

 — Glory helps a confused woman realize what she really is by Moosetales10/23/174.52HOT

The Bridge Club Ch. 03

 — A Police Officer falls under Glory's spell. by Moosetales11/03/174.63HOT

The Bunnies of the Bay Area Ch. 01

 — Bunny Nathalie finds the Bay Area's Bunnies hard to control. by LincolnAndSunset10/01/143.92

The Bunnies of the Bay Area Ch. 02

 — Bunny Nathalie finds the Bay Area's Bunnies hard to control. by LincolnAndSunset10/08/143.90

The Bunnies of the Bay Area Ch. 03

 — Bunny Nathalie finds the Bay Area’s Bunnies hard to control. by LincolnAndSunset11/06/143.89

The Businessman and the Witchdoctor

 — An executive pays a shaman to ensnare his famous neighbor. by Svalbarding06/12/184.30

The Businesswoman & the Bellydancer

 — Hypnotic dance leads to an orgy. by al_Ussa01/01/103.83

The Captured Princess Ch. 03

 — Training begins. by HandsInTheDark09/01/134.57HOT

The Cat

 — A stray cat causes strange behavior. by nightstalker196005/30/074.56HOT

The Challenge

 — Mr. Jeremy Faith is learning to control his boss, Ms Collins. by Dreaminbig11/17/024.31

The Challenge Ch. 2

 — Mr Jeremy Faith is learning how to control his boss. by Dreaminbig11/18/024.33

The Chef

 — He's cooking up control in the kitchen. by e_wr1ter06/21/044.23

The Chemistry of Control Ch. 01

 — Cocksure college boy is played by sexy botany major. by Karyn Gardenia05/04/064.16

The Chemistry of Control Ch. 02

 — Brandon has a strategy, but Maren is still in control. by Karyn Gardenia02/28/073.73

The Chess Game

 — Two men play chess with naked women as the pieces. by p_p_man03/20/013.83

The Class Ring Ch. 01

 — Now I know how the school ran so smoothly. by Teacher4411/30/114.49

The Class Ring Ch. 02

 — Helping out the Principal. by Teacher4412/11/114.44

The Class Ring Ch. 03

 — Taking care of a problem student. by Teacher4412/29/114.47

The Closet Domme Ch. 01

 — Erotic Novel - about a woman discovering herself. by bdbeauty11/25/154.62HOT

The Coffee Shop

 — He's been dosing my drinks. by Aunay11/09/124.34

The Coin Pt. 01

 — Ryan discovers that no good deed goes unrewarded... by ryansstory06/18/144.48

The Coin Pt. 02

 — Ryan uses The Coin for a little revenge... by ryansstory06/20/144.49

The Coin Pt. 03

 — Ryan meets Eris... by ryansstory06/23/144.62HOT

The Coin Pt. 04

 — Ryan goes back to work... by ryansstory06/24/144.57HOT

The Coin Pt. 05

 — Amy, Jenny, and Eris. by ryansstory07/05/144.53HOT

The Collars Ch. 01

 — A man finds some strange collars and their control unit. by dracone11/30/153.98

The Commander

 — A middle aged man learns how to control other people. by deltablonde01/14/144.56HOT

The Commander Ch. 02

 — A moment Jake will never forget, Fiona wants to forget by deltablonde01/22/144.39

The Commander Ch. 03

 — The worst news possible comes too early. by deltablonde01/30/144.71HOT

The Commander Ch. 04

 — Jet learns of his sordid past, gives Fiona a choice. by deltablonde02/02/144.71HOT

The Commander Ch. 05

 — Jet Meet's Fiona's Twin Sister. by deltablonde02/07/144.81HOT

The Commander Ch. 06

 — Fiona goes ballistic - Jet gets bad news by deltablonde02/10/144.71HOT

The Commander Ch. 07

 — Funerals and Orgies. by deltablonde02/14/144.77HOT

The Commander Ch. 08

 — Fiona learns a surprise - The Dungeon Party is a hit. by deltablonde02/19/144.66HOT

The Commander Ch. 09

 — Jet makes the biggest decision of his life by deltablonde02/25/144.78HOT

The Community at Barstock Hollow

 — Secret community where boys are trained as slaves to women. by Effie10010/21/113.55

The Concert at Clay Hall

 — Mick's drunken estrangeness at Clay Hall. by Tom Mandy07/05/021.76

The Confusion of the Sexes

 — Harriet has a strange unplanned overnight stay in a castle by Drmaxc02/25/144.13

The Continuing Education of Susan Ch. 01

 — Susan tries to apply what she's learned. by TMaskedWriter01/20/174.27

The Continuing Education of Susan Ch. 02

 — Susan feels ready to use the power on her own. by TMaskedWriter03/07/174.32

The Continuing Education of Susan Ch. 03

 — Susan brings Rachel home to meet the family. by TMaskedWriter03/14/173.88

The Continuing Education of Susan Ch. 04

 — Susan does The Thing to Rachel and someone is not happy. by TMaskedWriter05/02/173.93

The Contract Ch. 01

 — The hypnotherapist though that he'd seen it all. But ... by blacknight9902/01/104.45

The Contract Ch. 02

 — She longs to submit to the terms of the contract. by blacknight9902/03/104.68HOT

The Controller

 — A teacher is reprogrammed by her former students. by Couture08/22/134.48

The Controller

 — Megan starts using her powers. by warnos09/14/143.26

The Controller Ch. 03

 — The final chapter to this small saga. by warnos01/01/153.67

The Controlling of Pam Ch. 1

 — A non-traditional student is kidnapped & controlled. by trillian05/16/013.46

The Controlling of Pam Ch. 2

 — Pam's takes a week's vacation with Master. by trillian05/17/013.87

The Controlling of Pam Ch. 3

 — She learns the truth about her friend. by trillian05/18/013.94

The Conversation

 — Preambulary setup to long series of porn-authoric stories. by notnamer12/17/071.07

The Corrector

 — A girl watches her friend get bimbofied. by NailclipSatan07/19/174.10

The Cove and the Clearing Ch. 01

 — A private Lodge is built around a hidden clearing. by chinookwind05/21/134.32

The Cream Coat

 — Gemma wonders why she is going to work wearing only a coat. by Drmaxc11/29/104.40

The Critic

 — Harry Edwards was lost, completely lost by Middleagepoet12/11/093.70

The Cupid Effect

 — A lab accident turns him into living Spanish Fly. by mondotoken04/18/154.54HOT

The Cupid Effect Ch. 02

 — Dexter is confronted by Kelsey's BFF: Taylor St. Claire!! by mondotoken04/24/154.61HOT

The Cupid Effect Ch. 03

 — Dexter gets into more trouble at school-and has lots of SEX! by mondotoken05/01/154.69HOT

The Cupid Effect Ch. 04

 — Dexter is a reluctant houseguest... after a threesome!! by mondotoken05/05/154.66HOT

The Cupid Effect Ch. 05

 — Dexter ends up in the Principals office... another threesome. by mondotoken05/13/154.62HOT

The Cupid Effect Ch. 06

 — Dexter has a talk with Agnes... and gets in trouble on a bus. by mondotoken05/24/154.56HOT

The Cupid Effect Ch. 07

 — Dexter visits Brian's Mom and meets his sister-NASTY SEX!! by mondotoken05/27/154.66HOT

The Cupid Effect Ch. 08

 — Dexter continues his dark path... by mondotoken06/18/154.65HOT

The Cupid Effect Ch. 09

 — Dexter continues his dark path with dire consequences!! by mondotoken06/27/154.48

The Cupid Effect Ch. 10

 — Dexter's Fate? by mondotoken10/14/154.51HOT

The Cupid Effect Ch. 11

 — ..somebody is watching him FUCK a girl senseless!! by mondotoken10/28/154.57HOT

The Cupid Effect Ch. 12

 — Tiffany St. Claire confronts Agnes Newton-BAD IDEA!! by mondotoken11/21/154.35

The Cupid Effect Ch. 13

 — Tad gets the "GREATEST BLOWJOB of his LIFE!!" by mondotoken12/14/154.45

The Customer Is Always Right

 — Customer service takes new meaning. by Svalbarding08/15/164.34

The Dac Attacks Ch. 01

 — It takes some experimentation, but the results are worth it. by That70sGuy06/13/174.33

The Dac Attacks Ch. 02

 — And Mother Makes Two. by That70sGuy06/14/174.49

The Dac Attacks Ch. 03

 — A camping we will go. by That70sGuy06/16/174.51HOT

The Dac Attacks Ch. 04

 — A tale of two mother fuckers. by That70sGuy06/21/174.55HOT

The Dangers of Volunteer Testing

 — Sally volunteers for an unusual experiment. by king_wesley12/15/074.02

The Daniel Chronicles Ch. 01

 — Daniel expands his abilities, his friends wife will do. by LostandBound07/10/174.54HOT

The Day Before The Day

 — An unexpected guest comes to Troy's bachelor party. by TMaskedWriter07/29/164.06

The Demon of Vol Garad

 — Helena the Steadfast Investigates a Corrupt Magic. by LedgeEndDairy08/19/154.39

The Dentist's New Invention Pt. 01

 — Part 1. by Spermslave05/27/154.17

The Dentist's New Invention Pt. 02

 — The dentist's new nurse. by Spermslave05/30/154.24

The Designer Ch. 01

 — The Beginnings. by HankDolworth07/17/124.56HOT

The Designer Ch. 02

 — Tabula Rasa, a clean slate, and oops J did it again. by HankDolworth07/19/124.67HOT

The Designer Ch. 03

 — Cleaning Up - Is there an Undo? Redo? Trifecta? by HankDolworth07/25/124.70HOT

The Designer Ch. 04

 — Shower, Confession, Race to the plane. by HankDolworth07/30/124.73HOT

The Designer Ch. 05

 — Regrets and reflections. Alyssa assists. by HankDolworth08/02/124.58HOT

The Designer Ch. 06

 — As J and Aly research, we hear Carmen's side of the story. by HankDolworth08/16/124.61HOT

The Designer Ch. 07

 — Carmen and Jeremiah work two sides of the problem. by HankDolworth08/17/124.75HOT

The Designer Ch. 08

 — Road trip! Time for Alyssa to meet the girls. by HankDolworth08/19/124.76HOT

The Designer Ch. 09

 — Carmen needs J. Aly enjoys Lexi and Kelly. J adjusts Carmen. by HankDolworth08/22/124.74HOT

The Designer Ch. 10

 — A working dinner, then hotel fun with a new friend. by HankDolworth08/25/124.81HOT

The Designer Ch. 11

 — Morning glories, can there be too much delight? by HankDolworth08/26/124.76HOT

The Designer Ch. 12

 — The weekend ends with a celebration and goodbyes. by HankDolworth08/29/124.79HOT

The Designer Ch. 13

 — Alyssa and J helps some friends, and comfort each other. by HankDolworth09/13/124.74HOT

The Designer Ch. 14

 — A big empty house is more full when Kelly arrives home. by HankDolworth09/15/124.69HOT

The Designer Ch. 15

 — And Kelly makes three. Studying and plans are made. by HankDolworth09/21/124.71HOT

The Designer Ch. 16

 — Morning with Kelly and Aly results in a surprise engagement. by HankDolworth09/24/124.68HOT

The Designer Ch. 17

 — Final chapters. Some answers, some questions, and a reunion. by HankDolworth09/27/124.83HOT

The Designer Pt. 02 Ch. 01

 — Continuing the story - Jeremiah and four girls entangled. by HankDolworth12/18/154.68HOT

The Designer Pt. 02 Ch. 02

 — Morning as a family, a history lesson, learning, surprise. by HankDolworth12/20/154.81HOT

The Designer Pt. 02 Ch. 03

 — Kelly's surprise leads to discussions and past discoveries. by HankDolworth12/23/154.80HOT

The Designer Pt. 02 Ch. 04

 — A new flavor for J, and more discoveries from his past. by HankDolworth12/27/154.74HOT

The Designer Pt. 02 Ch. 05

 — More clues of Jeremiah's past, and Kelly blurts out a secret. by HankDolworth01/01/164.76HOT

The Designer Pt. 02 Ch. 06

 — Jeremiah fixes a couple, and Carmen gets what she wants. by HankDolworth01/05/164.76HOT

The Designer Pt. 02 Ch. 07

 — Adjust the parents. Indulge the sex goddess. Plans continue. by HankDolworth01/08/164.76HOT

The Designer Pt. 02 Ch. 08

 — Backstories. Morning succubi sex, slut training, RV shopping. by HankDolworth01/10/164.79HOT

The Designer Pt. 02 Ch. 09

 — Alyssa and Kelly discover secrets. Lexi's DP interrupted. by HankDolworth01/13/164.78HOT

The Designer Pt. 02 Ch. 10

 — More powers to explore. Deborah's victory. Jenn's trials. by HankDolworth01/16/164.79HOT

The Designer Pt. 02 Ch. 11

 — Backstories coalesce. A journey begins. Carmen's discipline. by HankDolworth01/19/164.75HOT

The Designer Pt. 02 Ch. 12

 — Backstory weaves. Dinner interrupted. Experiment gone bad. by HankDolworth01/21/164.73HOT

The Designer Pt. 02 Ch. 13

 — More history revealed. A surprise interrupts Jenn's rescue. by HankDolworth01/23/164.75HOT

The Designer Pt. 02 Ch. 14

 — Justice for Carl? Jenn's trials continue. Open the lockbox. by HankDolworth01/26/164.72HOT

The Designer Pt. 02 Ch. 15

 — Rescuing Jenn at the UP compound. New links revealed. by HankDolworth01/28/164.75HOT

The Designer Pt. 02 Ch. 16

 — Jenn's rescue has consequences, Kelly's powerful aura. by HankDolworth01/31/164.81HOT

The Designer Pt. 02 Ch. 17

 — Answers. Jenn is high maintenance. Beth and Zac sleepover. by HankDolworth02/03/164.80HOT

The Designer Pt. 02 Ch. 18

 — Campground shenanigans get out of control. Client goes wild. by HankDolworth02/06/164.79HOT

The Designer Pt. 02 Ch. 19

 — Can Zac control his aura? How big is Kelly's effect? by HankDolworth02/09/164.80HOT

The Designer Pt. 02 Ch. 20

 — A plan to help Zac.. A family vacation finally begins. by HankDolworth02/11/164.83HOT

The Designer Pt. 02 Ch. 21

 — Zac experiments and Beth enjoys. Is Jenn too much trouble? by HankDolworth02/13/164.74HOT

The Designer Pt. 02 Ch. 22

 — How to handle Jenn? Leah finds a new home. by HankDolworth02/16/164.78HOT

The Designer Pt. 02 Ch. 23

 — All good things must come to a middle! Fin - Part 2. by HankDolworth02/17/164.83HOT

The Device: Bathroom BJ

 — New owners of a new device go to work on a college campus. by Sean Renaud06/30/093.95

The Device: Trial

 — Two boys test a mind control device on a classmate. by Sean Renaud06/11/094.01

The Device: Uncle's Wedding

 — Bryan starts and orgy at a wedding with his Device. by Sean Renaud06/09/094.03

The Dhanush Ch. 00-01

 — A tale of ancient power, mind control and lust. by PierceAaron6101/30/164.18

The Dhanush Ch. 02

 — Continuing the saga of rebirth for Franklyn. by PierceAaron6101/31/164.38

The Dhanush Ch. 03

 — In which Franklyn is introduced ... back to himself. by PierceAaron6102/02/164.46

The Dhanush Ch. 04

 — The continuing story of Karamat and mind-control. by PierceAaron6102/03/164.60HOT

The Dhanush Ch. 05

 — Clarification and Satisfaction. by PierceAaron6102/04/164.47

The Dhanush Ch. 06

 — The Deflowering of Enver. by PierceAaron6102/05/164.45

The Dildock Virus

 — Laurel attempts to rid her computer of the Dildock Virus. by Ziglo05/22/114.34

The Dildock Virus Ch. 02

 — Laurel attempts to rid her computer of the Dildock Virus. by Ziglo10/06/114.55HOT

The Dildock Virus Ch. 03

 — Laurel attempts to rid her computer of the Dildock Virus. by Ziglo04/15/124.24

The Doctor Is In Ch. 1

 — Mixed up middle-aged woman seeks psychiatric treatment. by johnwadd04/13/024.48

The Doctor Is In Ch. 2

 — Constance continues her treatment. by johnwadd04/15/024.41

The Doll

 — Alan recieves some special dolls. by just 4 fun03/16/084.11

The Doll Collector Ch. 02

 — Jacques private collection. by xelliebabex08/16/134.47

The Doll Collector Ch. 03

 — Training and testing. by xelliebabex01/31/144.58HOT

The Dream Masturbator Ch. 01

 — Shia loses control of her dreams. by IceBluePhoenix01/04/084.13

The Drug

 — Young woman takes an experimental drug. by Ashson12/02/124.48

The Drusilian Mandala

 — A nerd discovers an ancient mind control method. by Lion2465508/27/144.17

The Education of Starry Pt. 01

 — A tale of abduction and retraining. by littlebeaupeep07/15/164.27

The Education of Starry Pt. 02

 — Starry continues her education. by littlebeaupeep07/30/164.51HOT

The Eliminator: Betrayal

 — Part one: Superhero ensnared by cunning Hypno Femdom. by obedienceispleasure11/26/124.62HOT

The Eliminator: Rose Tinted World

 — Part two: Former superhero's journey of submission. by obedienceispleasure11/27/124.09

The Elixir of Life

 — When your domestic life is shot, you can use a little help! by Phrenetic_Ice11/17/064.47

The Emerald Needle

 — A magic of old is used... all in the name of love. by SBstories02/02/183.95

The Empath

 — He knows what you're feeling. He knows what you want. by dr_mabeuse05/31/184.50HOT

The Enchanter

 — Special woman is reminded of her beauty. by Darktouch04/20/044.23

The End Is the Beginning Is the End

 — She is surprised by a stranger at a coffee house. by JukeboxEMCSA02/27/114.35

The Erotic Exploits of Kathryn Syns Ch. 02

 — Katy's change into Kathryn Syns. by smitty46901/05/184.58HOT

The Erotic Exploits of Kathryn Syns Ch. 04

 — Kathryn's debut of becoming a whore streamed live. by smitty46901/20/184.48

The Erotic Exploits of Kathryn Syns Ch. 05

 — Kathryn is tested at being a whore. by smitty46901/28/184.59HOT

The Erotic Exploits of Kathryn Syns Ch. 06

 — Her fun at the hotel being a paid sex worker. by smitty46902/09/184.51HOT

The Erotic Exploits of Kathryn Syns Ch. 07

 — Dave's search for Kathryn. by smitty46902/23/184.68HOT

The Erotic Exploits of Kathryn Syns Ch. 08

 — Kathryn is introduced to Samantha. by smitty46903/13/184.55HOT

The Erotic Exploits of Kathryn Syns Ch. 09

 — Kathryn, Trixie and Madison are on a path of no return. by smitty46904/20/184.78HOT

The Escape Room - Room 01: Sammy

 — An elaborate escape room turns four women into bimbo sextoys. by JCBeleren01/20/184.65HOT

The Escape Room - Room 02: Eliza

 — An elaborate escape room turns four women into bimbo sextoys. by JCBeleren02/05/184.69HOT

The Escape Room - Room 03: Marcella

 — An elaborate escape room turns four women into bimbo sextoys. by JCBeleren02/24/184.73HOT

The Escape Room - Room 04: Hannah

 — An elaborate escape room turns four women into bimbo sextoys. by JCBeleren03/13/184.79HOT

The Ethical Slutmaker

 — "We find it's often useful to speak to both members of a couple individually..." by KrisCherita08/30/154.48

The Ethical Slutmaker Ch. 02

 — The Masseuse and the MILF. by KrisCherita09/06/154.52HOT

The Ethical Slutmaker Ch. 03

 — Rita persuades Terry to slow down and smell the pheromones. by KrisCherita09/13/154.51HOT

The Ethical Slutmaker Ch. 04

 — Alexis teaches Cat that sex addicts don’t always need men. by KrisCherita09/20/154.57HOT

The Ethical Slutmaker Ch. 05

 — Rita discovers that politics makes strange bedfellows. by KrisCherita09/26/154.29

The Ethical Slutmaker Ch. 06

 — Alexis persuades mayoral candidate Rhonda to open up. by KrisCherita10/02/154.36

The Ethical Slutmaker Ch. 07

 — Goth Gamer Girl Andrea throws a party for her D&D party. by KrisCherita10/19/154.59HOT

The Ethical Slutmaker Ch. 11

 — Rita and Naomi show their clients it's fun to fantasize. by KrisCherita02/12/164.50HOT

The Ethical Slutmaker Ch. 13

 — Halloween Costume Party, Part II: Appetizers. by KrisCherita04/22/164.50HOT

The Evil Doctor Avery

 — Nnscrupulous doctor enjoys naive bride-to-be. by SEX_VAMPYRE10/05/013.94

The Examination Ch. 01

 — Young attorney is turned into a slut. by vargas11107/15/044.14

The Examination Ch. 02

 — Reporter succumbs while investigating clinic. by vargas11107/17/044.46

The Examination Ch. 04

 — Head of a feminist organization is changed. by vargas11107/19/044.44

The Examination Ch. 05

 — The doctor gets a taste of his own medicine. by vargas11107/20/044.47

The Experiment

 — He uses hypnosis to make sis-in-law his plaything. by hollandguy09/10/124.09

The Experiment Ch. 01

 — Doug begins his experiment. by Andy5v04/22/034.41

The Experiment Ch. 01

 — A covert agency conducts a human experiment. by kimwipes05/25/154.30

The Experiment Ch. 02

 — Kathy writes in her journal. by Andy5v04/27/034.37

The Experiment Ch. 03

 — Kathy's life has completely changed. by Andy5v04/29/034.34

The Experiment Ch. 04

 — Sister Theresa breaks her vows. by Andy5v04/29/034.46

The Experiment Ch. 05

 — Ann takes off her shorts for Kathy. by Andy5v04/30/034.52HOT

The Experiment Ch. 06

 — Father John hears Kathy's confession. by Andy5v05/07/034.48

The Experiment Ch. 07

 — Doug pays a visit to Kathy and Ann. by Andy5v05/09/034.58HOT

The Experiment Ch. 08

 — Doug continues his experiments. by Andy5v05/09/034.56HOT

The Experiment Ch. 2

 — The twins go shopping with Phil. by Pippa12/12/014.10

The Experiment Ch. 3

 — The girls continued pleasing him. by Pippa04/30/024.14

The Experiment Ch. 4

 — They have a little public fun. by Pippa04/28/024.43

The Exploding Rainbow

 — Nympho offers aid to insane vagrant. by DickZamboni10/02/083.45

The Eyes of Justice

 — She learns the meaning of justice in Chrystal Heights. by ChrystalWynd12/28/094.32

The Facility

 — A new doctor takes a secret government job. by Jay62611/07/174.51HOT

The Fair Tea Maker

 — A snow bound cottage, snug and warm - and a fair tea maker. by Drmaxc12/10/174.77HOT

The Fairytale Girl

 — What happens when we make wishes? by DireLilith12/12/07HOT

The Fall Pt. 01

 — A hunting accident leads to strange events. by m_storyman_x11/07/164.74HOT

The Fall Pt. 02

 — The store can be such a fun place sometimes. by m_storyman_x06/16/174.67HOT

The Fall Pt. 03

 — Returning to work causes some new problems. by m_storyman_x07/19/174.70HOT

The Fall Pt. 04

 — Things begin to click for our hero. by m_storyman_x07/22/174.71HOT

The Fall Pt. 05

 — Time to understand. by m_storyman_x08/11/174.70HOT

The Feminist Professor Pt. 01

 — A feminist professor unknowingly meets her downfall. by Ayegeeale02/06/183.38

The Final Countdown

 — A woman tries one last time to escape her Master. by JukeboxEMCSA11/12/114.25

The First Meeting

 — Two online lovers meet for the first time. by goddessphilia01/08/063.83

The Fittest

 — Rachel was a very bright young woman. by tristianc01/31/124.02

The Funhouse

 — Girls escape cops in magical funhouse. by Geminine09/26/173.80

The Funniest Joke in the World

 — A bimbified version of the funniest joke in the world. by king_wesley04/23/114.02

The Game

 — Her confidence is compromised by his power. by Sluth01/08/054.24

The Game Ch. 01

 — The Game is everything and players will do anything to win. by Nephylim07/05/133.48

The Game Ch. 02

 — Getting to know Daniel. by Nephylim07/30/133.95

The Geek Hypnotista Ch. 02

 — Geek hypnotist returns to hypnotize and pleasure you. by rydia5703/02/074.25

The Geezer

 — A good friend, more than we knew. by BogartsBoss04/15/124.40

The General's Last Crusade

 — He's corrupted by the porn industry he's trying to fight. by themerovingian12/21/104.57HOT

The Genie

 — Horny Djinn has fun with a high school girl. by icantwriteforshit03/23/013.93

The Genie Ch. 2

 — The Genie brings along a friend. by icantwriteforshit04/03/013.60

The Gentleman's Club: Robyn Recalls

 — Mastering the mind and memory of a strong woman. by Mesmaster05/09/173.98

The Gentlemen's Club

 — A couple looking for excitement gets more than they planned. by pahwhubby10/22/144.19

The Gift

 — Rejected woman rediscovers her psychic powers. by English Bob10/07/004.36

The Gift

 — Lonely man finds a woman with special powers. by GSpotMan07/30/054.67HOT

The Gift

 — He receives an incredible side effect from illness. by toetickler03/09/094.42

The Gift Ch. 01

 — Guy decides to exploit his special power. by Gargoyle2301/01/034.30

The Gift Ch. 02

 — Roger aims for his original target. by Gargoyle2301/02/034.42

The Gift of the Cards Ch. 01

 — Dan's luck changes after visiting a Tarot card reader. by LeBeauRemy08/12/134.43

The Gift of Trading

 — A young man receives the gift to make a Trade with anyone! by Trulyniceguy04/06/174.58HOT

The Gift: Day 01

 — Two guys foolishly abuse a mysterious power. by bluefox0708/03/074.45

The Gift: Day 02

 — Daniel & Jesse begin to take opposing paths. by bluefox0708/04/074.49

The Gift: Day 03

 — Jesse and Elena search for answers as Daniel falls. by bluefox0708/05/074.66HOT

The Gift: Day 04

 — Daniel embraces his journey into chaos... by bluefox0708/06/074.58HOT

The Gift: Day 05

 — As their destinies become clear, two guys become men. by bluefox0708/07/074.59HOT

The Gift: Day 06

 — Jesse returns to face Madame Helena and Daniel by bluefox0708/08/074.65HOT

The Gift: Day 07

 — The fate of the good, the evil and innocent is decided here. by bluefox0708/09/074.58HOT

The Girl Beneath the Skin

 — How far will an innocent secretary go to please her boss? by blacknight9911/20/084.77HOT

The Girl from "Principles"

 — Sequel to "Principles". by vargas11106/29/044.57HOT

The Girl on the Train

 — How I came to own Kate. by SophieJClark05/18/184.42

The Girl That Corrupted Hadleyburg

 — She employs a cunning device. by ElwoodAsh03/01/083.50

The Girl Who Couldn't Say Yes

 — Mind controller attempts to influence an independent think. by ChrystalWynd05/07/084.59HOT

The Girl Who Should Have Said Yes

 — A girl at a convenience store causes problems by ChrystalWynd07/22/104.34

The Gizmo

 — A mind control experiment that goes terribly astray. by rwsteward03/14/154.64HOT

The Glass Ceiling Cracks

 — Amanda works for a company where the women are exploited. by bigdaddyfive06/19/123.94

The Gnome Chronicles Pt. 02

 — Billy Turner makes a stupid wish, to his benefit. by AnonymousPerv02/21/174.39

The Goblin King

 — After her order is enslaved, a knight seeks revenge. by ImperatorMentus08/18/154.43

The Goddess Ch. 02

 — Virginia gives Derek a surprise he won't forget. by AlexisPeignoir04/19/164.47

The Golden Ring

 — James finds the golden cock ring of Zeus. by Sissyhalo04/10/183.90

The Golden Ring Pt. 02

 — James continues with adjusting Bonnie, Kerri and DeeDee. by Sissyhalo04/14/184.37

The Golden Ring Pt. 03

 — James gets involved with four women and them in each other. by Sissyhalo05/19/184.42

The Golden Ring Pt. 04

 — Plans are coming together, and two new followers and lovers. by Sissyhalo06/01/184.27

The Grateful Virus Ch. 02

 — The virus accidentally discovers how Jim replicates. by jadling03/27/074.61HOT

The Great Debate

 — A virtual God debates his own existence. by petmyhead05/01/184.37

The Great Mesmo

 — Is it real or is it Mesmorex? by Rhythm_N_Ooze12/21/084.58HOT

The Great Zoltan and Red Bert

 — Mark, Stella, and Ashley, in the basement, with the sex toys by Frightening07/31/144.29

The Greatest Show On Earth

 — Eddie creates the ultimate Super Bowl Half Time show. by king_wesley01/24/074.32

The Grey Sisters: Dana's Date

 — It's date night, and Dana's sister needs to borrow her brain. by Anostus10/06/164.03

The Guardian

 — An enterprising thief seeks to steal more than gold. by ImperatorMentus10/18/154.32

The Gym

 — He goes to the gym late and finds a hypnotic woman. by Maldoror03/01/044.58HOT

The Gym Ch. 02

 — Chris runs into hypnotic Serene at a party. by Maldoror04/04/044.42

The Gypsy's Curse

 — An insufferable young couple is unwittingly cursed. by jlorthia07/09/154.30

The Gypsy's Curse Pt. 02

 — Nuri attempts to remove a curse. by jlorthia07/11/154.18

The Gypsy's Curse Pt. 03

 — Nuri learns of her mother's past and gets herself in a bind. by jlorthia08/29/154.29

The Gypsy's Curse Pt. 04

 — Nuri gets revenge on Callie by cursing her. by jlorthia09/02/154.62HOT

The Gypsy's Spell

 — A man gets more than he bargained for when he visits a gypsy. by laffalot01/25/124.48

The Hat

 — The ladies couldn't say no. by Ravlicious08/31/064.32

The Hazards of Saving the Earth

 — A short story from the Transformations world. by wayneandanntriskelion09/28/174.49

The Head Band

 — She is controlled by a hypnotic headband for another evening. by EspoireEtDeReves07/23/144.10

The Helpless Girl

 — A crying girl is sitting in my living room. by PhiroEpsilon01/09/174.16

The Helpless Girl Ch. 02

 — Not the continuation you might have expected. by PhiroEpsilon01/24/174.19

The Hersenspoeling Institute Pt. 01

 — The cell. by Meg19832103/22/173.54

The Hex

 — He makes his desires come true with an ancient device. by AStropirate08/01/104.29

The High Cost of Free Play

 — Amber gets chosen to help test a very special slot machine. by SaddleRider01/03/174.47

The High School Hypnotist Redux

 — Continued fun and horizontal frolics. by Zazbek01/20/054.64HOT

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