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Transgender & Crossdressers Stories

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Brotherly Love, Sisterly Love Ch. 02

 — The crossdressing twins enjoy a costume party. by sexy_jessie07/24/074.65HOT

Brought to Heel

 — Chloe shops for shoes and gets more than she expected. by drooroo09/29/124.59HOT

Brought to Heel Ch. 02

 — Chloe discovers that someone was watching her. by drooroo10/02/124.63HOT

Bruce & Carrie & Travis & Annika

 — Four transgender people find themselves in a support group. by Cinner11/06/123.82

Brutal Shemale Lovers Pt. 01

 — Jake gets more than he bargained for from Tanya and Sarah. by thereshegoes12304/11/154.71HOT

Brutal Shemale Lovers Pt. 02

 — Jake goes from cock lover to cock whore. by thereshegoes12307/20/174.63HOT

Bryan's Training

 — Wife sends him for sissy training. by Quietoldie12/06/154.10

Bryce in the Park's Bathroom

 — "What are you doing in here?" by JimBob4402/05/174.56HOT

Building Pandora Ch. 01

 — In a post-apocalyptic world, one guy's journey to womanhood. by themaskedauthor06/24/084.23

Business Trip

 — Good times on the road. by dani_boi05/03/084.42

Business Trip

 — Fantasy meeting with a really sexy girl. by AnnaV07/05/134.52HOT


 — Dreams can come true. by nikkiesilk02/05/164.68HOT

Busted and Hoodwinked

 — Two robbers are caught in the act by an Asian ladyboy. by walterio07/12/094.35

Busted Wearing Panties Ch. 01

 — He's caught by his stepdaughter wearing her panties. by tonyl6506/19/134.73HOT

Busted Wearing Panties Ch. 02

 — Jessica's boyfriend learns to like wearing panties. by tonyl6507/07/134.71HOT

Busted Wearing Panties Ch. 03

 — Chrissy and James play. Jessica and Emily come home. by tonyl6507/14/134.75HOT

Busted Wearing Panties Ch. 04

 — The boys dress up for the girls while on vacation. by tonyl6507/20/134.77HOT

Busted Wearing Panties Ch. 05

 — From Men to Women, the boys become passable. by tonyl6508/03/134.75HOT

Busted Wearing Panties Ch. 06

 — Lana and Jacob makes six as the group sex grows. by tonyl6508/18/134.80HOT


 — Young man transforms after being raped by a butterfly. by marybethsanford02/03/09


 — Sex is easy. Learning to love yourself? That's hard. by NeoRisa04/30/194.48

Butterfly Memories

 — A longterm crossdresser relives one of his firsts. by JackAdams01/06/144.13

Buyers Beware Ch. 02

 — Lace finds herself among increasingly appealing company. by XtinaSmith201702/19/194.75HOT

Buying Heels

 — Panties, stockings and suspenders were not enough. by OpenMouth08/31/114.28

BWC for Black Male Sissy

 — Bi white Bull, blonde dominatrix feminize Black Bull. by Samuelx09/05/182.89

By the Grace of Guile

 — The role of deception in crossdressing. by komrad115601/09/164.54HOT

C is for Charlotte

 — Definitely a very Freaky Friday. by BethanyJ04/06/124.61HOT

Cab Driver

 — Pleased by the cabby. by little sebastian06/13/064.64HOT

Cabin Fever

 — Man finds shelter from storm at home of transgender woman. by Dar_Jisbo11/21/174.34

Cabin in the Woods

 — Crossdresser gets fucked in a cabin in the woods. by Lovinhose08/04/154.22

Cadogan Street Carpark Ch. 02

 — Chris finally gets his way with the crossdressing husband. by PicturePainter06/18/104.28

Caffeine and Miss Forgetful

 — A modern love story. by mindingutter09/18/164.80HOT

Caged and Used

 — Caged sissy is used as a woman. by yvetteinpanties07/27/184.02


 — Caged for the first time. by yvetteinpanties06/16/183.66

Caitlin and Mistress Vicky

 — A completely whipped husband is feminized by his wife. by Jemina00410/06/114.24

Caitlin and Mistress Vicky Ch. 02

 — Poor Caitlin has to deal with the idea of his wife's lover. by Jemina00410/11/114.45

Caitlin and Mistress Vicky Ch. 03

 — Caitlin has to be on his best behavior when Chad arrives. by Jemina00401/13/124.49

Call (T)-Girl

 — Closeted Lesbian MILF accidentally hires T-Girl prostitute. by YKN494905/10/134.62HOT

Call (T)-Girl: Bible (T)humper

 — A religious t-girl tries to save a t-girl hooker. by YKN494910/25/144.76HOT

Call in the Professional

 — He misses his flight and had to find a way to fill his time. by xploring9609/09/174.53HOT

Call Me Katie Pt. 01

 — Kent is forced to make a difficult decision. by KrierWitz08/17/163.91

Call Me Katie Pt. 02

 — Kent's transformation begins. by KrierWitz08/18/164.02

Call Me Pegg

 — That's what Robbie my girlfriend called me. by grgy5604/01/164.32

Call Me They

 — Bisexual black football star meets non-binary tomboy. by Samuelx06/02/172.73

Call Me, Lover! Ch. 02

 — Husband brings wife in on his transexual escapades. by twistedthoughts197807/25/124.50HOT

Call Me, Lover! Ch. 03

 — The final installment of my transexual escapades. by twistedthoughts197808/27/124.70HOT

Camboy's New Mistress

 — Boy reveals his secret life as a crossdressing camwhore. by pluggedforlife05/30/184.08

Camilla's Weakness

 — Camilla finds herself conflicted between lust and integrity. by BlueOpticNerve12/27/134.27

Campground Tour

 — Crossdresser gets lucky at campground. by BlondeKaryn08/28/063.93

Camping Alone Has Huge Advantages

 — Craigslist reply turns solo camping trip into opportunity. by Lovinhose09/27/133.93

Can Dreams Come True?

 — Tim had a dream. by ahaz01/19/193.58

Can I Be This Lucky?

 — Guy comes across hot TS hooker in parking lot. by Lowendtheory10/06/094.50HOT

Can I Be This Lucky? Ch. 02

 — Hot TS takes guy home with her. by Lowendtheory10/12/094.58HOT

Can Love Conquer All?

 — Where hate collides with love. by griffin5712/23/124.69HOT

Can You Feel It?

 — Phone sex gone right. by APRILBLOSSUMS11/15/174.35

Can't Please Her

 — Small man fails to please transsexual lover. by twiddershins12/04/133.60

Cancelled Date Night Ch. 01

 — Sarah promises to make it up to Dave. by kinglem12/11/133.97

Cancelled Date Night Ch. 02

 — Sarah shows off Colleen. by kinglem12/22/134.45

Cancelled Date Night Ch. 03

 — Sarah and Dave help improve Colleen's confidence. by kinglem01/06/144.53HOT

Cancelled Date Night Ch. 04

 — Dave has some doubts. by kinglem01/16/144.48

Cancelled Date Night Ch. 05

 — Colleen and Sarah test how far Dave is willing to go. by kinglem02/05/144.40

Cancelled Date Night Ch. 06

 — Dave gives Sarah and Colleen a pleasant surprise. by kinglem02/15/144.65HOT

Candi Gets an Upgrade

 — A high tech suite of sissy training tools gets delivered. by CandiCumminz11/28/184.33

Candi is a Sissy Cam Girl Ch. 01

 — Candi's put to work earning money on cam. by CandiCumminz01/12/194.52HOT

Candi's Conversion Ch. 01

 — Inattentive husband turns into a sissy slut to keep his wife. by CandiCumminz09/03/184.26

Candi's Conversion Ch. 02

 — The new sissy experiences a girl's night in. by CandiCumminz09/11/184.52HOT

Candi's Conversion Ch. 03

 — A sissy is taken shopping for the sissy essentials! by CandiCumminz09/27/184.50HOT

Candi's Conversion Ch. 04

 — A sissy goes to the mall and makes some new friends. by CandiCumminz10/17/184.45

Candy Cane

 — A stressed dad meets a sexy elf with her own cane for him. by CrimsonClown11/13/144.29

Candy Gets Found Out

 — TV's first sexual experience goes wrong and then right! by LucyJames09/17/134.25

Candy's Day

 — Petite sissyboi has dream cum true. by daisyboi_sissy01/07/13HOT

Candy's Fashion House Ch. 01

 — A husband is feminised by his wife. by Cagivagurl05/01/194.53HOT

Candy's Fashion House Ch. 02

 — The ongoing femenisation of Michael. by Cagivagurl05/07/194.56HOT

Candy's Fashion House Ch. 03

 — Michaels metamophasis continues. by Cagivagurl05/09/194.50HOT

Candy's Fashion House Ch. 04

 — Further down the rabbit hole. by Cagivagurl05/11/194.63HOT

Candy's Fashion House Ch. 05

 — The awakening. by Cagivagurl05/14/194.44

Candy's Fashion House Ch. 06

 — Michael's transition continues. by Cagivagurl05/17/194.58HOT

Candy's Fashion House Ch. 07

 — The cocoon opens and the butterfly emerges. by Cagivagurl05/18/194.65HOT

Candy's Fashion House Ch. 08

 — Candys Fashion house comes to life. by Cagivagurl05/24/194.68HOT

Candy's Fashion House Ch. 09

 — Candy's Faison House gets real and a new beginning. by Cagivagurl05/25/194.65HOT

Candy's Fashion House Ch. 10

 — Kelli takes another step forward, then a step back. by Cagivagurl05/30/194.70HOT

Candy's Fashion House Ch. 11

 — Kelli takes another step forward and meets Alecia. by Cagivagurl06/11/194.65HOT

Candy's Fashion House Ch. 12

 — Kelli the awakening. by Cagivagurl06/12/194.67HOT

Candy's Fashion House Ch. 13

 — The fall and Rise Of Kelli. by Cagivagurl06/20/194.56HOT

Candy's Fashion House Ch. 14

 — Kelli becomes a woman. by Cagivagurl06/21/194.64HOT

Candy's Fashion House Ch. 15

 — Kelli takes another step forward. by Cagivagurl06/25/194.66HOT

Candy's Fashion House Ch. 16

 — Kelli struggles with a new desire. by Cagivagurl06/30/194.58HOT

Candy's Fashion House Ch. 17

 — Kelli and Lauren is it the end. by Cagivagurl07/09/194.68HOT

Candy's Fashion House Ch. 18

 — Kelli learns about love. by Cagivagurl07/16/194.66HOT

Candy's Fashion House Ch. 19

 — The end of the journey. by Cagivagurl07/17/194.73HOT

Candy's Treats

 — Vegas hooker opens his eyes to a new world. by HerLittlePiggy01/18/084.49

Capture of a Closet CD

 — Crossdresser is slowly manipulated and taken. by Chrissybaz09/14/164.18

Captured by Faith

 — Straight man falls hard for transsexual goddess. by mapleridgefool11/24/154.19

Captured by Faith Ch. 02

 — Unable to resist, man falls deeper under T-girl's thrall. by mapleridgefool11/28/154.59HOT

Captured by the Elves

 — A human soldier is taken by a mysterious band of she elves. by notbreckenridge01/14/164.49

Captured by the Elves Ch. 02

 — The prisoner gets to know Braith and his new home. by notbreckenridge04/14/174.58HOT

Captured by the Elves Ch. 03

 — The prisoner is brought before the elf leaders. by notbreckenridge06/25/174.64HOT

Captured by the Elves Ch. 04

 — The desperate prisoner tries to escape his captors. by notbreckenridge04/24/184.55HOT

Cara's First Time With A Man

 — Crossdresser Cara discovers herself on an innocent date by Cara_Elaine03/31/144.66HOT

Caramel and Devin

 — Two Guys Become Girls. by CaramelBlack01/13/184.67HOT

Caramel and Devin Pt. 02

 — Caramel Meets Devin's Brother Dalton. by CaramelBlack01/16/184.25

Career Shift

 — Time for a new job, & a new look. by tgirl_Mary12/18/024.62HOT

Caribbean Cruise

 — Mistress takes her sub on vacation. by skinnysailor01/31/194.20


 — How I met my lover Carla. by fantasydreams04/14/104.64HOT

Carla Ch. 02

 — She shows me what i will need to learn. by fantasydreams05/02/104.60HOT

Carla Ch. 03

 — She fucks, me alot. by fantasydreams05/09/104.75HOT

Carla Ch. 04

 — She finds a new side of me. by fantasydreams09/28/114.73HOT

Carly is My Xmas Surprise

 — She isn't what she seems. by nowiamhere01/04/034.54HOT

Carnivale Dreams

 — A magical fantasy set in the beautiful city of Rio. by BellaSimone04/19/134.51HOT


 — A Trannie tries to hide her secret. by doctordc11/14/073.62

Carol, Candy & the Ex Pt. 01

 — Can her sissy Ex save her marriage? by corduroysissy03/09/194.41

Carol, Candy & the Ex Pt. 02

 — Will Candy make a good cuck? by corduroysissy03/16/194.48

Carol, The Saga Continues

 — Carol submits to gangbang to appease her blackmailer. by doctordc11/21/074.03

Caroline Meets Katie

 — Erotic lesbian and T-girl transformation. by Veritty08/05/064.18

Carrie and Kate

 — Playing online. by Dawns07/17/083.84

Carrie Ann's Delight

 — Closet transvestite is cuckold and dominated. by Sheila_TSSub01/19/124.33

Case of the Jealous Transsexual Ch. 01

 — Her jealousy backfires. by Jae_one_0105/04/034.09

Case of the Jealous Transsexual Ch. 02

 — The jealousy backfires. by Jae_one_0105/11/034.36

Casey Blossoms

 — Casey has only dressed up in private until Melissa. by jackie_em01/26/184.63HOT

Casey's Bat

 — Donny and Casey met at a baseball game. Casey had a secret. by JayLikestoRead10/20/174.55HOT

Casey's Insatiable Desires Ch. 01

 — A panty-wearing boy is discovered and reaps the benefits. by bl4ck12/05/064.23

Casey's Submissive Journey Pt. 03

 — Angie & Debbie Part-1. by corduroysissy12/09/174.58HOT

Casey's Submissive Journey Pt. 04

 — Angie & Debbie - Part 2. by corduroysissy12/17/174.42

Casey's Submissive Journey Pt. 05

 — Homo Hubby Night - Part 1. by corduroysissy01/10/184.65HOT

Casey's Submissive Journey Pt. 06

 — Homo Hubby Night - Part 2. by corduroysissy01/27/184.18

Casey's Submissive Journey Pt. 07

 — Mistress Betty - Part 1. by corduroysissy02/14/184.46

Casey's Submissive Journey Pt. 08

 — Mistress Betty - Part 2. by corduroysissy02/16/184.50HOT

Casey's Submissive Journey Pt. 09

 — A Day with Dorothy - Part 1. by corduroysissy07/11/184.57HOT

Casey's Submissive Journey Pt. 10

 — A Day With Dorothy - Part 2. by corduroysissy07/13/184.36

Casey's Submissive Journey Pt. 11

 — A Day with Dorothy - Part 3. by corduroysissy07/20/184.50HOT

Casey's Submissive Journey Pt. 12

 — Mistress Maxi - Part 1. by corduroysissy07/25/184.75HOT

Casey's Submissive Journey Pt. 13

 — Mistress Maxi - Part 2. by corduroysissy07/28/184.40

Casey's Submissive Journey Pt. 14

 — Mistress Maxi - Part 3. by corduroysissy08/02/184.00

Casey's Submissive Journey Pt. 15

 — Mistress Maxi - Part 4. by corduroysissy08/22/184.29

Casino Royal

 — Halloween in Vegas. by chatwithme05/01/044.13

Casino Weekend

 — Just Jeff and Lindsey ;) by Lindseycd4rp01/06/194.41

Casino Weekend Ch. 02

 — Jeff and Lindsey, Day One. by Lindseycd4rp02/08/194.61HOT

Casino Weekend Ch. 03

 — Lindsey and Jeff again. by Lindseycd4rp02/26/194.67HOT

Casino Weekend Ch. 04

 — Last chapter of Jeff and Lindsey (for now I guess). by Lindseycd4rp03/03/194.54HOT

Caskett Meets Keegan

 — An NYPD veteran couple have a run-in with a lawyer from LA. by theilluminaughty02/23/143.90

Cassandra Ch. 01

 — Matt's love changed him forever. by AngelCherysse02/13/04HOT

Cassandra Ch. 02

 — Cassandra becomes an "Office Essential". by AngelCherysse02/14/04

Cassey’s First Steps

 — Cassey prepares for her first night out. by SoulNTex11/03/084.19

Cassie's Lustful Life Ch. 08

 — She takes a business trip with a new coworker. by usm1carbine04/23/014.37

Cassie's Sissy Bitch Pt. 01

 — A new sissy gets manipulated by a mysterious woman. by kl567_m06/20/194.18

Cast a Sexy Spell

 — Sexcraft user makes cd desire a reality. by witchwithawand05/19/084.23

Castro - Shemale Goddess Pt. 01

 — Hard core, shemale supernatural body swap. by Llawmaker03/03/184.48

Castro - Shemale Goddess Pt. 02

 — Hardcore, Shemale, Supernatural, Bodyswap. by Llawmaker03/07/183.89

Catching Up

 — Mike shares Victoria with a friend. by RedHairedandFriendly02/24/124.56HOT

Catching Up with Susan

 — Lady-boy Susan confesses her top fantasy. by aussie_10110/21/144.70HOT

Catherine's Girl

 — Catherine puts Frank in touch with his feminine side. by kingkeywriter08/30/103.92

Cathy and Kim

 — Picking up two females, 1 female 1 both. by iser2102/01/164.28

Cathy's Friend, Transsexual Mary

 — Dad plays with daughter's ts friend. by iser2103/06/024.30

Catia Becomes a Ladyboy Escort

 — Mateus is trained as a sissy, used as a slut. by TimT197208/02/15


 — His best laid plans go awry. by ImpureChastity09/29/134.14


 — Caught and forced to give a blowjob. by Geraldine2102/28/184.34


 — Ashleigh is caught in the act. by ashleighswift12/12/174.50HOT

Caught and Hypnotized

 — Tim is caught wearing his Sister's panties at School. by Miles6306/11/134.51HOT

Caught and Maid to Order

 — 'Georgia' is found out by a Work Colleague. by Sheermistress01/11/154.53HOT

Caught and Punished

 — Punished for trying to rob a jewlry store. by WhiskeyIsGood01/23/134.52HOT

Caught and Submission

 — John is caught by roommate in panties by mfishdavis08/29/074.16

Caught and Submission Ch. 02

 — Alex pushes John further into submission. by mfishdavis09/03/074.38

Caught and Submission Ch. 03

 — John goes further, with some extra help. by mfishdavis01/06/084.43

Caught and Used

 — Flirtation at work. by sailorgirl2902/11/084.16

Caught and Used

 — He's caught dressing in his wife's lingerie. by rayd908/22/084.39

Caught and Used Ch. 02

 — Jim's humiliation continues in the hands of his new mistress. by rayd909/04/084.50HOT

Caught at Lunch

 — A Tgirl's partner catches her at play. by BmthAdmirer01/08/124.35

Caught at the Park Again!

 — Just another day cruising the park. by kristycross04/30/084.32

Caught by Dave!

 — Fantasizing about a friend got him too bold. by kristycross01/09/054.40

Caught by Kyle Ch. 01

 — He is found out by his new coworker. by MzDeviancy04/10/074.25

Caught by My Bully and Exgf Ch. 01

 — Sissy Cindy gets an unexpected visit by her ex and old bully. by CindyTightass05/26/174.41

Caught by My Bully and Exgf Ch. 02

 — Cindy continues to get used by her old bully and ex gf. by CindyTightass06/06/174.47

Caught by my Sister

 — Young man caught in his sister's panties by centrum100011/21/104.51HOT

Caught by my Sister Ch. 02

 — His mom catches on and gets into the fun. by centrum100012/14/104.60HOT

Caught by my Sister Ch. 03

 — Suzy has fun at a frat party. by centrum100012/25/104.66HOT

Caught by my Sister Ch. 04

 — Suzy is here to stay! by centrum100001/02/114.63HOT

Caught By My Wife

 — Caught by my wife crossdressing, she finds out how far I'll go. by TxSmutWriter08/15/174.67HOT

Caught by Neighbour

 — Husband in panties is left in an awkward position. by Borderlands01/29/124.28

Caught by Neighbour Ch. 02

 — Gary organises a date. by Borderlands02/21/124.63HOT

Caught by Neighbour Ch. 03

 — John's week takes another twist. by Borderlands06/14/124.61HOT

Caught by Neighbour Ch. 04

 — My problems get worse... but it's not all that bad. by Borderlands05/22/134.60HOT

Caught by the Lodger

 — He gets more than he bargains for when he takes a lodger. by SuzieR01/18/104.51HOT

Caught by the Lodger Ch. 02

 — Rachel continues training Suzie with the help of a friend. by SuzieR02/03/104.61HOT

Caught by the Past Ch. 01

 — Dress as a slut and you remember the past. by Tomsparty04/20/044.41

Caught by the Past Ch. 02

 — You flaunt your arse for the test. by Tomsparty05/08/044.59HOT

Caught by the Past Ch. 03

 — You're introduced to his friends dressed as a fairy. by Tomsparty05/10/05

Caught by the Police

 — Crossdresser caught in the act by police. by little_gay_boy_in_sis_panties08/13/083.88

Caught by Tricia

 — Son & mate move in with cross-dressing widower. by CorsetCutie6908/22/054.50HOT

Caught Ch. 01

 — Boy gets caught by step-father. by Halibel10/27/103.86

Caught Ch. 01

 — It was a sunny day and I didn't have anything planned... by jadecummingscd104/13/134.19

Caught Ch. 01

 — What I thought was a secret, was not a secret at all. by Love2BeALady05/13/144.37

Caught Cheating Ch. 01

 — Coed Hailey finds herself in a bit of a mixup over a test. by Hailey15712/24/094.54HOT

Caught Cheating Ch. 02

 — Coed Hailey finds herself in a bit of a mixup over a test. by Hailey15712/28/094.53HOT

Caught Cross-Dressing!

 — Cross-dresser's girlfriend teaches him a lesson. by StephanieSeymour11/27/134.28

Caught en Femme

 — Husband gets caught. by RisqueRavisher08/28/144.10

Caught Exploring

 — Caught while exploring crossdressing. by SuprHap1103/30/064.33

Caught Fishing in Bra & Panties

 — Mark finds he likes sucking dick more than fishing. by pantyhigh09/11/194.47

Caught For the Last Time Ch. 01

 — Wife finds his stash of panties...again. by TGJamie02/05/154.11

Caught For the Last Time Ch. 02

 — Wife suggests some new things. by TGJamie02/12/154.30

Caught For the Last Time Ch. 03

 — A Tshirt bra and more. by TGJamie02/18/154.59HOT

Caught For the Last Time Ch. 04

 — A new opportunity arises. by TGJamie02/26/154.57HOT

Caught For the Last Time Ch. 05

 — You're definitely keeping that nightie. by TGJamie03/06/154.66HOT

Caught For the Last Time Ch. 06

 — Jamie gets her name and his wife enjoys his feminine side. by TGJamie03/15/154.68HOT

Caught For the Last Time Ch. 07

 — Tommy comes to town to visit his big sis. by TGJamie03/31/154.63HOT

Caught For the Last Time Ch. 08

 — Jamie realizes once is not enough. by TGJamie05/13/154.68HOT

Caught For the Last Time Ch. 09

 — Jamie & Kelsey do Vegas... and each other. by TGJamie05/19/154.77HOT

Caught in her BA uniform!

 — She returned life was about to change. by NickyThom10/28/17

Caught in Her Panties Ch. 01

 — I receive punishment after my wife catches me in her panties by Knightofround04/23/154.35

Caught in Her Panties Ch. 02

 — Alex joins in on my punishment and feminizes me. by Knightofround05/30/154.45

Caught in Her Panties Ch. 03

 — Dressed up and taking the town by storm. by Knightofround02/18/174.51HOT

Caught in High Heels

 — He gets caught dressing up then something surprising happens. by BigAndy92201/26/124.44

Caught In Lingerie

 — Young man gets caught by neighbor and leads to sex! by hicutlover12/20/164.63HOT

Caught In Lingerie Ch. 02

 — Sissy boy used again...and loves it! by hicutlover02/14/184.60HOT

Caught in Panties

 — Wearing panties in a bad neighborhood. by Pantyboy120411/18/114.16

Caught in Panties & Dominated

 — Caught in panties and dominated by a real man. by Tracy6901/21/114.17

Caught in Panties & Dominated Ch. 02

 — Caught in panties and then dominated - first time, Part 2. by Tracy6901/21/114.28

Caught In Pink Panties

 — Caught in panties by muscular older neighbor. by NikkiCD09/26/104.45

Caught in the Act

 — Crossdresser caught out at night. by Alice_Angel12/16/174.62HOT

Caught in the Cleaner's Uniform

 — Caught crossdressing in co-worker's uniform. by Nylontease11/30/124.27

Caught in the Toilet

 — Wearing lingerie to work under a suit can be a dangerous. by Dennis_St_John07/04/124.47

Caught In the Tranny Master's Web

 — A young tranny finds herself lured into prostitution. by CarrieQ02/21/144.18

Caught in Transition

 — Neighbor walks on friends first foray into womanhood. by toontessa01/04/034.47

Caught In Your Wife's Panties

 — M wife's best friend catches me in my wife's panties. by Jennysdarkdesire01/15/134.29

Caught My Lingerie

 — My husband in my corset, where will it take us? by TheGenderBender03/10/093.43

Caught Off Guard

 — I started loving it since then. by Alemuchomas06/01/174.05

Caught Out

 — Cross dresser caught with bi friend. by whistful08/28/144.49

Caught Red Handed

 — A fun time in panties leads to something else. by nailer11108/10/03

Caught Red Handed

 — A working Halloween. by desireethtttv11/01/124.35

Caught Relaxing Pt. 01

 — Caught wearing pantyhose, and crossdressing. by StephaniePlayland08/02/194.37

Caught Wearing Panties

 — Caught but given opportunity to suck my 1st dick. by pantyhigh08/09/194.60HOT

Caught with a Wedgie Ch. 02

 — His neighbor introduces him to two army buddies. by marriedhubbi10/14/084.49

Caught with Consequences

 — An intern learns a valuable lesson! by Steffinheels04/05/184.66HOT

Caught with Consequences Ch. 02

 — Intern Stephanie's sexy adventures continue. by Steffinheels04/26/184.75HOT

Caught with Consequences Ch. 03

 — Stephanie's sexy (and naughty) adventures continue! by Steffinheels05/06/184.69HOT

Caught with Consequences Ch. 04

 — Sweet little Stephanie is put to the test!! by Steffinheels05/16/184.73HOT


 — Getting caught red handed leads to an interesting punishment. by centrum100004/09/114.39

CD Adventures Truckers

 — A man's first adventure as a CD. by yumacd09/03/094.64HOT

CD Adventures Truckers Ch. 02a

 — A 'somewhat passable' CD on a road trip with a trucker. by yumacd09/10/094.61HOT

CD Bowling Trip

 — Max becomes Maxine during forceful treatment. by 36FF_Tiki05/06/154.32

CD Business

 — He hopes you like surprises - because he sure does. by mojack04/16/064.55HOT

CD Cum Slut

 — A crossdresser gets more than she bargained for. by pervasive102/25/114.12

CD Domina Plays with 2 Slaves

 — CD Mistress and sub have hot 3 way. by MistressCheyenne07/30/124.58HOT

CD Fun

 — Michael becomes Mikki and is married to Caz. by 62_goo11/25/144.42

CD Fun at the Truckstop

 — CD with Truckers. by katiecdsub04/07/174.47

CD Fun Ch. 02

 — Caz and Mikki find new friends to play with. by 62_goo12/04/144.50HOT

CD Fun Ch. 03

 — Stepping it up. by 62_goo01/03/154.32

CD Fun Day at the Beach Pt. 01

 — Crossdresser has fun day at the local nude beach part 1. by candypantscreampie07/24/194.33

CD Gets Fucked while House-Sitting

 — CD, house sitting for friend, arranges sex hookup. by Lovinhose04/25/174.12

CD Had Fun

 — A cross dressers first time. by Pantigy01/04/124.08

CD Mistress Weak for Candy

 — Crossdressing Mistress gets a new sub that drives her wild. by MistressCheyenne07/02/124.49

CD Quickie

 — A crossdresser is a cockslut. by AtlantaCDslut05/22/074.21

CD Second Time with a Man

 — Guy with thick cock abuses my pussy. by andreaplays10/31/08

CD Soapstar Ch. 01

 — A crossdresser plays a waitress on a soap opera. by spandexman12/06/11

CD Stacy's First Adventure

 — Crossdresser Stacy embraces her sexual awakening. by CDStacy12/25/154.68HOT

Celebrating National Nude Day Ch. 06

 — Perverted Men's Symposium, PMS - Michelle the Cross Dresser. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER07/07/084.29


 — Asian Girlfriend helps boyfriend with lack of clothes. by globalwarmingfighter08/05/103.98

Cell Block Sissy

 — A young married inmate go all the way to the wild side. by nancyvasquez03/18/164.00

Cemetery Indulgence

 — Anna and Lia have fun in the cemetery by rainekvala02/26/154.42

CEO Gone Girlie

 — Attacking someone you don't know may cost you your penis. by thechangedone04/28/113.71

CEO Gone Girlie: Pussy Pass

 — Attacking someone you don't know may cost you your penis. by thechangedone05/05/113.47

Ch. 02 More First Times

 — A continuation of life that gave me someone else to share. by MichelleWhoIs04/02/074.47

Ch. 03 When Last Seen

 — A continuation into the life of a trans woman. by MichelleWhoIs09/10/094.26

Ch. 04 I Arrived in Florida

 — New adventures and experiences. by MichelleWhoIs09/15/094.24

Ch. 05 Sharon and Me

 — The next day with Sharon. by MichelleWhoIs09/15/094.36

Ch. 06 Sharon and Me Pt. 02

 — A continuation of my relationship with Sharon. by MichelleWhoIs10/26/114.21

Ch. 07 The Day After Sharon

 — How I found myself closer to my sisters. by MichelleWhoIs10/30/114.40

Ch. 08 What Else Could Happen

 — So many different events. by MichelleWhoIs11/14/114.45

Ch. 09 My new family

 — Meeting Mom and the rest of the family. by MichelleWhoIs11/24/114.45

Chablis' Panties Ch. 01

 — Alexandra and her husband decide on a third partner. by earnestwinter04/21/103.62

Chamēlèon Ch. 02

 — Mark has to deal with his feelings regarding Chamēl's body. by BigHotMama10/25/064.05

Chance Encounter

 — A chance meeting takes Tom Rider down a whole new path. by ShelbyDawn5703/02/194.66HOT

Chance Meeting on eBay of All Place

 — Buying used lingerie from eBay. by Leighharding06/03/173.95

Change of Fate

 — A sweet reversal of fortune. by Neorotoxin09/11/084.61HOT

Change of Heart

 — In which I become enchanted with Kaye, a stunning black TS. by lilblkboy01/29/114.25

Changed and Tempted

 — Shemale on Shemale love. by spitzharder03/24/154.46


 — First year in college can lead to some major changes. by emap07/25/104.45


 — He wakes up, changed into a woman by a mad scientist. by KinkyWriterxo02/27/133.52


 — Lisa takes the next step to becoming fem. by BmthAdmirer08/26/144.36

Changes Ch. 01

 — Wife catches husband cross dressing: triggers other events. by sublocked09/12/154.31

Changes Ch. 02

 — Sarah learns his fetish, makes a proposal. by sublocked09/13/154.40

Changes Ch. 03

 — Steve's first time intentionally dressed en femme for Sarah. by sublocked09/17/154.52HOT

Changes Ch. 04

 — The power exchange begins to emerge. by sublocked10/01/154.54HOT

Changes Ch. 05

 — First time En femme in public with Sarah. by sublocked10/03/154.69HOT

Changes Ch. 06

 — Continued erotic journey and an afternoon tryst. by sublocked10/16/154.61HOT

Changes Ch. 07

 — Delivery of corset and laced in for the first time. by sublocked10/22/154.58HOT

Changes Ch. 08

 — Stephanie comes out to friends. Gets "pegged" by Sarah. by sublocked10/23/154.62HOT

Changes Ch. 09

 — Final chapter and the ultimate bondage and submission. by sublocked10/25/154.39

Changing My Life with My Wife

 — Marrying a girl and becoming a girl. by TammyPanty05/31/183.78

Changing Room Prank

 — Mark and Greg help me discover myself with a harmless prank. by Littleblackdress5412/23/124.64HOT

Changing Room Prank Ch. 02

 — Alice can't stop thinking about the night before. by Littleblackdress5401/08/134.50HOT

Changing Room Prank Ch. 03

 — Greg and Alice go on their first date. by Littleblackdress5401/21/134.71HOT

Changing Room Prank Ch. 04

 — Greg and Alice enjoy a morning after, Mark and Alice reunite. by Littleblackdress5402/10/134.52HOT

Changing Room Prank Ch. 05

 — Kenny takes Alice on their first date. by Littleblackdress5406/28/134.62HOT

Changing Room Prank Ch. 06

 — Alice, Mark and Greg reconnect, but with complications by Littleblackdress5412/29/134.64HOT

Changing Rooms

 — He's the bitch when caught wanking in Kev's clothes. by ashmadison02/13/124.32

Changing Rooms

 — Adversity leads to hot showers in the men's room. by PanzerFeck09/19/174.65HOT

Changing Rooms Ch. 02

 — Kevs wants more of Ash; so does everyone else. by ashmadison02/29/124.42

Changing Rooms Ch. 02

 — Sexual chemistry reacts and a physical relationship ignites. by PanzerFeck09/20/174.80HOT

Changing Rooms Ch. 03

 — Romance blossoms and leads to sex for the first time. by PanzerFeck09/23/174.79HOT

Changing Rooms Ch. 04

 — Boyfriend and girlfriend, life half a year later. by PanzerFeck09/25/174.75HOT

Chantal Nights

 — My first time with a transvestite. by stashajohnson6907/22/134.57HOT


 — Something's different about Charlie. A Futanari love story. by grimbous03/15/184.85HOT

Charlie Becomes Charlene

 — Charlie wears women's clothes over his 8" shaved cock. by Weirdwriter12/31/074.27

Charlie Takes Charge

 — Charlie takes another step in his new found sexual power. by Rhynovampire02/18/124.15

Chasing After Katja Ch. 02

 — Jason and Katja come together. by geesteve1104/27/154.66HOT

Chasing Hannah Ch. 01

 — A hermaphrodite struggles with everyday life. by MissMebius08/30/164.51HOT

Chasing Hannah Ch. 02

 — Hannah's work becomes a big distraction. by MissMebius09/02/164.62HOT

Chasing Hannah Ch. 03

 — Today's meeting doesn't quite go to plan. by MissMebius09/14/164.76HOT

Chasing Hannah Ch. 04

 — The weekend offers Hannah little respite. by MissMebius10/05/164.67HOT

Chasing Skirts

 — Sam's a young man with eyes on Heidi, who has strange tastes. by redravenson07/20/184.18

Chasing the Dragon Ch. 01

 — Savage little monkey. by AwkwardMD08/07/144.64HOT

Chasing the Dragon Ch. 02

 — Looks safe to me. by AwkwardMD08/15/144.78HOT

Chasing the Dragon Ch. 03

 — Outdated Technology by AwkwardMD08/18/144.79HOT

Chasing the Dragon Ch. 04

 — An awful idea. by AwkwardMD08/20/144.78HOT

Chasing the Dragon Ch. 05

 — Paying your respects in one easy step. by AwkwardMD08/22/144.81HOT

Chasing Waves Ch. 01

 — A soldier on leave in Hawaii meets a trans-girl... by dourdan01/05/194.05

Chasing Waves Ch. 02

 — 1 year later Diego reunites with an old friend. by dourdan01/17/194.34

Chasing Waves Ch. 03

 — Somethings change but others stay the same. by dourdan02/06/194.47

Chasing Waves Ch. 04

 — The end is just the beginning. by dourdan02/23/194.50HOT

Chaste (A One Week Chronicles Story)

 — The story of Emma and how she got so twisted. by Louise6907/01/174.50HOT

Chaste (A One Week Chronicles Story) Pt. 02

 — Cheryl is held captive with no hope of escape... by Louise6909/09/174.56HOT

Chatroom Trick

 — A younger man is tricked into womens underwear. by ukmaleslave04/23/034.21

Chatroom Trick Ch. 02

 — The trick turns into something more serious and dark. by ukmaleslave04/27/034.37

Chatroom Trick Ch. 03

 — Younger man's submission closes in on him. by ukmaleslave05/15/034.37

Cheap Sissy Whore To Call Girl

 — Sissies dream to become America's top call girl. by HardSoft03/21/113.79

Cheap Sissy Whore To Call Girl Ch. 02

 — Nicole works the brothel waiting room. by HardSoft04/02/114.01

Cheap Sissy Whore To Call Girl Ch. 03

 — Nicole gets used by the client and his friends. by HardSoft05/29/113.97


 — Black man cheats on tranny girlfried with a pussyboi. by puzziboi10/05/124.20

Cheaters Never Prosper

 — An 18 year old senior feminized by his teacher. by CassidyCaine08/11/144.46

Cheerleader in the Locker Room

 — After winning the big game Parker gets a bigger surprise... by Purple_Parli05/07/124.53HOT


 — Danny meets Chelsea. by WhiskeyIsGood09/02/164.68HOT

Chelsea Ch. 02

 — They always come back for more. by WhiskeyIsGood09/10/164.66HOT

Chelsea Ch. 03

 — Danny comes back for more...again. by WhiskeyIsGood12/10/164.76HOT

Chelsea Ch. 04

 — Danny breaks up with Amanda. by WhiskeyIsGood03/28/174.60HOT

Chelsea Ch. 05

 — Chelsea and Danny play match maker for Allie. by WhiskeyIsGood04/12/174.65HOT

Chemical Flavor

 — Tony has David's last beer, which has a chemical taste. by Miles6309/20/164.52HOT

Cheri's Ordeal

 — Transsexual receives a severe whipping. by FyodorKaramazov9902/27/044.30

Cherry Deflowered at Beach Party

 — Girls arrange for new boy to get laid at New Year party. by Cumfusion01/12/114.21

Cherry Popped

 — I get taken by a tranny and her friends. by Koth1904/20/114.22


 — I'm also Koth19 :s by Venser1907/04/124.39

Cheryl's First Date Ch. 01

 — How she feels on her first date as a girl. by cherrysilk12/29/034.45

Cheryl's First Date Ch. 02

 — She invites him into her apartment. by cherrysilk12/31/034.43

Cheryl's Revenge

 — Cheating boyfriend sissified and left cold. by grgy5604/01/104.34

Chicks with Dicks

 — Celine is a shemale and is sold to the sex mistress Rachel. by saphire_chick04/18/144.19

Chicks with Dicks Ch. 02

 — Celine is a shemale, has been sold to the sex mistress Rachel. by saphire_chick05/29/144.34


 — Medical treatment turns a man into a woman. by jackie_em03/21/184.70HOT

Chinese Turn-out Pt. 01

 — Chinese Canadian guy gets turned out. by Sissyhalo09/12/184.58HOT

Chinese Turn-out Pt. 02

 — Pan goes back to Jax's house to getting used hard and deep. by Sissyhalo10/19/184.60HOT

Chinese Turn-out Pt. 03

 — Pan wakes up into a deep fucking and a promise. by Sissyhalo12/28/184.54HOT

Chink in the Armor

 — Looking for that strategic piece of countering campaign ammo. by sr71plt10/12/114.09

Chip Wendy Dan Nancy Carl - Story 01

 — A man makes a sex toy for some friends that helps turn. by BrokenPenis12/28/174.55HOT

Chip Wendy Dan Nancy Carl - Story 02

 — A neighbor helps a wife help her husband transform. by BrokenPenis01/06/184.42

Chip Wendy Dan Nancy Carl - Story 03

 — A neighbor helps a wife help her husband transform. by BrokenPenis01/10/184.38

Chip Wendy Dan Nancy Carl - Story 04

 — A neighbor helps a wife help her husband transform. by BrokenPenis01/18/184.49

Chip Wendy Dan Nancy Carl - Story 05

 — A neighbor helps a wife help her husband transform. by BrokenPenis01/31/184.44

Chip Wendy Dan Nancy Carl - Story 06

 — A neighbor, a wife, a transformed husband meet a realtor. by BrokenPenis02/09/184.55HOT

Chip Wendy Dan Nancy Carl - Story 07

 — An inventor, a wife, a trans-husband move in together. by BrokenPenis02/18/184.63HOT

Choose Your Pleasure

 — Getting ready for an evening out has never been so fun. by PhilippaMaQuente08/17/183.47

Chosen by Passion

 — A Wonder Woman fan meets Aphrodite & is transformed by her. by mistyfdfa12/14/174.43

Chosen for Vudamali

 — Two cousins are claimed by mysterious warrior women. by Armphid03/17/154.73HOT

Chris's Loft

 — Marlene gets all tied up by Chris and his friends. by Marlene03/31/054.49

Chrissy Fucks the Neighbor

 — Crossdresser meets the black neighbor. by ChrissyCD10/11/084.60HOT

Chrissy Gets Caught

 — Husband is caught en femme by wife by femininechrissy12/24/134.36

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