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Transsexuals & Crossdressers Stories

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 — She shares you with your first TS. by kttysbehind10/12/054.55HOT


 — A terrifying, hot based-on-a-true-story of how I was outed. by kayla_femboi04/24/124.22


 — Meeting with entertainer leads to intense evening. by jthserra07/02/044.21

She Changed My Life

 — He meets her and she gives more then he dreamed. by maidashley7003/05/124.20

She Dad Ch. 02

 — Darla entertains the pastor father of his son's girlfriend. by FirstTimer6901/15/124.51HOT

She Didn't See It Coming

 — A would-be attacker encounters trouble. by marchak_105/11/124.30

She Dressed Me Up

 — You force him to wear the panties. by pantyboy1203/26/053.95

She Gets Her Wish Ch. 01

 — A magic potion transforms her. by MJStories10/11/054.03

She Gets Her Wish Ch. 02

 — Her reaction to her transformation. by MJStories10/12/054.14

She Gets Her Wish Ch. 03

 — Her reaction to her transformation continues. by MJStories10/13/054.26

She Gets Her Wish Ch. 04

 — She takes what she's been wanting for so long. by MJStories10/14/054.41

She Had a Cock

 — Hot chick gives him quite a surprise. by dirtyjoe6912/26/064.21

She Has a What?!

 — Teaching his roommate how to use her assets. by MatthewVett02/13/124.62HOT

She Has a What?! Ch. 02

 — He realizes his feelings for her, but will he act on them? by MatthewVett02/27/124.73HOT

She Has a What?! Ch. 03

 — Will a trip to the resort end Megan and Eric's relationship? by MatthewVett06/10/124.43

She Has a What?! Ch. 04

 — He learns about himself, they make up, and virginity is lost. by MatthewVett07/03/124.75HOT

She Makes Him into a Better Lover

 — She uses magic to improve her husband. by manyquestions12/15/084.33

She Male Maid Ch. 01

 — She male is hired to service man and wife. by Anal Slave12/14/054.07

She Rocked Me

 — Joe meets and falls for Tgirl Connie. by joefixette03/11/134.69HOT

She was a Better Man than I

 — What could be more sexier than a girl with a penis? by Bakeboss01/04/104.05

She was Fine

 — There's a first time for everything, they say. by ManInTraining02/25/094.47

She Wears The Trousers

 — We switch roles, I become the "wife" at home. by Quietoldie11/27/124.35

She's Hung

 — A transgender love story. by lovers105/26/134.51HOT

She's Not Hazel

 — Sexy house keeper has a surprise in her pants. by likeembigg07/11/024.40

She's Not Hazel Ch. 02

 — He finds his shemale maid with a friend. by likeembigg11/10/034.56HOT

She-Male Pimp Daddy

 — This pimp specializes in 'special' ladies. by Anal Slave03/07/033.95

She-Male School: A Teacher Seduced

 — A new teacher is oblivious to the sex secrets of the school. by silkstockingslover02/21/134.78HOT

Sheila's Delight

 — A transvestite is humiliated and cuckold. by Sheila_TSSub09/26/124.06

Sheila’s Escapade #137

 — While her Mistress is away Sheila has a couple of dates. by Sheila_TSSub06/16/134.30

Shelley's Girl

 — Sub transvestite turns dom and gets the girl. by ShelleysGirl10/01/094.31

Shelley's Not a She

 — Matt gets a surprise from the girl he's lusted after. by JagFarlane01/15/134.60HOT

Shelley's Not a She Ch. 02

 — A continuation of Shelley and Matt's relationship. by JagFarlane02/03/134.58HOT

Shelley's Not a She Ch. 03

 — Shelley and Matt take a cruise. by JagFarlane12/17/134.55HOT

Shelley's Not a She Ch. 04

 — Shelley and Matt travel to help start the group's resort. by JagFarlane07/13/144.66HOT

Shemale Assassin

 — A black slave is saved by an Assassin. by joshy02912/30/134.25

Shemale Autofellatio Adventure

 — Shemale Jessica has selfsucking adventure with friend Mel. by Chocobot11/29/094.22

Shemale Autofellatio Adventure Ch. 02

 — Jessica and Mel have fun with her new boyfriend. by Chocobot12/05/094.28

Shemale Becomes Friend

 — A complicated relationship only gets more complicated. by refinedexperiences11/27/124.43

Shemale Becomes Friend Ch. 02

 — Joline goes on date. Max gets massage. by refinedexperiences11/28/124.58HOT

Shemale Becomes Friend Ch. 03

 — Joline accomplishes her mission. by refinedexperiences11/29/124.65HOT

Shemale Becomes Friend Ch. 04

 — A contemplative interlude. by refinedexperiences12/06/124.58HOT

Shemale Becomes Friend Ch. 05

 — Joline calls the shots and manipulates her man all night. by refinedexperiences04/25/134.62HOT

Shemale Fantasy

 — Man gets with shemale and she uses him. by easygoinguy08/05/064.34

Shemale Finds Her Man At The Party

 — Two old friends meet at a Halloween party. by SugarandSalt10/11/114.66HOT

Shemale First Time

 — Shemale male first time sex. by Canine5102/16/104.17

Shemale First Time Ch. 01

 — She has sex for the first time. by Tashas Baby08/09/023.94

Shemale Pussy

 — Husband and wife share hot shemales. by Anal Slave09/04/054.00

Shemale Seduction - The Surrender

 — He is seduced by a shemale then taken outside in the ally. by BigAndy92201/29/124.35

Shemale Shock

 — He didn't know who she was. by standingstones01/24/104.36

Shemale Shock Continues

 — A male lover gets a taste of shemale loving. by standingstones11/16/124.40

Shemale Shopping Spree

 — Two sexy shemales, a shopgirl and her brother. by tawnysuede08/16/114.63HOT

SheMale Sirens

 — The legends are true. by WhiskeyIsGood11/02/144.48

SheMale Sirens Ch. 02

 — Ryan sets sail in search of a better life. by WhiskeyIsGood11/08/144.62HOT

SheMale Sirens Ch. 03

 — A violent storm carries Danny to a whole new place in life. by WhiskeyIsGood11/18/144.68HOT

Shemale Subway Sex

 — Late night subway ride gets very hot. by Travel_by_day08/31/074.28

Shemale Surprise

 — That girl you pick up might not be a girl at all. by luckybaldrik11/26/124.22

Shemale Surprise

 — A married man is seduced and taken by a friend of his wife's. by silkstockingslover04/23/144.70HOT

Shemale Surprise Ch. 02

 — Matt and Heather get to know each other. by luckybaldrik02/22/134.43

Shemale Surprise!

 — He has a threesome with a guy and a shemale. by BigAndy92201/26/123.99

Shemale Takes Her Man

 — He has a first time experience. by standingstones06/13/144.42

Shemale Tales Ch. 01

 — Tom has great sex with shemales Julie & Martha. by Richard Norman05/17/054.00

Shemale Thressome

 — Guy has the time of his life with 3 shemales. by trentdolby09/26/104.24

Shemales on Vacation

 — Two college shemales on vacation have mile high fun. by tawnysuede08/27/114.53HOT


 — Robert and his girlfriend switch bodies. by lilmiss8out05/11/104.47

Shift! Ch. 02

 — Their vacation in each other's bodies begins. by lilmiss8out05/12/104.66HOT


 — The Story of Jack and Jill with a twist. by acylote4510/10/112.57

Shock Tactics

 — Dressed as girl for fancy-dress that wasn't. by Tomsparty06/20/034.34

Shock Tactics Ch. 02

 — Wendy is admired. by Tomsparty06/21/034.24

Shock Tactics Ch. 03

 — The plan backfires. by Tomsparty06/22/034.40


 — A lil Porn Star rising? by daisyboi_sissy09/27/114.27

Shoot! Ch. 02

 — Tori get to have more fun by daisyboi_sissy11/16/144.26

Shopping for High Heels

 — Positions I put myself in. by HighHeeledHoney07/09/123.60

Shopping for Panties

 — A panty man's fantasy. by ColoradoRon02/01/034.54HOT

Shopping Trip

 — Clothes shopping turns wild. by rachnjam06/11/013.90

Shortening His Sentence

 — All he has to do is date the worst shemale inmate. by SugarandSalt06/15/124.67HOT

Shortening His Sentence Ch. 02

 — More shemale inmates enter the mix. by SugarandSalt07/29/124.66HOT

Showroom Ch. 01

 — The car was fast, but the saleswoman was faster. by Decayed Angel11/20/064.22

Showroom Ch. 02

 — After what happened, I couldn't get her out of my mind. by Decayed Angel11/21/064.45

Showroom Ch. 03

 — We stop off at her apartment on our way back to the showroom. by Decayed Angel11/22/064.56HOT

Sienna's Suprise

 — Sienna is hiding something. by thestorynovice06/02/144.75HOT

Sight Unseen

 — To a tit man, the beauty of boobs can be truly blinding! by Cal Y. Pygia07/21/082.63

Signing Myself Into A New Life

 — A crossdresser turns to a Mistress who changes his life. by Gretatv03/28/104.08

Silk Ribbon

 —  Cross-dressing husband in bondage surrendering of desires. by jak381104/07/04

Silken Panties For Me

 — Bi guy is made to wear silken panties before. by Dayguy01/31/064.47

Silken Seductions - Step 01

 — A married man takes the first steps into crossdressing. by AdamZasse11/22/134.46

Silken Seductions - Step 02

 — A married man continues to explore crossdressing. by AdamZasse12/06/134.47

Silken Treasures

 — He enjoys lingerie and finds someone to enjoy it with. by MagicaPractica09/02/074.46

Silky Stockings

 — Cross dressing can be fun. by dirtyjoe6912/28/064.20

Silver Cloud

 — A Rolls-Royce, a broken date, and a guy dressed as a girl. by RickeeDavala09/29/134.62HOT

Simon's Sluts

 — Care and training of a submissive TV slut. by Ellyce12/30/054.27

Simon’s Sluts

 — Training and education of a transvestite slut. by Ellyce12/29/054.40

Sin City

 — A simple mortal meets up with the TS goddess of his dreams. by dadavox12/12/144.36

Sin City at 1 AM

 — The adventure continues in Michael's room. by dadavox12/17/144.55HOT

Sindys Undoing

 — A submissives journey into total sissification. by SindySuxALot05/20/134.43

Sineads TGirl Party

 — My first TGirl party in Ireland. by tamariawilsoncdtv10/03/104.46


 — Catholic transwoman needs more than hellmaries. by JaxRhapsody07/10/144.09

Sis Trains Him

 — Caria catches, enslaves, and trains her sissy brother. by Matt Moreau03/12/084.23

Sis's Nylons

 — Dressed up by/like Sis. by felicityalexander08/11/094.24


 — The Vix makes an appearance at a local bar. by CDYuki08/20/114.31

Sissified by My Sister

 — I get turned into a sissy by my younger sister. by GreenGale04/16/134.08

Sissified by My Sister Ch. 02

 — A couple weeks later, my sister brings a friend. by GreenGale06/27/134.20

Sissy and Hur Daddy

 — Jane the sissy and her mate have some fun. by Abound04/22/094.27

Sissy Auction

 — My training and sale. by davine10/03/134.45

Sissy Bitch Ch. 01

 — A real 'odd couple': The Mistress and the little Sissy Bitch. by sissy_memories12/12/094.02

Sissy Boy Chuck Becomes Just Sissy

 — Chuck gets caught in his sister's clothes. by Krazy3504/14/094.24

Sissy College Ch. 01

 — Lesson 1: Mathematics. by MasterJW10/13/124.12

Sissy College Ch. 02

 — Lesson Two: Physical Education. by MasterJW03/29/134.23

Sissy College Ch. 03

 — Lesson Three: Faggotry Begins at Home. by MasterJW05/09/134.54HOT

Sissy Construction Worker & Friend

 — Construction worker friends find true fem happiness. by toontessa12/31/024.37

Sissy Crissi Ch. 01

 — Chris Taylor takes his cross-dressing to the next level. by sissycrissi04/17/074.64HOT

Sissy Crissi Ch. 02

 — Crissi must now deal with her roommate, Erika. by sissycrissi04/18/074.65HOT

Sissy Crissi Ch. 03

 — Crissi becomes the total slut of her dreams. by sissycrissi04/19/074.66HOT

Sissy Crissi Ch. 04

 — Crissi wonders what will happen next. by sissycrissi07/02/074.74HOT

Sissy Downfall

 — My journey from sissy to transformed slut slave. by davine07/04/134.39

Sissy Downfall Ch. 02

 — My further descent into slavery. by davine11/03/134.20

Sissy Dreams Ch. 01

 — A morning fantasy of a panty slut sissy. by SissyJane08/28/094.20

Sissy Dreams Ch. 02

 — Another morning fantasy for sissies. by SissyJane09/13/094.13

Sissy Finds Black Cock Bliss

 — Terry's journey to accepting his submissive role. by frezrevup10/28/104.66HOT

Sissy for an Older Man Ch. 01

 — His gay bdsm relationship with older man. by marlenabh01/03/044.38

Sissy Housewife Learns to Eat Cum

 — Sissy Tiffany forced to eat her yummy cum by Miss Jennifer. by tiffanyfoxe06/28/124.23

Sissy Hubby Ch. 02

 — The next day. by buttboi09/26/044.54HOT

Sissy Hubby Ch. 03

 — Evolution of a sissy. by buttboi10/01/044.55HOT

Sissy Hubby Ch. 04

 — Wife has plans for her "man". by buttboi10/06/044.62HOT

Sissy Hubby Ch. 05

 — Hubby gets poked. by buttboi10/09/044.61HOT

Sissy Hubby Ch. 06

 — Hubby keeps busy. by buttboi10/13/044.45

Sissy Hubby Ch. 07

 — Dottie's surprise party. by buttboi10/18/044.66HOT

Sissy Hubby gets a Birthday Treat

 — Crossdressing husband gets to go out as one of the girls. by sissychelsea01/03/103.98

Sissy Pantyhose Twins Ch. 01

 — Two Sissies being new sexy lives with their Mistresses. by Sheermistress11/12/114.41

Sissy Prodigy Ch. 01

 — Sissy Kelci's story. by daisyboi_sissy12/28/124.48

Sissy Prodigy Ch. 02

 — Sissy Kelci's story. by daisyboi_sissy12/29/124.57HOT

Sissy Sisters

 — Submitting to an older sissy. by Stillherer07/10/103.81

Sissy Slave Fantasy

 — A fantasy of total sissy submission. by tinkerslut02/08/133.92

Sissy Slut Ch. 01

 — Tom has the tables turned on him. by Scribler01/31/054.54HOT

Sissy Slut Ch. 02

 — Tom is pierced, marked and punished. by Scribler02/01/054.53HOT

Sissy Son Taken to Costume Party

 — Son is caught dressing up on halloween night. by JD210011/09/134.34

Sissy Summer

 — A summer spent in matching dresses. by sissy_memories08/21/093.97

Sissy Takes It Rough

 — Crossdressing sissy has black men get rough with her. by nancyvasquez03/27/123.88

Sissy Veronica's First Time

 — Sissy sucks her first cock by 938ab01/05/144.15

Sissy Watches Her Wife Get Fucked

 — Miss Jennifer has a boyfriend fuck her, and sissy Tiffany. by tiffanyfoxe07/04/124.42

Sissy's First Day

 — A maid in training gets more than he bargained for. by whispy_sub08/09/064.08

Sissy's Revenge

 — A sissy rebels when his wife goes too far. by Not_John07/22/064.19

Sissyhood of Travelling Panties Ch. 01

 — One pair of panties, many sissy boys. by daddyslittlebitch05/29/124.41

Sissyhood of Travelling Panties Ch. 02

 — The panties pass to another guy. by daddyslittlebitch06/20/124.39

Sissyhood of Travelling Panties Ch. 03

 — He makes his friend wear the panties. by daddyslittlebitch06/28/124.51HOT

Sissy_World 01

 — An alternate reality. by JDBones07/08/124.06

Sissy_World 02

 — Second installment of the alternate reality. by JDBones07/10/124.59HOT

Sissy_World 03

 — Third in the sissy world chronicles. by JDBones07/26/124.47

Sissy_World 04

 — Fourth in the sissy world chronicles. by JDBones10/04/124.22

Sista Sagas

 — Sydd and Wip find a new partner. by sydian01/26/084.75

Sister is My First

 — He's caught in sis's lingerie. by assslut06/11/10

Sister Mistress Ch. 08

 — Deborah goes shopping for special educational equipment. by LilLindaMelons12/05/104.70HOT

Sister Mistress Ch. 09

 — Katherine decides Linda should buy her own clothes & stuff. by LilLindaMelons12/14/104.61HOT

Sister Mistress Ch. 14

 — Deborah & Jenny take Linda shopping for a school uniform. by LilLindaMelons12/21/104.68HOT

Sister Mistress Ch. 15

 — Linda's special classes have begun. by LilLindaMelons12/22/104.37

Sister Mistress Ch. 16

 — Linda gets caught taking a short cut & then she's recognized. by LilLindaMelons12/23/104.59HOT

Sister's Step-In

 — Boy's twin asks him to help her in an odd way. by PickleBoi05/17/094.36

Sister, Meet My Sissy

 — A Domme's Sister interrupts a play session with a Sissy. by satinmarabana08/07/094.42

Sisterhood Ch. 01

 — My sister helps me become her sister. by Dark_Rose9003/21/114.30

Sisters Forever

 — Husband and wife becomes sisters. by Ginita01/18/11

Sisters Forever Ch. 02

 — A Hot date with my financee and her Bull gets even hotter. by Ginita01/23/11HOT

Sisters In Arms... A Wish Too Far?

 — Two very close online friends meet for the first time. by this_way_up_hun03/16/084.66HOT

Sisters of Upper Priam College

 — A special kind of girl joins a special kind of sorority. by YKN494902/24/124.73HOT

Sisters' Secret

 — He meets two sisters with a secret. by Wannabe Chick02/28/074.66HOT

Sisters' Secret Ch. 02

 — Two shemale sisters are better than one. by Wannabe Chick08/21/074.62HOT

Size Matters

 — A shocking tale of a lady who likes to shock. by Cal Y. Pygia09/09/052.83

Slave to Roommate's Lack of Desires

 — Two roommates celebrate a birthday for one of their boyfriends. by leaf197703/24/104.16

Sleeping on the Terrace

 — Jason gets his toenails painted red while 'sleeping'. by Dreamweaver59411/27/134.63HOT

Sleeping on the Terrace Ch. 02

 — A misunderstanding and a trip to the Bahamas. by Dreamweaver59402/18/144.79HOT

Sleeping on the Terrace Ch. 03

 — A new experience and new friends. by Dreamweaver59405/31/144.74HOT

Sleeping on the Terrace Ch. 04

 — Flying high and helping a friend. by Dreamweaver59407/09/14

Sleeping on the Terrace Ch. 05

 — Halloween and a Thanksgiving invitation. by Dreamweaver59408/30/14

Sleeping on the Terrace Ch. 06

 — The Thanksgiving Turkey. by Dreamweaver59411/01/14

Slowly Changing

 — A man down on his luck has a rather helpful friend. by DaPenguin06/11/144.27

Slowly Changing Pt. 02

 — The feminization continues. by DaPenguin06/17/144.31

Slowly Changing Pt. 03

 — My new job. by DaPenguin06/21/144.40

Slowly Changing Pt. 04

 — My special gift. by DaPenguin06/25/144.29

Slut is Brainwashed

 — He is brainwashed into being a slut for a wicked hot shemale. by BigAndy92201/26/124.26

Smoking With Friends Ch. 01

 — Young closet crossdresser smokes with his friends as a girl. by jjww10002/20/144.11

Snapped: A Shemale's Story

 — Reject her at your own risk. by SugarandSalt05/30/124.50HOT

Sniffer and the Hotel

 — submissive cd slut meet with two bisexual guys. by tonyatll08/23/054.49

Snow in Philly

 — A crossdresser's first time. by G. Enius11/27/054.17

Soccer Mom

 — 38DDs and a cock, Candi is not the average soccer mom! by call_me_dana07/15/104.40

Soma Slave's Journey: First Time CD

 — Soma Slave learns the joys of CD submission. by SomaSlave08/18/094.00

Soma Slave's Journey: The Chair

 — A CD bondage session shows Soma the path he must travel. by SomaSlave08/21/094.47

Somali Femdom: New Convert

 — Somali dominatrix and transsexual tame Arab male. by Samuelx06/12/122.71

Somali Femdom: Switching

 — Somali dominatrix is tamed by transsexual and man. by Samuelx06/16/121.93

Somali Hijabi Transsexual Queen

 — Somali Muslim transsexual meets bisexual American. by Samuelx09/19/132.80

Somali Prince In Ottawa Ch. 03

 — Latin transsexual tops Somali guy in Ottawa. by Samuelx12/16/143.00

Some Things Never Change

 — Cousins reunite after years apart. by Selbryth03/12/07HOT

Someone for Everyone Ch. 1

 — He brings home transsexual to share with wife. by product11/19/014.17

Someone For Everyone Ch. 2

 — Couples explores a sexy transsexual. by product11/20/014.41

Something Changed

 — She fulfills his fantasy but is she playing or not? by alienfreaknugget11/27/084.55HOT

Something Changed Ch. 02

 — The morning after a kinky night. by alienfreaknugget12/06/084.47

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